More Proof That Republicans Hate America Because a Majority Twice Elected Barack Obama


There are times when a politician with a morsel of decency attempts to cite the opposition’s faults and instead of being blunt, they gloss over the real issues and imply there is something untoward in their opponent’s ideology. President Obama is a master at alluding to congressional Republican malfeasance, and feigning ignorance at why they refuse to work for the American people and openly obstruct governance and any effort by Democrats to work for the people. Recently, the President has been a bit more forthcoming with small audiences about Republicans obstructing governance, their devotion to the rich and powerful, and their refusal to even consider working with Democrats or the White House to grow the economy and help the masses.

Two weeks ago in Texas, and again in last week’s radio address, the President noted that Republicans were furious that, while they were busy obstructing governance and devising political stunts, the President was doing whatever he could to help Americans. However, the President posed a question that he obviously knew the answer to keep the possibility open that Republicans would abandon their obstructionist ways and join him in working for the people, he stopped short of elucidating what the impetus for Republican intransigence is driven by.

The President said, “The truth is, even with all the actions I’ve taken this year, I’m issuing executive orders at the lowest rate in more than 100 years. So it’s not clear how it is that Republicans didn’t seem to mind when President Bush took more executive actions than I did. Maybe it’s just me they don’t like. I don’t know. Maybe there’s some principle out there that I haven’t discerned, that I haven’t figured out. You hear some of them — ‘sue him,’ ‘impeach him.’ Really? Really? For what? You’re going to sue me for doing my job?” Barack Obama is an intelligent man, and he is well aware of recent American history, and although it is true Republicans do not like the President, there is more at play than just racial animus.

The principle the President claimed he has not figured out is that Republicans hate America, hate the people, hate the democratic process, and hate the idea of Americans putting a Democrat in the White House; regardless of their racial makeup. The President knows that Republican hatred towards Americans erupts when the people elect a Democrat as President because they never threaten to, or actually, impeach a president when they are Republican. Even when they lie to go to war, openly engage in war crimes such as torture, or reveal the identity of an undercover CIA agent. But when the people elect a Democrat, all Hell breaks loose and Republicans seek impeachment, and unless they get to take out their electoral rage by slashing domestic programs that benefit the people, they shut down the government.

The last time Americans elected a Democratic President, besides impeaching him for a private indiscretion, Republicans exposed their contempt and hatred for the people by shutting down the government in 1995 and 1995-96 because then-President Clinton would not approve their vindictive cuts to Medicare, education, the environment, and public health; all programs that help the people. Last October Republicans again revealed their hatred for the people for re-electing the Democratic President when they shutdown the government over healthcare and paying the debt they racked up with tax cuts for the rich and two unfunded wars of aggression against Muslims. The Republican calls for impeachment now are not new, and began within a few months of Barack Obama being officially sworn in as President.

Republicans never pass legislation to help the American people because they hold them in contempt on a fundamental level; it is contrary to their conservative ideology to do anything for the people. But they get vindictive when the people elect a Democrat as President and take out their vengeance by going on a crusade to take every and anything from them to exact retribution for not putting a Republican in the White House. Of course, it did not help that Americans elected an African American Democrat as President, and Republicans displayed their ire by trying to cause a credit default, twice, to teach Americans and the world a lesson that the GOP will destroy the nation and world economy because they do not control the White House.

President Obama is in the habit of telling audiences that Republicans are patriotic and love America, but they just have a different idea of how to govern. That is just not true and it is likely the President knows it. If they cared one iota about America, its people, or the electoral process they would swallow their pride and work with the opposition to advance the interests of all Americans. Instead, they met in secret on Inauguration night in 2009 and plotted their revenge on the people by swearing an oath to subvert any attempt by the new President to pull the economy out of the catastrophic recession they created during 8 years of the Bush administration. That was over five years ago and the President’s re-election just enraged them to punish Americans by shutting down the government, wasting taxpayers’ time and money with fabricated scandals, and suing the President for doing his job.

Americans expect the President to display a semblance of comity when dealing with Republicans, but the time for niceties is long past. Although the President is beginning to express his frustration with Republican intransigence in public appearances, he seriously needs to address the nation in prime time and explain exactly why Washington is not attending the needs of the people. While he is at it, the President can spend five minutes disabusing several persistent lies Republicans spew without any pushback. For example, he could tell Americans the KeystoneXL pipeline is an export cash cow for the Kochs and the oil industry and that no oil will stay in America. To his credit, the President did say the pipeline is for exporting Canada’s oil to Europe, but it was buried in a NY Times interview; the people that need to hear about Keystone are not reading the NY Times. There are myriad Republican myths the President can dispel quickly, but it requires him to acknowledge openly that not only are Republicans rank liars, but that their actions, or lack thereof, are driven by their hatred for the people, America, and democracy.

Obviously President Obama is not going to address the nation and call Republicans liars, but he can reasonably posit that it is no coincidence that when Americans elect a Democrat as president, Republicans shut down the government, make drastic cuts to social programs, and go on an impeachment crusade. The American people will make the connection that every despicable act by Republicans over the past five years was driven by vengeance to punish the people for electing a Democrat as President; not, as President Obama says, out of their ideological form of patriotism or love for America. Maybe then the people will finally comprehend, like President Obama surely does, that not only do Republicans hate an African American Democratic President, they hate America, its democracy, and most of all they hate the people.




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28 Replies to “More Proof That Republicans Hate America Because a Majority Twice Elected Barack Obama”

  1. All you need do is look at their admiration for Vladimir Putin. Putin is about as far from what America stands for as you can get.

    They have a state church, their news outlets are run by the state and you can go to jail for criticizing the government. That just gets Republicans all giddy inside.

    Republicans do not like America, they are authoritarian and theocratic. They do not believe that certain citizens should even be allowed to vote.

    If anyone thinks that Republicans are not a clear-and-present danger to America, they are either Republican, or delusional.

    We are at a pivotal point in American history, I just hope that the true Americans wake up and fight back via the voting booth. It isn’t too late to turn the tide, but it is getting close.

  2. In the words of Alice Cooper, They’re stumbling demented child kings. I agree they’re full of hate. They’re always mad and negative. But hate and negativity are not the things that win battles. They try to whip their base into that same hate. But it takes a lot of energy to stay that way. Pretty soon their base will tire of being hateful and mad all time. That is when we pounce.

  3. Spot on !! I’ve been telling anyone with an ear this since the Reagan admin. However it seems as though the good ol’ USA is inhabited by ignorant morons who are deaf by choice.

  4. @Hairfarmer. I really hope that means you’re a stylist or beautician or something. Every time I see your name I think of that story by Stephen King where the guy was burying people in the yard up to their necks and running over their heads. Just sayin’

  5. Yes if the GOP members had common sense they would all pack up and move to Putinland. That way they would all be in GOP bliss.

  6. I agree to a certain point. However, I can’t give them that much credit to be that smart. The fact is many of them, especially the old white men were brought to think, and raise their kids that the black man isn’t as smart as they are. Even though the Constitution stated that anyone can be President, they thought it would never happen. So when President Obama proved them wrong, that really pissed them off, they gathered in their little cigar smoke backroom and stated we let one slip through, so we have got to make sure another one doesn’t. And the way to do that was make Obama look so bad, the people would never make that mistake again. Well, God don’t like evil. So He’s making sure that what went around is coming around. Whether they know it or not, nobody can box with God. So let’s vote and put the devils back in the hell they came from.

  7. Republicans don’t hate America. They just hate poor people black people brown people female people and anyone who isn’t an old rich white man. Simple, right?

  8. How can a party based on white supremacy ever love a country that dared to elect and now re-elect the FIRST African-American president?!

  9. Well said and I understand what a difficult position the president is in. I like his approach to it all, and all along I have so admired his ability to stay focused on the bigger picture. If conservatives are going to get the tag of being un-American, it has to come about from the people. Conservatism needs to become a bad word. It is conservatism that is the driving force behind all of this. If we focus on them, then perhaps some will at least begin to seek out more moderate republicans again. Perhaps some might even stop and learn what the real conservative principles are.

  10. the republicans hate not winning. they throw worse temper tandrums than 2 year olds. at least a 2 year moves on and forgets why he was unhappy. not republicans! they want to hinder all progress.

    worse, they manage to convince many working and middle class white americans to vote for them by playing into their fears about “the others.” this happens year after year.

    they are in for a rude awakening this November and presidential elections of 2016-2028, a dem will be in the white house until the gop get their act together.

  11. There is no love of country, or patriotism in the republican party.

    There cannot be any love of country or patriotism in the republican party. Only tyrannical 3 year olds having a temper tantrum.

    It’s long past time for the republicans to have a badly needed multi generation time out.

  12. I read an article a few years ago that attempted to explain why GOPTPers have aimed for and gone over the cliff since 2008. I think Frank Rich wrote the article. He thinks that their extreme behavior has everything to do with demographic changes that they’re trying to stop. They don’t realize that their attempt to stop the “browning” of America is all for naught. It’s going to happen, and they’re going to have to deal with it. The article also pointed out that all of the outrageous GOPTP rhetoric/antics we observed in the run up to the 2012 election is a last ditch effort to stop America from changing in a way they are afraid of having to deal with, forming the basis of their claim that “We want our country back!” I think that they have a real, though not truly legitimate, fear that they’ll be mistreated the same way they’ve mistreated others when they were the dominant population in the U.S. Of course, they have nothing to back this belief up except the usual thing—fear.

  13. The arrogant Rethugs think they have a divine right to rule. Just like the English gentry who our Founding Fathers despised.

  14. If only there was some way to infuse them all with a mass vision of what their world would be like if they got everything they ever wanted. Sounds like a good dystopian plot for a movie. Any takers?

  15. Based on their actions the Republican Tea Party are Domestic Enemies fully abetted by the Corporate Media. Unless they are called out loudly and frequently, until the American People understand these facts the Democratic silence amounts to collusion and accessory after the fact. This also rings true of Moderate Muslims, Christians, and Jews who tolerate the extremism of fundamentalists and their crimes.

    Those of us who see this must shine a light on the darkness of ignorance, bigotry, and revisionism. It is our duty for the future of our children to leave them a better world to live in.

  16. just think if presidents could run three terms – Obama would win again – that would royally piss them off even more. wonder what would happen if a democrat won 2016? would the repubs act the same?

  17. The best part will be when they completely lose it FOREVER. Hillary wins,and they realize there will never be another geopig in the White house.

  18. Yesterday my wife, whose car has “Obama 2008” and “Obama 2012” stickers on either side of an American flag sticker, was accosted by a white man about 60 years old, who began shouting at her that she had no right to have the American flag on her car. He told her that “you liberals” are the problem with this country and that someday “we will get rid of all the liberals in this country”. Fortunately she just ignored him and left.

    That incident speaks correctly to Frank Reich’s belief that it has everything to do with “the browning” of America and the terrible panic, knowing that being rich and white will not be enough to carry the day any longer.

  19. Rodney Powell has drawn a good bead on it that the GOP has its roots in white supremacism. But our country does too. In a country founded this way what can you expect when the extreme right calls for “a return to the principles of our founding fathers”? Think about it. We hear ideology based on smaller and less intrusive government from Republicans. But what do you have in the states controlled by them? Voter suppression–union disenfranchisement–heavyhanded control over women’s health care. Not my idea of integrity or consistency.

  20. First, an African American President….then a female president….and possibly a democratic female president….

    What will the republicans do……

  21. That’s just it Vicky. What passes today as conservatism is actually extreme fundamentalism, it’s reactionary (going back towards a perceived better society) in nature, and orthodox (adhering to an old/ancient standard/interpretation) in ideology. True conservatism is neither reactionary nor orthodox, although it does form the base of both, but rather it is an unwillingness to change the status quo. It sees the status quo as being just fine without need to add or subtract from it. Like a lot of other words, conservatism has been hi-jacked by the fundamentalist to mean something it does not. I completely agree with you.

  22. djchefron, yes and you wait. those same states and hospital administrators will blame their own childish intractability on Obama and claim that, Obama regulated it beyond our reach, or his administration wouldn’t let us apply or my favorite “you all have taken our reasons and words out of context due to the “liberal media”. Republicans Conservatives and TeaBraggers have blood on their hands and they Do Not Care!

  23. This entire article is full of hate for those that actually love this country. There are more Republicans that love American, while Dems are always trying to tear American p[ride down, along with the people in it. There is some truth for you all. And most of those fighting for youir rights, in the military, are Republicans, you cowards.

  24. As a woman, the republicans dont really include you in the “America” they love. You wont like the America they love if they ever get to impose it on you.
    But, its obvious you have been sucked into the propaganda they put out.

    BTW, our rights are not at risk. No one is fighting to keep our rights. Again, more propaganda

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