Republicans Have Proven On Multiple Occasions That Their Loyalty Is Not With America


This column addresses patriotism more often than it should, but it is simply because over the past few years Republicans have demonstrated their loyalty and devotion to anyone except the American people or the nation itself. During the Viet Nam War, there was an oft-repeated phrase from conservatives that Americans who did not love America’s habit of perpetual war should get out. The implication was that opposing the war was supporting the enemy and therefore unpatriotic, but today, there is a tendency among Republicans to support foreign nations and leaders over the interests of this nation that clearly shows their patriotism is reserved for any nation other than America.

The idea of patriotic duty to one’s own country, and its citizens, has never caught on with Republicans, particularly Republicans loyal to foreign nations. Over the past five years, Republicans worked diligently to advance the economic interests of the Canadian oil industry and preserve Canada’s environment by pushing to build Canada’s leak-prone KeystoneXL pipeline across America, heaped inordinate praise on Russia’s homophobic religious right President Vladimir Putin, and of course, provided unwavering support, and untold sums of taxpayer dollars, to the nation where their true allegiance and patriotism lies; Israel. In fact, as mentioned here last week, “Supporting Israel unconditionally has become the hallmark of American patriotism, and questioning anything it does is of the Devil, treason, attacking god, anti-Semitic, assaulting the holy bible, and an affront to Christianity.”

An accusation last week by evangelical freak Ted Cruz that President Obama utilized an American regulatory agency to economically punish Israel really revealed two facts about Republicans demanding compliance to demands made by Israel. First, because Israel is the source of most of the Christian bible’s Old Testament mythology, America has an obligation to obey Israeli demands as if they were uttered directly from the mouth of god. Second, because Cruz protested, quite vigorously, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) regard for the safety of Americans citizens flying to Israel, he obviously cares more about Israel’s economy and tourism trade than the safety of American lives. It is the truest form of patriotism to Israel, and monumental contempt for American citizens’ safety.

According to Cruz, the FAA ban on flights to Israel was not a safety issue, but a devious plot by President Obama to “use a federal regulatory agency to punish Israel, and aid Hamas.” The half-American claimed the FAA flight ban was the Obama Administration’s attempt “aid our enemy and isolate and hurt our ally.” Cruz also asserted that the White House needs to answer for deliberately launching an economic boycott on Israel to destroy its tourism industry. Cruz needs to provide answers to two simple questions; is he an American or Israeli citizen, and which nation does he swear allegiance to above all others? According to his disregard for the safety of American lives and accusations President Obama is plotting to hurt Israel’s economy, his allegiance is to Israel, not America.

Now, on the subject of Israel’s economy, America has been propping up Israel for decades with unwavering support of its defense industry, but it is never enough. Last week, while Republicans were busy obstructing funding for the so-called Bush-Republican immigration crisis and funding for Veterans’ healthcare, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced standalone legislation to provide funding for Israel’s “Iron Dome” anti-missile system. The Senate Appropriations Chairwoman, Barbara Mikulski, had included the Israeli military welfare in a supplemental to legislation addressing the “crisis” of child refugees seeking out Border Patrol officers for assistance according to the 2008 Bush-Republican law, but McConnell’s patriotism, and American taxpayer’s largesse, lies with Israel; not America’s immigration dilemma.

Republicans were incensed that Mikulski’s bill would not unilaterally repeal Bush’s 2008 anti-trafficking law, so McConnell’s bill allows Republicans to demonstrate their loyalty to Israel with more taxpayer money and cement their opposition to addressing the border crisis they created. On the floor of the Senate, McConnell said, “Republicans are united in support of our ally Israel, and we have legislation that allows Congress to send a message to Hamas that its terrorist tactics and its attempts to terrorize Israel’s populace will not succeed.” Of course, being loyal to Israel, McConnell, Republicans, and Congress in general refuse to address Israel’s terrorism against Palestinian civilians forced to exist in a fenced, mined, and isolated interment camp and have no problem funding Israel’s war effort. And, they reveal they have no loyalty to America by staunchly opposing any funding for Bush’s immigration law, Veterans, hungry and homeless Americans, or to repair this country’s rapidly deteriorating infrastructure.

Last Wednesday, the The UN Human Rights Council condemned Israel’s assault on Palestinian civilians it said involved “disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks including aerial bombing of civilian areas, collective punishment, and the killing of more than 650 Palestinians.” At the end of the emergency session, the U.N. Human Rights forum adopted a resolution by a vote of 29 in favor and 1 against (the United States). To punctuate America’s unwavering support for continued humanitarian abuses, America jumped at the chance to send Israel hundreds-of-millions more in military aid while Republican refused to spend one penny for Americans or its immigration problem.

Now, there is no doubt that America is, and always will be, Israel’s staunchest ally. It was, after all, America and the United Kingdom that handed Israel a homeland while the Jewish state refuses to negotiate a peaceful settlement and give Palestinians a homeland. In 2012, American taxpayers funded 21% of Israel’s military that belies Cruz’s claim the Obama Administration plotted to damage Israel’s economy. However, funding 21% of Israel’s military is still not enough according to Republicans and a fair number of Democrats, and there is a question the American people funding nearly a quarter of Israel’s military deserve an honest answer to; what has Israel done for America to deserve taxpayer largesse?

For the level of funding this country provides to “our ally Israel,” one would think the very least they could do was reduce tensions with Palestinians sequestered in a fenced off and heavily-mined reservation by providing what America and the U.K. gave Israel; a homeland. Israel was furious that America attempted to mediate an end to its assault on Palestinian civilians, and instead Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s security cabinet met to debate proposals for how best to escalate the Gaza offensive.

The idea of a Palestinian homeland or a peaceful resolution is a concept Republicans oppose out-of-hand because they support Israel’s refusal to seek peace; and why should Israel negotiate for a peaceful settlement? America dependably funds their war effort that includes the inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people and a military assault on innocent civilians. Ted Cruz assailed Secretary of State John Kerry’s request for humanitarian aid such as food, water, and medical care for war-torn Palestinian civilians as support for terrorists. This nation’s opposition to the United Nations’ humanitarian resolution is all the proof anyone needs that despite the Obama Administration’s calls for peace, America is funding and supporting the invasion of Gaza.

Republicans, and some Democrats, need to come clean with the American people and elucidate precisely where their loyalties lie and which country they swear allegiance to because it is increasingly clear it is not America. Whether it is supporting Canada’s oil industry and protecting their environment from the KeystoneXL pipeline, praising Russian President Putin’s anti-gay, religious right agenda and “patriotic” invasion of Ukraine, or Israel’s decades long refusal to seek a peaceful resolution and provide Palestinians with a homeland; there is no evidence Republican patriotism is for America or its people.

Apparently, Republican loyalty, patriotism, and unwavering support for the nation they love above all others is simply because Israel is the central theme of the bible’s Old Testament. If there is another reason, like something Israel has done to garner billions-of-dollars America gives them every year, it is time for Republicans to explain their Israeli patriotism. If they cannot, they should renounce their American citizenship, move to Israel, and join the inhumane war against Palestinians; but without American taxpayers’ assistance.





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  1. Netanyahu and the rest of the Israeli warmongers know that even suggesting Israel is wrong can cause serious domestic problems for any American leader willing to tell the truth. Netanyahu would love to see a right-winger in the White House again as that would mean a free hand for Israel.

    I don’t advocate completely washing our hands of Israel, but they need to be called out for the atrocities they have committed over the years. The religious fundamentalists in this country support anything, and everything, Israel does because of a 2000 year old book that is nothing but ancient history filled with superstition and propaganda used to control people.

    Our religious fundamentalists are anxious to start WWIII because they believe it will bring about the second coming of Christ. I don’t know how we are going to change this, but something needs to be done before a major war is started.

  2. So we have to pay for Israel to kill Palestinians? How cozy. Tacking Israeli money onto a children’s immigration bill?

    WTF? I am NOT ok with this

  3. Where in the post does it say Hamas is good? Is that what your superior reading comprehension skills came up with? Really? Or are you just parroting Ted Cruz? He makes up shit too and is generally regarded as a lying idiot. Don’t be Ted Cruz.

  4. Your propped up poster girl Hillary Clinton has been quoted as saying “US has to support Israel 110%.” I’m sure you’re foaming at the mouth of the thought of her being the next President. (Fingers crossed I win the signed copy of her new book on here)

  5. The Rethugs are doing their usual nonsensical politicization of a terrible, longstanding conflict. Of course I don’t support that – no informed, serious person should. But I find the wholly negative depiction of Israel on this site to be shallow and one-sided and unworthy of the otherwise excellent articles (and comments) I have found on this site.

  6. There is nothing good to be said about Israel. They are a leech on the American taxpayer. We pay more per capita in welfare to Israeli citizens than we do our own while they allow their religious settlers to do lifelong Torah studies instead of getting a job to support the 8-10 children, all living on stolen land from the Palestinians. Osama bin Laden told us himself that the reason he attacked us on September 11 was because of our support for Israel. How many September 11s do we have to suffer for Israel’s war crimes?

  7. There is a global poll on Daily Kos that shows
    global confidence in Obama is way way higher than it was on Bush, only two countries do
    not have higher confidence in Obama, RussiA
    and considering we have sanctions on Russia and we caught Pakistan hiding Bin Laden I would say that is OK.
    Why is this not show on any other sites – the rethugs keep saying we have lost the confidence of the world when the opposite is true. Wish this site would publish the poll.

  8. Israel gets lots of USA armaments to fight the Palestinians. Yet a lot of politicians are fuming and pointing fingers at PUTIN giving Russians weapons to fight other Russians. What’s wrong with this picture.

  9. RMUSE, Thank you for this article. You have a new fan. I am not a twit and cuss every time someone tries to force me into Facebook. I want nothing to do with Facebook or any “social” site.

    But I will be paying a lot more attention to your articles.

    Thank you again for having the courage to point out a few facts cowards won’t even whisper about. The bloodlust and war profiteers in Israel could not be contained any longer. We would not attack Iran or any if the other countries they wanted us to fight so they had to start another one themselves. I feel most of the people in Israel are just people…they want to live their lives, love their children and die of old age in peace. But there like here, greed and bloodlust rules. Most Americans are against what the republicans and a few phony dems do. But we as Americans get blamed for something we can’t control.

  10. To all rethugs, question: Explain how the defense of our country is better and safe, when parts needed to build the military defense Items are made in China?
    Never could understand that?

  11. I guess this another one of those wholly negative depiction of Israel that gets you upset
    Today Israel Shells Another UN School Housing Refugees, 19+ Killed.

    Bomb their scarf wearing ass back to the stone age
    Gaza’s only power plant destroyed in Israel’s most intense air strike yet

    At least 100 Palestinians killed and media outlets, mosque and refugee camp all targeted as calls for ceasefire dismissed

  12. The conman and bullshit artist Moses and his fake “god” (who only talks to him) made up by him in order to make himself and his spawn rich and powerful in order to control the ignorant people of the time (and today) and his chosen priest agents have made a actual hell on earth for all those people who his fake “god” does not like. I’d say its time to get real about Israel being better than anybody else on the block. In my opinion.

  13. Absolute nonsense.

    You have nations bordering Israel hell bent on her destruction.

    You have Hamas, a terror organization hell bent on Israel’s destruction, sending cruise miselles and kidnapping citizens through tunnels.

    Israel is right in defending itself. The blood is on Hamas’ hands.

  14. One hamas does not process cruise missiles. You are referencing this story for your bullshit U.S. intel: Hizbullah receiving Russian cruise missiles via Syria
    Hezbollah and Hamas are two different organizations. But they mooslims so they are the same. SMDH at your continued ignorance.

    Two. Hamas did not kidnap any citizens and if you stop watching doofus and friends and read you may learn something It Turns Out Hamas May Not Have Kidnapped and Killed the 3 Israeli Teens After All [Updated]

  15. The Reich wingers and Bibi has taken a page straight out of the Frank Luntz, turdblossom playbook

    U.S., Israeli officials: Obama-Netanyahu transcript is fake

    Now how could they do this? Dangerous Game–2

    In one very notable example, Israel’s current Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, is a former GOP political operative who once worked for Frank Luntz, and only made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) in 2005.

    We have Quislings in our mist and they are the GOP

  16. I didn’t say Israel didn’t have enemies they needed to defend themselves against, and I didn’t say we should not back them at all. What I said was that backing Israel without question, and not calling them out when they are being monsters, has to stop.

    The bible is the biggest farce ever foisted on humankind, it is by far the biggest source of conflict in the world. We cannot give Israel carte blanche because of a book full of campfire stories written thousands of years ago.

    They must be held accountable for their actions. Their actions are part of what puts them in danger in the first place. Enough blood has been spilled.

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    John Podhoretz, a former speech writer for Ronald Reagan with a regular column in the New York Post, told musician John Legend to “shut up and play the piano” in a tweet sent on Wednesday afternoon. Podhoretz was prompted by a tweet that Legend sent criticizing Israel’s treatment of Secretary of State John Kerry.
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  18. Mr. Netan –“Yahoo” doesn’t mind this.

    “While so many Americans are subsisting on food stamps, losing their homes, and accumulating credit card debt they will never be able to pay off, the US is giving Israel $3 billion in direct foreign aid every year.”

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