If She Doesn’t End Up In Prison Michele Bachmann Says She May Run For President in 2016

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Disgraced soon to be former Rep. Michele Bachmann said during an interview that she might run for president again in 2016.

In an interview with RealClearPolitics, Bachmann said, “The only thing that the media has speculated on is that it’s going to be various men that are running. They haven’t speculated, for instance that I’m going to run. What if I decide to run? And there’s a chance I could run.”

There is also a chance that Bachmann could end up in federal prison, but more on that later.

Rep. Bachmann showed her complete and total detachment from reality by suggesting that the next time she runs, she will need a more loyal campaign staff, “I haven’t made a decision one way or another if I’m going to run again, but I think the organization is probably the key,” she said. “To have an organization and people who surround you who are loyal, who are highly competent, who know how to be able to run the ball down the field in state after state — because now I think the primary process will be very different this time. It will tighten up; it will be a much shorter run than it was before.”

It is amazing that Bachmann would ever consider running for president again when it is the crimes that were committed during her 2012 campaign that ended her career in the House. Bachmann and her husband Marcus are being investigated by the FBI for possible money laundering, mail fraud, and wire fraud. The FBI also found information relating to her campaign illegally coordinating with super PACS which they turned over to the Justice Department.

Bachmann was the subject of House Ethics Committee investigation into misuse of staff, and campaign finances to promote her poorly selling book. Once she decided to “retire” the Ethics Committee announced that they would not conduct a full-scale investigation into her activities.

A good start towards running a better campaign in 2016 would involve Rep. Bachmann and her husband committing five or ten fewer felonies. Bachmann has been holding on to millions of dollars in her campaign war chest, and now it makes sense.

Bachmann is considering launching a campaign for president in 2016. The RNC compressed the 2016 primary calendar in the hopes that the change would keep people like Bachmann out. Instead, she is hinting that she will bringing the crazy back to the GOP in 2016.

Well, she’ll run if she manages to avoid prison.

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