Commentary: Calling Out Israel’s Campaign Against Palestinians Is Not Anti-Semitism


Every American knows intrinsically there are two mortal sins that are not in any legal statute, the United States Constitution, or federal legislation, but violating them is tantamount to burning the American flag and committing crimes against humanity. One is questioning, or uttering a negative comment about, Christian fundamentalists imposing religious tyranny on the nation. The other is questioning, or failing to praise, the nation of Israel that brings accusations of anti-Semitism, throwing Israel under the proverbial bus, or supporting extremist Muslim terrorists.

Supporting Israel unconditionally has become the hallmark of American patriotism, and questioning anything it does is of the Devil, treason, attacking god, anti-Semitic, assaulting the holy bible, and an affront to Christianity. So be it. But one would rather be a pariah than sit idly by while America’s protégé wages war against innocent Palestinian civilians who were herded onto a Native American-like reservation under threat of annihilation, or tricked into going there with a false promise of being granted a homeland. A promise Israel, and American conservatives, will spend eternity seeing never comes to pass.

The current Israeli invasion of Gaza, an area basically the size of Detroit, where two-million Palestinians are sequestered with no means of escape, was allegedly reprisal for a criminal act that resulted in the killing of three Israeli students. It is precisely the same situation that George W. Bush took advantage of to launch two wars against Muslim nations whose people or governments had nothing whatsoever to do with the Bush’s Saudi friends flying commercial airliners into American buildings.
According to Israel, the altruists were “minding their own business” and seeking a peaceful resolution with Palestinians when Hamas launched rockets into the Jewish state. First and foremost, like its partner in crime under Republican administrations, Israel never minds its own business; it minds the business of aggression against Arabs whether in Gaza, the West Bank, or Iran.

Regarding the kidnappings, Israel blamed Hamas but never produced an ounce of credible evidence, so fundamentalist Jews kidnapped and killed a Palestinian child according to the Old Testament’s “eye for an eye” legal statute. However, the kidnappings on either side are not the reason for Hamas allegedly firing missiles into Israel any more than Israel invading Gaza and killing hundreds of Palestinians is about exacting retribution on Hamas over the kidnappings. It is a continuation of Israel’s land grab of a promised Palestinian homeland with increasing Israeli occupations and settlements that are squeezing the Palestinian people into an ever-shrinking interment camp.

Gaza is small in area, isolated geo-politically, and surrounded by fences and mines to keep the Palestinian people on the reservation. It is related to the conditions in the West Bank where America and Israel promised a Palestinian state, but despite attempts by America, some sincere, to find a peaceful and reasonable resolution Israel reliably finds a reason to scuttle negotiations. All the while, new Israeli settlements creep deeper into the West Bank that “effectively dismember not only the West Bank,” but any hope whatsoever of the promised unified and sustainable Palestinian state.

It is noteworthy that the West Bank land captured during the 1967 Israeli-Arab war was promised as a homeland for Palestinians as part of an ever-elusive two-state solution. But over the past three years the number of Israeli settlements more than doubled during 2013. In March, President Obama said in an interview that, “If you see no peace deal and continued aggressive settlement construction — and we have seen more aggressive settlement construction over the last couple of years, Palestinians will come to believe that the possibility of a contiguous sovereign Palestinian state is no longer within reach, then our ability to manage the international fallout is going to be limited.”

Unfortunately, there has not been any fallout, particularly in America, where the President is perpetually accused of throwing Israel under some kind of bus and not supporting their theft of a promised Palestinian homeland. To be fair, one understands Israeli outrage at rockets being fired into Israel, but they have done nothing but antagonize and exacerbate the conditions Palestinians continue being subjected to. The Palestinian people deserve exactly what Israel was granted by America and England; a homeland. And no, captured land is not Israeli land because they won a war in 1967 any more than Japan is not America’s because Japan was defeated in World War II.

Decent Americans are damn sick to death of Christians, Republicans, and conservatives beholden to Benjamin Netanyahu condemning President Obama of serving a “pro-Muslim agenda,” throwing Israel under the bus, and despicable assertion he is undermining Israel. Under Obama, American taxpayers are funding 22% of Israel’s military, never enough for Republicans, while this nation’s war Veterans cannot get Republicans to fund hospitals and medical care after fighting in Bush-Republicans two wars of aggression against Muslim nations. It is little wonder Republicans support Israel’s invasion of Gaza over a criminal act that claimed the lives of three Israelis. George W. Bush invaded two sovereign Muslim nations over a criminal act committed by Saudi terrorists that claimed American lives. Israel is simply following its big brother’s model for dealing with criminals and launching a war for land resources.

No doubt there will be a fair amount of criticism for condemning an Israeli war of aggression over land, and against innocent civilians herded onto an ever-shrinking reservation as treason against America, an assault on the bible, or anti-Semitic. It is none of those things; it is humanitarian. Innocent Palestinians are being massacred by Israeli aggression and it is not over kidnapping or rockets; it is a land grab and precisely what Israel’s big brother did to Native Americans; herd them onto reservations and seize their land.

If Israel would negotiate and keep its promise to give Palestinians what America and England provided for Israel, a homeland, and stop ever-increasing occupation and incursions to build permanent Israeli settlements, then it is highly likely Arab animus against the Jewish state would subside. If anyone should understand what it is like to be herded into a small fenced reservation, and face dehumanizing conditions, it should be Israel. But with a constant supply of Americans’ tax dollars propping up its military, and a Republican Party emboldening Israeli incursions into land promised as a Palestinian homeland, there is precious little hope for an Israeli-Palestinian resolution. Sadly, that appears to be the American right and Israeli goal and the Palestinian humanitarian crisis will continue into perpetuity, or until they are driven into the sea.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

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  1. Thanks, Rmuse. I’ve seen blogs in Mother Jones and Raw Story that are screaming anti-Semite toward bloggers who expressed displeasure toward Israel.

    They just can’t accept the criticisms toward O’Israel because they were taught to be mesmerized with Israel in religion schools when they were young. I was one of them. Bottom line, I’m glad I broke off from the spell!

  2. I was called a anti semite for stating the obvious a couple of days ago in the John Kerry thread.

    I will say it again: The 51st state can do no wrong and until the bias that the media shows when taking notes will continue to give a false impression of the situation.

    How many people know or care that our tax dollars are being use to build settlements in occupied territories?

    Enough is enough. Its time we have a honest discussion on who is really against peace

    This is what your tax dollars are being used for America

    IDF Slaughters 24 Members Of One Family: Your Tax Dollars At Work
    Medics found 26 bodies, 18 children and five women. Only three residents survived, and they sustained varying injuries.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  3. The rush to silence, shame, or otherwise bully dissenting opinion when it comes to Israel is disconcerting to say the least.

  4. I too was called an anti-semite because I disagreed with israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. This happened during bush’s term. Well I told them if I criticize the place where I live (US) then I will definitely criticize israel for their blatant abused of power.

    Also brought to their attention that Arabs are Semite too, they flat-out denied “anti-semite’ pertains to Palestinians. One told me it was their word like the word “holocaust.”

  5. I am not an apologist for Israel and feel there is plenty to criticize there. However, this war is not a war of aggression and you are wrong about the reason it is being waged. This war is defensive and is about the thousands of rockets that Hamas has fired at Israel. Just today one struck the Tel Aviv airport. The Israeli targets are missile launching sites and other strategic weapons caches. It is not Israel’s fault that Hamas uses Gaza’s civilians as human shields and puts their missiles and weapons in schools, hospitals, homes, etc. Nor is it Israel’s fault that they have built shelters for their citizens while Hamas has not and, in fact, tells the people of Gaza not to listen to Israel’s warning that they are in an area that is about to be bombed. Israel doesn’t use suicide bombers, Hamas does. Hamas is only interested in making people feel sympathetic to them and destroying Israel, not in protecting or working for the people of Gaza.

  6. Health Catastrophe in Gaza after Israel bombs water infrastructure…
    I guess Hamas has figured out how to build tunnels under water

    Israel Attacks Third Hospital in Gaza:
    The hospital is the third to be hit by Israeli tank fire since Israel launched its ground offensive in Gaza four days ago.

    She said the scene was an area “where a lot of people had been fleeing to”.
    You don’t hit a hospital three times by accident. This is not self-defense. This is slaughter and terrorism.

  7. I agree with Obama. Israel is fully entitled to defend itself against Hamas terrorism, which has gone on for years. It’s very clear that Hamas deliberately uses human shields, but Israel cannot let this deter them from defending their country. However, Israel should make every effort to minimize noncombatant casualties. To those who are convinced Israel is deliberately targeting nononcombatants, maybe you don’t know what Israeli intelligence does about where Hamas killers are hiding?

  8. I bet you are the know it all that most people avoid at parties. You couldn’t just agree with the guy you had to correct him first. Sad!!!!!!

  9. SO TRUE! people act like hamas is innocent when in fact they started this whole thing, Israel is a small nation in comparison and is surrounded by enemies and for some reason people feel bad for hamas? who use their civilians as shields and don’t even value their own lives? I pray we continue to back israel otherwise the consequences on this land will be dire and we will be worse off than before the last recession.

  10. Its not a spell, it is the word of God, You either believe it or you don’t, but don’t be calling it a spell on people we all have our own free will, i was raised in a Christian household and was given many opportunities to leave my faith in God in ruins yet i chose to stay with him. You see how bad this country has gotten since immortality seems to be king? and it will only get worse because of the hard hearts. Hamas is not the victim, they serve a religion of death and chaos which is not the way, who have no value for any life, and are basically acting like a spoiled child because israel is fighting back.

  11. Everyone is allowed their take on religion.

    Immortality is king? You mean immorality? Its not king. We are still surviving.

    The muslims religion has the same chance of being the true religion yours does. If you were born in India you would be a hindu.

  12. From everything I understand of the conflict, the issue stems from the dispute that the Zionist movement of the early 20th century believed (or claimed to believe) that the Palestinians were not a separate entity and would move to other parts of the pan-Arab countries and the Palestinians viewed the Zionist movement as a threat to them. The Zionist movement felt that Jews had a historical claim to Palestine. Of course, so did the Palestinians. And all of this was compounded by colonialism and imperialism.

    Faults can be found on both sides of the conflict. That’s not in doubt. However, I wonder how long people in the US would continue to fight, and how long they would fight, if someone decided to take over the USA? Would 5 years be too long? 50? Would they be terrorists or freedom fighters?

    We need to stop supporting Israel. Yes, we should condemn terrorism. But we should also condemn the actions of a government that should, in all honesty, know better.

  13. Drew, I do not feel bad for Hamas. I feel bad for the Palestinian people who most likely just want to live their lives in peace and to be able to raise their families.

  14. You need to learn more before you speak. Hamas does not represent a “religion”. Hamas is the democratically elected government of Gaza. If you read the Koran it reads quite like the Christian bible with many of the same stories. Muslims revere Jesus as a prophet and consider Mohammed a prophet of God. Islam in its proper perspective is a kind and loving religion just as Christianity is. It is the fundamentalists who distort the meaning of their prophets and produce hate. Do you want all Muslims to think of you and your biased hate of them as what all Christians are like? I know I do not. Gaza is a concentration camp with the people living in brutal occupation and oppression by the Israelis. They have a legal right to resist that occupation. I know every fit American would resist a foreign army occupying this country. Why can’t the Palestinians? It is their land.

  15. And a member of the Israeli parliament said last week that all Palestinian women should be killed in order to keep them from continuing to produce “snakes”. That is the evil mindset of the zionists. The IDF deliberately has targeted not only hospitals and ambulances but an institution for the severely disabled with their bombs and missiles. Their is a graphic video from yesterday that shows a young civilian Palestinian going through rubble calling out for his family who is sniped by the Israelis and while he is lying wounded in the rubble unable to move he is again deliberately shot by a sniper and killed. That is Israel. That is a war crime.

  16. Anyone who suggests that murdering women or raping them should have their genitals cut off. And I’m damn serious about that. Anytime people feel the need to bully others and accuse others of anti-semitism and all the other things you get accused of when you criticize Israel, then you know Israel must be guilty of some awful things. Worshiping that country, worshiping their government, and pretending like they can do no wrong ever tells me something is being hidden from view. If people tell you that you can’t question something or criticize something, that’s when you need to smell a rat. Because something is very wrong.

  17. As usual President Obama has taken the sensible position on this issue. Israel has every right to defend itself against Hamas terrorism but should make more of an effort to avoid noncombatant casualties.

  18. You call Islam a religion of death. But jews openly blaspheme Christ, call him a man of tricks and a magician. They don’t even acknowledge him at all but Muslims may not worship Christ but they atleast acknowledge him as a man of God and show respect. Zionist Jews are the ones that Morally has ruined America by systematically destroying The Christian fundamentals on which it was founded upon.

  19. No Zionists ruined America. Our founding fathers were Christian and implemented God in our original legislation. “One Nation under God” was a show of humility and faith. Ever since the early 1900s Woodrow Wilson sold the soul of America to the Zionist Rothschild family and Private banking in America was born agains the warning of our founding fathers who fled Britain because of financial corruption. These are the same people that funded the British in the American Revolution. The same people that banded together the UN post WW2 and exited 750,000 Palestinians out of their homeland so EUROPEAN converted Khazar Jews can claim Israel as their home land they are not indigenous to because of the holocaust. These are not the promised people of the bible. These are not Israelites they are murders that are using the Jewish prophecy to justify the murder of palestinians and 120,000,000,000 billion dollar welfare check from OUR TAXES

  20. Oh jeebus h Christ. One nation under god wasn’t adopted until 1954. I think the founding fathers were dead as a doornail at that time. Other than that you sound like a idiot from stormfront and its time for you to go back under the rock which you crawled out from

  21. Call it whatever you want but both sides are to blame! Whenever both are close to a deal the Iranian backed Hamas steps in and claims it is standing up for Palestinian rights. Or the Jews who kill in the name of an eye for an eye. You can say its about religion or land, its about killing, murder, and each side is wrong! And are they going to stop now, of course not. Why stop now? But one thing I do agree with the writer, no matter what, the Republicans who voted against VA benefits but vote to keep giving Israel money should be voted out in November.

  22. Thank you for your insights but why must you say the Iranian backed Hamas but left out the US backed Israeli’s ? I don’t think Iran has given 122 billion to Hamas like the US gave to Israel

  23. First off, the war is NOT about the three Israeli killed, it is about the rocket fire….the boys death started a cycle of violence, but the decision to start bombing gaza was in response to the rocket fire.

    Second, to criticize Israel is not anti semitism per se, yet when people call on ONLY Israel to be punished for war crimes while the USA and Britian, for example, go scot free is anti semitism.

    Finally, for people, especially Americans, to even suggest they are against war is just a bunch of crap. When Bush and Blair invaded Iraq both CNN and the BBC cancelled all regular programming and providiped 24 hour coverage of the war. CNN had this big flag and a headline “America at War” ….people were excited, happy and exhilarated by the fighting and everyone want to see the new cruise missiles and radar guided ordinance explode in actual time…..

    The only thing CNN and the BBC failed to due was to provide and hour by hour tally of civilian casualties like they ALWAYS do…

  24. I am an american who is also a liberal and also a Jew. I have been following politicsusa for some time but will unfollow after this post.As a liberal I support those pe pole who are treated badly by the rich or the powerful or other races. The poor deserve health care and in fact everyone in this rich country does. Wages should be raised for the poor and the rich need to pay much more taxes. Lgbt peope deserve equal rights including marriage equality. There should be no discrimination and minorities and all religions should be protected. This I believe is the policy of Israel a truly liberal state. Then there is the rights for minorities and essentially midieval treatment of women and most everyone. I do agree that Israel is not always right and to always agree with them us foolish. For example shy did they withdraw from Gaza in the first place. Why did they promise the Palestinabs a separate state. A state that would rival that of Hitler in its ferocity and evil. Why…

  25. This is the problem right here: [Yesterday] the United Nations Human Rights Council voted to authorize a commission of inquiry into alleged war crimes in Gaza. (The United States was the sole “no” vote.) The United Nations’ top human rights official raised what she called the “strong possibility” that Israel and Hamas have committed war crimes with indiscriminate attacks on civilians. A mere inquiry, into alleged crimes, committed by both sides. And we vote no. Because we must never question Israel’s virtuous stance–something force-fed to American pols by the Israel Lobby for 66 years. – See more at:

    Long live the 51st state

  26. Remember what reap is what you sow. Israel and the U.S. will pay for their wars against innocent people. Paletians people living in a prison camp. Their water supply is bomb, hospitals and electricity plant is also destroyed. You all will pay in the next life.

  27. Your ignorance is so utterly ridiculous and scary. Israel has offered 2 state solutions so many times and every single time the Palestinians have rejected it. In fact, when about 8 years ago Israel gave up the Gush Katif area to the Palestinians, they left 8 huge green houses and a thriving economy, and within hours they were destroyed and turned into terrorist areas for firing rockets into Israel. Hamas is a terrorist organization and all they want to do is drive Israel into the ocean, and they have said that over and over and over again. LEARN THE FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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