Rush Limbaugh Applauds Domestic Violence Because It Upsets ‘Jurassic Park Feminazis’




On Tuesday’s broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show, conservative windbag and hateful misogynist Rush Limbaugh commended and praised the NFL for their light punishment of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. The NFL suspended Rice for two games for his involvement in a domestic dispute with his then-fiancee earlier this year. Rice punched out his now-wife in an Atlantic City elevator and was seen on tape dragging her unconscious body through the hotel. The NFL has received harsh criticism for the suspension of Rice, which is seen as disproportionately light in comparison to the penalties the league hands out for marijuana and performance-enhancing drug use.

Limbaugh expressed his joy with the NFL’s decision because feminists and liberals are upset with the light suspension. In Limbaugh’s worldview, anything that angers ‘feminazis’ and the ‘Drive-By media’ is cool with him, even if it involves a man punching out a woman.

Below is an excerpt of his remarks Tuesday via the transcript from his show’s website:

RUSH: The feminazis, the feminazis are fried! They’re really worked up over the Ray Rice suspension, the Baltimore Ravens. The commissioner of the NFL sent a guy out to try to explain what happened. He ended up throwing gasoline on the fire, made it worse. I watched a couple of women on CNN this morning just livid. These were elderly feminazis. By the way, that’s another thing. There’s another story that I have in the Stack here, and we’ve been talking about this, this fascinating demographic stuff.

The feminazis are just livid that he only got two games for punching his wife. Now, apparently the story is that she spit on him and then he uppercut her. That’s the latest. She spit on him and I learned that from the two aging dinosaur Jurassic Park feminazis on CNN today. (interruption) Well, yeah, Stephen A. Smith. And they were ragging on him today, these two feminazis were. They want him fired. They claim his apology was on a teleprompter, which means somebody wrote it and he didn’t really mean it, So they’re after Stephen A. Smith at ESPN. He did do his apology on the prompter just to make sure he didn’t start ad-libbing and going off.

But, anyway, these Jurassic Park feminazis, I mean, livid. They started citing lyrics that were in a Rihanna song or something about Rihanna getting beat up in a song. They were just on a roll today, and they’re really upset. Even if Ray Rice’s wife spit on him, it still is no justification for Ray Rice upper cutting her in the jaw, knocking her out and dragging her out of the elevator. Any rate, that did happen. He got a two-game suspension, and they want much more because they’re like everybody else, “Wait a minute, you can use marijuana and get thrown out of the game for a year. You can DUI kill somebody, I mean, what are we talking about here?” They think it’s grossly unfair, so the commish went out to try to explain it.

But what really has feminazis ragged off, and this was funny. Baltimore Ravens fans are purchasing Ray Rice jerseys in record numbers. Baltimore Ravens fans are purchasing pink Ray Rice jerseys in record numbers. They’re offering pink jerseys because of the NFL’s… (interruption) Yeah, breast cancer awareness campaign. They do it every October where the players all wear pink something or other on the field, and it’s for the whole month.


Limbaugh made sure to not only pick on feminists, but “Jurassic Park feminazis.” Throughout Tuesday’s broadcast, Limbaugh was trying to convince his listeners that young women today are rejecting feminism and liberal ideology and embracing conservatism and old-school family values. Essentially, today’s women know their place and feminism is dying. Therefore, only a handful of older women represent the feminist viewpoint and they will soon die off. Of course, this is a 63-year-old man saying this on talk radio, so obviously he is well aware of the millennial female mindset.

Anyway, El Rushbo thinks domestic violence is funny because it really gets “feminazis ragged off.” I think it needs to be pointed out on a daily basis to Republicans and conservatives that you’ve allowed Rush Limbaugh to be the voice of your party. He helps to set the Republican agenda and he considers himself a ‘kingmaker’ who believes he can make or break conservative politicians. Despite his ratings struggles and advertisers fleeing the networks that carry him, Limbaugh still reaches millions of listeners. And he says things like this. Every. Single. Day.

The fact that nobody in a leadership position within the GOP will ever speak out against Limbaugh is telling. They don’t want to cross him for fear that he’ll speak poorly of them on his show. The fact is he speaks directly for the Republican Party. Period.

32 Replies to “Rush Limbaugh Applauds Domestic Violence Because It Upsets ‘Jurassic Park Feminazis’”

  1. Speaking as a woman who was abused for 15 yrs by my ex husband who was a nfl player…u sir are and IDIOT!

  2. Somewhere, there is a 1600 lb. Manatee, wearing a Party of No wife-beater, that wants to give Rush a well-deserved kick in the air bladder…

    That would be the only domestic violence that I could ever support….

  3. I like to see some woman put Rush Limbaugh’s lights out. Well his story isn’t over and he’s way passed due.

  4. Well, If anyone knows about the Jurassic Era it’s Rush, That’s the age in which he lives…along with all the other reptilian predators

  5. A “man” would have been upset of the light sentence as well.

    But then again an “man” wouldn’t have to take Viagra to Costa Rica either

  6. I suspect just “Nazi” would do nicely , even though the ideal Nazi male was supposed to be cultured and physically fit.

  7. The kharmic balance of the universe will be upset if Limbaugh isn’t ultimately mugged by an all woman biker gang. Heck, I’d even pay to see that.

  8. I was thinking a group of female combat vets strap on stilettos and kick the sh!t out of him. I know every time he called me and other female soldiers Feminazi on AFRTS, it was a knife in our backs.

  9. Rush Limbaugh is yet another fine demonstrative example of GOP/Tea/Republican party ideology of misogyny. Ironically, #GOP is the abusive husband trying to convince his wife to come home with “I’m sorrys” only to beat her AGAIN behind closed doors.

  10. Shiva, I could be wrong but I thought it was the Dominican Republic where he took oxycotin and Viagra and then was caught when returning to the US. Dominican Republic, very poor country, Costa Rica not poor. The creep was paying for sex with little boys. Why doesn’t Rush have any kids? Marriage is for procreation according to all those fundamentalist know-it-all men.

  11. This fat pig is disgusting, no matter what subject he speaks about. He says things like that because he doesn’t have the brains to speak about thing intelligently. One of these days his evil heart will go into cardiac arrest, and responding medics will be women.

  12. I see, so domestic violence is A-OK with you Tim, just as long as it’s against a man? Thanks for clarifying the double standard.

  13. I’d like to meet this fat pig in a dark alley with a bat and beat the crap out of him. Being ex military I’d get away with it too. He deserves a blanket party!

  14. Under 50 here…..independent progressive/liberal free thinking woman! Been in my career for 20 years, same company! I know many other women just like me and younger…Question, why are we feminazi’s again?

  15. Did you miss this part?

    “Even if Ray Rice’s wife spit on him, it still is no justification for Ray Rice upper cutting her in the jaw, knocking her out and dragging her out of the elevator.”

    Or did you just read the leftist spin?

  16. Guess what? I listened to his remarks in context. He was using satire to point out that the only people “outraged” were feminists and liberal media types. He was not condoning the act.

  17. I find it interesting that it’s almost always fat, ugly, stupid men that seem to be so hateful toward smart, strong, independent women and often bad-mouth feminism. If Rush didn’t have money, no woman would give him the time of day.

  18. Justin Baragona: in writing about Rush Limbaugh, please do not call him “El Rusbo.” It’s his preferred nickname and it makes your and our relation to him sound chummy, homey, friendly. To maintain a clinical distance–and this toxic specimen requires it–call him Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Rush Limbaugh, or at least Rush Limbaugh. He’s not a friend of yours or mine or, for that matter, of humanity. And he is absolutely no friend to women, blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and just about anyone else save for the aging angry racist white men (and a few masochistic white women) who still take his rants seriously.

  19. I’ve come to the conclusion, that listening to Rush “limp dic” Limbaugh, is akin, to waking up and hearing a faucet, somewhere in your house, dripping water. No matter, how hard you try to go back to sleep…in the back of your mind, is that annoying, “drip..drip..drip!!” and no way to stop it.

    So you either get up, trying to stop the drip or live with it. Easier just to turn the water “OFF” to that faucet and stop that annoying bag of hot air, Limbaugh. The guy is a hot August day, during “Dog Days”, bottom of the pond, scum sucker.

  20. When is comes to Limbaugh… are close enough. Who knows where he really has been? That’s a scary thought, being somewhere, that the “pigman” has ventured.

  21. When I was a republican, my husband beat me up. When a butcher knife came flying across the room and almost missed both my children and me,I decided to leave. When I left he held a knife to my throat and made me leave just my daughter. By time I got a lawyer, too late, “I abandoned her” despite the reality of it.

    No, liberals and feminist are NOT the only one abused. Economic, social, racial and religion don’t matter. Women abuse men too. What an ignorant jerk. It makes me sad to hear him talk.

    I’ve been a domestic abuse/sexual violence crisis line volunteer for 15 years, calls are heartbreaking.

    Due to the republican change of platform, and the past 12 years and still of the way the poor, elderly, children, disabled and vets are treated, I am proud to say I no longer vote republican. I cannot support people who say they are Christians and no liberal is, who don’t have compassion for those Jesus did and still does in good faith I am a Christian who knows His…

  22. Limbaugh is being more vile than usual. I wonder if wife #4 wants out of their “arrangement”? Must be rough, being a “beard”

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