Fox News Contributor Says Obama’s ‘Frightened’ And Praises Putin As A ‘Real Leader’

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During a segment on Monday night’s broadcast of The Kelly File, Fox News strategic analyst Ralph Peters spent three-plus minutes tearing into President Obama while simultaneously praising Russian President Vladimir Putin. Peters was on to ostensibly talk about the shooting down of Malaysian Flight MH17 and what actions the United States and President Obama should make in the coming days. While Peters did make some hardline neocon recommendations, his real purpose in this interview seemed to be to personally insult POTUS  while lauding Putin. He claimed that Putin has shown himself to be a “real leader” who, unlike Obama, “believes in his country.”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:



This is apparently what passes as legitimate political discourse on Fox News. The amount of venom directed at President Obama was not only uncalled for, it was nonsensical. Peters took numerous personal potshots at Obama, calling him a “deer in the headlights of history,” a “frightened man” and “scared of Vladimir Putin.” Meanwhile, Peters framed Putin as a smart and confident leader who has a sense of patriotism and belief in his own country that is sorely lacking with President Obama. You would think after watching this segment that the MH17 tragedy was a positive for Russia and Putin based on how Peters discussed the whole thing.

Host Megyn Kelly didn’t exactly stop Peters from his unhinged tirade. In fact, she exacerbated it by pointing out that Obama has already proven himself ineffectual on the world stage by setting a “redline” with Syria that he didn’t follow through on, thus “losing him credibility with most pundits.” First off, I’m sure that Kelly was only talking about most pundits at Fox News. Second, who cares what most pundits thought at the time? Finally, President Obama only backed away from the redline warning with Syria due to intense public opinion in America in regards to military action in Syria. Due to overwhelming negative reaction from the American public, Congress was not willing to give Obama authority to strike Syria. In the end, a diplomatic solution was found, negating the need for military action.

Of course, none of this matters at Fox. If you have an opportunity to roundly criticize the President of the United States, you take it. Therefore, Kelly made sure to throw some more fuel on the fire. This only assisted Peters with his crazed anti-Obama rant. Peters channeled Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham when it came to what he wants to see from Obama regarding Russia. Basically, Peters wants the United States to strategically position troops in Poland, provide lots of weapons to Ukrainian troops and use stronger language towards Putin. In other words, we need to set ourselves up for a dangerous game of chicken while simultaneously making the situation in Ukraine more violent.

Only on Fox News would someone like Peters be treated as a serious voice. Since Obama was first elected in ’08, Peters has been loud and obsessive critic of the President. His criticism of Obama and his administration is usually tinged with personal insults and unfounded statements. At the same time, Peters has been one of Putin’s biggest fanboys. In 2011, he wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post titled ‘The Genius of Vladimir Putin.’ (Subtle, real subtle.) This past March, Peters said that Russia ”has a real leader, while our President is incapable and unwilling to lead.” He also stated at that time that the biggest difference between Obama and Putin is that Putin “believes in his country,” which is the same crap he spewed on Monday.

Over at Fox News, they will embrace a thuggish, dictatorial egomaniac responsible for 300 civilian deaths in order to prove their hatred of President Obama.

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  1. Real leaders don’t bully other nations to take land for their own reasons.

    Real leaders use diplomacy to solve problems, not violence.

    What does that tell me? Putin isn’t the ‘real leader’ here. He’s just a big bully with an ego the size of Russia itself. Now, President Obama, on the other hand, is that ‘real leader’.

  2. He certainly would not get away without a prison stay, had he done the same in Russia (praise Obama and criticize Putin). Another fool spewing nonsense and presented as valid “news” fodder is allowed here yet sadly too many other fools spend their time listening. Dangerous how it can turn American minds into hating so quickly. Must keep educating.

  3. Do we Americans need any more proof the the ReichWing does indeed hate this nation as it is because they have not been allowed to rule with a lying conservative theocratic agenda. And I wonder how the foxbots that invaded sanity land here this weekend will spin this? They will as usual see the complete opposite of pragmatic reality. I propose that we sane Dems and Libs on this site do not give them any credence and in fact totally ignore them on all threads on this site. We should not give them what they so childishly crave, and that is attention. We should never lower ourselves to even attempt debate on an adult level because they are incapable of that. When we get into the mud of the lowest common denominator we become them and I for one will never lower myself to their standards.

  4. Obama used his diplomatic measures to solve the crisis while Republicans rather to go with extreme prejudice measure to escalate the crisis.

    Putin practically are bullying three neighbor countries and Ukraine are the only one who are fighting back.

    Now who is real leader here? Of course, it’s our President.

  5. He claimed that Putin has shown himself to be a “real leader…”

    It is quite apparent that he would not know real leadership if it walked up and slapped him in the face.

    Strength and leadership are not measured by the power of one’s fist.

  6. What I want to know is how ostensibly well-educated and intelligent Megyn Kelly lives with herself after spewing and hosting this nonsense

  7. @HH, it’s the money, pure and simple. Kelly and her ilk have no conscience, they sold it a long time ago.

    All those Putin lovers can get the hell out of the country that I served to protect. Let them pack their bags and go over there and live under the Putin regime. I’ll help them pack and chip in on air fare.

  8. That’s the first one of Putin’s bromancers I’ve heard since the Malaysian plane was brought down by a Russian-made missile. Most of them seem to have crawled back under their rocks.

  9. I doubt any President since Kennedy has faced more death threats and public incitements to insurrection and assassination. A fearful man would have been immobilized. The only thing immobilizing this President is the Congress pistol- you know, the one that doesn’t work, and you can’t fire it.

  10. THANK YOU SIR!!!


    They LOVE authoritarianism and HATE democratization.

    Franco, the Shah of Iran, any right wing dictator they love.

  11. In what world does this happen? Vladimir Putin is responsible for the deaths of 298 people, people who died in one of the most tragic ways possible.

    In what world does an American news network invite someone on to praise him and trash the sitting American President at the same damn time?! And even as I type this, I realize who they are and what their motivation is, but I’ll never understand it.

    And why they’re allowed to get away with it almost leads me to condemn certain forms of ‘free speech’ in this country.

    It should be criminal.

  12. If these idiots actually feel and believe this, why are they still in this country? They should definitely think about immigrating to Russia where they can be under their hero’s rule. I wonder if they would be able to air their nasty thoughts and/or beliefs if they lived there. Somehow, I think that after the first outburst they would never be heard of again.

  13. translation: we rather be on the side of the WHITE Russian Despot than the BLACK US President because we are bunch of treasonous racists. conservatism=treason and racism do U really need any questions?

  14. This man and others should move to Russia and then be able to say what he feels. Even billionaires their are afraid to buck the system. This man is a Racist end of story.

  15. I often wonder if the reporters at Fox news love their country.

    They constantly put down the POTUS and anything that
    he tries to accomplish.

    And, of course, they have all the answers.

    Of course, it is all about making money. Not actually reporting the news.

  16. I am still waiting to find out what Obama has to do with the plane being shot down.

    The new name for the GOP could be the party of Ho CHi Men. Or, Vietnam every day

  17. Peter’s if you believe Putin is such a great leader and has a sense of patriotism, why don’t you move to Russia and see how you like it.

  18. If he talked like that about Putin in Russia, FSB would warn him to hire security to protect his children.

    These vicious neocon scum are cowards who count on the massive ignorance of the American people, to abuse freedom of speech with obvious, ill-intended lies.

  19. I suggest you move to Russia where the men and country are more your style and to you’re liking. We certainly don’t want you here.

  20. Ralph Peters is a Jack A$$ of the highest order. I’ve never seen so much frothing at the mouth venom coming from a rabid Obama basher as I’ve seen coming from this so called “Patriot”. Lauding PUTIN while trash talking our President, to me is a un-patriotic act. He seems content with ALL that Putin is doing and putting our President down is reprehensible. He should be banned from FOX or any other station (His gutter snipes are only seen and heard on FOX anyway). Peters is a psycho, not to be trusted. If he could do all he could to “Help” the Russian bear to make Obama look bad, he seems the type that would, in fact he is doing it now. He should join Snowden in Russia for all I care. NOW!

  21. Right On! You have said it in a way that EVERYBODY should nod in agreement (Except for those Putin lovin’ MoFers)

    I would like to print / copy your comments and send it to FOX and to Ralph Peters (the Putin boot licker). For real.
    We who read your comment should cut and paste – or add to our own comments and flood FOX with them. Then as I said same thing to Ralph Peters web site or office ( I think he has both)

  22. One thing Fox ‘News’ never has a
    shortage of is paid HATERS.
    I mean it’s one thing
    to disparage our President and all
    he does 24/7.
    It’s quite another to see nearly
    300 innocent passengers blown out
    of the sky and look into a Fox ‘News’
    camera and PRAISE the likely suspect.
    To look at Americans and call this
    probable MASS MURDERER a “Real Leader”,
    a “Patriot”. a “Genius”.
    I suspect even the most devoted
    Fox viewers must be shaking their
    heads. They may even call “BullShit!”
    and finally change the channel.
    They may HATE Obama as much as Fox but
    I believe they still LOVE AMERICA.
    This time, maybe, Fox has gone too far.

  23. I find it interesting that Fox, whose tv’s personalities, can’t call them reporters, have referred to Obama as a “dictator”, a “socialist”, a “self-appointed king”,a “communist” would sponsor praise for Putin as a real leader.

    Isn’t that somewhat self-defeating when they proclaim themselves more patriotic Americans than Obama?

  24. Perhaps this idiot did not notice that Putin stayed out of sight for about 4 days while this thing was unfolding and the whole world was coming out against Putin, he was and is trying to figure out how to get out of this with some shred of his person intact.

  25. I’ve read a couple of Ralph Peter’s dorky novels–he’s strictly a lightweight, intellectually. This proves he’s also a chancre on the smegma of the body politic.

  26. “must keep educating” correct but, how can you educate when people don’t want to be educated? When people deny facts placed before them? People like Bundy. People who use the Gov (Bundy) use land, use (I’ll bet) Medical coverage, Soc. security collect, it even. People who say the world is only 6000 years old while evidence (science)tells us other wise. All you really can do is, keep on trying. To some apparently, ignorance is a badge of courage they revel in it, they love it.

  27. Will agree with you on that Huck. My family goes back to before 1776,fought then and has fought in almost every battle since including the Civil, WW2&Korean, these creeps who hate freedom so, can leave, the sooner the better. Their only aim is to weaken the spirit of the people in our country. They contribute nothing and take continually.

  28. You must be an optimist WILLDYE4U. Guess I’m not. Don’t believe these people have this country’s best interest at heart.
    Do believe they love what this country can do for them tho.( like talk with divisiveness and admire people like Putin)and still are able to walk the streets. Also believe they want to destroy this country, bring it so low, they can then create the country they want.

  29. Chip in for air fare, I say strap them to the wing.

    Why are republicans so set on sending our troops to war? We should put all of them on the front line, along with the people from Fox.

    I am very proud of our President for being diplomatic in all of the situations that are going on in the world, Israel, the kidnapped girls, etc. I don’t believe any outside help will work for any of these things, the people in those countries have to decide for themselves to do something.

  30. So what is the relation between Peters and Ron Paul? Are they both just members of the Vladimir Putin fan club or is Peters an “adviser” to Ron Paul?

    In a few days one or both will claim they were misinterpreted.

  31. Some times Fox news just seems so anti America. Maybe that’s the appeal, some news station has to cater to the inane. MAYBE IT SHOULD BETTER BE CALLED THE FOX NEWS COMEDY STATION.

  32. I had extreme disdain in the 60’s and 70’s for the bumper sticker which said,”America love it or leave it”, but maybe I need to rethink that when I hear stuff like this from our wingnut pals at FOX.

  33. All I know, is that there is something “not quite right” with Putin. When you watch his movements, you can tell he is practiced in not giving away a single emotion. Guess to reptilian like, for the good of his nation. Putin is all about Putin and the people of his country are at best, an after thought.

    It is no wonder, that gw bush, gazed longingly into Putin’s eyes and then declared them soul brothers or some such thing.

    President Obama…the man walks softly amoungst the powers of the world, but you can tell, he is not a man to be trifled with, when it comes to the nation.

  34. But wait! I thought Obama was a tyrant! Now he’s a cowering weakling? So down is up unless up is down in which case it’s both. Got it.

  35. Why don’t he move to Russia? Anyone, that is allowed to talk this way about the President should be behind bars along with him! To compare our President with that sick Putin is an insult to our Country!!

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