Crazy Bigoted Republican Will Replace Crazy Bigoted GOP Congressman In Georgia



On Tuesday, the GOP finally figured out who will be its Senate candidate in Georgia and face Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn in the general election. Businessman David Perdue narrowly defeated Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) in a primary runoff. The GOP primary at one time featured five legitimate candidates, three of which were sitting Congressmen. Therefore, besides the GOP primary runoff for Senate, there were additional Congressional districts in Georgia that also had runoff elections to determine the Republican nominees and who will likely replace the Congressmen that threw their hats in the Senate race.

In Georgia’s 10th District, which is currently represented by Paul Broun, pastor Jody Hice defeated Mike Collins by a somewhat comfortable margin, 54% – 46%. It is all but certain that Hice will win the general election in November against Democratic candidate Ken Dious. Broun ran unopposed in 2012 and defeated the Democratic candidate in 2010 by 35 points. Even with the incumbent not running for re-election, Roll Call has labeled this district as ‘Safe Republican.’ The demographics of the district, located in northeastern Georgia, overwhelmingly favor the GOP. Mitt Romney easily carried the district in 2012

Even with the likelihood that this House seat will remain in Republican hands, at least one could take solace in the fact that Broun will know longer be in Washington. Broun, of course, is the Congressman that called the Big Bang Theory and evolution “lies straight from the pit of Hell.” He’s also insinuated that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States and stated that Obama would arm militias to enforce his dictatorship. Therefore, it is at least a good thing that Broun’s Senate run was unsuccessful and he can’t keep his House seat. However, that is until you realize that Hice is just as nuts as Broun, if not potentially worse.

Hice has made known his views about Islam and homosexuality. The conservative pastor wrote a book in 2012 where he claimed that since Islam is a geo-political structure, American Muslims are not protected by the First Amendment. He also went the Rick Perry route by comparing homosexuality to alcoholism while showing his support for the discredited practice of gay conversion therapy. Regarding homosexuality, he said the following on a radio show:

“We are enslaving and entrapping potentially hundreds of thousands of individuals in a lifestyle that they really are not – and it’s all for the sake of political correctness.”

Congratulations, Georgia’s 10th District, for keeping the crazy alive and well in Congress.

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  1. I just have no sympathy for Georgia at all. There are enough sophisticated, intelligent people in the metropolitan regions to out vote these teabillies. Why don’t they show up?
    They let them keep electing these crazies. Then the crazies pass idiot legislation like their Guns Everywhere law. If you vote against your own self interests, or don’t at all, you deserve what you get.

    The thing that gets me is they are not just hurting themselves. They hurting us too. Go Vote!

  2. I have an idea for a political cartoon and if Bill Day would like to draw it he’s welcome. I see a tunneling electron microscope view of Republican/Conservative DNA and it’s a spiral to be sure however it is constructed of little clown faces, little KKK hoods, little crucifixes, little guns, LITTLE PENIS’ES and little 100$ bills. And then a zoom out of your typical White Christian Conservative Thug politician.

  3. I am hoping that they wake up and surprise all the teaparty people that is getting elected on these wave in November by coming out to vote. I am hoping they will have learned from 2010 what happen when they didn’t vote. Democrats have tolearn to do keep up the work that the president taught them and taught them well. He gave them a good marketing tool to use and they need to continue it and build on it and improve it by keep registering people, getting people to the polls,etc. They can’t stop because his name is not on the ticket, he is doing his job, he is cheerleading, they are not, he is loud is clear,they are not, the republicans can lie loud and clear, the dems talk soft and no where hears them.they need to tell the truth speak loud and clear.

  4. The rethugs will love him, a job outsourcer,
    a starvation wage boss, and look he even has a gun!

    Perfect for the GOP, I hope the dems wipe him off the map.

  5. I moved from Chicago in the late 70’s to the Atlanta suburbs. It has been very frustrating how the far right dominates just about everything. I believe chamge will only come about through grassroots people like yourselves and you are starting to see it happen. Keep up the fight my friends.
    Tom S

  6. the devil went down to georgia, he was looking for some souls to steal….and the souls were those who vote republican. it seems he also took their intellect as well. they keep re-electing the same types repeadedly.

  7. They show up, but their votes don’t count. GA districts have been very carefully gerrymandered to split the liberal areas up into different districts. This includes the 10th. There are plenty of sophisticated, intelligent people who are deeply embarrassed by these crazies, but we are outnumbered.

  8. We smart, successful, liberal Georgians would have to move to those districts to change the votes and we are too smart, successful, and liberal to chose to live in Deliverance land.

  9. I totally disagree with you! It’s called redistricting! After the 2010 Census the majority of the State House turned Red and their first act was to change the voting map. This isn’t just happening in GA but look at the whole south at a whole and you will see similar tactics/results.

    I live in Northern Gwinnett county and I can tell you conservatives outnumber us 4:1 right now. So every progressive can vote and we still couldn’t get a progressive elected in this district. The same holds true with over 20 other districts in the state.

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