David Gregory Wakes Up and Busts Paul Ryan On His Lies About The Poor


In a rare moment of lucidity, Meet The Press host David Gregory called out Rep. Paul Ryan’s uncompassionate lies about the poor.




DAVID GREGORY: Let’s talk about your own attitudes about people who are poor and their views on government. You were on this program of January of last year and you said the following:

REP. PAUL RYAN (On Tape): We don’t want a dependency culture. Our concern in this country is with the idea that more and more able-bodied people are becoming dependent upon the government than upon themselves and their livelihoods.

DAVID GREGORY: It doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of sympathy for people you think need the government’s help. What you seem to be saying is that people have a problem with their own dependency here that government is only furthering.

REP. PAUL RYAN: That’s not my intent and it’s far from it. And my point, and I’ll make it again, is we don’t want to have a poverty management system that simply perpetuates poverty. We want to get at the root cause of the poverty to get people out of poverty. And I would argue that that is the best way to go forward.

And that’s what we’re proposing here, which is have benefits that are customized to either person’s problems, because poverty is very complicated. And not just keep them where they are, but have them get to where they want to be. And that is what is the trust of these proposals. The federal government’s approach has ended up maintaining poverty, managing poverty.

In many ways, it has disincentivized people to going to work. In some cases, you lose more in benefits if you go to work. So people don’t go to work because of the federal disincentives that do so. So we need to reemphasize getting people up and on their lives and helping them give them the tools to do that. That’s the point.

Able-bodied people should go to work and we should have a system that helps them do that so that they can realize their potential. That for me is a far better system to get people out of poverty long term than to just spend more hardworking taxpayer dollars on a program that is not getting the results that people deserve.

Ryan isn’t interested in helping the poor. His motivation has always been to slash the programs, which is what his block grant proposal would do. By bundling up all the programs and turning them over to the states, Rep. Ryan would be hurting the poor because many Republican run states would eliminate programs for the poor, and use the money to cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations.

The Ryan budget would give millionaires an $87,000 tax cut. He plans to pay for that giant tax cut for the people who need it least by gutting programs for seniors and the poor. Paul Ryan’s budget would actually increase the number of people in poverty.

What Ryan is doing is pushing Koch brothers backed poor bashing propaganda. Paul Ryan believes that poor people should just go get jobs. In the past, Rep. Ryan has called poverty programs that don’t have work requirements insensitive.

It would be difficult for most of the people who need poverty programs to get jobs because the vast majority of them are children, the elderly, and disabled adults. For example, 64% of the people on food stamps come from those three groups.

Ryan is a firm believer that laziness, especially among African-American men, is the cause of poverty. David Gregory, who is obviously trying to save his own job, couldn’t let Ryan’s ridiculous smokescreen slide. In Paul Ryan’s view, poor people will always be takers who need to be thrown out into the cold to fend for themselves.

The only reason that Paul Ryan cares about the poor is because he wants to redistribute the money spend on their survival upwards to the wealthy.

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  1. An absolutely DISGUSTING display of GOP HYPOCRISY, not only by Ryan personally, having received SSA benefits most of his younger life, but also benefiting from government contracts to his father’s business, but imposing upon Americans of modest means cruel cyclical impoverishment that grants ENORMOUS tax cuts to wealthy Americans at the cost of those barely able to survive… SHAME ON PAUL RYAN FOR THIS BIG LIE THEORY OF POVERTY!!!

    …also, POVERTY IS ***NOT*** COMPLEX — it would be EASILY resolved with FAIR TAXATION and FAIR DISTRIBUTION OF THIS NATION’S VAST WEALTH, instead of enabling the wealthiest among us to hoard it….


  2. get the poor jobs to help get them out of poverty. Why doesn’t his party do something to create jobs, instead of just running their mouth and taking breaks

  3. Agreed that people receiving some form of government assistance can be worse off if they take the kind of minimum wage/part time jobs now available. The solution is to onshore manufacture, expand workers’ rights, and not revoke assistance the minute people have any kind of paltry income at all.

  4. I absolutely d.e.s.p.i.s.e. Paul Ryan. I think he is the most coldhearted bastard ever to walk the halls of Congress. If he had his druthers, I truly believe he’d just as soon all persons not white and wealthy just die. He’ll never admit that, but I believe it 100%.

    I for one am SICK of his disgusting attitudes towards less fortunate people in the US.

  5. I was disappointed that Mr Gregory didn’t actually nail Mr Ryan on his stance about the minimum wage.

    The fact is that the minimum wage is the “floor” of a lot of wages. When we fail to raise the minimum wage, then skilled labor wages also stay down. If you are paying $2-$3 over minimum for skilled labor… it’s still not a living wage and thus more and more people are qualifying for government assistance for housing, medical, and food.

    The point of our focus ought to be “living wages” for skilled and unskilled workers. ANYONE working a 40 hour week ought to be able to afford rent, food, medical care, and clothing. I’m not talking luxury here, but LIVING. If we don’t raise our wages to the living level for those who work… has anyone thought what this means over a lifetime? It means that people will have a harder and harder time saving for retirement. (How will anyone save $1 million for retirement – the amount bandied around as what is needed – if they can’t make…

  6. You cannot claim to be a Catholic and snub your nose at the poor. Matthew 19:24
    “Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

  7. If Republicans policies are so great then why are the majority of the food stamp & housing assistance recipients governed in GOP red states and the poorest rural areas. The poverty belt: AL, AR, AZ, IA, IL, GA, ME, MI, MO, NM, OR, KY, LA, MS, OK, SC, TN, TX, WA, WV. The Republicans focus on inner cities code words for “racial politics” when there are 317 million Americans with 47 million receiving food stamp 59% White (28million), 28% Black (13 million), 13% Other (6 million).

    The current Republicans work for the 1% to continue Robbing Country blind and not average citizens. The GOP keep the Middle and Poor Class Fighting against their own self interest to eliminate Earned Benefits which they funded (Social Security and HealthCare) and safety nets (Education, Unions, FDA, EPA and etc.) which keeps us from becoming a 3rd world country. Republicans operate to maintain a permanent poor and labor class by blocking opportunities in business and with laws. America is a cou…

  8. If you take Ryan, at his word that the government encourages poverty,and freeloaders,then he should start with Congress.

    Put the American citizens, in Control of the purse-strings, starting with:

    Everyone 18 and older has the right to vote!

    Give “bock grants” to the PEOPLE to invest in each STATE, not the Governors.

    Give minimum wage to everyone in congress, no lobbyist giving money, repeal “corporation are people” law.

    That is just for Start.

  9. Dick Gregory is STILL asleep.

    Why didn’t he ask about Republican Party stonewalling on lifting the minimum wage, or it’s continued efforts to undermine the ACA, or it’s lack of a forward looking energy policy, or it’s constant defunding of schools , infrastructure, and R&D, ALL of which would go a lot further to eliminate the problems of the poor far more than the BS Ryan is dishing out.

  10. Gregory’s on his way out, and knows his legacy at the helm of MTP will be rated at the bottom, because he was an incurious beltway hack, more interested in playing media politics than in doing his job.

  11. If Stretch performed anything even remotely approaching “journalism” in his interview, it was probably because of all the rumors swirling that his ass is about to get canned. Can you imagine being replaced by Chuck Todd, who is an even BIGGER tool?

  12. Remember when this hypocrite tried to fool people into thinking he was washing pots and pans for the poor with his wife when he was running for president..hypocrite, phony…disgusting…

  13. Just think that when Rubio parents came here from Cuba they got Welfare to help them get on their feet. An when his dad died Rubio got Survivor Pay through our Gov. an his mom got Widows Benefits. An when Mitt Romney dad came running back over from the Mexico to avoid the War’s he was given a hand up from our Gov. To! It seems these people forget where they come from, an the HELP our Government gave them to recover while they lived/got education an progessed into our society to become solid Citizens with jobs!! I’ve about had it with these GOP who act holier then thou an spit on the poor/low income while they do it!

  14. Because that would mean they would have to do something patriotic, and there is nothing patriotic about the GOP.

  15. Yes Paul Ryan and the GOP love the poor so much that they have passed enormous cuts to food stamps. You know right now children are out of school and are hungry. Families have had cuts of $90 or more to their food stamps. Towards the end of the month people are skipping meals. If Ryan goes to a restaurant to eat in one meal he spends as much as a family may receive in food stamps for one month.
    By the way these cuts hit military families as well. Just another way the GOP shows how they support the troops.

  16. ‘disincentivized people to going to work. In some cases, you lose more in benefits if you go to work. So people don’t go to work because of the federal disincentives that do so’

    Ryan is a pathological liar. The reason people are unemployed is because the House and Congress have done ZERO to create jobs except incentivize tax cuts to the (cough) job creators.

    Ryan should be ashamed of himself since he is one of the reasons nothing has been done. Ryan barely works and rarely does the job he was voted in to do and has a twisted definition of compassion.

    WHERE ARE THE JOBS? Our infrastructure is falling apart so there is a demand for construction jobs. If there was a job program that worked to fix this, millions of jobs would be created and people would be employed as 99% of us want to be, and then the economy would grow with the building of homes which is another way the economy would grow.

    Repubs lost because the majority of voters did’t trust Ryan ashis God is Ayn R…

  17. And education should be a top priority. Instead the governors of red states are destroying public education.

  18. Excuse me, Yolanda, but you posted the state of Washington as being one of the red states receiving most of the handouts.

    I beg to differ. Washington State is a blue state. It has a mandated minimum wage of over $10.00 an hour with COLA raises every year, has a Democratic governor, a Democratic Senate, with a mixed bag in it’s House. It is also one of the blue States that sends more money to D.C. than it receives.

    Just thought you should know.

  19. I wish that Paul Ryan would lose everything he has and have to sleep under a bridge. He runs his mouth about something that he should know something about, since his mother and him were on assistance at one time. He’s a classic example of a hypocrite.

  20. I wish that Paul Ryan would lose everything he has and have to sleep under a bridge. He runs his mouth about something that he should know something about, since his mother and him were on assistance at one time. He’s a classic example of a hypocrite.

  21. Really?
    35 Years ago, Welfare called my house and offered me PA on a silver platter – they did this to eliminate Minority competition for jobs in the 1980s.
    Now that the system is overwhelmed you want to kick people off the system, but you don’t want to train them to be self-sufficient.
    If Welfare offered REAL training programs it would guarantee recipients ‘never’ return to the public dole.
    When WEP-Work Experience Program to work for your benefits was devised, it wasn’t designed to create work experience, but ONLY to work for benefits.
    The system is designed to frustrated people off, go around the block and return to PA again.
    All those Customer Service jobs outsourced should have been provided to Welfare Recipients.
    Their “Back to Work” programs have menial jobs paying $9/hour. Why? because $9 is ABOVE the “poverty threshold” to be eligible for Food Stamps and cash benefits, but NOT enough to be self-sufficient.
    Thus, the continued reliance on the SYSTEM!

  22. You’re absolutely right!
    They are “Public Servants” yet, they’re ALL millionaires. They lobby with Corporations for campaign contributions, most of which go straight into their pockets!
    They will Never know hunger or poverty – even after they leave office, as their pensions are equivalent to their salaries… All on the Government Taxpayer’s DIME!

  23. Wow, if that is David Gregory “calling out” Paul Ryan, I would hate to see how much love flows when he doesn’t. That was so lame that he should be embarrassed to call himself a journalist.

  24. He only pretends to be a Catholic. He’s really an Ayn Rand “want to be”! He has no positive soul. His heart is cold. Again I say, how do these people sleep at night? They don’t follow any of the teachings of Jesus as they pretend to be Christians! It’s frightening because it causes so called educated people to hate and vote against their own best interest! So they support the billionaires and corporate giants who are enslaving them as they avoid taxes and get tax breaks while those with less than pay more taxes.

  25. Can someone point out to me one time, just one, when Republican/conservative policies worked? And by “worked” I mean where the vast majority of the people benefited and not just a very small elite percentage of the populace. I’m 63 and I can’t remember a time when a Republican administration was in power when we didn’t have higher unemployment, higher debt, higher taxes, etc., when they didn’t royally fuck things up.

  26. The GOp is just waiting for some infrastructure nightmare to happen so they can have something else to take up time to blame President Obama as they block his every effort to do anything for this country and it’s people! God help us!

  27. The irony of everything Paul Ryan is proposing is big government at it’s worst! They have given new meaning and power to the word hypocrite!!! Wake up my fellow Americans, PLEASE!!!

  28. “we don’t want a dependency culture.” really? so why had he not cut the welfare programs corporations receive? the scotus said corporations are now people, so shouldn’t their welfare be cut??

    this makes ryan look like a hypocrite. its wrong for the poor, who are actual living, breathing human beings to benefit from the safety net. but not corporations, which are not living, breathing, human beings but brick and mortar. its disgusting.

  29. While raising min. Wage is a start keep in mind that people nowadays feel its a right to have a cell phone cable tv a big screen TV etc.this is not right, if your on unemployment or welfare the money should be spent on essentials and why can EBT cards be used at fast foid places? It was intended so those less fortunate could buy nutritional foods.

  30. Is it right for you to determine what people have? Are you making assumptions that you have heard from people who blame the poor for everything?
    People work so they can draw unemployment, You just cant sign up for it. who are you to decide what they have or eat?

  31. Where I live at the average for EBT is about 200 a month. Now I don’t know what you pay for cable but trust that amount wont cover it.

    Stop with the Reich wing nonsense and think

  32. Keep shipping jobs overseas and that really gives Americans an incentive to work, right Paul?

    Keep giving big corporations more and more tax breaks, so instead of creating jobs for Americans, their CEOs can get their golden parachutes and then some; and evade taxes by stashing the tax breaks overseas.

    Paul Ryan, you are not a smart man at all.

  33. People can use EBT at fast food if they get cash assistance, you can’t use snap benefits to buy prepared food. Also, people need phones to get calls for job interviews and for emergencies.

    You are just repeating all the crap the right wing always puts out there, it is BS.

  34. Our concern in this country is with the idea that more and more able-bodied people are becoming dependent upon the government than upon themselves and their livelihoods.

    Well, dickwad, when you slash the government workforce you kneecap the stability of the economy. Government jobs set up competition for labor with corporations. If government janitors make $15.00 an hour, plus benefits, then WalMart is forced to raise wages and benefits to meet minimum workforce requirements. Labor has worth. without Labor, there is no Capital. and capital is driven to maximize profits even to the point of self-destruction.

    Congress has failed us. The Traditional American ritual is to tar & feather them and run them out of town on a rail. And threaten worse if they return.

  35. Is it just me or is Gregory trying to save his job? Ryan is a complete a-hole and has forgotten his roots where he and his mom were dependant on the government. I for one , don’t buy his BS!

  36. So he wants to move people into self sustaining jobs that pay a wage well below the poverty line which would disqualify them from further assistance while cutting taxes for his rich buddies. Furthermore, isn’t this more government involvement? I thought these idiots ran on a smaller government platform! Just like women’s reproductive rights… Yes, smaller government makes a great sound bite! Get up, get out, and vote BLUE!!! I for one have had enough of these do nothing, lying, overpaid hypocrites!

  37. Also remember the payment for the restaurant tab is not money out of his pocket, it is out of his expense accounts.

    Provided by our tax dollars and big interest lobbyists whom demand special favors in return.

  38. so what he is proposing is trickle up instead of down? giving the wealthy 87k in tax breaks is beyond real. In 2010 they promised hundreds of thousands of jobs. (to get elected). What have the GOP done for this country since Obama? Bundling programs and giving them to the states for the poor is a bad idea. The states are already broke .The wealthy of this country are ruining it.or already have ruined it.

  39. If you remember in 2010 the GUPer’s ran on a platform to create jobs. Well , where are they? The GOP needs to take a hard look at themselves and change their brand. Stop lying for one and start representing the people you care for. Work with your heart not your wallet.

  40. He’s a punk, and a double talker. If you listen to him, he makes no sense.

    He is arrogant and forgot where he came from. Greedy bastard, I am ashamed that he is a Catholic, he gives the rest of us a bad name.

  41. Nah … I’m not buying it. Paul rAyn knew in advance that the clip was going to be played and had a well rehearsed response. I agree that Gregory is acting as though he is trying to save his job. But he is just what corporate media wants.

    We won’t hear on this or any other of the Sunday morning a ‘moderator’ point out any of the solutions mentioned in the comments on this article.

  42. Sorry, I think I dosed off before Gregory got to the part about busting ryan’s lies. Oh well, maybe next time Gregory can be a journalist.

  43. 900,000 vets on food stamps.

    $100 million a year in food stamps redeemed at commissaries on a military base.

    Cut all corporate welfare now.

  44. How Ryan gets away with this in his home district is hard to believe. I worked in Janesville Wi…It is part of Ryan’s district. There are lots of people in that area that are hurting,with the closing of the General Motors plant Many businesses and individuals fell on hard times. Many businesses closed and people were put out of work,requiring many to seek government assistance.Many of these people will never work again.How does Ryan get away with this when the people he represents are the same ones he complains about

  45. Paul Ryan must have been sleeping under a rock during the worst financial and employment crisis since the Great Depression and dust bowl. And we’re supposed to trust this vision for our future.

  46. Root Cause of Poverty- Billionaires are stealing from Americans by not paying taxes:
    The Billionaires Club has 100 out of 492 billionaires that have pledged to donate 50% of their wealth to charity by the time they die, because they say that charities do a better job than the government (FALSE). None of these Billionaires pay taxes to run the government and serve the people. The unpatriotic billionaires earned their money from the extreme tax breaks given by the Bush Administration that stole over $6.5 Trillion from 99% of Americans. Instead of supporting America, they spend millions of dollars on lobbyists to get laws passed so they make more money, even if the laws are killing Americans. They do almost anything to hide their money so they don’t have to pay their fair share of taxes hiding over $32 Trillion in off shore accounts. They also spend billions towards non-profits and their personal foundations to avoid paying their share of taxes to the government, which has result…

  47. GOP think we are stupid. What this clown wants to do is complicate the system.
    What we need is jobs.
    We need a LIVING wage, NOT poverty wages.
    GOP need to pass the minimum wage increase.
    GOP in the HOUSE pass bills loaded down with POISON PILLS they know will not pass the Democrats in the Senate.
    Ex. DEFUND Obamacare, pass the Keystone pipeline, etc.
    If something magically gets past the House, MITCH MCCONNELL and the GOP in the Senate FILIBUSTER the bill. The Dems in the Senate DO NOT have the needed 60 DEM majority to over ride the GOP’s record breaking filibusters.

  48. They don’t say that they ran on creating jobs, now they say they were voted it to stop Obama. Even though they did all run on the creation of jobs. President Obama has been trying to create more jobs from day one.

  49. The free phones was started under Ronald Regan and then changed to cell phones under Bush. That’s another lie/talking point that is used by many under educated Republicans when they go after Obama.

  50. I missed it where Gregory put Ryan in his place. Ryan ran his mouth right over Gregory.

    Putting Ryan in his place would amount to Gregory physically standing up and telling Ryan to shut his lying effing mouth.

  51. If that was Dick Gregory awake I missed it. He just gave Ryan free air time to push his agenda again. I kept waiting for the journalistic push back and it did not come.

    Meet the press used to be a good show.

  52. That’s part of the problem. They are representing the people they care for, the rich and big corporations.

  53. A little over a year ago, my husband and I were homeless. My father passed away from cancer and we lost everything while we cared for him. Luckily for us, a string of good luck and a lot of help from friends got us back on our feet, but things got really bleak.

    If someone as lacking in compassion as you saw us during that time they would have yelled that we drove a SUV, had a cell phone and holy crap, she has tattoos! What they wouldn’t see, because their prejudices would prevent them, is that the car was given to us by one of those previously mentioned friends and that we were living in that car. They wouldn’t see that not only have I had that cell for over 8 years, but it cost $10 and it’s pay as you go, meaning half the time it had no money but was carried in case we had to call 911. And they wouldn’t see that the tattoos are faded because I’ve had them for decades. Nope, they’d only see what they wanted to.

    How about you focus on your own self and spew your…

  54. A group of people who don’t do anything, get a check from the government every month, and think they are entitled: the Republicans in the Congress.

    I call them “Legislative Welfare Queens”.

  55. Once again, here is a sad fact. Why wasn’t either one of them talking about raising the minimum wage. Things that go hand in hand POVERTY and LOW WAGES. I for one believe that a person who makes a decent living wage needs less from the Government. Economics 101 proves that. Ryan has no intention of helping the poor. A couple of years down the road the Republicans will say that this proposed program costs to much so we will need to cut Social Security and Medicare AGAIN. When will you people stop falling in these traps..

  56. DG has already cut a deal with Faux News. He is not going to rock the boat now and give the impression that he is a real journalist. That would jeopardize his deal with Faux.

  57. Can’t agree with you more. What’s the old saying, “Do as I say, don’t do as I do”. I believe many of those in Washington who claim to be our representatives are completely out of touch with the common man (and woman).

  58. Funny. He said people are depending on the government for their livlihood. Sounds kinda like he could be talking about the republican congress.

  59. Also Anne, this man wants to give an 87,000 tax cut to very rich people. That amount of money is way , way more then most working people ever see. Mr. Ryan does not see the duplicity of such a cut. I wonder just what Mr Ryan would do with his 87,000 extra? What big item does he want? a New home, airplane, huge cabin, Just what, does this man want????

  60. Etta ,these rethugs are way too busy, shutting down the Gov. creating the newest scandal, trying to vote down the ACA(obamacare)54 times,and trying to impeach the Pres. for nothing. All these problems are far more important to the rethugs then any thing to help the country or it’s people.
    The only thought they have is: creating what ever kind of havoc, destruction they possibly can.

  61. You can not claim to be Catholic and turn your back on the poor! Yet buddhablondee it is done every day by the same people who claim exactly that. All, are either staunch Christians and all seem to be republican. I call them rethugs.

  62. Exactly! The obvious question to Ryan’s rant would be to ask about jobs. Or even bring up raising the minimum wage. Remember, the 13 states that raised their minimum wage as of Jan 1st, have higher job creation rates than the other states.

    Instead the Republicans claim exactly opposite: that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs, and that yet another tax cut for the ‘job creators’ will result in more jobs, even though that has not been the case for at least a decade. So they call the 50 plus times of voting to repeal ObamaCare and the tax cuts to the top 1% are ‘jobs bills.’

  63. Dee, why should any of us be surprised by this? The rethugs in congress do not want an educated population. An educated population would be a very dangerous situation for them. After all, education teaches how to think, reason and discern. Rethugs can not have that, if they did, they would never again win an election.

  64. GOP 2014 strategy — Hire clowns, elephants, and a ringmaster and say “a media circus” has emerged and blame Democrats for lack of progress. Have pundits agree that “both sides are to blame” and hope the public will stay home on election day.

  65. What a crock o ^%$#, Ryan and his party are the cause of poverty in America, just look at the poorest states and what party runs them.

  66. This article nails it. Gregory is just trying to save his job in this moment of lucidity. I actually wonder if the network and/or Gregory thinks that viewers cannot see through the nice sounding words and that is why they don’t dig deeper and make this an interesting discussion. The corporate media go for the simple red meat, not the in depth reporting seeking the truth like when television journalism was young. In order to easily get these jug head politicians to come on their show, the questions have to be easy.

  67. If anybody wants to see a true representation of liberal brainwashing,the only place they need to stops here!

  68. You will not get your check, you forgot liberalism is a disease. Please return to your Ayn Rand book and re-read that chapter.
    You should also go shoot your parents and grandparents, as you have sold them out. Go thank Boehner for doing nothing for jobs and then of coruse you must enlist in the military to go fight those muslims

    Then when you have grown up a little, come back

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