Act of Love? Jeb Bush, ‘Moderate Republican,’ Calls for Deportation Of Migrant Children

Jeb Bush


Remember when former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the consummate “moderate Republican,” shocked everyone by calling immigration an “act of love?” It looks like he’s changed his mind. On Thursday, he called for nearly all of the 50,000-plus immigrants in limbo on our Southwest border to be sent home. That is, “except for those deserving few who may demonstrate a true case for asylum.” Deserving few? Someone should ask Bush which of the children fleeing impoverished and violent countries (where they have a 1 in 15 chance of being murdered) like Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras “deserve” to be sent home. Someone should also ask him whether the children at our border deserve to live under atrocious conditions in America, the country Republicans constantly praise and never stop disgracing. Someone should ask Bush if this is how we respond to “acts of love.”

To be fair, Bush doesn’t sink to blaming the victims outright. Instead, he blames President Obama, claiming that the massive influx of immigrants into America is “the latest consequence of the failure of President Barack Obama and Congress to overhaul America’s broken immigration.” Apparently, the House GOP’s refusal to even vote on an immigration bill drafted by a bipartisan “Gang of 8” and passed in the Senate is due to Obama’s lack of leadership. How about John Boehner’s lack of leadership? Why not place some blame with the man so utterly weak and spineless that he cannot bring his caucus to vote on one of the most important pieces of legislation of the past eight years. Bush does not suggest what Obama could have done differently, or how “Congress” as a whole should have functioned better. He simply adopts a smug, superior tone, gets on his high horse and lectures the President about leadership, just like other Republican governors who want to pass themselves off as “outsiders” while offering no solutions of their own.

Jeb Bush’s empty, partisan rhetoric is particularly galling because he, in contrast to his brother, is meant to represent the brains of the GOP. He is a policy wonk and eccentric intellectual who stands apart from the rabid populism of the Tea Party. It is discouraging that, at least in this case, his rhetoric is “Tea Party-lite,” offering none of the substance his reputation would suggest. If all Jeb Bush brings to the table is a meeker version of Tea Party ideology, he’s not much better than Rick Perry and Ted Cruz. After all, speaking crazy ideas a little more softly doesn’t make them less crazy, even when you try and fail to justify them in Wall Street Journal Op-Eds. It appears that the GOP’s search for sane leadership, of which the future of America may depend on, must continue. And, if Jeb gets his way, so must the misery of 50,000 poor children languishing at our border.

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  1. Bush is your typical self serving ideologue that will say anything to get elected and do anything to keep the rascist attitude of the extreme right in play!

  2. Funny how these politicians who, for themselves or their family, came into America from other countries and was able to achieve the American dream. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush’s own wife. I’m sure it is worth the 30 pieces of silver for them not to care one bit about the immigration problem – even though their families at one time in the recent past were immigrants. Remember Perry in the presidential debates said to show some empathy – but money shifting hands has a way of changing peoples minds, especially politicians.

  3. Lying, phony, two-faced, backstabbing, anti-American, hypocritical, double-talking, FOS BS masters, money-grubbing, anti-worker, misogynistic, willfully ignorant a++holes. Don’t you just love you some Conservatives.

  4. Perhaps he should have told his brother this before W. signed that law making it so difficult to deport these children.

  5. Wait a minute I thought they were refugees like when your brother said so.

    I guess to claim asylum you have to come from Cuba. Please tell me how does that work

  6. Oh Jeb is trying to rewrite history as the rest of the unpatriotic trash and he is being well paid by the KochMonsters.

  7. Jeb Bush has a conveniently short memory. George II wanted these people to be allowed in but, well, that was a while ago and his brother was/is a stupid white man. (I’m an older white woman BTW) The campaigning won’t be over soon enough for me. I am sick and tired of these people like Rubio, Cruz, Palin, Bachman, Romney,etc.

  8. Jeb Bush’s next claim to fame:

    Guiness Record for Flip Flopping!!

    Immigration alone:
    He was for it (in his book)
    He was against it (when book was released)
    He was for it (“Act of Love”)
    He’s against it again (deport kids – Blame Obama!!)

    Typical Bagger ReTHUG! It’s in the BUSH DNA to not have a clue as to your position as you change it depending on how the wind blows and who speaking to.

    Add fact that all the ‘Bushes’ blew their brains out in the ‘Crapper’!!!

    Reminds me of Paul Ryan & Rand Paul who are all of a sudden for helping the poor/Minorities — after years of cutting & destroying aid.

    Pandering for Votes!! And like their campaign for jobs — 30 bogus House bills they blame Reid for holding – 18 cut regulations for energy, pollution, etc., 1 is anti-union. Yadda, Yadda – List to long eo enter but you all know it!!

    They speak out both sides of mouth – NEVER to be trusted.

  9. Why do people forget who Jeb Bush is and where he comes from? He is a hardcore Republican through and through. Any perceived moderation in his views is foolhardy. He knows the only way to revive his political career is to appeal to the GOP base and give ’em red meat to chew on. The GOP has changed since he was last on the scene. Middle of the road, compassionate conservatism is out the window. Lunatic fringe, right wing crazy runs the show in the GOP now.

  10. it works like dry feet cold feet…

    if they have dry feet they stay… wet backs OUTTA here…

    oh yeah… cold feet… I’m a Republican running to be El Presidente…

  11. BU-ll SH-itter ! He’s a BUSH, what do you expect. These guys couldn’t come up with an original thought if their life depended on it. Which ever way the winds blow, they go. American people glutton for punishment sometimes, but they now know two bushes were enough. Now we need to make Jeb understand he’s wasting his and our time.

  12. We can count this as Jeb’s official declaration of his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.

  13. Do right wing Christian nut cakes have a different Bible than the rest of us? Does theirs take out all of the words of Jesus? :)

  14. The TeaBaggers loudly proclaim that they LOVE “FREEDOM” but it clearly doesn’t extend to Freedom of Speech, even for their GOP “Friends”. Jeb Bush has now caved to the extremists like all the rest have caved.

    If even their “candidates” are not allowed to freely express themselves, God help us if these Fascists (yes, I used the “F-Word”)ever are really in control.

  15. The Bush money came from rum-running during Prohibition and selling war goods to Nazis. The Bush dynasty sold America into peonage to Saudi Arabia by denying us the ability to get of the oil drug. then they sent our military over to open the way for Saudi Wahhabism to dominate a secular Iraq.

    and agitated for a fundamentalist culture that mirrors sharia law. since both flow from the Jewish ‘old testament’. Duh.

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