Gordon Klingenschmitt Says if You Can’t go to Church You Can’t Use Public Restroom

Gordon_KlingenschmittGordon Klingenschmitt, who says the penalty for homosexuality is spiritual death, and who believes atheists should undergo exorcism, said on his show, Pray in Jesus Name, Monday, that people who can’t enter church should not be allowed to use public restrooms.

Big surprise, right? I mean, this IS the guy who wrote a book about Obama, “proving” he is ruled by gay demons and “worthy of death.” He hates gays and atheists. He suggested he would be more than happy to shoot readers of Right Wing Watch. Go figure he hates transgenders.

But if this whole church/bathroom thing makes sense to you, raise your hand.

First of all, who can enter church? Anyone know?

Klingenschmitt goes to the Old Testament of course to find an answer, Deuteronomy 23:

No one whose testicles are crushed or whose penis is cut off shall be admitted to the assembly of the Lord. Those born of an illicit union shall not be admitted to the assembly of the Lord. Even to the tenth generation, none of their descendents shall be admitted to the assembly of the Lord.

If you’re an Ammonite or a Moabite you ain’t getting in either, so forget about it, not even to the tenth generation. Egyptians are okay.

The Scriptures say in Deuteronomy 23, that he that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord. And if they can’t enter the congregation of the Lord, they certainly shouldn’t be allowed to enter the ladies bathroom.

Alright. So the Bible does say at some point that certain people can’t go to an assembly of the Lord, which Klingenshmitt takes to be church. But Deuteronomy 23:15 also says if a slave escapes to you, you have to give the poor slave back to his or her owner.

Nice huh? So much for the Bible’s anti-slavery stance.

Anyway, the Old Testament isn’t talking about church. They didn’t have churches in ancient Israel. And it’s a whole ‘nother religion we’re talking about: Judaism, not Christianity, so I’m not sure why this stance Klingenschmitt is adopting is even relevant on a religious, let alone a civic level. After all, Christians already pretty much ignore everything they find too restrictive about the Old Testament and have been doing so since the days of Paul of Tarsus, a mere generation after the Romans executed Jesus for sedition.

Is this pick and choose time again?

But let’s pretend the word church still applies on the basis that a church is also an assembly of the Lord.

Where does the Bible mention public restrooms?

Oh dear. It doesn’t.

Maybe David Barton, who can tell us how Jesus addressed the issue of capital gains tax, can offer us some hints of where to look. I’m sure he can invent something.

Klingenschmitt says “if they can’t enter the congregation of the Lord, they certainly shouldn’t be allowed to enter the ladies bathroom” and I just don’t see it. Certainly? Where does certainly come from? Does one logically follow the other?

For me, that’s like saying “If you can’t eat peanut butter you certainly shouldn’t be allowed to eat steak.”


So where, logically, is the connection between assemblies of the Lord and bathrooms?

Again, if you see one, raise your hand.

But there is another problem here and that is that, what does what the Bible says have to do with our laws? The law of the land is the U.S. Constitution. Does the U.S. Constitution say that those who have had their penises cut off or damaged can’t use public restrooms?


Does the U.S. Constitution say that the Bible is the law of the land?

Far from it. The U.S. Constitution does not even mention the Bible. Heck, it doesn’t even mention God. Any god.

The proper answer to Gordon “Chaps” Klingenschmitt is therefore a resounding, “So what?”

But “so what” won’t get the job done.

The problem for Democrats is that Republicans think Klingenschmitt, despite his court martial and discharge from the Navy for disobeying a lawful order of a senior officer, is a righteous dude.

Klingenschmitt has lied about the events that brought about his discharge and successfully turned himself into a martyr, and Republicans are more than willing to accept these lies.

He has shown his opinion of First Amendment by attacking Right Wing Watch for posting videos of his hate speech. To top it all off, he has won the Republican primary for House District 15 in the Colorado House of Representatives.

It is past time for liberals and progressives to take people like Klingenschmitt seriously. It’s hard not to laugh at him, I know, but if the people voting for him are going to take him seriously, so too must we.

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  1. Another prime example of Obama Derangement Syndrome. People in his district better show up at the polls for sure.

  2. Who is this man?
    The name Klingenschmitt reminds me of one of those Monty Python comedies about the nazis.

  3. I seriously think the Republican party is unlocking the doors of the insane asylums all over this country, schooling these idiots, and then turning them loose to run for office. I have no other explanation of how so many weirdos wind up on the Republican ticket.

  4. Hey – don’t be denigrating our man Klingenschmitt! He may be on his way to the US presidency now that he got the GOP candidacy for state rep from CO Spgs. He’s our latest nut job with an approved political bullhorn making all the rest look moderate.

    It must be driving him crazy that CO is so close to same-sex marriage

  5. Who is this fool?

    He clearly doesn’t know the Bible – Christians are supposed to be guided by the teachings of Christ, not the Old Testament.

    He does what many do – cherry pick the Bible, pick out the parts he likes and that reinforce whatever his warped view of something is, and throw it at the wall and see what sticks.

    I don’t understand why anyone on the planet would pay him any mind.

    Some of these people really do need to be rounded up and put in an asylum somewhere where they can bay at the moon all they want and spew whatever nonsense pops into their heads where no one else can hear them. They are THAT crazy.

  6. For Christians, the Old Testament ended when the curtain was torn from the temple at the moment of Christ’s death. It fascinates me that 21st century pseudo-Christians cannot accept the message of the New Testament – love God and love thy neighbor as thyself. It scares me that so many Americans seem to have bought into pseudo-Christianity that harkens only back to the worst of the Old Testament.

  7. ..technically speaking, he probably couldn’t get into the tabernacle with those glasses either.

  8. I know this sounds as silly as he does, or maybe I have broke the Liptonite code talkers code, but here goes. Maybe he is saying by getting your weiner cut off you shouldn’t be allowed in a ladies room, and I will use a metaphor here. Like, because I lost my license and don’t drive, that I can’t walk in a show room and drool over a 57 Bel Air with 532 horsepower and a 4 on the floor with a Hurst shifter.

  9. Well, they worship Republican Jesus™, who bears no resemblance to that guy in their wholly babbles. What irks me is that no ‘moderate’ xians seem willing to stand up to them, and take back whatever good name xianity might once have had.

  10. What is the problem, transgenders? The Bible says you can’t use the restroom. Deal with it.

    Simply relieve yourself into a bag, and drop it off (on Sunday) at the door to your local church. If you aren’t allowed to use the restroom, churches must have some other Godly plan for you and your waste, so be a good Christian, and bag it.

  11. Deeply silly man.

    Transgenders who are male-to-female can’t use the bathroom, according to the Bible.

    But since he can find no Biblical justification for denying public bathroom access to female-to-male transgenders, he completely ignores them. If you’re not a person he can slur with Biblical references, he’ll treat you as if you don’t exist.

  12. They are people full of anger, hate and fear. Jesus is not compatible with that mindset. They claim they are Christians but they are actually anti-Christ.

    The modern evangelical movement is the anti-Christ.

  13. Yeah, I find it pretty amazing that those who profess to follow Jesus Christ and his teachings continually spout off the Old Testament, a book that says nothing about the core teachings of Jesus Christ. When challenged on this, these devout Christians will claim that it is “God’s Word” and therefore it is all part and parcel of Christ’s teachings for “He is God” like his father. There’s always a rationalization with these folks, always a justification based on “God’s Word,” always a convoluted word salad to validate their actions as righteous in doing “God’s Will.” Chaps is no different in his “pastor to the flock” role, a role he plays quite vehemently with fire and brimstone dialogue, but without shame in its oppositional nature to his Master’s teachings. Like most faux Christians, Chaps is a prime example of religious hypocrisy. I see him more as the anti-Christ than a true follower of Jesus Christ and his teachings.

  14. This kind of insanity is a direct result of believing in a book of complete and utter fantasy. You can make up whatever crap you want and change anything to fit you particular kind of ignorance or hatred. This is why I’m an atheist, life is so much simpler and makes sense and fear, guilt, paranoia and bigotry simply do not fill my life. There is no peace in ANY religion because religion and belief in this man made god destroy any sane debate.

  15. Dextrospheric personages have already proclaimed that there is no inherent human right to food, water,shelter, or medical attention, and even that only rich males are allowed to have sex for pleasure rather than brute procreation. What is then so surprising about the assertion that only ril Chrischuns are entitled to do #1 or #2?

  16. Me thinks thou protest too much. If you think that much about homosexuality, You’re Thinking About It!
    How long before this self loathing gay male is caught performing sex acts in a public men’s room ?

  17. God, Presbyterians, and Sex, Oh My!
    This is a (probably-not-rude enough) guest post on God and sex from a Presbyterian pal of the Pundit—hope you enjoy!

    Because of our mainstream American media—and that may include some of the posts on this potty-mouthed blog—it’s easy to stereotype Christians in this country, painting the social construct of their God as the gun-toting, bomb-dropping, cage-fighting, woman-hating, earth-raping, gay-bashing, sex-fearing, duck-hunting Jesus. But that leaves out the enlightened, queer, feminist, antiracist, peacenik, treehugger, economic justice Jesus that I’ve encountered and followed for most of my life.
    Read More

  18. I read that article. It brought back funny memories of growing up heavily ensconced in church camp and youth groups. They were occasions to party it up!

  19. There was a time, long past, where the word Bible, and Nazi could not be used in the same sentence to describe the same person. The push to the right has blurred all lines of morality on the right!

  20. Dear Gordon Kilngenschmitt,

    Where did you get your misinformation that us trans* people are not able to be in church? Many of us are preachers and members of Christian churches.

    Further where are you basing your “Christian” Hate for transgender people? One of the first converts to Christianity mentioned in Acts happened to be Trans* Further after Philip baptized and converted the Ethiopian official that person went on and brought Christianity to Africa.
    Chist actually spoke of trans* people (if you believe the tradition of the little red words) in Mathew 19. Basically saying “eh, Some trans* are created by God, some by man and some become so to please God.”
    Finally Isaiah 56 tells us Trans* Christians that should we keep his covenants we will be given in his house names ABOVE sons and Daughters.

    So I guess I am missing something. Because not only are we in the bible we are there in very positive light.

  21. Oh yeah, the bible also speaks of the fact that if a woman is having her menstrual cycle she too is unclean and cannot go into the temple.
    Which I guess means according to this wingnut all women get to have those days off from work and other public duties because, well if you can’t go to church you can’t use the public potties at work either.
    …Oh wait if a woman has some really really important project to complete and aunt flow comes, can she just bring along some turtle doves to slaughter so she is clean again before using the rest room?

  22. Next thing you know these fools will say we can’t eat,drink,or breathe. Doesn’t Chapps also mean assless pants? Nice metaphor to see how big an ass this guy is! It’s like I’ve always said the religious right is neither.

  23. We should thank this man, often and profusely. He has demonstrated once again, there is nothing to absurd, untrue, illegal or stupid that some “christian” nudnik will not say it. Even worse, other nudniks will believe it.

  24. I feel sorry for Klingenschmitt’s wife having to iron all those shirts and handkerchiefs since he cannot wear anything permanent press. He certainly doesn’t do his own ironing since that is “woman’s work.”
    Deuteronomy 22:11 and Leviticus 19:19

    I hope he does not like shellfish.
    Leviticus 11:9-12

    And on, and on, and on. Nothing like being selective which rules you do and don’t obey.

  25. If you break down his name into parts there is a reference to something that dangles from a piece of excrement making its way out of a rear orifice, what Romans knew as the vas nefandum. Be that as it may — after all, what’s in a name, a turd by any other would still induce quasi-nausea — I hope this sap keeps making these absurd pronouncements. Doing so, he is quickly becoming the poster boy for the Dominionist evangelicals (and fellow travelers, the Romans) who want to inaugurate a theocracy in America, that system of government where the state and the church are one. (The Romans murdered Jacques deMolay, then blamed it on the King, who blamed it on the Romans.) We will have stocks for those who fail to go to church Sundays. There will be no other high day, as Islam will be banished and Judaism barely tolerated, continually blamed for killing “our Lord and Savior.”

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