Democrats Have A Chance To Get Rid of Scott Walker as Wisconsin Governor Race Is Tied


The latest Marquette Law School poll finds that Democrat Mary Burke and Walker remain locked in a statistical dead heat.

The new Marquette Law School poll found Gov. Walker leading Democrat Mary Burke 46%-45%. Walker’s lead was within the poll’s 3.5% margin of error, so the race is tied. The latest results show a contest that isn’t moving as in May, Walker and Burke were tied at 46%-46%. A key finding is that among likely voters, Burke leads Walker 47%-46%. Walker has dropped two points with likely voters since May, and Burke has gained two points.

Women favor Burke over Walker 48%-41%, but men favor the Republican 52%-42%. Voters age 18-29 favor Burke over Walker 48%-35%, but voters age 40-59 favor Walker 51%-42%. Married voters favor Walker 54%-38%, but unmarried voters favor Burke 53%-34%. The one issue that is likely to sink Scott Walker isn’t the John Doe scandal. It’s jobs. Walker’s job approval splits have shifted four points since May. Walker has gone from a net (+3) 49%/46% to a net (-1) 47%-48%. On the jobs issue, only 9% of respondents thought Wisconsin was creating jobs faster than other states. Forty-two percent believed Wisconsin was creating jobs at the same pace as other states, and 43% said that Wisconsin was lagging behind other states.

There is both an opportunity and danger for Mary Burke that can be found in the fact that 49% of Wisconsin voters said that they hadn’t heard of, or didn’t know enough about her. The lack of name recognition offers Burke a chance to run as the fresh voice against Walker. The danger is that if Burke doesn’t do a good job defining herself to the electorate, Scott Walker will do it for her with a tidal wave of negative ads.

The Wisconsin governor’s race is winnable for Democrats. Gov. Walker’s poll numbers are the definition of meh. Walker a mediocre candidate who can be defeated if Burke can successfully define herself as the jobs candidate. The Wisconsin governor’s race will come down to turnout. If the electorate looks more like the one that showed up for Obama in 2012, Walker will likely lose. If 2014 turnout is a repeat of 2010, Walker will probably be reelected.

An opportunity to get rid of Scott Walker is there, but Democrats have to organize, mobilize, and show up at the polls in November. If younger voters and unmarried women show up to vote, Scott Walker will be the former governor of Wisconsin.

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  1. I’m always baffled when I see the number of people who back politicians like Walker. I guess there are just a lot of uninformed, misinformed, and low-information people in the U.S..

  2. I think the biggest problem is that people zero in on one thing they like about a candidate and do not look beyond that one platform. Blinders work on people as well as horses it seems. Some how, the voters need to be made aware of all the other platforms that need to be taken into consideration before casting their ballot.

  3. Have any notice that all the governors that got elected in 2010 seem to be having a hard time holding on to their place now. One by one they all have been brought down. Walker started off the year with taking people rights away from them and got the ball rolling in waking people up so guess we really should be thanking for waking everyone else to the teaparty and their dirty deeds. He was in a hurry to take our rights so he jump the guns so the rest had to follow suits and now they have over played their hands so much that they don’t realize that everyone will be more eager to vote than they did in 2012. But they keep trying to take more and more from people they need votes from as if they don’t care or they don’t believe nothing will happen. What will their excuse be when they lose this time, guess they blame voter fraud again and want to try to pass more voter id laws before 2016 and they will screw up again.

  4. “Voters age 18-29 favor Burke over Walker 48%-35%, but voters age 40-59 favor Walker 51%-42%.”

    I hope that they can get out the youth vote.

  5. Maxie2014..I agree..tied? After all the BS Walker and McConnell have pulled?

    I try to look at it as..compared to all the big $$$$, endless $$$, that Koch has supplied, you would think the GOP would have leaps and bounds on the DEM. At least its tied..and I hope that every single DEM gets out and votes. Without voting..we do not get counted.

  6. Yikes! For some reason, this article is completely illegible. The lines are printed over each other, making a paragraph into one sentence. And right before that the “I agree!” “No way!” buttons disappeared. WTH? :-/

  7. I have worked in Wisconsin off and on for 20 plus years, and have met cheese heads that love the benefits of the Union jobs we work at, but kept voting for the republican Union busters and workers rights killers. I would ask them why do they vote for the GOP who only want to take all your work rights and job benefits away from you, the answer was always the same, ” I’m a republican “. I kept telling them they were voting against their best interests, and they keep saying that they are republican. You can’t fix stupid, because there is no way to convince stupid that they are stupid, because, they are stupid.

  8. George Soros Totally Bailed On Democrats This Election
    Read more:

    Nothing Really Compares to the Koch Brothers’ Political Empire
    In total, the Koch political empire marshaled $400 million in the 2012 election cycle toward groups and efforts that spent money directly in the electoral arena.

    But again, the Soros foundations direct only a tiny fraction of their funds to groups spending money to directly influence elections. The Open Society Policy Center and the Fund for Policy Reform, the main Soros groups donating to 501(c)(4) nonprofits, gave $12.9 million to those nonprofits in the 2012 cycle, of which just $1 million went to the subset that spent money in elections. Soros himself has publicly stated his opposition to funding attack ads.

    Teabillies math you got to love it

  9. The main thing Wisconsin Democrats must do is have poll watchers checking the voting in Waukesha and the Milwaukee suburbs to make sure there is not systematic fraud by the Koch Brothers forces.

  10. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Wisconsin Ranks 49th In Economic Outlook. According to a June 6, 2013, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article, projections from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia ranked Wisconsin 49th out of 50 states in economic outlook and the state was one of only five states with a projected economic contraction in the last six months of 2013. [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 5/28/13]

    The Legislative Fiscal Bureau: Under Walker’s Budget, Wisconsin’s Structural Deficit Would Grow To $725 Million. A non-partisan analysis of Walker’s most recent budget concluded that the Governor’s proposed tax cuts would increase the state’s budget shortfall over the coming years. Walker’s tax plan hyped by Fox would in fact cost the state $180 million and would ultimately turn the touted surplus into a deficit by 2017. [The Legislative Fiscal Bureau, 10/15/13]

    How much do you get paid to post nonsense?

  11. It seems the good people of Wisconsin do not remember the fake koch phone call in which Walker said yes, he was following the plan exactly as the koch set it out for him.

    And now we see where Wisconsin is headed. Broke

  12. No matter…..I still think that that scott walker dude, looks like one of those grayish/black bugs, you see when a cow pattie is turned over, or maybe that is what I think of the republican party.

    He has a dark, dull look about him, just plugging along, not knowing or caring about others. His educational background isn’t much to speak of….so he has to be someone who is being told what, when and how to do it. His actions speak volumes about that. When there are those, who have the right leverage, they are hard to dislodge. But, eventually they will be.

  13. My plea to all Wisconsinites please vote!!! because the democracy you save will be ours & together we will stand and divided we will fall.VOTE! JUST DO IT!!!

  14. So I am looking at all info provided to make a well educated decision. The Bureau of Labor Stats doesn’t match the Journal Sentinel, which doesn’t match the Wall Street Journal, which doesn’t match Business Insider, Bloomberg, PolitiFact, etc. The J-S boasts of MM’s job growth, yet WI 8.5 is outpacing MN 7.8 in 2014 job growth, as well as Iowa 1.5 and the debacle in Illinois -18.1 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). No matter who the Gov is, if household incomes decline the surplus will vanish. People won’t spend. Just like the mess Clinton left us with, and we are still suffering from. And I liked Bill.( Not that its direct correlation to WI budget, however, don’t pound your chest on surpluses. If there is a surplus it means taking in more cash than it’s spending, which is the opposite of stimulus. And Burke’s mission statement is weak there. Youth voters don’t understand this. So…

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