Bill Maher Calls It Out: Republicans Hate Neil DeGrasse Tyson Because He Is a Black Scientist


On Real Time host, Bill Maher spoke the truth about why Republicans hate Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Maher said that Republicans hate the Cosmos host because he is a black scientist.


Bill Maher was interviewing Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Real Time when he asked and Cosmos host why Republicans hate him. Before DeGrasse Tyson could answer, Maher offered his own theory, “I think the reason they don’t like you is because you’re a scientist, and a black one, who’s smarter than they are, so, you know, it’s terrible. It’s like Obama. A black person taking a white person’s job by being better at it. How dare you? What are they getting at here? What is the point?”

DeGrasse Tyson answered, “There appears to be some jealousy that the nerd set, the geek set tends to vote Democrat, and I think they want some of those geeks. That’s my sense of this….Look right now Comic-Con is going on in San Diego. Just go there and take a show of hands. How many vote Republican or Democrat? It will be overwhelmingly liberal Democrat.”

DeGrasse Tyson definitely took the high road by blaming political jealousy for their hatred, but the real reason is that he is a man of science. The Republican Party has devolved again into the anti-science party. As Reagan’s big tent has shrunk to the size of a pup tent for two, the anti-science/right-wing evangelical Christian voices have been able to assert themselves loudly.

The vast majority of self-identified Republicans and conservatives don’t believe in evolution. They don’t believe in climate change. The Republican Party may want the votes of the science and nerd set, but their platform rejects everything that these potential voters accept as fact. One of the consequences of the decision to make Obama hate race based is that the racism that is used against the president as a political tactic has grown into racism against all minorities.

There is no doubt that some conservatives feel threatened by Neil DeGrasse Tyson because he is an African-American scientist who they believe is attacking their beliefs. The idea that the Bible and science can’t co-exist is why the Republican Party has been overrun by crusaders against scientific fact. Their hatred for DeGrasse Tyson isn’t only based on race. They hate him, because they perceive him as an enemy to their faith.

Until there is room for science and fact in the Republican Party, the science and geek crowd will most likely continue overwhelmingly to vote Democrat.

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  1. well the truth is:1. TYSON IS BLACK 2. TYSON IS SMARTER THAN REPUBLICANS WHO HATE HIM. Racist republicans HATE and I mean hate smart black people. Technically they hate all black people with exception of their political whores like allen west, ben carson, herman cain and clarence thomas.

  2. To say they hate him for being black is really not getting to the heart of the question. The real question is why do they hate him for being a smart black man? Simple colorline explanations don’t go deep enough.

    a. They hate him for epitomizing the part of American cultural experience they can never feel, namely overcoming obstacles which stopped them, but didn’t stop him;

    b. They hate him for not conforming to their comfortable view of blacks. Being intelligent makes them uneasy, because they think he is always plotting to take something away from them;

    c. They hate him for the implied affirmative action standard, that allowed him to jump other qualified people (whether it happened or not isn’t relevant) who just happened to be white, to get this position.

    There are more, I’m sure. A rich dysfunctional stew, of bigotry and ignorance.

  3. All of what you say is true, but you left out one thing.
    They hate him because he is an excellent spokesman for SCIENCE, TRUTH, AND FACT BASED OPINION. That runs counter to their faith based, fundamental “Christian” point of view. Counter to their the world is 6000 years old, that dinosaurs and man co-existed, that” God” created everything and everything is as it was created, in other words, evolution is a myth.

  4. And, hey, he took away their planet Pluto.
    They will NEVER accept a mini-planet.

    Republicans have a hard time with change, they don’t like it.

  5. Republicans hate that he is smarter then them. Most Republicans still subscribe to the notion a black man is inferior. If a inferior is smarter then them, what does that say about them …

  6. Being black is reason enough for right wingers to hate Tyson. Being a notable scientist while being black is simply more than their wee little egos can handle.

  7. Neil DeGrasse Tyson like President Obama is guilty of being intelligent and successful while black. He guilty of looking all white men and women who hate the thought of a black man being intelligent and successful and a scientist that they are wrong about their belief in science. The GOP hate uppity, educated, intelligent, successful black men. Its really just that simple.

  8. Neal degrassi tyson is a national treasure and it is tragic that so many people have their heads too far up their arrogant, narrowminded, rightwing, christian arses to get his beautiful message. I want to personally thank dr tyson for everything he does.

  9. “The vast majority of self-identified Republicans and conservatives don’t believe in evolution”

    Other than this statement being disingenuous… it’s also an out and out lie. Ridiculous statement to back up a rather weak argument. The assertion may be correct… but there is no meat to this article that would back it up.

    Making a statement that is a bold faced lie doesn’t help.

  10. See Shiva’s link…this doesn’t look like a lie to me. ‘Vast’ may be an exaggeration…but a clear majority of Republicans do not accept that evolution has occurred.

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