Nancy Pelosi Rips the Shameful GOP House For Adding Extra Days To Their Vacation

Nancy Pelosi

In her presser Friday, Leader Pelosi (D-CA) bemoaned the Republican refusal to do things that used to be bipartisan like infrastructure, noting “(W)hen we passed minimum wage when we had the majority, President Bush signed that.” She expanded in the q and a section to call this Do-Nothing Congress a “drive-by Congress”.

Pelosi said, “Well, I think my constituents, but broader to the public, should know that we are engaged in a drive-by Congress. We are hardly ever here, and when we are, we are engaged in process, not progress.”

Watch here courtesy of Roll Call:

Question: Good morning. With August and the recess approaching, what do you say to your constituents and the public about a lack of accomplishments on Capitol Hill?

Leader Pelosi is not impressed with the lack of accomplishments on Capital Hill (which translates plainly to Republican refusal to legislate in the House).

The former Democratic Speaker answered, “Well, I think my constituents, but broader to the public, should know that we are engaged in a drive-by Congress. We are hardly ever here, and when we are, we are engaged in process, not progress. It’s absolutely shameful that opportunities for job creation – which is what the American people want us to do: create jobs, get growth in our economy so that we have a good jumpstart to the middle class – we are going to be in just a few days this month and next month. We are in 12 days in September. And now the Speaker – there is rumor that the Speaker may cut off the last week of that 12 days. That’s not responsible. That’s not responsible.”

That would be one week of work in September, which is sort of like being a government hand out taking lazy welfare House Republican, only with no responsibilities except several Obama witch hunts and one Obama lawsuit, all paid for by taxpayers who voted for Republicans based on a promise of job creation.

Pelosi made the argument for the House getting its act together, “So there is a choice to be made as we go forward. It’s: do we want bipartisan cooperation to get the job done for the American people, or do we want to obstruct and be absent, to be missing in action for addressing the needs of the American people? It’s about progress versus obstruction. It’s about bipartisanship versus obstruction.”

Pelosi sought common ground with Republicans around the country who might also care about these children caught in the border crisis, “And people know. I think that more and more the public is aware of the Republican obstructionism here. But that’s not good enough. We all have to keep trying and keep trying to find bipartisanship, and one place we can do that is on this border issue. I know Republicans across the country care about those children. I know some of our Republican colleagues do.”

Here’s hoping.

“Hopefully we can, at least from our values of who we are, and how we treat children, and how we respect our own due process and our country, at least have that as a basis for coming together.”

The Democratic House Leader is correct: Many people agree that we care about these children. We need to address this crisis, but in a humanitarian way that a Democratic nation can be proud of. There is a moral connect here with most Americans. It is, unfortunately, the extremists running the Republican Party who force the party further and further from compassion and closer toward social Darwinism. This is not a direction most Americans are comfortable going. We may disagree on ideology, but most of us agree that everyone should be pulling their weight (this Congress included) and compassion is an essential element to our policy debate.

As Republicans leave compassion in the dust, they are abandoning any pretense at the center.

With that comes their snide contempt for pretty much everyone else. For example, Republicans accuse pretty much everyone else in the country — except the very wealthy — of being lazy, of not working hard enough – and yet they might be working a scant week this September and have already whittled their working days down to a mere 112 working days.

The least productive House in history still made their $174,000 salaries, proving that Republicans no longer believe in merit based pay/success. In fact, they basically got a raise per day in session over what they made in 2013. Going strictly by the calendar, members of the House made $1,385.95 per legislative day. In 2014, that number will increase to $1,589.32. With these suggested cuts, that number will go even higher. $1,589.32 to not show up and when you do, abuse taxpayer money to sue your opposition? Cushy work if you can get it. Drive-by Congress indeed.

Republicans can have it their way, and everyone else will suffer.

31 Replies to “Nancy Pelosi Rips the Shameful GOP House For Adding Extra Days To Their Vacation”

  1. May the first CON who lies about the President taking a vacation I sentence you to this: Candiru also known as toothpick fish, is a parasitic freshwater catfish native to the Amazon River. Although some candiru species have been known to grow to a size of 16 inches (~41 cm) in length, others are considerably smaller. These smaller species are known for an alleged tendency to invade and parasitize the human urethra.

  2. They should be paid a flat rate per day in session that they are present. Maybe $200 per day in session with 2 weeks pd vacation, and 5 paid sick days which is still more than they’re worth. I bet they’d work a lot more days. Or maybe not run at all since they couldn’t get rich on that.

  3. These Newer Type Repub. Since they gained the majority of the House, has done NOTHING of IMPORTANCE since Jan. 2011.

    They remind me of thug bullies, throwing rocks at everyone that are not of their, “patriotic real American”, ilk. Then blame everyone they hit, that it is their own fault for getting in the way of their ROCKS.

  4. We Dems will just have to make their lives a little easier, without pay while they waste our tax dollars doing nothing! only in America,time to dump this garbage from our political system because America is better than them. We must end their misery and vote for the good of our country.
    They are liars,racist,obstructionist,haters,deceivers,brainless,heartless,consciousless bastards who don’t give a damn about the 98%.DUMP THE KOCH LED MONSTERS!

  5. I remember when the republicans took the house over and how they bragged they were going to do so much and they have. They have gone down hill every since. The day Nancy had the gavel over is the day the republicans lost their party and they have no one to blame but themselves. They bragged from day one they wanted to destroyed the president and they have worked so hard to accomplished that they have almost destroyed themselves in the process. For the second time in history we are almost ready to see a party die out and get ready to form another party in its place. They only have themselves to blame along with the teaparty that help them almost destroy the country. It will take this president and a lot more good people to pull this country back together from the harm that they will affect upon the people. It will leave a terrible stain that will go down in history that will not be able to remove no matter how hard they will try. So sad.

  6. It’s not like they have anything Important that really needs to get done.

    Immigration reform can wait.
    Unemployment Insurance can wait.
    Raising the Minimum wage can wait.
    Climate Change can wait.
    Infrastructure Repairs can wait.
    Renewable Energy can wait.

    If Poor people DIE waiting for the GOPee Congress – Tough SHIT. It’s Your Fault.
    You should have been Born to Wealthy Parents.

  7. They know how to exploit our tax dollar from their work and benefits, But refuses to do anything for their working for us People at high pay short hrs. a lot of vacation time!! As We The People work 3 jobs to survive, the messes they created in cutting out a living wages giving the elite rich, the loopholes, and low taxes, and give the corporations no regulations to do as they please!! They fight all job bills, minimum wages for surviving these messes, and doing all they can to making big profits for the corporate vulture medical providers that do nothing in caring for anyone, filthy rich off our American tax system that we people own the debt As these warmonging ass hole want religious wars for cororate profiteering that we the people get stuck with the bill and blood taken!!!!……………. joe

  8. I am Ready for Speaker Nancy Pelosi. No more John Boehner. He will go down as one of the worst speakers in U.S. history. This Congress has got to be the worst. It has done nothing to help the American people. They obstruct important legislation that the majority of Americans support. The Republicans are more interested in attacking the President than on helping the American people.

  9. But I thought our borders were being invaded by Ebola, bin laden wannabes, cantaloupe thigh drug runners and we needed to do something or the Country would go through a China syndrome meltdown.

    Oh well I guess just another game of three card monte the teabillies fell for

  10. How much more do these idiots have to do, to show the American people that they are worthless. Don’t raise minimum wages for the poor, but give themselves more vacation time. If there has been a time to get rid of these bums once and for all it’s now. TAKE TIME TO VOTE them OUT!!!

  11. Exactly! Minumum wage per hour for each hour they are actually at Capital Hill doing the job they were elected to do. No pay for bogus town hall meetings, no pay for photo ops, no pay for tv appearances. Talking about being lazy asshats. Geez.

  12. Nature hates a vacuum. If the congress is not in D.C. some force must be legislating in their place. My best guess is that the Koch Brothers are pulling the strings. Wake up, America! There needs to be a law that says the Congress must be in D.C. and working except for 4 national holidays. Walking in parades is traditional and (contact time with constituents) and 21 days in August(contact time with constituents and for campaigning which is just the nature of the beast.) While we’re at it, the members of Congress should have more contact with individual constituents not corporations.

  13. They have already succeeded in permanently harming the Obama Presidency. Not only will he not be able to achieve what he wanted when he first ran, but the internal cautiousness by his administration has already created a “What might have been?” about his tenure.

  14. DJ,

    These racists pigs in Congress make me physically ill….

    For the lulz – ‘cantaloupe calves’ and I am guessing ‘thunder thighs’!

  15. Thank you to my BLUE CA-12 Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. To think the brian-dead GOP thought she was HORRIBLE…

  16. Another example of corporate takeover look at our prison systems (especially red-states). For profit,they stuff the prisons with bogus minor criminal offenders, while letting the rich get away with murder, by our courts.

    Now they are even batching executions by experimenting on drug cocktails, which throws out the, Against Unusual and Cruel clause of our Constitution.


  17. A CURE for a lax CONGRESS. Find out how the following will give us a truly transparent government. Remember this …

    It is time to UNITE the states again, not continue to DIVIDE it !
    JOIN the sanity to fix our sick nation.



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    of urgent needs.


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  18. So, since this is a ‘drive-by’ Congress, I wonder: who’s the driver and who’s the shooters?

    I say that because this ‘drive-by’ attitude here is doing a very good job at leaving nothing but holes in our nation. All these tough issues to deal with and they just want to run off and take a vacation from their ‘job’ (if you can call it that since they don’t do much).

  19. You democRATS have watched Obummer ruin this country. Fast and Furious; Benghazi; IRS; VA; national debt; billions of rounds of ammunition for DHS; illegal immigrants. The list goes on and on about this “transparent” presidency. What next?

  20. You are probably one of the most gullible people on earth.
    The ammo? That was a one year supply. Every president buys one years supply. What Obama purchased was no more or less then Bush was purchasing. You just got caught on stupid. Benghazi? Yes? What about it? Well over 40 killed in Bush Benghaz’s and you masturbated in the basement.

    IRS? Sorry kid, there is no scandal. Ask Issa.
    Illegal immigrants? Gee every president has had them. Again, you are stuck on stupid.
    F&F? sorry, no scandal.

    You might want to go back to your sources and tell them you need real content

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