Democratic Rep Strongly Criticizes Rick Perry’s Decision To Militarize Texas’ Border

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On Monday, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) criticized Texas Governor Rick Perry’s announcement that he will send 1,000 National Guard troops to Texas’ border with Mexico. Perry is calling this move Operation Strong Safety and said it is necessary to help further secure the border. The governor has also called on President Obama to hire 3,000 more border patrol agents to patrol along the Rio Grande River. This is all in the wake of the ongoing humanitarian crisis involving migrant children from Central America, who are making their way to the U.S. border.

Politico reported that Castro sent out an email after he was informed of Perry’s decision to send troops to the border. In the email, the Congressman had the following to say:

“We should be sending the Red Cross to the border not the National Guard to deal with this humanitarian crisis. The children fleeing violence in Central America are seeking out border patrol agents. They are not trying to evade them. Why send soldiers to confront these kids? Militarizing our border is the wrong response to the arrival of children.I remain hopeful that our state can provide a more helpful response than to send armed soldiers to greet children seeking refuge from violence.”

Castro was actually made aware of Perry’s plans on Sunday and posted the following to his Facebook page Sunday night.



Over the past weeks, Perry has strongly hinted that he was going to send troops to the border. When he met with President Obama earlier this month, he requested that the federal government deploy National Guard troops to the border. He reiterated that statement in interviews after the meeting. The reason Perry wanted the White House to deploy the troops was he didn’t want Texas to be responsible for the cost. Keeping a thousand armed troops at the border will cost Texas roughly $5 million a week.

Besides the cost, there really isn’t a reason to send the National Guard to the border. The children who are fleeing Central America are willingly going to agents and turning themselves in once they reach the border. Border security isn’t an issue so much as there is a logjam in the system when it comes to dealing with the high number of individuals who need to be processed after being detained. Also, there is a basic need for supplies and housing to deal with the increased amount of detained refugees.

Instead, Perry is merely interested in creating a certain visual to appeal to right-wing voters as he prepares himself for another sure-to-be ill-fated run for the White House. He gets to send National Guardsmen to the border in order to stop the invasion that is coming through. He gets to tout himself as a man of action and even gives this operation a cool-sounding name. However, this won’t do anything to actually address the crisis. The National Guard can’t enforce immigration law and can’t even stop immigrants from crossing the border. They are merely there for window dressing, all in an effort to make Perry look ‘strong.’

Perry, like other Republicans, isn’t interested in finding any real solutions. Instead, he just wants to use this humanitarian crisis as a way to rile up the ‘Old Angry White Guy’ base ahead of 2016.

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  1. You would think with those glasses he could see that he will never be POTUS. I have news for him. There are a lot of angry old white guys, like myself that ARE NOT republican.

  2. There’s nothing else that a lame duck could spend $20 million a month on that would be beneficial for Texans.

    The GOP is the party of fiscal conservatism, my arse.

  3. Well, for once in his life, he gets to play Commander-in-Chief of his own little army.

    Enjoy it Gov Perry. It’s the closest to commanding a real army you’ll ever get..

  4. Rick Perry will never be president so he has to do the next thing he can do, which is be King $hit of €uck Island.

  5. Its kind of funny that Gov Goodhair never called for putting the military on the border to stop the flow of drugs but I guess they think like this: Keep it in the darkies hood as long as it don’t effect us who gives a rats ass. We get a twofer, they will be strung out and we can make money by locking them up.

  6. stupid is as stupid does! rick perry is a first rate idiot!

    he’s been told by several sources that the national guard will be effective.

  7. $20 million a month for what amounts to nothing more than chest-pounding, but TX can’t afford Medicaid expansion.


  8. @SF,I wish they go ahead and secede already like they keep promising. Then it could be President Perry. Let the sane people leave. Send the rest of the teabaggers there. Then build that fence they want, north of the Rio Grande.

  9. My first thought was “How can Texas afford unneeded military involvement but cannot afford healthcare for the people living in Texas. Another case of sh#t for brains decision.

  10. Gov. Perry & Republicans are always saying how they want “Big Government” out of their lives. OK!
    So Texans, get ready to ‘Pony Up’
    For what, you may ask?
    Whall, up-ear-an-cez uv kourze!
    Wheel sho doze kidz whooz bozz!!!

    Meanwhile, Americans thank Mr, Perry
    for wasting YOUR money & not OURS!

    (an unintended consequence of all this
    Bravado could be it turns Texas Purple
    or maybe even Blue!!!)


  11. Question.. When a idiot mobilize the guard who pays for it? The state with no income taxes or the rest of the country which he has said he wants to secede from?

  12. Saw someone ask if it takes $5,000.00 to keep troops there. Ok you need to take into consideration the following: there’s the cost of fuel getting the troops there, there’s the feeding of the troops, there’s the maintanance of military equipment ( weapons, vehicles and temporary housing) there’s the troops pay, then there’s intellegence ( in this case lack of it ) setting up camp maintaning the camp, mail service, medical service, communications. There’s more but that’s all I remember from my service days.

  13. Meanwhile many Texas children suffer. Republicans are spouting off misinformation about the refugee children having eboli, lice & other diseases. In reality his own state of Texas has more children un-vaccinated than the ones coming across the border. One reason is Perry refuses Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program that would cover more than 4 million low-income Texans under Obamacare.
    Yet he’ll waste millions a week to posture & showboat. The optics of the National guard staring down Moms & kids fleeing danger will backfire. Republicans will be dead to Hispanics & other minority voting populations forever.

  14. Wants Obama to hire 3,000 more border patrol agents? I hear Congress is going on recess without voting on Obama’s July 8 request for emergency funding to set up detention facilities and hire more border patrol agents and immigration judges. All of which George Bush has forced him to do. Because if these kids are illegal, it would also be illegal to immediately send them back, which many right wingnuts want to do. Apparently, the GOP doesn’t really want to solve this “crisis”, they just want to exploit it for votes.

  15. Did you not hear, he wants the federal government to reimburse him.

    Also I personally do not think we need troops to act against children who come and immediately give themselves up, Perry is trying to look like he is doing something and he is – making himself look a fool.

  16. Huckleberry,
    Why wait for them to secede? I say we expel Texas from the nation, and force Mexico to take Texas back.

  17. The Texas Nat Guard knows it’s being used and will probably set up bivouac tents to shelter children along with field hospitals, kitchens, and sanitation stations. Perry doesn’t realize it, but the Guard will be helping, not hindering the influx of refugees and it will cost a lot more than 5 million a week.

    Perry can’t count on the Nat Guard to be as BSC as he is acting. They aren’t going to provide any “abuse” photo ops for the human rights monitors.

    When he sees the consequences of this stupidity, he’ll kill the program. I give it two or three weeks tops.

    What a numbskull!

  18. Not only that, but the state having to pick up the tab is going to piss lots of people off, maybe enough so that they won’t vote for Abbott in November.

  19. What can the National Guard do? They can’t arrest these children. Are they going to pick them up and throw them back over the boarder? They have nothing to do but just stand there, military style, guns and all, and frighten little children. Rick Perry is nothing if not a total idiot. These children have walked hundreds if not thousands of miles to get to that boarder. They need shelter, food and nurturing, not Perry’s inhumanity.

  20. And around the rest of the Texas border while they’re at it. We certainly wouldn’t want them Migrating back over here.

  21. They don’t care about drugs coming in cause they continue to fight that war on purpose. We tax payers are the funding party for that war. That money goes partly for the “war” then the rest fills governmental pockets. The government needs illegal activity so it can make money

  22. Del Wasso There is a reason why Gov. Rick Perry wants to deploy the National Guard on our southern border in Texas, rather than deploying the Regular Army, or simply increasing the personnel who serve with the Border Patrol…

    There is a reason as to why Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo characterized any potential Guard deployment to our border with Mexico, when he said, “We train National Guard all over the country, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be conducting that training on our borders,” despite the fact that this ”training” would include un-planned live-fire exercises with Mexican Coyotes, and drug smugglers…

    Soldiers in the Regular Army receive more benefits (Veterans Administration housing, and business loans, a beefed-up GI Bill college program, as well as family medical care, etc) than either Reserve component, or National Guard, troops.

    Deploying Guard units would enable Rick Perry to send America’s Citizen Soldiers into harm’s way, for….

  23. The children need help not military intervention. With the exception of the American Indian we are all immigrants
    Thank God we were met by Indians who helped us rather than treating us like some kind of repulsive burden.
    I thought that’s what we are supposed to represent, the place where every body has a chance to live the way they want as long as are willing to work and contribute to their community.

  24. Thank God we were met by Indians who helped us rather than treating us like some kind of repulsive burden.
    One can argue that was the worst decision they could have made, For everyone, white or POC

  25. Who pays the salary of the national guard, the state or the feds?
    And Perry wants the Feds to “hire” 3000 more border patrols….who’s going to pay for that? And does he know that Congress won’t pass the bill?

  26. The refugees issue is certainly NOT new for Texas. Perry’s been governor since December, 2000. So why did it take him FOURTEEN YEARS to come up with this “idea”?

    So it’s official: The glasses did NOT help.

    Perry’s the same pathetic dumbass he’s always been.

  27. A country without borders is no country. By allowing anyone to just walk in to our country at will, we have no country. And $20M for the Texas Natioanl Guard is how much, compared to Obama’s vacations? Liberals don’t like it because Gov. Perry is actually doing something to protect United States’ sovereignty–showing leadership–unlike our President, who has done nothing, except ask the US Congress for mo’ money (what he does best, besides blame Republicans).

  28. Isnt it interesting that Obama has sent far more border patrol people to the borders then the previous presidents, and all of a sudden all the border problems are his?

    And why do we let people vote who are so screamingly stupid as to not understand the president can do nothing at the borders without money from the congress?

    Obama’s vacations are a pittance compared to Bush. WHere were you then?

  29. Doesn’t matter how many BP agents there are when federal policy is “catch and release”.

    I think we can all be pretty certain that word gets back to Central America from those who have illegally crossed the border that not only were they not detained, but they were provided with food, shelter, transportation and help in finding other illegal family members already here.
    And if historical trends continue, that ‘notice to appear’ they received before being let go, won’t be enough to compel them to do so.
    It isn’t “compassionate” to ask American citizens to take on the burden of added debt to help take care of every person around the world who wants to live here.

  30. Gov Goodhair and the idiots who follows him may have one small problem with him playing Patton: The Constitution’s Supremacy Clause prohibits states from interfering with areas of regulation that have been preempted by the federal government, and the U.S. Supreme Court has already invalidated provisions of state law that seek to legislate on immigration reform.
    Arizona v. United States

    I guess if it isn’t the 2nd which BTW they get wrong the doofusses of the Reich really don’t know the Constitution

  31. The policy is not catch and release. For children the policiy is not the same as adults. Adults are sent back when caught.

  32. To continue reading this story, you will need to be a digital subscriber to

    Well that convinces me even though I have no idea what the story is about.

  33. Because nothing says ‘presidential’ like armed troops threatening frightened children. All you need is trains in the background.

    Of course, Perry has already accomplished this with the picture of him and his machine gun hunting children by boat with Hannity.

    Putin wanna-be…..

  34. The ‘government’ doesn’t NEED to make money. The contractors who have taken over our government NEED to make money.

  35. ?????????

    I have “free access view”.

    Can’t you just take my word for it?

    I’ll have to find another link later.

    Too much breaking news around here right now.

  36. Some are allegedly being let go? What is the key word in that statement
    And this had me LMAO National Border Patrol Council.A labor union? Oh the irony

  37. We must be proud as a nation. USA USA USA USA

    They’re keeping kids in kennels
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Two refugee girls sleep in a holding cell, as the children are separated by age group and gender, as hundreds of mostly Central American immigrant children are processed and held at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

  38. I would go much further than Rep. Castro. I would have INS employees try to locate Americans or even undocumented family members in any part of the U.S., and inquire as to whether they were willing to take the children in. If the children or mothers can convince magistrates in a hearing that they face violence or death, persecution or other things not permitted by the U.S. Constitution, the mothers and children should be housed until the foreign governments do something about the conditions, on threat of losing U.S. aid. But the best solution to the problem is to legalize the drugs the cartels are peddling. It’s either that or declare martial law and go door to door looking for contraband substances. This was what the late writer William S. Burroughs anticipated in books like “The Wild Boys.” We are the problem. As the authors of a wise old comic book had the central character say, “We’ve met the enemy and he is us.”

  39. Rick Perry is only doing what Obama is supposed to be doing but Obama is too enept and to stupid to do it. If Texas and the rest of the red states succeeded the Union, we would be the richest nation in the world and the liberal blue states would be like detroit. I would love to succeed from the union. We’ll let you have your stupid unions, high taxes and regulation, Obama and the rest of the liberals idiots in Washington. and we’ll take the taxed enough already party and we’ll see who comes out ahead.

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