Ted Cruz Accuses Obama of Sinister Conspiracy to Impose Economic Boycott on Israel



Anyone who’s opened their eyes in the past week may be aware that someone (most likely pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists) shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over the Ukraine. One might think that a tragedy of this magnitude would teach the rest of the world not to permit flights over war zones when there is a risk of danger. Apparently Texas Senator Ted Cruz does not entertain the notion that such threats might influence U.S. policy decisions. On Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that it would halt flights to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport after a rocket landed within a mile of it. The agency cited: “potentially hazardous security situation created by the armed conflict between Israel and Gaza.”

There has been respectful disagreement among professionals about whether the ban is necessary, but Cruz, in his usual belligerent style, brought the level of debate down a notch or five, proclaiming: “The facts suggest that President Obama has just used a federal regulatory agency to launch an economic boycott on Israel, in order to try to force our ally to comply with his foreign policy demands.” What “facts” Cruz is referencing to are a mystery to all but Cruz. President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have repeatedly supported Israel’s operation in Gaza, albeit calling for restraint to minimize civilian casualties, but it’s sadly predictable that Cruz and the GOP would use an international crisis as political ammunition against the President. What’s more surprising is that Cruz would impugn the integrity of a non-partisan government agency to score political points, threatening America’s international reputation in the process.


Cruz elaborates on his initial claim: “This FAA flight ban may well represent a crippling blow to a key economic sector through both security concerns and worries that additional bans will down more flights and strand more passengers. It hardly matters if or when the ban is lifted. At this point, the damage may already be done.” Does Cruz truly believe that Israel’s huge tourism industry will suffer an irreparable blow because it is closed for a few days in the midst of a military conflict? That all of the tourists so interested in seeing the sights and visiting their relatives will decide to stay home because the FAA closed an airport when a missile went off a mile away? Tourists have been visiting in Israel in droves (more than 3.5 million in 2013) throughout far more dangerous wars, with the constant risk, however minimal, of attack. It’s very possible that a temporary ban on travel to Tel Aviv will have adverse effects on Israeli tourism. It’s possible that the FAA is being too cautious in its assessment of risk. But to say Obama is, through the FAA, deliberately striking a “crippling” blow against the Israeli tourism industry? With rhetoric like that, it’s no wonder Cruz has convinced so many people that Obamacare is the devil. The real threat to Israeli tourism is the war itself. Does Ted Cruz consider the Israeli-Palestinian conflict another of President Obama’s numerous conspiracies?

As always, it is impossible to tell whether Ted Cruz is expressing heartfelt concern or merely saying what he must to whip up his base. Either way, any legitimate points he might have made are lost in the manner of his delivery. One might say Ted Cruz should learn to express himself more effectively, but that would accomplish the opposite of what he wants. Ted Cruz’s power is in his McCarthyan lunacy. The more outlandish his claims, the greater the support he receives from his base. And so, as is his strategy, he takes a grain of legitimate truth (a flight ban hurts Israel’s economy) and builds a lie (boycott! conspiracy!) around it. He ascribes the worst possible motives to his scapegoat (a government agency whose worst possible crime is being overly cautious) and lets the frenzied mob he’s whipped up do the rest. It’s a remarkably effective and, at this point, not surprising strategy. It’s just a shame he has to employ it in a region where hundreds of men, women and children are dying.

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  1. All I can say is this guy is first class pond scum. To bad Obama isn’t the tyrannical dictator they claim him to be. I wouldn’t mind seeing this creep in Gitmo.

  2. Ted Cruz is the first guy conservatives will throw under the bus. One can’t be more exploited than that.

  3. I know just what he means. I was SO disappointed that I had to rearrange my vacation plans because I SO wanted to vacation in a war zone! Some kinda nanny state we got here!

  4. To be honest who in their right mind would want to travel anywhere near those places where they know they are in war as bad as it is getting over there. The teaparty should be glad that the airlines are taking the customers live serious and thinking about them and not the bottom line. Lives is more important than what the republicans think.

  5. More proof that Cruz sees anything done by the government, while Pres. Obama is in office, as some sort of conspiracy.

  6. Air traffic was down 2 days following 9/11. I’m pretty sure that the US was not economically wreaked.

    Whine, whine, whine

  7. Ted Cruz as we all know is full of crap, but maybe it’s time we do start to bring some pressure on Israel to get them to stop the useless slaughter that’s going on right now.

  8. Not him again, this Canadian/Cuban has not shut his stupid mouth since he arrived here,he has got to spout his drivel about everything that goes on, he better go back to reading Dr Suess.

  9. I know Cruz and his ilk hate the UN but I wonder how he feels about Israel blowing up a UN school/shelter in Gaza this morning, killing 15 human beings? Oh, I suppose, because they’re only pesky Palestinian children it doesn’t matter…
    He’s a truly evil person, spawn of another evil person, and I’m SO glad he renounced his Canadian citizenship, although we’re saddled with a Prime Minister whose fundie beliefs (the Rapture and all, y’know) are just as scary and has just ordered Air Canada to resume flights to Tel Aviv. “Support Israel, right or wrong”. That’s their motto.

  10. O!
    Poor little Raphael….
    He lives in a world of his own
    making. A world where he is the
    king. But it’s a very sad world
    indeed, full of Hate & Fear. There
    is danger at every turn. Conspiracies
    surround him.
    And of course there is the evil villain
    called OBAMA!
    Raphael fears him most of all.


  11. y’all are missing the very obvious point..

    if the flight ban hadn’t been imposed and a plane had gone down the bleat would’ve been
    about how indecisive the administration was…

  12. Air Canada, Air France, Lufthansa and KLM also cancelled flights. Turkish Airlines and (wait for this) so did Russian carriers. What? No mention of accusing Cruz’s hero Putin of a conspiracy theory of imposing a boycott on Israel’s economics? Ted Cruz is warped beyond repair.

  13. Has anyone given any thought to how we can shut Cruz up and put him in the dunce chair in the corner and not let him speak? We look much more sane to the rest of the world if he isn’t allowed to talk. I know there’s that free speech thing, but maybe he could take a long walk off a short pier or something.

  14. With these ‘Repigs’, every-time our President opens his mouth, they scream to condemn him. The President is in a “catch – 22” situation. Damned if he does, damned if he does not, damned if he is silent.

    We the “people of the USA, should condemn the Congress if they dare leave for vacation, with all the trouble going on around the world at this time. They will be putting politics, and pleasure before duty.

  15. Who cares if Israels tourism is hurt they can just come over here whine a little and get buckets of money from the US just like they always have.

  16. Ted Cruz is or should be smart enough to KNOW that what he said is not even near being the truth, but he says it anyway, because it sounds good to all the Obama Bashers out there. If one of these looney politicians say something waaaay off the wall about any situation that Obama is involved in, the pitchfork pack will buy into it and praise Teddy Cruz. that’s WHAT HE WANTS. Period. We ought to know his game by now.

  17. Israel is red meat for right wing fundamentalists, nearly all of whom have taken its Biblical reference out of Christian context and turned it into political fodder. The subliminal message here is that Obama is not Christian and, with that particular ilk, it doesn’t take much of a stretch until it translates to him being the Anti-Christ.

  18. The only sinister plot regarding Israel is the one that the Christian Reich Wing has been working on for hundreds of years in their Armageddon final days “Rapture” crap. What they refuse to believe is that the battle of Harmageddon has already been fought and the results are buried under centuries of time and sand. And Jesus’s return has already happened (if you believe the fairy tale) And “Rapture” is not even worth mentioning as it is not found in any text. Ted and his ilk are simply to ignorant to be taken seriously.

  19. This (I hate to call him a man) but this human being is pure slime. Please give me that barf bag… talked About the other day. I need it! Just the sight of him upsets may stomach, need to run to the bath room…

  20. The FAA is right in saying that it would halt flights. Who in their right mind would want to be in the middle of a war zone where people are dying by the hour??

    As for Mr. Cruz: Please go away. Your idiocy is making the rest of America look bad. Especially when you bust out half-assed conspiracy theories like this one.

  21. Ted Cruz Renders Himself Impotent

    Tailgunner Ted Cruz, the Republican Senator from Texas, has said he will put a hold on all State Department nominees because . . . oh, something to do with Israel, but I’ll leave you all to argue about that part elsewhere. Here, we’re all about Senate procedure, so the question is: What kind of threat is it, at this point in the partisan war, to put a “hold” on anyone? The answer: Thanks to Senate Republicans adopting the very tactics that Cruz embraces, not very much.
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  22. This slimy con man accuses the President of a Sinister Conspiracy to Impose Economic Boycott on Israel. That’s what him, his cronies and the GOP have doing to the American People for the last 6 years. Time to air mail this clown back to Canada.

  23. The FAA means just America, not the world. Although I’m sure they’re both inseparable in Ted Cruz’s mind.

  24. When is this charlattan going to leave the scene? He is stinking up the Nation’s atmosphere of thoughtful debate with his wild assertions and psychotic analysis. WHEN are the saner Republicans going to tell this fake and phony Senator to STFU! ??
    He makes me cringe as I do when I hear Sara Palin talk with the dumbest $#!t Ever. Time for the media, except FOX to deny him air time. Ignore the agitator. He is NO Senator!

  25. It was actually the airlines who stopped their flights to Israel and right they should. The FAA then stepped in and closed American carriers from flying to Israel for legitimate safety reasons. Israel can’t have it both ways. They can’t propagandize that Israelis in Tel Aviv are so endangered by the rockets but, on the other hand, say airplanes bringing tourists to Tel Aviv are not in the least bit endangered. All countries stopped flights to Israel.

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