Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough Gets Caught Telling Huge Lie About Ronald Reagan

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During Monday’s broadcast of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough had to be corrected by co-host Mika Brzezinski after Scarborough had claimed former President Ronald Reagan immediately canceled a vacation and flew back to Washington after a Korean airliner was shot down by the Soviet Union in 1983. The claim by Scarborough came during a discussion about President Obama and his administration’s adherence to a daily schedule in the face of crises. Mika brought up a New York Times article by Michael Shear as a discussion point. She also added to the conversation by bringing up the recent comparisons that conservatives have made between Obama and their idol Reagan.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



After Mika had brought up the comparisons being made between Obama and Reagan, she pointed out that President Reagan waited four days to go back to Washington and address the nation on the Korean airliner incident. He was on a 25-day vacation at his ranch in California and did not want to leave. After allowing an aide of his to respond the day of the incident, the President did make a short statement later on. However, he did not make his “strong statements” regarding the Soviets until four days after the plane was shot down. Conservatives have tried to make it appear that Reagan dropped everything and made addressing the nation his first priority.

Below is the relevant exchange between Mika and Joe where Joe refutes Mika’s statements regarding the timeline for Reagan.

BRZEZINSKI: At the same time there’s these parallels being made to Ronald Reagan and how he responded to the Korean airliner. It took him four days to go back and make the strong statements that he made, just for some perspective.

SCARBOROUGH: He immediately canceled his vacation.

BRZEZINSKI: No, he didn’t, actually.

SCARBOROUGH: Yes, he actually did.

BRZEZINSKI: No, he didn’t immediately cancel it.

SCARBOROUGH: Yes, he did. He immediately canceled it. He immediately went back to the White House. He immediately canceled fund-raising events and campaign events. Yes, he did. You can go back and look. Ronald Reagan didn’t keep campaigning. He stopped when the Korean airliner went down.


Eventually, Mika just gave up as she could tell Joe wasn’t going to be swayed from his wrongly-held notion that St. Ronnie hopped on Air Force One as soon as he heard the news about the plane being shot down and went into full-on crisis management mode. After tossing out a little more Reagan-worship, Scarborough proceeded to rip the Obama Administration for engaging in “bad theater,” suggesting that President Obama is more interested in drinking beer, shooting pool and eating cheeseburgers than dealing with issues like the border crisis or the situation in Gaza.

After the segment was over, Scarborough had to feast on a good helping of crow. On Twitter, Scarborough sent the following tweet admitting he was wrong over his statements on Reagan.



It is possible that a producer told Scarborough right after the segment that he was dead wrong and he should really recant. Or perhaps Joe was truthful when he said it was the reaction he saw on Twitter to his comments that caused him to apologize. Either way, while he did make a correction via Twitter, it doesn’t stop the fact that he spewed terrible disinformation on the air in an effort to portray the current president in a terrible light. The worst part is that almost immediately after conservatives started their little meme about Reagan’s reaction to the Korean airliner, fact-checkers pointed out that Reagan waited four days before addressing the nation. Scarborough should have known that and quite possibly did.

The fact is, the President first mentioned the Malaysian plane crash the day it happened. The following day, after US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power spoke to the United Nations Security Council, President Obama then addressed the nation about the incident and provided the facts as they were known at the time. Therefore, the President made comments about the airliner the day of the incident and then made a full address to the nation the following day. However, this isn’t as good of a response as Reagan’s was to a similar incident, where he insisted on staying on vacation and only addressed the nation four days later.

According to conservative logic, a Republican president’s response to an incident is deemed ‘immediate’ and ‘strong’ if he stays on vacation and then waits a few days before doing anything. However, a Democratic president’s response is ‘weak’ and ‘delayed’ and ‘insufficient’ if he mentions the event right away and then makes a full address the next day. Got it.


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  1. Surprised he didn’t tweet out what he usually says when he is found out to be wrong:
    “Then we’ll just agree to disagree.”

  2. Joe has a terrible case of Obama Derangement Syndrome and nothing the president says or does is going to matter because in Joe’s eyes it’s always wrong.

    Reagan took more vacation time than any other president in modern history. His mind was already going by the time he got elected the first time, it was extremely pronounced by the time he got elected the second time.

    And he wasn’t super smart before he fell ill. But I guess that’s what the conservatives like: like GWB, too, malleable leaders instead of sharp, smart ones.

  3. I watched that exchange. Wish Mika would stand up to morning blow. I only watch to make fun of him and his cohorts on twitter in the mornings. It fun with coffee and friends. If you get personal with morning blow he will block you quickly.

  4. Unfortunately I heard the conversation this morning, and my thought was what the hell was the point of the comparison whether Morning Joe was correct or not. The discussion was an example of how low and meaningless our political discourse has become.

    Morning Joe is on a par with O’Reilly and Hannity.

  5. Finally, someone in media honest enough to stop bashing our President! Limbaugh insinuating terrible things regarding President Obama, and I’m sick of it!

  6. “Republican president’s response to an incident is deemed ‘immediate’ and ‘strong’ if he stays on vacation and then waits a few days before doing anything. However, a Democratic president’s response is ‘weak’ and ‘delayed’ and ‘insufficient’ if he mentions the event right away and then makes a full address the next day. Got it.”

    There is exactly one reason for this, and since Obama is more right-wing than Reagan, it’s pretty obvious that it is melanin-based.

  7. Scarborough spewed to feed outrage to the ignorant rightwing base – none of those idiots saw his tweets of recantation. It was purposeful.

  8. You are comparatively young, if you think Obama is more right-wing than Reagan. You are, however, correct about the racial animus. Also, IOKIYAR, INOKIYAD.

  9. Actually, considering that the destruction of the Korean airliner was done directly by the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War, it was a far more potentially dangerous occurrence than is the current one, and Reagan was much too casual about it. Even if he had cancelled his vacation and rushed back to D.C. Immediately, that would not have been comparable to the current situation, which is very sad, but not of as much potential significance to this country.

  10. So,
    He admits he was wrong,
    on TWITTER?
    Yea, that’ll get the message out
    to the 65+ average age Fox ‘News’
    viewer. I’m confident they were
    watching their TWITTER feed, just
    waiting for his comments!
    If it were someone on MSNBC or CNN,
    Fox would demand an ‘on air’ apology!
    How DARE anyone disparage St. Ronnie!

  11. I wanted Mika to correct Joe more than she did, however, I’m beginning to understand when haters like Joe get on a rant there’s no stopping them.

  12. One comment stated here – that Mika drew immediate attention to the actual truth about Uncle Ronnie. Virtually all the attention left her correction to Mourning Joe – (that he (Joe) was wrong), and instead, went to all the twitters. Why is Mika even on this *%$@ show?! She should leave Jackass Joe and go where credibility actually means something. Her sharpness was simply brushed aside here.

  13. Joe U R such a ignorant ASS how dare U cut Mika off SHE was CORRECT U R a pompous Ass U Need 2 put a All out Apology 2 her & admit UR WRONG on Nat’l NEWS UR really making me hate UR show as UR arrogance is disgusting and UR BS of cutting off people is just disgusting UR opinion means nothing to me anymore really sad u had to tweet and couldn’t say it on air Ur not a Man UR a mouse

  14. Conservatives lie. They know they lie as they lie. And they know that they can pretend apologize later, appearing thus to admit an “error” that was never an error in the first place, because it was a lie.

    Their main purpose is to lie in front of cameras, so that it will have the biggest influence possible on the most people possible. And whatever happens after that on social media is only stage props in their Potemkin world that runs on propaganda techniques copied from Communnism.

  15. I bet he stuck to his story when his wives caught him cheating too.

    Just deny it over and over and over.

  16. Joe is itching to get back into Congress. He wants to up his anti-dem creds any way he can…and lying is easy for these creeps. This guy still supports Mittens. I refuse to watch him any longer. He treats Mika like crap, just like the rest of the RW treats women. He shouts down anyone who disagrees, just like O’Reilly and Hannity. If I wanted RW propaganda in the AM, I’d watch Fox. So I just keep the TV off.

  17. These Conservative pundits, like Joe make me sick! Instead of backing the President on his actions and words regarding this Human Murder in the sky episode, perpetrated by the Russians, AGAIN! They tend to mock him and make comparisons with their formaldehyde President, Reagan. And what is irking me also, is that they consider Putin a master player on the world scene, although HE is 100% culpable and responsible for this massacre in the sky. Fawning over Putin is reprehensible. And its only because they despise Obama for: Pick a reason any and all will do, especially the one you KNOW I’m thinking about. ;)

  18. I don’t watch this show anymore as doen’t my husband because of all the lies Joe is allowed to spu out and not have to retract……he should have had to make correct on air what he said was wrong we all want to see him eat crow!!!!!

  19. MoUrning JoKe is the typical teathug who thinks he can strive on lies and this LIE is one reason I don’t start watching MSNBC until 10:00am e.t. when he & toddlin todd are gone for the day.

  20. I disagree that the debate about Reagan taking four days to respond to the Korean jet downing is trivial and unimportant. These “little white lies” that conservatives make up on the spot, 24/7, are the “facts” upon which they make their larger points – in this case that Reagan was always more caring, not to mention professional, than Obama. It’s a form of swiftboating and they need to get called out quickly to prevent ill-gotten propaganda successes.

  21. Right you are. Republicans have made Big Lie propaganda an accepted political tactic, based on the calculation that when you tell a lie, make it a whopper and when it is called out, tell it again – because most will never hear the correction, or even a retraction. And of those that do, half or less will be impressed because repeating a lie begets it “truthiness” status, or as Bill Maher recently termed the phenom,
    “Zombie Lies” – lies that refuse to die even tho’ debunked. It is intentional.

  22. this guy joe s has been wrong a lot about a lot of things. why is this any different as,i see it just another republican with his head up his ass. read a little maybe it would help.

  23. Big Lie propaganda is an accepted political tactic with the Republicans, who have the calculation that when you have told a lie and made it a whopper and repeated it again & again even though it has been debunked, most will never hear the correction, or even a retraction. And of those that do, half or less will change their opinion of its veracity because with the repetition of any lie, it has taken on a positive status of “truthiness” (Steven Colbert), or as Bill Maher recently termed the phenom, “Zombie Lies” – lies that refuse to die even tho’ debunked. They cannot be embarrassed anymore. It is an intentional strategy on Republicans part, they do it well and and effectively, and this is why it is doubly important to call them out decisively when they do it.

  24. Joe S. Is a bully and a Blowhard. He is often over-caffeinated, and, like fellow-BH Bill O’Reilley, is an Obama hater, which he tries to play down for ratings reasons. Some Democrats still watch this puerile morning Joe show, but not I.

  25. I’m still stuck on the fact that Reagan was “on a 25-day vacation at his ranch in California and did not want to leave.”

    Can you imagine if POTUS took a 25 day vacation?? The RWNJ freak out would be of biblical proportions! And Joe would be the first to get on TV and declare “Reagan would’ve NEVER taken a 25 day vacation!!!”

  26. That does it. No more “Morning Joe” for me. Joe is an insufferable blow-hard. Poor Mika, co-hosting with the likes of him.


    There is this notion told over and over by Republican politician that former President Ronald Reagan was this “great” President! Even some Democrat repeat that total LIE! First let me say I respect the fact that people get old. I’m doing it as I write! Some come down with Alzheimer as did former President Ronald Reagan. By the time Reagan started his second term Alzheimer had set in and his family and staff knew! It was very evident when Diane Sawyer interview Reagan and he had to stop several time. He could not remember his answer nor the question. So his staff stop the interview and wrote the answer on little card! I truly believe Reagan’s staff ran the country while Reagan suffer from his mental illness!

    This “great” President…………. NOT! Under President Reagan 7 million American went from middle-class to dirt poor! Reagan raise taxes 11 times and the debt ceiling 18 times!…

  28. Yes and Reagan walked on water. In reality if Reagan saw the GOP stupid he would switch back to being a Democrat.

  29. Excellent points Dave. (I’d like to borrow them for my rants, lol). One big reason the repubs are effective is that the media acts as stenographers for GOP talking points. I use great comments like yours when I sent comments to media entities.

    Apologies to professional stenographers. I know you work hard and do a vital job.

  30. Ronald Reagan was an actor, an opportunist and pretty dumb. He usually did things after much prompting, when he went to Berlin to say Mr Gorbachov tear down this wall everyone over there knew it was coming down anyway, I had been over to East Berlin before the wall came down and SHOPPED near the Brandenburg gate, the wall was symbolic. As the late great actor James Garner said ‘Reagan never had an original thought, someone always told him what to say’

  31. perhaps Mika has learned some wisdom in her years…

    never argue with a fool… people often can’t tell the difference…

    for all that I teak dumb blondes… Mika is one of the dangerous ones… a SMART blonde that occasionally plays dumb…

  32. Scarborough is a lyin’ sack. He and Joe Kernan should run for RNCC chair. That’s how they both act on the air.

  33. That Bush was in Crawford, TX, on vacation when Katrina hit New Orleans, and it took him five days to make a statement about it himself, is something else that GOPTPers won’t acknowledge, but when Pres. Obama goes golfing or on vacation and something happens, bring out the smelling salts and fainting couches because GOPTPers are having a meltdown.
    “”George Bush stayed on vacation. He didn’t get back to work. When the worst natural disaster in our nation’s history attacked us, George Bush STAYED ON VACATION…On Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday, vice president Dick Cheney STAYED ON VACATION in Jackson, Wyoming. On Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, Sec. of State Condi Rice WENT ON VACATION in New York City and went to a splashy Broadway musical and bought obscenely expensive shoes. She went shopping,” Michael Giltz of AMERICAblog wrote September 5, 2005.”

  34. This is a lie ;he didn’t admit it on the Air ; Thats the repug MO just make stuff up any time any place, the fact and intelligence challenged bagger will believe the lie till the day they die.

  35. Conservative criteria for Truth:
    1. Want it to be true
    2. Refuse to look for evidence
    3. Contradict anybody else’s evidence
    4. Contradict it louder, it being a noble principle to stick by one’s belief
    5. Accuse anyone who disagrees of being weak and indecisive
    6. Keep insisting sternly over and over
    7. Gather rumored fact, torture logic, reason from magic, conjure Ayn Rand
    8. Stick out chin, keep insisting sternly

    ∞ ” “

  36. I just do not understand why Democrats do not speak louder than these lying Republicans. She should have kept talking…kept telling the facts…and stopped him in his tracks.

    This is why so many people believe their bull…we need to speak the truth louder than they spew their lies.

  37. Suggestion to all those who are upset with Scarborough.

    Try watching AlJazeera where you get real news with out the screeching Host.

    I have learned more in the last 3 days about what is really happening,both here and over the world.

  38. So he says he is sorry only after he gets caught red handed. Typical Republican. No apology for Republicans being on strike for over five and a half years! That makes every Republican a member of the fake Tea Party! From Pa Pa Joe / Uncle Joe, Salem , Ohio. O:-)

  39. Our Reagan who art in Ronnyland, hollowed is thy name…
    I’m (not)seriously thinking of opening a new church and call it St. Reagan’s and then I can scam the flocks and the tax man.
    The Teapubicans still try to look to him as a saint of some kind or another. The SOB was a CRIMINAL, not a saint.
    Anyone around here old enough to remember the Iran-Contra deal? I sure do. Look it up, folks and discover that his Teflon coating had worn thin, but he still managed to not be impeached somehow.
    I’m 73 years young and have a damned good memory. I remember FDR and Harry Truman, so I sure as hell remember how Reagan broke the law of the land and the moral law of the universe by giving weapons to Iran.
    Bronx Cheer!

  40. Thanks for the link to what the idiot Bush did following Katrina. Due to an improper strength of a prescription drug I was taking, much of Katrina, as far as my biological RAM is concerned was CTRL-ALT-DELETE.
    That damned smirk of his made me want to shove my fist and forearm down his throat! His administration is filled with war criminals from the top down.
    The BS that President Obama didn’t say or do enough about flight 17 angers me to the point of disgust and beyond.
    “He didn’t call Putin the thug that he is,” opined one of the president’s worst critics. Oh yeah, name calling, that’s great for international politics.

  41. And, Joan, he was a VERY BAD actor as well as a good criminal.
    The Pubs don’t want to remember that Saint Reagan sold rockets to Iran to raise money for the Contras.
    I remember it very clearly and the question that was never answered: What did the president know and when did he know it?

  42. Don’t forget that he was a criminal too. Although the Pubs don’t want to remember it (situational Alzheimers) I remember very clearly the IRAN-CONTRA affair in which the president broke the law. He should have been impeached but by then he was too far gone.
    His “Trickle Down” economic plan–Voodo Economics–to this day has put millions of middle class Americans into poverty.
    Never speak ill of the dead? Hah!

  43. Dave, don’t forget who invented the propaganda device of THE BIG LIE. It was none other than Adolph Hitler in his book, Mein Kamph.
    Just tell an outrageous, unbelievable lie and repeat it over and over and over again until people begin to believe it. Then it become an incontrovertible truth.
    Saint Reagan destroyed this country, I hope before I die that someone has the guts to tell the truth about what he did.

  44. Oh golly gee, Thomas. Could it be that the reason that the Teapubs hate President Obama is because he is half-black?

    Actually, THAT is the reason they hate him. What is the difference between the KKK and the House Republicans?


  45. Hitler invented the propaganda tool that the Teapubs use, the BIG LIE.

    Just tell an outrageous lie long enough and people will believe it, although what President Lincoln said is still true: You can fool some of the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people ALL of the time.

  46. Whoa! Not all 65+ folks watch Faux. I’m 73, a life long LIBERAL DEMOCRAT (please note that the word liberal is NOT a four-letter word) and the only time I see Faux is when Jon Stewart shows clips of the jackasses.
    My TV is currently in my favorite state: OFF.
    People who incessantly watch Faux are like people who would permit garbage to be tossed all of their minds.
    I do not always agree with POTUS, but I love the guy, I just wish I could vote for him a third time.

  47. Keep in mind that the Tea Party is the John Birch Society in disguise. The Koch brothers ARE the Tea Party, their father was the co-founder of the JBS.

  48. Totally agree. Why some folks think that Baby Boomers are repubs is beyond me. Many of us are ingognito hippies and always will be. I have never voted for the RWNJs and never will. Just ask millions of Baby Boomer women who they support. We are liberal through and through.

  49. Morning (Joke), like every single republican just does not care if they lie about President Obama. They ( the GOP ) are all hateful, hate filled, hate mongering, lying republican liars. Every single republican lies about Reagan and all the alleged good he really did not do, and all of the bad that President Obama really did not do. Reagan was the worst president of the 2nd. half of the last century, and George W. Stupid is the worst president of all time. Which make for more lies from the lying republican liars. Morning Joke is just one of the total of all the haters and liars of the despicable republican political party. They move their lips, they lie their hate of everything and everyone not them. Truth.

  50. Thank u mika for standing up to the lying bully again. He knew he was lying he just thought you would never call his ass out. Thank u again I wish every one else would do the same. If Nicole Wallace, Mark Halphern, and all the obama haters was there they would have certainly agreed with his ass. Keep calling him out maybe he’ll realize people know how much he hates the president. Oh yes I forgot to add kiss butt Harold Ford to joe’s list. Am so tired of Joe comparing obama to all these dead crooked president. Mccain with his short ass arms have the nerves to call the president a coward Really?

  51. How many times in the 80’s and 90’s have we seen captions with presidents PLAYING GOLF or in a boat FISHING off Cape Cod??? Really? President Obama gets crucified for continuing his schedule, really?

    How many RICH WHITE leaders (in congress) can you STILL find on a private golf course while hypocrites on faux news wish to see our president in a body-bag?

    Honestly, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a game or a scheduled vacation OR deciding not to go to the border for whatever reason!

    Now, if you are going to criticize one, do the same for all. It sickens me to witness such hypocrisy from the religious right, especially when I have witnessed so many previous presidents waltzing around in a golf-cart and the media saying to the public that it shows CALM and SENDS THE MESSAGE of how SECURE our country is. If a president looks to panic (like a dear in the headlight as G. W. Bush did in a classroom), you send a message you are scared!

  52. Since this morning show is supposed to be a “news” show, & they could have anticipated that Scarborough would lie about Reagan’s actions to preserve his legacy & make Obama look bad, why didn’t the staff/Mika just have news clips ready. I mean, the Korean airliner crash was a news event, so was Reagan’s response, so there was proof of what happened out there. Isn’t Mika the one w/ the journalism background? Just sayin’.

  53. I would like to see more media confront more surrogates of the GOP on the true facts about about ST REAGAN.

  54. After reading several responses above, it is blatantly clear our country is in a permanent split. We need a unifier like Reagan or Clinton. The “Divider in Chief” we currently have didn’t create this divide, he has however, exasperated the problem. Our government is completely out of control…started in 2006 & has gotten progressively worse.

  55. Greg I agree that this nation is divided but I disagree whom you call the divider in chief. You read enough post that you wanted and formed your opinion. You have that right. I too have a right to call you and all others who lie just to make the President look bad. History will tell the truth, we won’t have to worry about the bias behavior that has been thrusted upon our President by hate. The bible is being fullfilled and He is going to let all that will divide, but He will do the final divide and I truly want to be in the number that is the most important humber. I jus t hate to see so much hate, but I am honestly and patiently waiting on God who will be the final judge. Be Blessed.

  56. This is news?

    As far as I’m concerned this is just more standard republican operating procedure.

    get on TV and ….. LIE! LIE! LIE! LIE!
    Then later, tell as few people as possible that you’ve been misunderstood. Or that you just made a simple mistake.

    It’s what people with no solutions do.
    Because they have NOTHING ELSE TO OFFER!

  57. Don’t forget that when terrorists attacked the Marine base in Beirut, Reagan pulled them all out, signaling that the U.S. Could be bullied at will!

  58. Is the argument mika reason joe s is it on morning show or something else personnel trying to research his absence

  59. Where’s Joe been since monday’s show? AWOL! Hopefully Joe, Nicole W. and others of their ilk are taking a refresher course on the Reagan years. I suggest you revisit Reagan’s 1980 campaign promise to balance the federal budget in his first term. Anyone remember how that went? Finally, I spent my last 2+ years in the navy stationed in Pensacola and my wife and I (both from Ca.) we’re stunned by the blatant racism we witnessed. We lived there from 1978-1981.

  60. I watched morning joe, and seen the coments between mika and joe about pres reagan waiting 4 days on vacation. i could tell mika new the truth. See was thinking how do you argue with stupid. joe needs togo no fact fox news. I don’t watch no fact fox news because of the TOTAL negative news no matter what is it is bad toward the Demacrats. I understand negative sells and equates to $$. But you need to tell the truth and stop manipulating the truth for no fact fox news hidden agendia.

  61. Also as a vet I learned that while S*#T rolls downhill-it also can roll uphill to the Prez if the screw-up is big enough. Carter stood before american people and took responsibility for the botched hostage rescue, Reagan never did. Unless my memory is dusty I think some Marine Colonel’s career was the eventual scapegoat.

  62. I agree totally. The Right love to condemn Everything this Pres. does but were AWOL when Bush/Cheney were screwing the American people over and over and committing war crimes etc.

    I wonder why Joe is rarely on his won TV show lately. For the last 2 months or so he does a shot from a totally different studio in a different state. Why? I haven’t heard 1 word on why he is the most absentee host on TV.

  63. has anyone see or heard joe sc recant his comments about the reagen issue on his vac after the korean flight downing.

  64. Most people now know that the new “Republican Party” is the old “Dixiecrat Party” and Joe is one of their ring leaders.

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