Iraq War Liar Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls Obama Foreign Policy Delusional

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On Meet The Press today, warmonger and Iraq war liar Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called Obama Sec. of State John Kerry’s foreign policy outlook delusional.



DAVID GREGORY: When you see a ground operation moving in this direction, and you see, again, an operation that may be resulting in heavier Israeli casualties, what do you think that means? Do you have any words of caution for Israel at this point? Do you think the government, do you think the administration will seek to caution Israel?

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM: I hope not. My only words to the Israeli government and people is, “Clear it out. Close the tunnels. Shut down the rocket sites. Stay as long as you need to stay.” Over 1,500 rockets have been fired. The only reason they have as few Israeli casualties is because of iron dome. If it’s left up to Hamas, thousands of Israelis would be dead.

I hope the international community will not find a moral equivalence here. To the Israeli government: Do whatever is necessary to protect your people. Stay as long as you need to say. And as to Secretary Kerry, he gave the most ridiculous and delusional summary of American foreign policy I could imagine.

It scares me that he believes the world is in such good shape. America is the glue that holds the free world together. Leading from behind is not working. The world is adrift. And President Obama has become the king of indecision. His policies are failing across the globe, and they will come here soon.

Of course, Lindsey Graham is calling for more violence. This is a man who still believes that troops should still be in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his interview we heard some old time anti-Obama slurs. Graham used the classic phrase, “leading from behind,” and he even threw in a “community organizer” for good measure.

These are the same attacks that Republicans have been using for the last seven years. It’s 2007-2008 all over again. Ironically, these comments are coming from one of the congressional champions who lied us into war in Iraq. Here’s something delusional for Sen. Graham. It was delusional for Republicans to spill American blood and waste trillions of American dollars on a foolish believe that they could invade a sovereign nation and impose democracy. It is delusional that Republican members of Congress like Sen. Graham refuse to admit that they were wrong about Iraq, and they still hold to the belief that more troops could make it work.

The terms foolish and delusional best describe an opposition party that can’t see that Obama’s foreign policy is working. Even worse, they can’t see that the American people want a diplomatic foreign policy. Sen. Graham lied the country into war, and kept it in a state of war against the will of the American people, so he sees no issue with behaving the same way all around globe.

The face of foolish delusion doesn’t belong to John Kerry or Barack Obama. It belongs to Sen. Lindsey Graham.

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26 Replies to “Iraq War Liar Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls Obama Foreign Policy Delusional”

  1. Nothing quite like a bunch of ethically-bankrupt propagandists capitalizing on a tragic event that is still in the early stages of investigation in order push a political agenda and to flippantly cast “blame” on the POTUS.

    Once again, John “the Arms Merchant” McCain, his sidekick Lindsay “Benghazi!” Graham, and their war-mongering, saber-rattling Congressional cohort attempt to use ‘6 degrees of separation’ logic to link the airliner tragedy with their ongoing demand to militarily involve the U.S. in every conflict happening on foreign soil around the world.

    The United States must exercise caution with respect to which foreign political groups we arm with the weapons of war, as today’s assumed military ally often becomes tomorrow’s enemy.
    Does Iraq ring a bell?

  2. I found Sen. Graham’s comments limp. Nothing new here. No real content. Just sour grapes at being wrong, wrong, wrong. Referring to your previous post, this has been a bad week for Republican ideology.

  3. Headline from another story:

    Obama Takes A Huge Step Forward Towards an Agreement Deescalating Tensions with Iran

    So you tell me MS. Lindsey, who’s delusional?

  4. How much are these clowns collecting from the weapons industry? From the Koch’s?There was ONE US citizen on board the downed plane, and while that is one too many, let the countries who lost many, many more have their say in what should be done. These war mongers are not adult enough to support the President and his advisors plans, to settle conflict without sending more US troops to die for someone else’s battle.

  5. Apparently one of the requirements to being a repub politician is that you have to be deaf. The american public is screaming for no more war. Yet the Grahams and McCains harp on trying to drag us into yet more escalations.

    Grahams assertions that Obama is leading from behind and indecisive are ridiculous. To say that terror will come here is just fear mongering. I realize they don’t want to be part of the solution. But just stop being part of the problem.

  6. A picture is worth a thousand words.
    That look.
    It conveys all the HATE that is in
    his heart. HATE for Barack Obama and
    all of us who Voted for him.
    It consumes him and those of his ilk.
    Can you just imagine going through
    life like that. Morning, noon, & night,
    all you can think of is HATE.
    It seems , in the GOP, Republicans, &
    T-Baggers world, there is NEVER a
    Happy Day…….
    Kinda pathetic,
    ya think?


  7. The moment I saw DAVID GREGORY at the top of the article I quit reading. Same old thing over and over….

  8. I wish they would let the president do his job. they just keep getting in the way. anything to screw this country is the only way for these republican warmongers.

  9. “When you see a ground operation moving in this direction, and you see, again, an operation that may be resulting in heavier Israeli casualties, what do you think that means?”

    Is he kidding?

  10. Miss Lindsay knows nothing he served in the military for a short time in an office job in the legal office.

    John Kerry has an unbelievable military record was wounded and decorated for bravery, he has a great resume in government service and even before that he was familiar with many foreign countries as he lived abroad with his diplomat father.
    Lindsay Graham is trash.

  11. Lindsay is the go to stooge for some whining and complaining about foreign policy. He and Mr. PotatoHead McCain make a great clown team. They would be funny if they weren’t such big war mongers.

  12. If anyone has the chance watch what Kerry had to say to those complaining about Obama, Kerry really tore into it and rattled off quite a long list of things being done.

  13. The fact of the matter is Russia is going down the same steps as Germany in the 1930’s, and our President doesn’t seem to have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and stop it. This will only continue to get worse until the US stands up and stops it. Sadly, our cowardly lying President is woefully incapable of doing so. G. W. may have been incompetent but at least he would have stood up to a bully.

  14. Can some one tell me what “Meet the Press” is? I think I recall the late stellar journalist, Tim Russert, once hosted a program that was nothing like this version. It had integrity and sought the truth. This current version seems to be the Sunday morning tea hosted by some propagandist named Gregory.

  15. Kerry Slams ‘Trigger Happy’ critics: U.S. should be ‘Proud’ of Obama’s diplomatic successes:

    Mitchellreports & other pundits criticize Obama’s leadership around the world… The world has their own view:

    Kerry slam Fox’s Wallace: “You don’t ever want to give Obama admin credit for anything.”
    Iran eliminate sensitive uranium gas stockpile under nuclear deal:

    Ques. what was the repub success in these areas (especially with Iran)?

  16. You call our President the “cowardly, Lying President”. The fact remains that the only cowards doing the lying is the GOP/Teabaggers. They don’t have the guts to put a bill on the floor, fearing it might get passed, especially if it’s good for the American people. The lie to little sheep like you who don’t realize that unless you are in he 1%, you are nothing either. And as far as GW standing up to the bully, that’s a damn lie, since he couldn’t even stand up to his VP Cheney.

  17. Um, two points. 1: McCain chose Sarah Palin. 2: Graham voted for her to be a heart-beat away from being the POTUS. That alone disqualifies both of them from ever being taken seriously.

  18. Whiny and sissylike…Sen Lindsay Graham resorted again on Meet the Press (Why do they keep bringing him on?) to:
    use his classic phrase, “leading from behind,” and he even threw in a “community organizer” for good measure. He compared Obama with Putin with this over the Malaysian airline massacre….calling Putin the ex-KGB officer and Obama the Community Organizer with respect to how things are being handled. The creepy one fawned over Putin! His disrespect for the President knows no bounds, Lindsey should be muzzled and ignored. He acts childish with the name calling while dissing our President.

  19. Were republicans always this crazy or has it just been since the presidency of Barack Obama? They’re really out there in the “crazy as bat crap” range……

  20. If Romney had won in 2012, we’d be in the middle of at least 3 new wars right now. So,get out and vote (Nov. 2014 and 2016). Fight for the lives of our young men and women who would be sent off to fight those republican wars.

  21. Actually the rethugs were once a party of ideas and action for the common good. Remember Nixon gave us the EPA, OSHA and a lot of progressive ideas. Nixon also gave us the southern strategy which is the problem today.

  22. I want to see Linsie Glam’s birth certificate. I think you will find he was born female but felt transgender and prior to his service in the military, he had the appropriate operations, including transformation of the vagina into a penis. He has remained a prick ever since. I have photos of him in lipstick and female attire. I swear they aren’t PhotoShopped. Linsie is girl now boy and he’s having a torrid affair with John McShame.

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