Rumors Swirling That David Gregory Will Dumped From Meet The Press After Midterm Elections


The David Gregory is going to be dumped from Meet The Press rumor mill is rolling again with a report that the host might be out after November’s midterm elections.

The Rupert Murdoch owned New York Post is speculating/reporting:

Viewership is down a whopping 43 percent compared to when Gregory ascended to the moderator’s chair in December 2008, after the death of Tim Russert. The show finished in third place behind CBS’s “Face the Nation” and ABC’s “This Week” in the second quarter of 2014.

An NBC source said, “The discussion is whether to make a change before or after the midterm elections. Just after the midterms would give the new moderator time to settle in.”

According to insiders, NBC political director and chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd is the rightful heir to Gregory, but he has not been officially offered the job.

Other names said to be in the frame include “Today” anchor Savannah Guthrie, who comes from a political background but is unlikely to be released from the flagship morning show where she’s hugely popular. Guthrie is also due to give birth to her first child next month and will return to “Today” after maternity leave.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” team of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have also been said to be angling for a Sunday slot, but NBC insiders said there are concerns about putting a partisan host in charge of “Meet the Press,” as Scarborough is a former Republican congressman.

It has been reported by mainstream outlets like The Washington Post that David Gregory is on thin ice. The constant reports that NBC News is thinking about making a change on Meet The Press are becoming a where there’s smoke, there’s fire situation. The one fact in the NY Post report is that ratings have plummeted since Gregory took over for Tim Russert.

Judging from all of the media reports, it seems that NBC will only look in house if they get rid of David Gregory. This would be a huge mistake. A Chuck Todd or Morning Joe led Meet The Press won’t be any better than Gregory’s version of the show. I have long suggested that Rachel Maddow be given the job, but she is apparently viewed as too partisan (read: too liberal and too not a heterosexual white male) to anchor a Sunday morning show.

The problems at Meet The Press go beyond David Gregory. The show itself, much like the rest of Sunday morning political talk, is dominated by Republicans. The faces on the Sunday shows don’t match the changing face of the country. The Sunday shows tend to be dominated mostly by older white men while the country is getting younger, browner, and more female. The Sunday shows are out of step with leftward direction of the nation.

Meet The Press would be best served if NBC News dumped Gregory, and looked outside of the NBC family for his replacement. If they have to stay in house and refuse to hire Maddow, Chris Hayes, who ironically enough, is killing MSNBC’s primetime ratings would be an excellent host for Meet The Press. Hayes’s style has been a painful fit on cable news primetime, but he would make an excellent Sunday morning host. Hayes was excellent as the host of MSNBC’s Up, and he is capable of interviewing both Republicans and Democrats.

NBC News dismissed the Post report in a statement, “We heard the same false rumors and suggest you take them with a grain of salt, as we did,” but if the ratings don’t improve, David Gregory will be out sooner or later.

Will MSNBC try to force another Beltway babbler of conventional wisdom down (Chuck Todd) viewers’ throats, or will they finally give the viewers the quality that they expect out of Meet The Press?

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  1. A shame they are going to wait until after the Midterms. That means the Right Wing gets free advertising every Sunday until November. But, I guess better late than never for Gregory.

  2. They need to just shut it down and call it a day. Nobody really watches Sunday political programs anymore. Gregory, Joe S, Chuck Toad are all partisan hacks and really don’t deserve to be on the air at all.

  3. I would love to see them hire Maddow but that would make every Republican avid the show like the plague.

  4. I will say it again. Go back to a three member panel to question the guest. In that format you can bet at least one of them wont let the bovine excrement stand.

    Chuck Todd would be a terrible choice. Remember he said, proudly I might add, it wasn’t his job to check the facts. Right there should be a deal breaker but we are talking about Phil Griffin here so logic has left the building

  5. Rachael Maddow is the best choice.
    1) her PhD in political science
    2) her unique interview style
    3) her show would not pattern MTP & she knows the difference
    4) guests would finally be bipartisan & interviewed as Tim handled his interviews.
    Please Hear Me. It’s time for a woman monterator on MTP.

  6. Either Chris Hayes or Steve Kornacki, as young as Kornacki appears, they are both sharp as arrows.

  7. I completely forsook Meet the Presstitute early in 2011- right after the Giffords shooting- and had watched increasingly rarely before that. Gregory was too damned embarrassing.

  8. Just shut the show down. All it is now is a propaganda machine for the GOP. No way is it fair or balanced reporting.

    Truth is I doubt they are going to do anything, for the GOP love the show as it is. It reinforces FOX news so they can claim it is factual.

  9. I think Joe and Mika would be a good balance and should be given a chance. I don’t see that Savannah Guthrie would improve the ratings any more than she has moved the Today show ratings in the right direction.

  10. If Joe Scarborough takes over we are gone. He was a terrible congressman and terrible as show host. Arrogant unlike David Gregory who has also become softer with Republicans. We watch Meet the Press as it is less biased than the other Sunday network programs.

  11. Chuck Todd does not even have a college degree, yet is ‘political director’ at MSNBC. he’s become more and more partisan.
    Rachel would be awesome…why NOT a woman? Oh, right, the powers that be can’t stand not to have some white male in charge of a show like MTP. I tell you, nothing would get McCrank off Sundays quicker than a few questions from Rachel. We really need someone who will not let lies pass by as if they were facts.

  12. Do you watch Joe and doormat Mika? Good Lord. We’d just have a bigger parade of GOP hacks and Joe agreeing with every lie they try to pass off. Time for at least a fair-minded person to take over again.

  13. The show has become silly and a waste of time. Where there used to be discussion on both sides of politics there is now to many people on the panel who basically make one or two comments and that is it. Like many American shows including the morning and good morning shows it has become a talk fest where there is too much talking by the host and not enough input from the guests. There are also a lot of jokes between the host and guests and I don’t think it was set up to be a comedy show. Return to a show about Politics and it may survive.

  14. Lawrence O’Donnell,
    Rachel Maddow
    Need some savvy people, to make this show viable again. Hey if they wait long enough, Russerts son can apply for the job

  15. I would love to see Chris Hayes given a chance. Yes he is young but he instinctively knows what a follow up question should be. Check him out people. He does his homework and gets to the real answers no matter if your D or R. Missing Tim. :(

  16. Martin Bashir would be an excellent pick. I will start watching MTP again. I tried to watch Gregory but could not stomach him any longer after 2X. My cousin, Tim Russert, deserves a better successor.

  17. And don’t forget Christiane Amanpour, Ann Curry or Erin Burnett, if she were still alive Helen Thomas, who got to the heart of the issue and yes you knew what she was thinking. Someone able to convey it bilaterally. A host who is knowledgeable, smart, insightful and gets to the guts of the issues though all that political speak. As for ‘Morning Joe and his fawning female sidekick’, who occasional stands up for herself, hades NO < or as a valley girl might say 'GAG me'!!! Chuck Todd nope.

  18. I use to be a chuck Todd fan but I think him being caught by a hot mic saying that john mcgrumps was saying something crazy foolish and he didn’t even bother to call him on it totally made me lose my respect for him. I like seeing Rachel every week day and don’t think she’d be able or want to do both TRMS AND MTP. It’s a tough call.

  19. Dump the show ; its fox jr on sunday morning. Dump Gregory; just trying to get his retirement check from the Koch built up; Dump Todd he thinks he’s the Donald Trump of TV; worthless as pockets on an under shirt; Puts out a lot of untrue BS. Joe’s gotta go he’s one investigation away from disgrace.Replace Sunday American politician ninja warrior contest including their specialty mud wrestling .

  20. Gregory is a buffoon, dump him now. It’s probably wouldn’t make much difference, the show tanked long ago. The same rotation of whining Republicans, it’s disgusting. If Gregory is really as vapid as he acts on the show he should apply to FOX as soon as he can.

  21. Chris Hayes. Chris Hayes. Chris Hayes….because Rach would not take the job anyway, and the guy is as sharp as a tack and his intelligent interview style and dogged determination to get the answer to his question would finally put the word journalism back into the SMSs.

  22. David Gregory can go right now it doesn’t make a difference if it’s after the election. The show is unwatchable.

    That said, I would love Martin Bashir or Keith Olberman take the helm.

  23. Totally agree. Lawrence is perfect for that position. He has the brains, the temperment and is a fountain of political history.

  24. Putting Chuck Todd is putting another republcan leaning person on that show. They have long lost any creditablity. Replacing Gregory with Todd is no change at all.

  25. Actually I disagree. I think Chuck Todd is Tim Russert reincarnated. He would be the perfect host for MTP and I believe he would restore it as the premier poltical news show that it formerly was. Furthermore, the other reason MTP is sagging in the ratings is that it is trying to appeal to a under 30 audience. It cannot stick with a topic nor conduct an interview longer than six minutes anymore. It has become extremely frantic and it feels,like I’m watching a live broadcast of a Twitter feed. It has gone from four course meal at a fine dining establishment to appetizers served in a small plates setting. Bring on Chuck Todd!

  26. There will never be another Tim Russert and I for one, feel as though HIS is the type of personality you need on that show. Good luck trying to find a new host, NBC!!

  27. As many of the commenters above noted, in their current formats all the Sunday Morning shows should be canceled. They strictly appeal to older white males. It’s redundant, there’s already Fox News.

    An entirely different approach is necessary to revitalize the concept. Perhaps 60 Minutes type show which spent more time educating on the issues. Or moving the show out of Washington may be a good start. Something needs to be done. The same crap is a waste of time and won’t survive. If they want to stay in house Chris Hayes would be good.

  28. Please NOT Joe S he is so argumentative, never lets anyone finish their statement s…a real buffoon!!!
    C Todd is too one sided…Go outside NBC.

  29. Rula Jebreal would be a great choice to host. She is very knowledgeable of world affairs and extremely intelligent.

  30. I think Tim Russert’s son Luke Russerts is a fine choice for replacing Gregory. We need to get back to unbiased interviewing. we don’t need opinions from commentators, I can make my own opinions. We need more hard hitting questions and challenges on putting out misinformation. if a reporter is well informed he should be able to pick up the lies.That is why Tim Russert was so respected and so missed

  31. One can hope. Couldn’t happen to soon for me. I’m becoming rather disturbed by Andrea Mitchell’s passive treatment of her conservative guests as well. She doesn’t (or rarely) challenges them on topics anymore, and lets them ramble forever then just thanks them for being there.

  32. Russert was a lawyer and conducted himself as such. He was afraid of nobody because he was relentless about his homework, and would frequently trip up guests with tape of themselves saying something different. It was the toughest interview on TV. The only host I’ve seen even approaching that kind of skill is Guthrie, a lawyer who’s tough but smooth with both sides of an arguement. Sorry, Todd just isn’t gutsy or smooth. People will still watch the toughest interview on TV, if there are more younger, women and men. Something has to HAPPEN between 10;30-11:30.

  33. It should be called “Meet the Depressed”.

    David Gregory is a No-Talent, Overpaid HACK.

    Having STUPID people like John McInsane on
    over and over again makes it even WORSE.

    The last time John McInsane said anything
    relevant was 20 years ago.

  34. You need someone that is tough. Someone that can stand up to these big-mouth – big-ego, pompous, self-entitled blow-hards. Chris Hayes is not that guy. Neither is Luke Russert. Tim Russert was obsessed with Clinton’s cock. That was his strong-suit. His one area of knowledge. I don’t get the mythical Reagan-esque idolatry for Tim Russert. He was only marginally better than Gregory. And he is painfully inept and pathetic. Chuck Toddler is a street-walking tool. Unfortunately almost all of them are. Elizabeth Warren and Hillary are both busy, and frankly, too good for the job. Cenk Uygur might fit the bill. Maybe Bob Woodward. Alan Grayson, if he didn’t have more important things to do, would be great. Pretty sad to realize just how weak and lame America’s ‘fifth column’ truly is.

  35. There is no evidence anywhere that Luke Russert is well informed or that he would counter the republican lies. Of course one does not need to be a genius to be able to pick up the lies, even a fence post can do that.

    Neither is there any evidence that Luke Russert is capable of hard hitting questions and challenges. I’ve seen some of his interviews and was not impressed.

    Also, too, he DID NOT EARN the job he currently has. Being offered and accepting a job on national teevee over the many reporters/news people who really paid their jobs should be an embarrassment to him.

    Whatever respect Tim Russert might have had does not automatically pass down to the offspring.

  36. So, NBC insiders are concerns about putting a partisan host, Joe Scarborough, in charge of “Meet the Press.”

    What in the h*#* is David Gregory?

    Chuck Todd is no better.

  37. Give the nod to Rachel Maddow. She’s smart and she will ask the tough questions. Second choice with be the great Chris Matthews.

  38. Gregory needed to be terminated after the first week on MTP. MTP needs tough as nails, independent political analysts, perhaps a rotating panel. Short list: Rachel Maddow, Chris Cillizza, Chrystia Freeland, Chris Hayes, Dan Balz, Amy Goodman, Ari Berman, Pat Caddell, Donna Brazile, Alicia Menendez, Paul Krugman, Eugene Robinson, Bill Moyers, John Heilemann, Keith Olbermann, Walter Russell Mead, Kevin Phillips, Cornel West, John C. Cook, Michael Moore, Ed Shultz, Tavis Smiley, Ryan Lizza, (Jon Stewart, I wish).

  39. Gregory is a weak sister, unable to think on his feet and unwilling to ask hard questions or challenge blatant lies. He simply hasn’t the intellect, the scope of knowledge or the objective mindset to be a good interviewer. Chuck Todd is far too partisan, far too right wing, and far too unethical to do the show. I think Meet The Press should simply go away. It’s time is past. A show like that needs a man like Tim Russert and there is no Tim Russert in journalism today.

  40. Chuck Todd,no…he has the touch of Gregory’s Meet the RethugliKKKans but he is somewhat in the closet with his style. Anybody but toddlin Todd.

  41. Lawrence ODonnel Hands Down!! Or Luke Russert. I think Rachel Maddow is a damned good choice but we need her in the place she is now Rachel is our point person for truthful and FACTUAL investigative journalism. She would be hampered by the format.

  42. Its not Meet the Press, its Meet the racist, hateful, hate filled, hate mongering, lying republican liars. Its will always be so until they change the rules to shut up the liars, if you lie, you don’t talk. Opinions are not truths, and the GOP have noting for America but lying republican liars lying republican lies, and that’s no lie.

  43. I know I am out of the box in my thinking….but Martin Bashir would make an excellent host for “Meet the Press”. Now that would be worth watching, no matter what.

    I thought of Keith Olberman….but for some reason, I envision all his guest swinging on each other and Olberman. He has a way of doing that to people.

  44. -And after the midterms, the headline will be: “David Gregory Dumped From Meet The Press After Midterm Elections – NO ONE NOTICES”

    I mean seriously, who is still watching that shit?

  45. Bring On Mika and Joe

    If Mika and Joe actually replace Fluffyhead as the hosts of Meet the Press this country will be getting roughly what it deserves. Don’t get me wrong. The show would improve. How could it not? But it would also be giving up the pretense of being a serious show. And that will be appropriate, because we are no longer a serious country.
    Read More

  46. Obviously Jackie is a Socialist wacko. I will be glad to see him gone. Loved Tim and miss him so much. I really hope they don’t steal Chris Wallace who is so awesome at this same job although he fits that profile after Tim. But the Socialists at this station would never allow a common sense intelligent guy. They want a pundit again expecting different results.

  47. Rachel maddow is the smartest person on tv
    and should be the new moderator,second Lawrence O’Donnell.I will never watch MTP whenever john McCain,lindsey graham,sarah palin.guiliani.donald trump;you get the picture.They are an embarrassment to the USA.They all need to purchase a rocking chair and sit on their front porch and rock in silence.

  48. Luke Russert is unacceptable. He does not have the journalistic experience and will not ask the tough questions that are needed in that position.

  49. I think putting anybody in that slot is a waste of their talents. It’s become nothing more than a platform for politicos to come on and spew talking points. I agree that David Gregory is a waste of space but I would hate to see Lawrence or Rachel lose their daily shows. I say put Chuck Todd or Luke Russert in that slot. There might be some minor improvement and we wouldn’t be wasting the talents of the journalists that have managed to be hired at MSNBC.

  50. Gregory ruined the show. It’s now stale and boring and yes very much a GOP platform. No one can replace Russert. Just totally change it. I’d love to see Soledad O’brien in the chair. She’s extremely sharp and would give it a fresh new appeal. Other very capable contenders would be: Don Lemon, Joy Reid, Elizabeth Vargas, Craig Melvin, Tamron Hall, TJ Holmes or Richard Liu. There are plenty of talented people who could do this right! The names in the article won’t bring America back to MTP.

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