GOP Senator Lindsey Graham Slams Obama And Claims The President Is AWOL On Foreign Policy


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On Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared on CNN’s State of the Union to discuss President Obama’s foreign policy decisions when it comes to Russia, Israel and the Middle East. As one would expect from a warmongering neocon like Graham, the Senator was extremely critical of the President. The frequent Sunday show guest preened in front of the cameras once more as he slammed the President and stated that Obama has been “AWOL” when it comes to his leadership in the international community.


Host Candy Crowley began the interview by asking Graham about the changing dynamics of international relations in the 21st-century. She pointed out that things aren’t as simple as in the mid-to-late 20th century, when the bad guys were the Soviets and the Eastern bloc, and the good guys were America and its allies. She wanted Graham to discuss the “changing times” and perhaps explain how we need to change our perspectives. Of course, Graham just went back to his 20th-century mindset and simply said that America just need to be more assertive and aggressive with countries and organizations it deems as dangerous.

CROWLEY: With me now, Senator Lindsey Graham of the Armed Services Committee.

Senator, it is good to see you and thank you so much for…


CROWLEY: …coming on.

I want to talk to you first about this notion of leadership and the idea that the world really has changed. It’s not as simple as the bad guys are in the Soviet bloc and behind the iron curtain and the good guys are in the West. It is now a very complicated world which kind of defies a title of leader of the Western World. How much of this do you ascribe to changing times? 

GRAHAM: You know, I think what we’ve learned from these changing times that without American leadership the world disintegrates pretty rapidly. I said last week, America is the glue that holds the free world together. When you see us missing or AWOL as President Obama’s been, you see fracturing on multiple fronts.

Russia is more aggressive, not less. The sanctions clearly are not working. Hamas is demanding open borders. Show me a statement by Hamas leadership that recognizes the right for Israel to resist, then I would consider that request.

These are stark contrast and we’re not responding. Passive responses to naked aggression all over the world is our foreign policy. Look what ISIS has been able to do in Syria and Iraq. Without American leadership, the world gets to be a very dangerous place and our allies, like Israel and Ukraine, suffer.


Crowley pushed back a bit against Graham’s assertion that President Obama has not led within the international community. She pointed out that the White House has issued much tougher sanctions against Russia than European countries. Crowley also stated that Obama has called on European leaders to step up and confront Russia and President Vladimir Putin as this situation in Ukraine affects them far more than the United States. Of course, Graham dismissed Obama’s leadership when it comes to sanctioning Russia and holding it accountable for the situation in Ukraine. He instead decided to make a dumb analogy where he compared Putin to a cagey poker player.

CROWLEY: Well, you know, I think that the White House would argue, and has argued and said, you know, first of all, it now sounds as though they’ve finally gotten the European allies, including Germany, to agree to stiffen up their sanctions because, in the end, it’s more their problem in their backyard than in the U.S. backyard.

As far as Putin is concerned, he may be immune to sanctions, but that’s hardly the president’s fault. And has he not led in sanctions? The U.S. has upped them and upped them and upped them and Europe has failed to follow until apparently now. 

GRAHAM: Well, let’s look at it this way. Russia has dismembered the Ukraine, a neighboring nation. It is intimidating its neighbors. Russia has seized territory from the Ukraine.

Here’s what I fear with this passive response. With the Ukraine, if it could go back in time give up nuclear weapons. This lack of decisive action. The Ukraine has asked for weapons to defend itself for months and we’re still thinking about it. The Europeans can’t lead without America setting the standard. They’re a dysfunctional political organization, Europe is. And without American leadership organizing Europe and the world you see people like Putin who has an economy the size of Italy. He’s playing a poker game with a pair of 2s, and winning. You see Iraq and Syria become safe havens for some of the most deadliest terrorists in the world who directly threaten our homeland. You see Israel under siege. 

At this point, Crowley decided to confront Graham head on and ask him directly what he wants the President to do. She wanted to know if Graham wants Obama to take a more aggressive approach in his foreign policy, which would obviously mean at least the threat military action against several different countries and organizations.

CROWLEY: Senator, what would you have him do? He can’t (INAUDIBLE) — I mean, you want a more aggressive response. He’s been talking to…


CROWLEY: …the European allies. We don’t — no one here I think – 

GRAHAM: Can I get a shot at what –



GRAHAM: I would come to Congress and I’d ask for additional sanctions on the entire Russian economy, Putin included. I would come to Congress and ask for money to equip and train the Ukrainian military.

I would when it came to Israel, condemn the U.N. human rights report that holds his role responsible for the activity here. The U.N. human’s right report is a joke. The U.N. has becoming more anti- Israeli, anti-Semitic. I would push back, Congress will do this, Schumer, Menendez and myself, we’re going to push back against this report. When it comes to Syria and Iraq, I would come up with a military game plan in coordination with the regional allies to stop ISIS from growing in strength. I would push political reconciliation in Baghdad but I’d come up with a military plan to stop these terrorist organizations from growing in strength before they hit our homeland.


In Graham’s mind, the United States needs to send high-grade military weaponry to Ukraine. It also needs to send over money and soldiers to ‘train’ the Ukraine military. Then, the US government needs to isolate itself within the global community by publicly criticizing dozens of countries by calling them anti-Semitic. He wants Congress to do this even though the United States already voted against the UN resolution he referred to. Finally, Graham insists that the United States needs to once again send over troops to fight in Iraq while at the same time engaging in a military conflict with Syria.

Graham’s plan would cost the country billions and billions of dollars as well as American lives. On top of that, anger towards the American government across the globe would skyrocket due to our involvement in these armed conflicts. We’d further damage our international reputation by needlessly admonishing other nations over their justified criticism of civilian deaths in Gaza. Thankfully, Graham is not the President of the United States and has absolutely no pull with the current resident of the White House.

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  1. You know, it’s moments like this where one feels the urge to sit back, take stock of everything in life, take a nice deep breath, and shout:

    “OH, FOR F*CKS SAKE!!!!!”

  2. Just a few weeks ago, the GOP were (figuratively) kissing Putin’s ass. Now, they want the President to call him a thug (Graham, last week), and this week, to up up up the sanctions against Russia.

    Russia is a big problem for the EU, not for the US. Trade between Russia and the US is something like 2% of the US economy. IOW, shame the EU into doing something constructive. Graham and McGrumpypants are still in Cold War mode. Typical conservatives — never looking at the present and the future, but always looking back.

  3. Just what America needs – US can’t afford to take care of its own citizens and infrastructure but yes, let’s do the Republican plan of giving half of everything to the 99% while paying another half to all the wars they want … to send American soldiers, arms and money to and then leave the arms there, bring our dead or injured home and then vote not to take care of our American soldiers and vote to fix foreign infrastructure for countries who hate us vs. investing money into our infrastructure which would create millions of jobs and lift millions out of poverty in America.

    Lindsey has his priorities ass backwards.

  4. Graham’s nothing more than your typical southern, racist, bigoted hack. Crowley is pathetic and should have asked him what he’s done for the country and the people of his state. CNN is FAUX NEWS LIGHT.

  5. If I was from SC which thank God I am not, I would be totally embarrassed for this man to represent me. What were you people thinking voting this racist bigot in as senator. He is so not a real Christian

  6. We can find the money to train and equip foreign armies, but we have to cut benefits for Americans to pay for it. They won’t pay to help the VA backlog, but blank checks for open-ended military adventures are still on the menu. His suggestion to arm and train troops is another defense industry boondoggle with US firms getting most of the money, and Ukrainians getting old damaged equipment for our tax money. Graham’s played this corrupt game before. Red State weasel.

  7. Lindsey Beauregard Graham now insists he’ll only be interviewed from his fainting couch clutching his pearls calling out for John McCain!

  8. Listen CNN

    trying to copy Fox and letting your guests say whatever they want and ramble on and rant about anything they want is not working

  9. I watched that interview and listening to him is like the sound of fingernails scraping on a chalkboard, his tome is condescending and he is as phony as they come. Can’t stand him.

  10. Oh my stars and garters, I do declare. I believe Senator Lindsey “Blanche DuBois” Graham has a bad case of the vapors. Someone bring a mint julep or a cold glass of sweet tea to him on his fainting couch.

  11. You took the words right out of my mouth. These people don`t have there priorities straight. It`s time the American people wake up and vote these morons OUT!

  12. Here we go again. These people always want to interview, evil, racist bigots like Lindsey Graham. We all know what he and his cronies are going to say. Why do they always interview the ones who hate the President the most. From the time their parents brought them up, they preached a black man was lower than them and ignorant. So they continue to teach their children and anyone who listens the same thing. However since the facts prove them different, they must continue to say the same old crap. Tell me hatred doesn’t breed stupidity.

  13. I wish people could realize Ukraine has been and most want to be part of Russia we should not supply weapons to start a civil war because Ukraine does not want from America or any other country they want a political solution not a death sentence lot of red states are weapons manufacturing including that coward gram

  14. Obama is low key, but I appreciate his foreign policy; “Don’t involve the US in unwinnable wars, and do what you can with diplomacy”. And we have not entered into Syria or Iran, while making headway in the issues that are important there. Graham (and his ‘crusty old white dude’ war monger, on the other hand would happily sink us into more expensive non-productive combat situations, with no sensible goals or outcomes. I don’t like everything Obama does, but I certainly appreciate this about him.

  15. Lindsay Graham, who never went to war personally and risked his puny little backside, is only happy when American troops are being killed and maimed in a foreign war of no consequence to America but a pile of debt and dead.

    And Candy Crowley is a shill and a disgrace.

  16. I agree with everyone Lindsay Graham is a coward,he is afraid of not getting re-elected
    and the cowards way they all take is to talk tough while not doing a thing to help any situation, and not even knowing the extent of the problems, he has always had to be propped up by the poisonous McCain in the past. Bad mouthing the president is all he has – has anyone heard of him running on anything else, like health care for his constituents, or unemployment comp, global warming etc – no, neither have I.Also due to the fact that he is from the bigot party
    he is also afraid to come out of the closet.

  17. Repubs have no problem sending other people’s children to die in useless wars. Like Mitt Romney who had 4 or 5 sons — not one put on a uniform. Yet, they are the “heroes” and liberals are cowards — NOT! Of course, his sons said they had the important job of getting their father elected president — didn’t do such a good job, did they. You can add Romney to the “dodge the draft” club (along with Bush, Cheney, Nugent, Limbaugh. etc.

  18. Lindsey (I never leave a man’s behind) Graham is exactly like the tranvestite J. E. Hoover. He is a Colonel in the AF, he is in the Combat Arms of Lawyer, while an honorable profession, Graham just loves the dead and dying. Can’t seem to get enough, not that he’d risk his own lily white ass that John McCain loves so much.

  19. And one more thing – we pay this loser how much? to come on TV every week and badmouth the president.

    I doubt if this man knows how to write a bill or legislate.

  20. These guys are like a broken record.
    Whatever the question, the canned
    answer is “Obama, BAD”. They have
    nothing to offer the American People.
    They don’t wanna listen to what we
    are saying. We want to raise the
    minimum wage, we want immigration
    reform. We don’t want anymore WAR!
    & frankly, after the debacle in Iraq,
    Republicans just cannot be trusted.


  21. I can’t seem to shake the vision of Lindsey Graham, dressed up like prissy little school boy, who is always getting beat up by the little girls, during recess.

    The guy strikes me as less that honest and certainly not up for being with the big boys of the world.

  22. I hear ya’ djchefron! And if any one has been AWOL it has been Mz. Lindsey and his moronic hateful ilk. But in their case the AWOL means Assholes With Out Logic.

  23. The only “Mushroom Cloud over America” we have to worry about would be if some how deep fryers all over this nation containing breaded mushrooms combusted simultaneously.

  24. Lindsey Graham is one pitiful disdainful Senator. He badmouths the President on National TV and kisses up to Putin’s pouting face. Calling the President names is so sissified of him, while oooohing and aaaaahing at Mr. Macho Putin is disgusting!

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