Things Go From Bad To Worse for Mitch As Kentucky GOP Leader Resigns To Protest McConnell


A local Republican Party leader in Kentucky has resigned her position in act of protest against Sen. Mitch McConnell.

According to WFPL:

After serving on the Daviess County Republican Party’s leadership team for almost three years, Owensboro native Barbara Knott had enough.

She resigned on July 10 and the reason was simple; Knott cannot support Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell this fall.

“I have resigned from the executive committee of the Republican Party because I will not support Mitch McConnell,” Knott, chair of the Owensboro Tea Party, said in a telephone interview. “I have a big 4×8 sign in my front yard that says ‘Retire Mitch.’ It’s going to stay there through the election. I will not vote for that man.”

Knott does plan to come out to support other Republican candidates. But in terms of McConnell she is “just fed up” despite voting for him in the past.

When local party leaders are resigning because they can no longer support him, things are getting dire for Mitch McConnell. The only thing that McConnell has going for him is a big pile of money that will be spent by outside groups on his behalf this fall. Sen. McConnell’s campaign has been worst run spectacles of the year. The candidate himself has alternated between gaffes and offensive statements.

Sen. McConnell is using the same playbook that he has been following for decades, but this time it isn’t working. McConnell is not having success trying to tie his Democratic opponent Alison Grimes to President Obama. His Obamacare attacks have gone nowhere, and mostly the senator has looked out of touch with the needs of his constituents on the campaign trail.

Tea party activists are outraged at McConnell because he funded an ad in support of Sen. Thad Cochran during the Republican Mississippi Senate runoff. McConnell has always been on thin ice with the state’s tea partiers, and his decision to play such an active role in the Mississippi contest is coming back to haunt him.

If Sen. McConnell loses the tea party crowd, he is going to have a nearly impossible time winning the election in November, and if the Senate Minority Leader loses his seat, Republican chances of taking back the Senate go down the tubes. By abandoning McConnell, tea partiers are doing what they do best. The tea party may once again end up helping Democrats keep their majority in the US Senate.

47 Replies to “Things Go From Bad To Worse for Mitch As Kentucky GOP Leader Resigns To Protest McConnell”

  1. Well that’s defections in Brownbacks camp and now McConnells. Things are looking up for November:)

  2. There is no surprise that the bags will not support Mitch the little koch bitch. Its obvious he doesnt follow the koch close enough to the tea party.

    Mitch has been in the game too long. He is confused on how to play now that other party’s are involved. He is in gridlock. A mentally induced coma. He has his usual fall back and attack the person game but that is failing as well.

    Sorry mitch

  3. If Mitch McConnell isn’t a junior he should be because I’ve never seen anyone who was more of a son of a Mitch than he is.

  4. the republicans have stood in the way of progress long enough.they dont care if anyone has a job or not.they dont care if you are sick,hungry or your children are comes down to 3 little words,they dont care!the elderly go without food or medicine,do they care? NO!our children go without a descent they care?NO i would vote for the presidents dog before i would vote for any republican.

  5. As for McConnell losing his Senate seat, I’ll believe it when I see it. There are just too many red-dog a-holes in Kentucky, a third-world state. Everyone hates “gubmint” and “librals” there. If Satan himself was a republican, they’d elect him “just because”. Can’t fix stupid.

  6. Living in Kentucky I can tell you without a doubt that Turdhole man will pull it out. It will be close but he will eek out a win with the rural coal counties always voting against their best interests…

  7. Man I hope you are wrong. The flying spaghetti monster will sacrifice a bowl of linguine with clam sauce to prove you are wrong

  8. I live in Eastern Ky. And I will be helping all I can to ditch Mitch. Everyone I have talked to is against him too. He does NOT have an easy ride.

  9. wise woman. looks like republicans are finally removing their blinders and they do not like what they see.

  10. reality check, you need a reality check. not all of us are ignorant, backwater coubtry hicks. where I live people tend to vote democrat.

    you just insulted an entire state with negative stereotypes. watch it.

  11. Allison Lundegren Grimes is ahead of him by 8 points right now, that’s enough to win if the people that vote democratic get out and vote, she will win as it its most likely the women who will vote for her and they are the ones who get out and vote.

  12. If you’re in Wisconsin you’re not in a booth and a republican has the right to stand three feet away from you.

  13. Disagree Ms P…….
    If you study where the donations are coming from….little Alison has way more small dollar donors in the state of Kentucky which means they will vote and these dollars were coming from poor coal counties as well as all others…Mitch’s donations are larger dollar amounts from the “big money” in Kentucky with fewer donors. We’ll see!

  14. please tell your fellow Republicans to STOP voting against ther own best intresst
    open your Eyes he keeps cutting all help to the poor and help for the Kids
    to many going hungry ` just google some of the Counties and how bad they live it will open your Eyes
    get the Bitch out

  15. Folks look at this expression on his face he will have the same look of bewilderment when Grimes sends him to RETIREMENT!

  16. Lol! so she won’t vote for the chinless, but she’ll cheerfully vote for someone even more corrupt and foolish. Ok, then.

  17. The article never states specifically why Barbara Knott resigned other than she can’t support McConnell. I’d like some reasons why.

  18. Not everyone hates government here and most of the people who do know how to pronounce the word government.

    You must not be aware that Kentucky has a Democratic Governor and Commonwealth’s Attorney.

  19. How will the Four Hundred Thousand people who have new health coverage from Kynect, The ACA in Kentucky terms,cast their ballots this fall For the Turtle, who wants to do away with the health coverage or the alternative, a woman who can think and respects others??????

  20. THE reason I will not vote for mitch is as I researched him I see he had so many deferments during the VIET NAM era, and some were lies all arranged by a D.C. representative at the time that Mitch knew. He is a draft dodger. I am not one to call names and that is not a good debating point but Republicans do it all the time. My comments are true. Mitch has only lined his own pockets for the last 30 years. I do not understand why so many in the state do not read and watch anything other than FOX news. I want to know all sides to every issue and I will decide the truth as I can research it and decide for myself. 100s in KY will vote for mitch because of his party. BUT comments I hear are: “He is lesser of two evils” That is why we are last on every list. Education, jobs, etc….Mitch has had 30 years and has done nothing for the Commonwealth. Now, lets decide to let the younger woman try. Its her turn. I think she will be good for KY….and will work hard for us if elected.

  21. Top GOP leaders like McConnell and Boehner wined and dined TPers in 2009 and 2010, knowing they were using them for their own purposes. When polls began showing the American public had soured on the TPers and establishment GOPers realized that the TPers were hurting the Republican brand, they began waging a war against them. After Cantor lost his bid for reelection, the GOP establishment panicked and opposed TP pols even more. I never liked the idea that the GOP used the TPers and then tried to discard them like used tissues. There’s always a danger in using others and in making them believe they’re important and respected when the opposite is true. All the GOP establishment wanted from the TP and its’ politicians was to gain control of Congress. They didn’t realize that the TPers feel no true allegiance to the GOP. This led the TP pols to create even more dysfunction in Congress and establishment GOPers were left looking like the corrupt tools they are. Payback is a b*tch.

  22. If Mitch loses his Senate seat, don’t believe for a second that he won’t be hanging out in DC.

  23. Ms. Knott is pissed because McConnell’s campaign backed Cochran in the McDaniel/Cochran senate run-off in Mississippi and McConnell gave the Cochran campaign $50,000 to help defeat McDaniel, a TP darling. Ms. Knott and some other TPers in KY didn’t know McConnell was engaged in this two-faced behavior because after he defeated Bevin, he began to talk about how the TPers and republicans in KY needed to “come together” to defeat Ms. Grimes. My assessment of the situation is that Ms. Knott is pissed because of McConnell’s conflicting messages/positions. He helped Cochran behind their backs while telling them he supports what they stand for, when he doesn’t. If he really supported them, he wouldn’t have given one red penny to Cochran’s campaign. By doing so, he showed the TPers where his allegiance really resides, and it’s NOT with the TPers.

  24. Good bye Mitch, you’ve been a really really bad little turtle. Now go home and lay some eggs in the sand.

  25. Unfortunately you are exactly right. I’ll be surprised if the corrupt cretin doesn’t find a way to pull it out even he we should see he’s 20 points behind.

  26. Even if the majority wants her to win, if every thinking human sends her money and votes for her, there may be more low IQ, low information voters and Mitch has always been good at getting their votes in spite of the fact it never helps them. duh. As someone else said, you can’t fix stupid. I pray she wins. I send her money from the state I’m in.

  27. The lady is in the re-tea-lican party, so not very excited to read about her. But one less vote for McConnell, well….that is always a good thing for America.

  28. The “media” delights in talking about how good this year’s midterm elections will be for the Teapublicans.

    BIG LIES don’t always work.

  29. I do NOT support the GOP, however can no longer support what used to be called Democrats. Progressives have taken over, destroying jobs, economy and the futures of our grandchildren with their open borders, spending like there is no tomorrow!

    Come elections, I will have NO choice but to vote GOP as it will be the lesser of two enemies. Many who say they will not vote Republican, in the end will as that will be their only hope for tomorrow’s children.

  30. Now that sounds like a story we have heard before. I am not a republican but I wont support the Dems.

    Now lets tell the truth: I am a republican and I am blind to what my party is doping to this country. I am of course dumb enough to vote for the gop beucase I hate myself.

    Now go repeat that 100 times while you are on the toilet

  31. Grimes hits McConnell’s ‘Not my job’ remark in new ad

    The ad features unemployed coal miner David Stanley who asks McConnell:

    Mr. McConnell, in the last two years, we’ve lost almost half of our coal jobs in Eastern Kentucky. Why’d you say it’s not your job to bring jobs to Kentucky?

  32. I live in Ky., and you can bet I won’t be voting for Mitch. 30 years is enough, and he is an embaressment to all Kentuckians.

  33. I am originally from Owsley County, and even though Mitch is a worthless Republican piece of crap, most of Owsley County will vote for him. That area of Ky is a lost cause. That’s why I left.

  34. It is called the Eric Cantor syndrome. Why are incommpent politicial personalities holding public office. AKA dumpimig the TEA and waking up to SMELL The COFFEE. Clean House 2014.

  35. I was character assassinated for resigning as a PCO in Wa State as I could not support a Rino Republican and other issues with establishment Republicanism. We cannot stand for this any longer as it aids in destroying our country. Good for the patriot from Owensboro.

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