The Republicans Lie – About Everything

Republican dishonesty, not only about what they do and what they would like to do, but about the world we live in, are endemic. And the situation is getting steadily worse as Republicans daily seem more unhinged, leaving liberals and progressives shaking their heads in dismay.

Do you remember last year when Public Policy Polling revealed that more Louisiana Republicans blame President Obama for the mishandling of Katrina relief efforts than blame President Bush? It is a matter of public record that Barack Obama was only a freshman senator then, while Bush had been president for half a decade. Almost half of Louisiana Republicans didn’t know who to blame.

Of course, Republicans have also blamed Obama for the Iraq War and routinely pretend that there were no terrorist attacks on U.S. soil while Bush was president (9/11 anyone?). Not only that, but Fox News has excised any subsequent Bush-era terrorist attacks from public memory. Republicans have also conveniently forgotten that Bush presided over the economic collapse of 2008. Obama wasn’t elected until November 4 of that year and did not take office until the following January.

Of course, President Obama is currently being blamed for the immigration crisis at the border that Republicans are responsible for. Bush signed the law; Obama gets blamed.


Republicans attack President Obama for taking too many vacation days. In reality, as Al Sharpton pointed out on August 9, 2013,

[Obama] has taken 92 days of vacation since he was sworn in. How many did President (George W.) Bush take by the same point in his presidency? Three hundred and sixty seven. Yes, more than a full year of vacation.

PolitiFact has rated this statement “mostly true” in that Bush spent some working vacation days at his Texas ranch. I remember Bush being on vacation all the time; Republicans don’t even remember Bush.

Republicans want to sue and impeach President Obama for signing executive orders, even though he has issued far fewer executive orders than President Bush, whose executive orders were not the object of Republican complaint.

For example, on September 25, 2012, pointed out that “Obama has issued 139 executive orders as of Sept. 25 [2012]…Bush issued 160 executive orders through Sept. 20, 2004, a comparable amount of time.”

As of June 20, 2014, Obama had signed 182 executive orders. Bush signed 173 in his first term alone, and 291 during his entire presidency.

Again, if you want to count executive orders you can do so; it’s a matter of public record and the University of California Santa Barbara helpfully tracks them by year and president. Republicans prefer just making stuff up because the facts do not agree with the fantasies they want to push.

Republicans have claimed Obama is adding to the deficit (while they add to it themselves via tax breaks for their rich owners) when in fact he has been steadily reducing the deficit. In fact, last year, Obama shrank the deficit to a 5-year low. And as Paul Krugman points out, there was never a crisis in the first place. As with all their other scandals, it was manufactured by conservatives to advance their anti-Social Security and Medicare agenda.

Democrats like to believe that when they engage the Right in debate that they do so on more or less equal terms. Both sides are, after all, comprised of sentient human beings. But Republicans have given substance to the old childhood taunt, “I am rubber, you are glue, words bounce off me and stick to you.”
They are literally impervious to facts.

And not only is President Obama magically to blame for all Bush’s manifest misdeeds, he is somehow also to blame for every misdeed committed anywhere in the world.

Everything that happens is somehow Obama’s fault and John McCain has turned himself into Chuck Norris, able to strangle the butterfly that flapped its wings in Siberia to prevent a typhoon hitting the West Coast. Only John McCain, who voted for the Iraq War, could have stopped the Iraq War.

This must make sense only to Republicans, who nod their heads sagely.

If only they could do so in strait jackets, which is arguably where they belong.

Republicans live in a world where women’s bodies magically repel unwanted sperm and where some equally mysterious alchemy turns sperm in the anus into the AIDS virus, where such a thing as “legitimate rape” exists and global warming and evolution do not. This is a world where slavery really wasn’t so bad and anyway, whites were the real victims, apparently moping about and wishing they could be slaves too.

And what do you say to egregious and sustained Republican insistence that racism is a distant memory, or that women have attained equality of pay with men? Of all people, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has no right to call a Democrat delusional, not when the platform and ideology of his party is completely founded on delusion.

Tough to tell if any of those things are crazier than creationist Ken Ham calling for an end to the space program because any aliens we find are going to hell anyway, as though the Space Program was ever a proselytizing effort. In the end, how does one compare and rate samples of excrement? Ham’s real problem is that if the space program continues, we are almost certain to find life on another world – and sooner rather than later – thus bringing his creationist fantasy down around his ears.

This is a world where Kirk Cameron knows more than Stephen Hawking, where he and others can throw stones even while complaining they are being stoned. I could go on, but this article would never end, because, by myself, I can’t keep up with the fast and furious flow of Republican mendacity.

Far from creating a straw man, Republicans have created a straw country, one where nothing is as it seems, one that has no relationship – not even a passing resemblance – to the actual fact-based world in which we live. In short, Republicans lie. They lie about everything. They even lie about lying.

The world laughs. The Democrats – and the American people – are left holding the bag.

Update [9:10 am 7.22.14] Republican talking point image added.

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  1. I will never doubt the sincerity of Kirk Cameron’s faith, but he is no scientist. I believe in God and I believe He made natural law. Could the universe been created as outlined in Genesis? Of course, but the scientific evidence that God left behind proves He used other methods.

  2. Republicans lie because that’s all they have. They have been proven wrong on every point of Obama’s presidency. They said ACA would hurt economy, fail, kill people etc. and it has been a success. They have witnessed the longest period of job creation in our countries history. They said Dodd/Frank would hurt stock market, it’s over 17,000. All of this despite their blatant obstruction.

    The only people that believe their lies are the die hard, teabillies. Even reasonable members of their own party don’t believe them. Their future is bleak and they know it. What you see now are acts of desperation.

  3. To me, the entire Republican body of work is well summarized and represented by this ONE instance:

    at the very beginning of the 2012 campaign, in one of the first GOP ads, Obama could be heard from a 2008 campaign speech uttering “…if we talk about the economy, we’re going to lose”, omitting the first part where he said “John McCain said:”…

    When reminded that Obama was quoting GOP’s candidate John McCain, the GOP strategist said “isn’t that Obama’s voice?”. And they aired that ad.

    That pretty much defines the current entire GOP movement.

  4. Old Huckabee has raised his ugly head and is calling the palestinians ‘mad dogs’, my my mr huckleberry I would have thought you would have been off the subject of dogs, a lot of people do not know that your son is a known dog torturer.

  5. They lie about everything to keep people confused about the issues, to keep people fighting against each other, to keep people afraid, to provoke them to anger, and to create voter apathy, all as a distraction from the real issues and the conservatives’ real agenda. Also, when the issues seem complicated, people might stop paying attention and just stick to voting for their base candidate. There is one thing I just don’t get, surely the conservative policies are hurting republican voters too. Surely republican voters have caught some of the lies? How is it that republicans feel so safe in their districts. Even with their nice trick with re-drawing the districts, I do not see how so many people continue to be tricked by conservatives into voting against their own best interest. It is probably because of decades of trashing democrats character with utterly disgraceful lies, but their confidence makes me wonder if they have rigged the voting process – beyond what we already know…

  6. mr cameron go back to acting.apparently you are nor very good at that either.or better yet just shut you stoopid mouth or ass whichever you speak from .

  7. I’m kind of curious about their electoral confidence myself. I don’t know if it is just designed to keep their base from becoming discouraged, or if they know something we don’t.

    I just don’t see how Republicans can keep winning elections when their agenda is so obviously anti everything America is supposed to stand for.

  8. The Republicans will only lie and do absolutely nothing productive because they do not want this Black President to be remotely successful. For eight years they will not work to solve any problems. They are hoping that in 2016 they will be able to trick America into voting for their Candidate through misinformation and then adopt some way to do what the President tried to do and repackage it as their own idea. As Vicky Johnson said I cannot for the life of me understand how women vote Republican after how they are treated, anymore than Blacks who want to be Republicans. Colin Powell understood that it was a losing proposition. The underlying lie in the Republican agenda is that this country was founded by Immigrants yet these Racists what only the immigrants they choose as acceptable. The Republicans send our sons and daughters to war and place them in harms way, yet stopped the draft so their sons and daughters are not made to be placed in harms way.

  9. a repug troll told me yesterday that President Obama was responsible for us no longer going to the moon….even though the last moon mission was in 1972 & barrack obama was only 11 years old….

    that’s the first time i had heard that one

  10. Great article. There is one upside. They still don’t get it, and they still haven’t backed away from many of the complete crazies in their party. Until that happens they will never win another national election and the Supreme Court will swing. So while I’m saddened that so many people believe so many ridiculous lies, I’m not entirely certain I want them to ever wise-up.

  11. —— “Republican dishonesty, not only about what they do and what they would like to do, but about the world we live in, are endemic. And the situation is getting steadily worse as Republicans daily seem more unhinged, leaving liberals and progressives shaking their heads in dismay.”——

    AND DON’T FORGET: They are always in a bad mood, angry, frothing at the mouth. They are the most unhappy bunch of like minded individuals under the Republican Umbrella: The Tea-Party(ers), Right-Wing(ers), Birthers, Evangelicals, Obama-bashers, Impeachers, Secessionists, Clive Bundy militia groups, etc). You ever see a happy face in a Republican crowd? Never! Angry scowls only.

  12. Look at any poll on any subject and you can see that 25-35% would vote for Satan if he’s a republican. But the rest of America is capable of common sense. It’s a matter of getting out the voters to push the crazies back under their rocks. 2014 will see the beginning of that and 2016 will be the end of the ultra-conservative experiment. We may not be very bright, we may be easily distracted, but we ain’t stupid.

  13. The current GOP THIS is based on a pyramid of fallacies: trickle down economics, social Darwinism, everyone who isn’t a millionaire is stupid/lazy, black people on welfare cause the national debt, war is good–social services are bad, tax cuts for the wealthy and job cuts for the middle class make t“he economy grow, pollution equals progress. Can a political party be more out of touch?”
    The GOP spends more time trying to attack the executive branch than fixing the economy and creating jobs WE MUST CONTINUE TO VOTE THEM OUT LOCALLY AND FEDERALLY INCLUDING JUDGES IN 2014 AND 2016. WE MUST VOTE IN PEOPLE THAT WILL CREATE JOBS AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE..if your county dog catcher is a republican VOTE THEM OUT

  14. @Reynardine, the Hispanics already did. Check out Huff Post, they carried a mock casket through the Senate halls saying RIP GOP.

  15. The TeathugliKKKan Taliban, re-writing history….We must vote this garbage out of our political systems or we are doomed.Vote! encourage your relatives & friends that we must save our country.
    Vote Blue!

  16. Kirk Cameron A.K.A the “Banana Man” is just another clueless ex near actor that is seeking his place in history. Just ignore him and his ego.

  17. so many truths in all of the comments above, the GOP and teapartiers are a bunch of delusional misfits. I especially love the comment by Reynardine and the epitaph,”here “”lies”” the GOP. that says it all, another comment I saw on a sign someone was carrying at a woman’s rally said “abort the GOP” exactly.

  18. A reminder to all sane people here on politicususa and by sane I mean Dems and Libs.. To not engage the trolls who as of late have been trying to infect this site with their ridiculous and childish ramblings. We all have been well aware for decades that the Repubs and Conservs have not been serving the best interests of this nation and it’s diverse culture. They have become obsolete and what we witness today is the last gasps of life from a idea and agenda that is best left to fail. The Right is being crushed under the mass of their own ever increasing negativity and disgust for all who have the human pride to stand up to them and say NO!

  19. Man, oh, MAN is this screed EVER brilliant! Thank you, Hrafnkell Haraldsson for writing it! I live in a Red State and my FB friends have gone off the freakin’ deep end. I scroll down through my newsfeed and I am inundated with fallacy and fantasy. One guy posted that the Newtown, CT school shooting didn’t happen and that it was just a concocted scheme for Obama to take away people’s guns! I spent the weekend arguing and defending Obama in three different threads, as as usual all of it was about their claim that he–not Bush–created so many problems. They say things like “He hates America” and “His mission to make us a socialist nation is almost complete.” There is no end, indeed to their mendacity, and there is no beginning to their veracity!

  20. efudd I have an even better one for you. I’ve recently seen a truck with a rather large well printed bumper sticker that read and I shit you not, My brothers in arms died in Vietnam BECAUSE of Obama! Not for Obama’s rights and freedoms that we all share as well but Directly because of him and his policies the owner of the truck stated rather proudly. I asked him some pointed questions and pointed out the obvious linear timeline anomalies but he still insisted yet his anger proved that he was grossly out of bounds. Of course like your typical right wing gun totin tea bagging moron he threatened me with his firearm as I walked away.

  21. This article was on point on everything ! I know there’s one thing we need more of , we need more fact checking done to keep the Reps in check !

  22. And how about Limbaugh, MR. Subtle himself, saying that he wasn’t blaming Obama for MH17 being shot down, but it sure was awfully convenient. You know, to distract us from all the unaccompanied minors coming over the border. Now Limbaugh is not accusing Obama of having set this up but…. just saying.

    Then all his low information voters will immediately glom onto this and pass it on as gospel truth. And no amount of logic will ever dissuade them differently.

  23. It’s amazing how one man of color has driven a whole party completely insane.

    Racism eats away at the mind and soul of the racist.

  24. We need to vote them out of office and when they enter a room, turn off the lights and head for the nearest exit.

  25. republicans are being used by the devil and they’re too dumb to even realize it. Any true child of God could not do the things that they do and say the things they say on a daily basis (against other human beings) because they would be convicted in their spirit……

  26. Unfortunately, Republicans are also elected by Democrats who don’t vote. Please, remember in November!

  27. BEWARE OF REPUBLICAN Politicians, Republican Pundits, Republican Voters, Republican Media darlings, and ESPECIALLY your Republicans in the House. Why? They are master Three card monty players, used car salesmen, con-men, pimps, bullies you name it they will lie to you to improve their game, sell their sack of $#!t and make our world intolerable all for their misguided, stubborn ways. My way or the Highway…We are the only ‘Mericuns in America, blah, blah, blah And they disrespect the current President of the United States with a frightening passion that is disgusting to see, watch and hear. Republicans are toxic to the Nation’s blood stream. Not good.

  28. They fucking lie, period. Remember the color code terrorist warnings? I do, but then again I’m a thinking man. The pigs realized that if you scare the pig base, you garner more votes, because, well, let’s face it, 911 was Clintons fault, especially in the south, and every election was saturated by terrorist warnings under Tom Ridge. Name the first world country that is just dying to go to hell in a handbasket—US

  29. Jim I’m old enough to remember that however I’m referring to Kirk’s agreement in a video concerning the ridiculous creationist theory about the banana and it’s covering. According to Prof. Cameron and his cohort the engineering of the peel is proof of God’s ingenuity. I submit that his belief in this theory is proof of Kirk’s insanity.

  30. Mark Twain once wrote that “Anger is more corrosive to the vessel containing it than what it is intended to be poured on” Their anger and hatred is eating them alive and they insist that we join them.

  31. Given the shenanigans over polls perpetrated by the GOPTP in 2012, I would err towards this being a manner of lulling their base. Except that, without red meat they never seem “lulled”.

  32. While I was reading the great posts on this page, all of which I agree with, a thought came to mind. Was it just “Lucky” for the Conservatives that our president just happens to be a Black man? No matter which Dem had gotten in to office, they might have pulled the same stuff but, maybe, it was easier to gather their base with such an “obvious” target? Maybe it isn’t racism for those in control of the GOPTP but, the passion to annihilate any liberal, and the race aspect was convenient in pulling in the rest of their crowd? If so, that means we’ll be fighting these bastards every, freaking time. Be ready!

  33. I can’t wait to vote Republican this year. By the way you know most are predicting them to take the Senate right?

  34. Yes, the right wing is predicting they will take the senate. People with brains? Not so much

    SHouldnt you be pout starving children or giving transvaginal checkups?

  35. They can only win through lying, cheating, stealing. Their inner memos, secret meeting etc speak about this for yrs. Thom Hartmann plays a recording from one of these such meeting where speaker even states the more people vote the worse for their side. It’s always been this way for conservatives, always will be. They are evil. Biggest threat to America, they are the terrorists to keep a close eye on!

  36. All 8 Years of the Bush Presidency SUCKED.
    When the Truth Sucks, Just Tell LIES.

    It’s Easy because Rethuglycant Voters are
    too Damned STUPID to know any better.

    Once upon a time, the Media had what was
    called the “Fairness Doctrine”.

    Look it up on the Google.

    And then ASK Why certain folks worked real
    Hard to get rid of It.

  37. If you voted reagan/bush in 84, bush in 88,92,cheney/bush in 2004 you aided and abetted war criminals,that makes you guilty of their crimes!Rest in HELL!

  38. If the 99% voted in their best interest the way the 1% does, the Republican party would be a hell of a lot different.

  39. Barbara, with all due respect to your very thoughtful comment. These “other methods” or method is faith and that is ONLY a thought with no atomic mass, therefore it is a non-issue. There is no proof because there simply is no god or god like being or his progeny. Faith is simply self delusion, nothing more.

  40. I enjoyed reading all the comments but I feel most have missed the point. The GOP has used the old shell game and people have fallen for it.They use a simple gimmick to mislead the electorate–say a prayer and wave the flag. The voting public never stop to check what the the republicans say and what they do.For instance, when young Bush ran against Kerry- Kerry was made to look like he never really served in the military and never deserved his medals and all the while young Bush did not even fulfill his military obligation and people bought that story. WHY-I can not explain. There is an old warning-beware of a devil wearing sheeps clothing. I fear to many people fall for this and wish it were not so. VOTE DEMOCRAT

  41. The first time I feared for my country voting against their own good was back in 1984. I just could not understand why so many Americans voted for Reagan in such a landslide fashion when he was so obviously for the rich. I knew when registered Democrats voted for Reagan in such large numbers the progressive movement and our nation was screwed. I didn’t think thirty years later things would not improve much. Conservatives have mastered at lying to their advantage. Why so many Americans fall for it is beyond me.

  42. ‘Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.’ -John Steinbeck

  43. I only want to give my thanks in knowing that many of you have show me that you are true Americans. You see the light and you see who is the devil trying to destroy our great nation and the power of the people. Just remember this one thing that I have to say. Our country has been sold out by the rich republicans. The rich corporations deny their citizenship after making billions in profit. This way they exempt themselves from having to pay USA taxes. All that money they keep. I disagree because if you swear to be an American to live and work Iin this country, the law should remain clear towards being equal that everyone pay taxes. This is serious money that should remain in America. Our debt as a nation will be quickly solve for the future generations if that money be used for the right reasons before it is too late in saving our childrens future. Thank you for reading and understanding. The time is now, not tomorrow. O Joe (Blow)

  44. A a wise person once said “do not argue with stupid people, they will only drag you down to their level then beat you with their experience.”

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