House Republicans End Their Day of Disgrace By Passing Resolution To Sue Obama

ashamed to be a republican

House Republicans embarrassed the entire country today by voting to sue President Obama. The good news is that five House Republicans joined Democrats in voting against the resolution.

The final vote was 225-201 in favor of the resolution. Five House Republicans joined with Democrats in voting against the Boehner lawsuit.

After voting to advance the resolution telling Boehner to sue President Obama, House Republicans wasted more time during their last hours in session before a five week vacation calling the president a tyrant.

Boehner spent a minute before the vote pushing his bogus lie that the House has passed forty jobs bills. Speaker Boehner tried to wrap himself in the flag by talking about the oath of office. After planning his lawsuit for six months, Speaker Boehner claimed that the lawsuit was unplanned. He said, “This is about defending the Constitution, and acting decisively when it has been compromised.” Rep. Boehner claimed that Obama was tearing apart what the Founders built.”

Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI) followed Boehner, and said that, “Republicans are choosing lawsuits over legislating.” He then listed all of economic bills that the Senate passed that Boehner refuses to bring to the floor for a vote. Rep. Levin accused Republicans of conjuring up their lawsuit of President Obama, and said, “It is the House Republicans who should be sued, if that were possible, for the abjection of their duties.”

During the debate, it was easy to see who specifically was pushing this lawsuit. One after another, Southern House Republicans came to the House floor and claimed that President Obama is a tyrant. Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) warned, “Our freedom is in peril.”

Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York highlighted Boehner’s record of wasting taxpayer money on lawsuits.

Rep John Lewis (D-GA) called the resolution a waste of time and money. He said, “A Republican in this House has never supported this president.”

House Republicans put their final nail in their own coffin with this vote passing the resolution that directs Speaker Boehner to sue President Obama. The Republican actions today are a fitting end to the latest stretch of deplorable behavior by House Republicans.

The lawsuit is not going to end well for Republicans. Boehner’s dysfunctional caucus completely lacks in awareness and concern for the priorities of the American people. House Republicans exist in their own little world, where they actually think that this lawsuit is a good idea.

The behavior of House Republicans today has been cynical, disgusting, and deplorable. They have now given voters every reason to vote them out of office this November.

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  1. It’s unbelievable how clueless Republicans are. the bubble they live in is impenetrable by either facts or logic.

    How Republicans can believe this will help them in November is beyond me. Do they not read or listen to ANYTHING other than right-wing noise and propaganda?

    The anti-education, anti-intellectual side of their ideology is being put on display daily. A more ignorant bunch of derelicts does no exist on this planet.

  2. for a group that came in waving the Constitution and vowing to read the pertinent section for each Bill these guys clearly either have never read it or don’t understand the sections with words that are more than two syllables…

    ~a mind is a terrible thing to waste~

  3. “Disgrace”? “Shamefully”?
    HOW does a citizen address a law that is not followed by a King not empowered?
    Be it this King or ANOTHER before and after?
    This is NOT a game and it’s not a side for if there is ANY SIDE, IT IS THE PEOPLE.
    When laws are made like it or not, they should be followed. That was the VERY PREMISE of this nation that IMMIGRANTS FLED TO. We used to be a nation of laws and now we’re a MEDIA OF SHAME AND DISGRACE. who really is the court jester?

  4. The Rethugs better have their fun because its about to be over..REMEMBER NOVEMBER!!!

  5. This made my day. H/T to Booman
    Telling the Truth

    I have to laugh at the spectacle of the House Ways & Means Committee chairman releasing emails from Lois Lerner in which she refers to Republicans as “a-holes” and “crazies.” Ms. Lerner, of course, was the director of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These email revelations may stir up the Republican base, but if you look at everyone’s email, there are approximately 150 million people who have called the GOP a-holes and crazies in this country.

    It’s not even an insult. It’s a simple observation, like “it’s raining here.”

    Disgrace is too kind of a word for these idiots

  6. Bett,

    That is a typical ,nonresponsive, ridiculous bit of diatribe I would expect to read from a neo-con or a teabbagger.. Keep voting republican if you want the complete distruction of the country .

  7. Isn’t “Impeachement Lite” (thanks Huffington Post) little different from “Cancer Lite?”

    I am still waiting for the TeaThuglicans to produce a single Pro-American piece of legislation in the last 8 years….

    I would hold my breath, but I am looking forward to frying some bacon tomorrow morning….

  8. These mother@#$% passed a resolution to sue PBO, for delaying the HC mandate . Something that they voted to delay.

    How much this s!@# going to cost?

    They can’t reauthorization Transportation Trust Fund, Supplemental bill (immig.).

    They wasted $25B S/D, $17B Debt ceiling, IRS $25M, $40M Benghazi, $$ Millions ACA, $$ Millions F/F, $$ Millions Syl..

    Dems, Lib., Prog. GET YOUR A@# OUT AND VOTE 2014!!!!!!!

  9. Boehner and the GOP have just f—-d up. Pelosi is now the new Speaker of the House. They have also ensured the Democrats gain seats in the Senate and keep their majority.
    Karma is a b—h!

  10. Shameful and FYI I’m a Republican voter I can’t believe how the do nothing Congress has become and it’s easy to see that it’s racism that is motivating them

  11. YIPPIE!!! Just what I wanted to happen. After the voting is over in November and Democrats have a super majority in the House and Senate, after the dust clears, the remnants of the Repukelicans will wonder exactly what happened. We will never have a Republican President ever again.

  12. Who is paying for this??? Really, OUR tax money is being wasted on this political grandstanding and I’m sick to death of it. The fiscal responsible party is once again wasting Out taxes on garbage that will accomplish nothing. Politics is killing Us. It’s time They put the pol BS away and do their jobs. ALL of them, Rs and Ds.

  13. Boy, Talk about being really Stupid.

    Thanks for helping Democratic fund raising.

    Thanks for Motivating millions of folks to
    VOTE in November.

    Thanks for proving for the 10 Millionth time that you have absolutely NO CLUE about running this Country.

    You have NO standing. NO court will EVER hear your Case. Thanks for wasting more of the taxpayer’s money.

    Please Proceed.

  14. The only problem is that the Democrats have not wasted your money on political stunts so its time to lay to rest that both sides do it bullshit. If you cant figure that out then the Reich and their village enablers have played you for a fool

  15. 5 weeks vacation for Congress. Jeez, what color will Boehner be by then? Republicans always resort to impeachment. It kills time.

  16. Repeal Obamacare (50X) cost – $79 MILLION
    Repub. Govt Shutdown – $25 BILLION
    Repub. Debt – Ceiling – $17 BILLION
    Repub. IRS – $25 MILLION (still climbing)
    Repub. Benghazi – $40 MILLION (still climbing)
    Repub. Sue Pres. Obama – est. $180 MILLION
    Congress gave themselves a Pay Raise – $$$million plus 5 weeks vacation (after only working 88 days so far) $$$ MILLION – (No transparency).
    IMPEACH – $$$$ ???
    We are the GOP. Thanks for voting for us..
    It’s time to put a end to the madness

  17. John Boy did this “law suit” so they could Impeach the President. Hopefully the “law Suit will take long enough to allow the New President to be in office! They are suing the POTUS for Not Pushing the ACA faster, and defering it for a year! They SPENT 72 MILLION TRING TO REPEAL THIS ISSUE 50 TIMES! HYPOCRITICAL TO SAY THE LEAST! OF COURSE THIS ISN’T THE FIRST TIME THEY HAVE GONE FEET FIRST INTO THERE OWN POOL OF SHIT. BUT WHAT DO YOU EXPECT WHEN YOU HAVE IDIOTS LIKE LOUIE GOHMERT, BACHMAN,STEVE KING,RUBIO,

  18. We welcome sane Republicans here, Eddie. A lot of us remember when the majority of your party had different ideas than ours, but at least they presented solutions. They were also willing to work with Democrats because we shared a common goal; improving our country.

    But I have to agree with DJ here…..if you still vote Republican, after all you obviously know, then you are still part of the problem.

  19. I still cannot seem to get my head around this, they’re suing him for something they wanted him to do, delay the small business mandate!!!!!!

    Also, what court or lawyer would take on such a case?

    I have heard that they are hiring Jonathon Turley for one – and to think I once respected him.

  20. Good morning from Maine, Tani.

    Thanks for a concise post about the cost of TGOP neglect of their “elected” jobs. It is information I’ve been looking for but couldn’t quite put my hands on – yet…Information I’ve been seeking, which I, personally, appreciate and folks need to keep in front of them as a stark reminder of the demise of the Republican party.

    Personally, I think Boehner and his sick cohorts the TGOPs, must be the laughing stock of our country and of the world, an honor they richly deserve!


  21. All these comments need to be followed up at the poles. Democrats have always participated in the elections much more than Republicans. However a new pole shows Democrats are showing signs of a lack of interest equaling the republicans. Things like poor wages, lack of work, etc while the cost of living is soaring has been taking away the feeling that anyone can make a difference. THIS HAS TO CHANGE. WE NEED TO GET TO THE POLES IN MASS IN NOVEMBER AND TAKE CHARGE OF OUR OWN DESTINY AND VOTE THE INCUMBENTS OUT OF OFFICE!

  22. The country and the world should hold this Republican Congress in contempt! This disgraceful act has no merits, except to prove that they are not willing to work with OBAMA under any circumstances. and yes, that they just don’t like him. The phony excuse for this suit is plain to see, that there is nothing there. They are trying everything in their power to make Obama look bad, while THEY are the ones in the $#it house.

  23. What a bunch of spiteful, do nothing, whimps! They are suing instead of trying to WORK with the President. They so NO to important bills, proposals, ideas, etc. They try to bring down the ACA, they shut down the government, they defund the VA, they go gaga with Putin, they create and go bonkers of phony scandals, everything in the book they throw at Obama, and he just stay the course as he will in this latest endeavor by the low percenters on the Hill. The history books will show everyone of those Congressmen as dishonorable Do nothings for the rest of history! The WORST CONGRESS EVER. and they have the nerve to sue the President? !!!!! Talk about chutzpah.

  24. Clearly, the way to deal with “a king not empowered” (whatever THAT is) is to demand he do something and then sue him for it! While ignoring the very serious issues and needs of the people you’re supposed to be serving. Are ALL of you people batsh!t insane???

  25. I showed your ignorant self where 97% of the economist said the stimulus worked. Now its not our fault you are so stuck on stupid that you don’t believe in facts but I guess being homeschooled does that to one with so little brain matter

  26. 97% of statistics are made up 90% of the time. Where did you get your statistics. And is that 97% of all the economist in the world or the mad house that you live in? You need to stop hatein

  27. That was the economist that are US CITIZENS. But like climate changed your dumbass don’t want to face the data

  28. Again, the GOP reminds me of Voltaire’s quote,Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

    See Iraq


  29. The redpubs know exactly what they are doing – trying to rally their base of the extremists best described as those who still think the south should have won the civil war

    these type of people are best described by my former auto mechanic who when asked about Obama vs Hillary (2008) said

    What are my choices – a woman or a (n-word)

    Happened to see him a couple days ago and he got to talking about how he owned a gas station in the past

    He complained that now all of them are owned by RAGHEADS

    He’s from southern MD which was essentially slave territory before the civil war, growing tobacco

  30. Do you realize that that made absolutely no sense at all? None. Zero. Word salad. Straight from the Sarah Palin Manual of Random Words in a Line.

  31. I know how you feel, Eddie. I was raised by Eisenhower Republicans, or what the current Repubs would call a communist, or socialist (or Kenyan, maybe. Maybe Ike was Kenyan…) I have not changed any of my ideas, but the party sure has.

  32. Initial estimate on the cost of the suit against Obama is 5 million, just to bring the suit. That doesn’t count the fact that our tax dollars are paying them over 1,500 dollars per working day to do none of the country’s urgent business, but rather, to do this crap.

  33. Boehner is probably these worst I’ve seen all he concentrates is ways to stop obama,hey an idea try doing something for this country and place your efforts were they can usefull.These republicans are sad and misguided.Please come election time vote these sorry bitches out of office then maybe just maybe we can get back to what’s important instead of silly ass lawsuits and irrelevant bickering.

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