Fox News Falls Flat On Its Face While Trying To Bust John Kerry On An Open Mic


Fox News tried to use open mic comments they recorded this morning while Sec. of State John Kerry was speaking to an aide off camera, and promptly fell flat on their face.


Fox News played video of Kerry talking to a top aide in between interviews where he discussed the killing of 14 Israelis in an operation, and Israel’s ground operation. Sec. of State Kerry said, “It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation — hell of a pinpoint operation. We’ve got to get over there…We ought to go tonight. I think it’s crazy to be sitting around.”

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace responded with the most Fox Newsy question ever, “”When you said, ‘it’s a hell of a pinpoint operation,’ are you upset that the Israelis are going too far? And in fact do you intend to go back to the Middle East tonight?”

The Secretary of State answered, “I think it’s very very difficult in these situations, obviously Chris. You have people who come out of tunnels. You have a right to go in and take out those tunnels. We completely support that, and we support Israel’s right to defend itself against rockets that are you know, continuing to come in. Hamas has started this process of rocketing after Israel was trying to find the people who killing three young, and one American kid, three young Israeli citizens. It’s disgraceful, so yeah, it’s tough. It’s tough to have this operation, and I reacted obviously in a way that anybody does with respect to young children and civilians, but war is tough. I said that publicly, and I’ll say it again. We defend Israel’s right to do what it is doing to get at those tunnels.”

Kerry pointed out that Israel has accepted the US supported Egypt plan and cease-fire, but Hamas hasn’t. He called on Hamas to accept the ceasefire and save lives, and then the two sides can discuss the underlying issues.

The right-wing media is spinning this as Kerry mocking Israel’s operation, but that is an accusation with no proof behind it because it is unclear what the aide is speaking to Kerry about and the context of the conversation. Anyone who suggests that Kerry is sarcastically mocking Israel is attaching their own biases to the video, but Sec. Kerry’s disgust was obvious.

There is no doubt that Sec. Kerry is frustrated with the escalation of the ground war in Israel, and the facts are that Israel’s limited pinpoint operation has been neither limited nor pinpoint, but the Fox News and the right are trying to feed their oldie, but goodie allegation that Obama hates Israel.

Even if Kerry was sarcastic, where is it written that a Sec. of State can’t express frustration and disgust over the loss of civilian life?

Fox News tried to turn Kerry’s comments into an attack on Israel, and they fell flat on their face. Being frustrated over the loss of human life is not an attack on Israel. Sec. Kerry’s comments have been echoed for decades by administration officials in both parties who have been frustrated by the endless cycle of violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

The right is desperately trying to spin this, but the reality is that Fox News completely failed with Kerry’s comments. Instead of working together and looking for solutions, Republicans are again wasting the nation’s time playing politics.

73 Replies to “Fox News Falls Flat On Its Face While Trying To Bust John Kerry On An Open Mic”

  1. The 51st state can do no wrong and until the bias that the media shows when taking notes will continue to give a false impression of the situation.

    How many people know or care that our tax dollars are being use to build settlements in occupied territories?

    Enough is enough. Its time we have a honest discussion on who is really against peace

  2. Anyone surprised that Fox “News”, the cable TV propaganda arm of the Fascist GOP, would try to do something like that is not only ignorant, but addled with a severe case of cognitive dissonance…

  3. Aren’t they simply trying to make him defend in absolute terms what many people see as very morally-ambiguous situation? Only an extremely Secretary of State could wholeheartedly support the actions of Israel, especially when images of dead babies and women are being shown on the news.

  4. djchefron – your post is OFF TOPIC. Too bad great, liberal political websites are polluted by anti-Semitic posts.

  5. Fox is the T.V version of the national enquirer, they and their listeners want made up scandal otherwise they would not listen. No journalists on that station.

  6. Sec. Kerry has talent in this area for sure. His explanations have been very clear. It is as though the GOP, the right wing tea party and Fox News are having a hard time muddying the waters these days.

  7. All Faux’s viewers heard was “Snark snark snarkety snark, Mr. Secretary?” With a reply from Kerry that they can’t understand.

  8. I mentioned in your last post how I thought Sen. Graham’s diatribe on the morning news show today was lame. It helps that Sen. Kerry was so clear in his explanations. This is a great way to nullify the Lindsey Grahams of the world.

  9. The same argument could be made in favor of gun control. Then again, we know that dead babies and children on the news doesn’t move the hearts of the heartless, so…

  10. ” Too bad great, liberal political websites are polluted by anti-Semitic posts.”

    To be against Israeli militarism, isn’t the same as blaming ALL Jews for it.

    You DO know the difference, right?

  11. America is so very lucky to have the brilliance and well thought out opinions, decisions and actions of President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry!

  12. “there is no proof behind it.”

    proof? since when did fox news, and the right need proof? they don’t. they just make shit up! and their audience, all lobotomized, believe everything they say, hook, line, and sinker.

    the republicans claim to be “christians,” yet they lie, cheat and steal to accomplish their goals.

    this is going to cost them dearly come november.

  13. How incredibly Rude to eavesdrop and then put it on the news without permission. That might have been personal or confidential. News has really become underhanded

  14. To Maxie2014
    You are absolutely correct on all accounts. Kudos to you for seeking, seeing, and speaking the truth! Americans have been lied to in every republican administration and when the truth surfaces, Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly, and all teaparty extremists scramble to instill propaganda tactics of fear-mongering, hate, and blatant bald-faced lies and conspiracy theories to blur the truth. Their end must and will come soon. VOTE straight BLUE Democrat November 4, 2014. Wipe the filthy GOP infested slate clean in 2014!

  15. It was also unprofessional, and a gross violation of on the record/off the record. Then again the conventional wisdom is rules don’t apply to the right wing.

  16. Not knowing what was said on the other end of that conversation makes the comment curious to say the least. It is interesting that the question posed was never really answered.One side was digging and another side was burying. You can bet the answer is some wheres in between.

  17. Like it or not…Fox news has WAY more views than any of the other cable news channels. CNN, MSNBC, if MSNBC can even be called a news channel.
    Evidently all of you Left wing nut jobs don’t mind the IRS, NSA and other organizations having access to all of your information and being above the law. Israel has a right to defend itself. I say blow the Hamas to pieces! Especially since Isreal has been extremely patient with them. There will NEVER be peace in the middle east, these conflicts go back centuries…The same thing you’re saying about the right, believing fox news, can be said of you believing everything that Obama hands you. I think its laughable that he “Learns” about all of these issues from the news! He must be watching fox news because NO other news source is covering these scandals! So….if he’s watching fox, maybe you should as well….You’d be a lot better informed!

  18. Fox news has been right on every major thing they have been reporting where your biased left media will not even report on. I figure that the minority of you responding to this will agree with this position even if Kerry came right out and stated that the Israeli’s are terrorists. You are blind to the facts about what this government is doing and how they are infringing on the rights of it’s citizens. Just wait until what they are doing affects one of you. If what the Obama administration is doing now was done by a conservative, I know that you all would be demanding impeachment.

  19. Like it or not as much viewers faux has its only 1% of the US population.
    Fox still leads in audience, but that audience is smaller than it used to be.
    In 2013, Fox’s prime-time viewership declined 6% from the previous year, according to median monthly viewership data provided by Nielsen Media Research. But with 1.7 million viewers each evening

    US population: When the clock strikes midnight and we move from 2013 into 2014 the United States population will have reached a new record of more than 317 million people

    I stand corrected its less than 1%. Facts are a stubborn thing

  20. djchefron,

    which mean the other “news” organizations have even LESS then fox!!! Thanks for making my point for me!

  21. And your point is what? Do you think that if you watch cable/corporate news you are informed? The stupid continues

  22. “Awaiting moderation”? Still, after an hour, eh? Well, after reading reviews of your site from web sources, I see you have a very poor reputation, therefore, I won’t hold my breath —LOL! In the future I shall reserve my comments for those who display intellectual honesty and can handle cerebral deliberations. Feel free to stay locked within your self-imposed prisons of cognitive atrophy. You have no idea the freedom you are missing.

  23. And you have no idea why your post isnt showing. Thats even funnier!

    What an opinion you have of yourself! Its hilarious!

  24. If I may paraphrase Edward Kennedy: “Such a response is an admission that one’s ideas and thoughts cannot prevail on their own merits.”

  25. “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” ― Isaac Asimov

  26. Fox news is already guilty of treason and unpatriotic nonsense! I really don’t understand why the Republicans want to live in this country since they dislike it so much! Their behavior towards this great country allows its enemies, i.e., Russia and Putin to see and take advantage of the discord they make when they don’t love this country and express praise for extremist work of people like Putin and others. I think that they should all go to Russia to live. It is imperative that they be voted out of government so that our country can be restored to its true greatness! Imagine not accepting refugees who are children. It is so different with Republicans. You may recall how our country accepted the Vietnamese refugees in the ’70s.
    I want our country back! The greatest nation in the world! We need to be proud again!

  27. After reading the post of the LEFTISTS on this thread I now know why DEMOCRATS are considered to be low information voters. They all say and believe the exact same propaganda broadcast by OBAMA’S media.

    Liberalism is so easy for people to believe in because it never requires any real thought and is totally based on emotions rather than actual facts. At no point do DEMOCRATS consider the number of LIES told by OBAMA or repeated by his media.

  28. LOL! Uh huh

    And the right all have different lies? Amazing. Your motto is Try to Guess Romneys Position on anything today.

    Move along.

  29. Why do you loonies on the right feel the need to give yourself a thumbs up before your post clears moderation? One would think if you made a lick of f*cking sense people will like what you post. Jus sayin

  30. Fox is a legal entity, not a person. Only people can be guilty of treason and being ‘unpatriotic’ is a Constitutional Right.

    just sayin’…

  31. To state that we’re experiencing a RW infestation at Politicus in regard to this post would be an understatement. It’s always the GOPTP way to go on the offensive when they’ve been exposed as being guilty of deceptive behavior. My interpretation of what Sec. Kerry said is that he was most likely making a reference to the effectiveness of Israeli’s military operations, especially when one compares the death toll of Hamas citizens to that of Israeli citizens, over 200 compared to 14. A “pinpoint” operation seems to indicate that Sec. Kerry was referring to the accuracy of Israel’s skill in hitting its’ targets in Hamas and has nothing to do with criticizing Israel. It’s like saying something was done with “pinpoint precision,” something which is usually used to refer to a strategy that is carried out well.

  32. It’s obvious to me. Too bad you don’t see it. I agree with you on almost every issue but I think you have a blind spot here.

  33. I think they made their point..splendidly…but then again… I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. Speaking as an EX Progressive & a NON Conservative, the problem here is both sides!! One side trying to blow up the other and one side desperate NOT to show their true colors. Can’t we just say what we mean & more imporantly..MEAN WHAT WE SAY? I’M SO FUC*ING TIRED OF POLITICAL BS. Aren’t you? No? Therein lies the problem.

  34. I think Fox did an excellent job. I don’t think they fell on their face at all. That was good reporting. Asking questions that clarified statements.

  35. John Kerry is an embarrassment to the United States. His complicity in the barbaric attack on innocent civilians in Gaza is immoral. He makes me ashamed to be an American. It is time for the US taxpayer to cut off our nonsensical support of the savage apartheid state of Israel.

  36. What the heck? Fox news has been right about what? All the made up scandals? Giving voice to nut jobs like Palin and Bachmann? The incredible hypocrisy and outright craziness of Cheney? All the war mongers and racists? Applauding that bible thumping racist on Duck Dynasty?

  37. I agree, Republicans, GOP, teaparty,or whatever they call themselves(certainly not honest or trustworthy) are in no way, shapr, or form Christians. Their hate for fellow humans is clear but at the same time, their love of guns and war is quite evident. These idiots might as well belong to the religion of Charles Manson. They claim to fight for the contitution, but only for people that look like them. They want to limit voting, cheat to win=loser. They will lose in November and again in ’16.

  38. When us nasty liberals get back in control, & we will, we’re not the party who is losing plp left & right & seeing just what the right is doing. When we make truth in the news back, like it was before 1990, Fox News will go off the air, as a News station. There is a light at the tunnel for us, that Murdock wont be able to demand lies for news.

  39. Maybe government officials have to go on Faux News. But if I was going to do anything involving that propaganda outfit I would only wear a microphone while sitting in front of a camera. If you are between interview take off the mic. I would not even trust a switch that was supposed to shut of the microphone unless I brought my own microphone. Surely, Fox Noise has people who can put on a wireless mic right before the camera light goes on.

  40. Israel warns Hamas 24 hours in advance that they are going to bomb an area that has tunnels underneath. Then Hamas herds women and children to that spot to have a tag line after the bombs hit?!
    This is evil, deserving of death, and should make any moral intellectual vomit.

  41. Israel Attacks Third Hospital in Gaza:
    Israeli tanks have shelled a hospital in the central Gaza Strip, killing at least five people and wounding at least another 50.
    Al Jazeera’s Stephanie Dekker, reporting from Gaza, said according to early reports the third floor of the al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir al-Balah had been hit by at least three tank shells on Monday.

    The hospital is the third to be hit by Israeli tank fire since Israel launched its ground offensive in Gaza four days ago.

    She said the scene was an area “where a lot of people had been fleeing to”.
    You don’t hit a hospital three times by accident. This is not self-defense. This is slaughter and terrorism.

    I guess they missed the tunnels the first two times and thinking the third time is the charm

  42. You must have watched a different clip than I did. It was very plain what Secretary Kerry meant by his comments.

  43. Wow!it looks like Politicusa has been invaded by crazy people! The Reich Wingers have been busy this weekend and apparently their med prescriptions are running out. Face you Reich Wingers, your not even human beings let alone Americans.

  44. Look little Joey,take it from an ADULT named Joseph that you have it completely backwards. But then you’re a Conservative so it’s in your DNA to be that ignorant so it’s not really your fault. Make up your mind Joey, either we Democrats and Liberals are college educated elitist with too much in the head or we are idiots. You can’t have it both ways moron. But we Dems are sure of one thing about you, you’re simply pathetic excuses for human beings.

  45. Jason…sigh..face/palm. Jason, try to understand this fact would you please. The ONLY! and I repeat ONLY reason Faux News is #1 in viewers and NOT ratings, see there IS a difference the # of viewers is high because Fax News is the default channel and in most cases the ONLY news channel offered on CHEAP cable and satellite packages. And here is another FACT for you, there is no such thing as a “left wing loon” We are smart enough to leave that to the professionals like Faux News and you. And another FACT Jason, MSNBC viewers as a whole have been proven to be more educated, healthier, and more tolerant and way less racist, and homophobic. In other words Jason we are just flat out a better class of human being. Go crawl back to your cave and watch your caveman tv. We who have evolved are tired of you and your ilk.

  46. Why does the right believe true lefties care one iota about MSNBC or CNN? I know no liberal who watches either on a regular basis. True liberals hate all corporate owned media. Most I know watch RT or Free Speech TV. I see the herd mentality of the conservative media paid their minions well this morning.

  47. A self fulfilling Prophecy.
    Fox claims that Our President is
    responsible for the Border Crisis.
    I would submit that THEY are.
    They’re 24/7 commentary is like an
    open invitation! The boarder is NOT
    secure! You can just walk right in!
    THOUSANDS cross daily!! C’MON DOWN!!
    They invite TERROR as well.
    Calling Our President “Weak, Feckless,
    Leading from behind, weakening our
    Military”. We ALL know they were/are
    PRAYING for a Terrorist Attack, & if
    it’s on American soil, all the better!!
    America is WEAK, bring on the BOMBS!!
    Fox is playing a VERY Dangerous Game
    with OUR lives!

  48. Watching this administration back pedal is becoming a daily event. Clearly he was mocking Israeli efforts. Enjoy your kool-aid.

  49. The level of ignorance here is depressing. At some point you gotta step outside your fairytale version of what’s really going on and when you finally do, Palestine will sadly already be long gone if we let this continue. I pity those of you who can’t see beyond the border of your own country.

  50. Too funny that a website subtitled “real liberal politics” would claim “bias” on the part of Fox – since they’re the only non-left skewed major news org and continues to trounce the competition – and that the regulars here are upset at the invasion of differing view points. We all have inherent biases but being able to intelligently discuss them is what truly ails this country.

  51. “but being able to intelligently discuss them”

    Key phrase “intelligently”. You rarely find that from the right

    Fox is not the only non left source. Mornings and Sundays on MSNBC are conservative, afternoons are liberal. CNN is fair and balanced. Fox just outright lies.

    Fox only leads in Cable news. Network news has far more viewers then FOx. All things considered on NPR has vastly more listeners in 3 hours then Fox does all day.

  52. Looking at the posts – not that conservatives are all Saints – it seems that this website is a perfect example of how to attack the ideas of a person by launching personal attacks instead of providing anything of a factual nature to refute the actual point being made. Ironically many of these individuals then refer to their elevated educational and/or evolutionary status. So when you were working hard to achieve these elevated credentials I suppose things like basic debate skills and your much trumpeted value of “tolerance” kind of slips out the hypothetical/hypocritical back door?

  53. Really a study from 10 years ago? How many stories did you here about on Sgt Bergdalh being a traitor. Now how many stories have you heard he was cleared of that and was returned to active duty? How many stories did you read about how the ACA was a failure? How many stories did you read on over 20 million signed up, healthcare cost are lower and jobs are being created?

    How many stories have you read on Benghazi the IRS which were totally false on what the right were saying than what the real evidence showed. Case in point on Benghazi, there are still people saying that Susan Rice lied when she said the attack may have been based on a tape when the terrorist who was captured, the ring leader mind you, said it was the tape that was the reason for the attack.

    You people on the right lie outright for your goals of taking your country back and that’s why you are ridicule on this site. Facts do have a liberal bias

  54. ”There is no doubt that Sec. Kerry is frustrated with the escalation of the ground war in Israel, “and the facts are that Israel’s limited pinpoint operation has been neither limited nor pinpoint”…

    So who is attaching their bias now?
    The “facts” show this do they? For ten years in Iraq – fighting a non-defensive war – and a far more visible enemy – the US army did not have a single month where they killed less than 200 civilians in Iraq and had several months where that number exceeded 1000.

    The Israeli operation is unmatched in it’s pinpoint accuracy for any similar engagement in history – Those are the FACTS!

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