Senate Republicans Vote Against American Jobs By Blocking Bill To End Outsourcing Tax Breaks


Senate Republicans blocked a bill today that would potentially bring millions of jobs back to the United States by refusing to end tax breaks for companies who outsource jobs.

The roll call vote failed to get the needed 60 votes by a margin of 54-42. Millions of jobs have been outsourced over the past decade in part because companies can get a tax break on their expenses related to sending jobs overseas. The Bring Jobs Home Act would have ended these tax breaks, and give companies who bring jobs home a 20% tax credit.
Before the vote Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said:

Quite frankly, a vote against this bill is a vote against American jobs. There is absolutely no excuse, no justification for any member of this body to vote against this legislation. But as of late, Senate Republicans have repeatedly blocked legislation, much like the Bring Jobs Home Act, that is good for the American people. That brings me back to the Longfellow quote that I mentioned at the beginning of my remarks: “It takes less time to do a thing right, than it does to explain why you did it wrong.” I see the wisdom in that quote each and every time another good bill is blocked by Senate Republicans.

Because each time after Republicans have voted against legislation good for working families, an odd scene has developed on the Senate floor. A procession of Republicans makes its way to the Senate floor, and individually Senators begin to explain why they voted against a good bill. After voting against an increase in the minimum wage; after voting against equal pay for women; after voting against cost-cutting energy efficiency; after voting against student loan refinancing; following all of these votes, the same spectacle unfolds immediately after: Republicans come to the floor and tried to make their case. So instead of voting for a good piece of legislation that would benefit folks back home, they spend a lot of time here explaining why they did the opposite.

Senate Republicans blocked the bill because they were angry that Harry Reid wouldn’t allow them to offer amendments. Senate Republicans blocked a bill that could have helped end the flow of jobs out of the country, because Mitch McConnell is still mad at Harry Reid. That’s all there is to it.


McConnell’s feud with Reid means that companies will still have an incentive to ship jobs overseas. Sen. Reid was correct. The vote today was a vote against American jobs. The Republican Party has demonstrated once again that they are not on the side of American workers. They don’t care about jobs. Senate Republicans don’t care workers. Unless you are a millionaire or a corporation, Mitch McConnell and his Senate Republicans don’t care about you.

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  1. They also just voted down a bill to secure materials needed to produce electronics, something which is forcing companies to go to China because China controls 90% of the market. They said it interfered with the free market.

    Also, did you mean McConnell’s feud with Boehner, or Harry Reid?

  2. I wish you teabillies will wake up and stop falling for the okey doke. They have lied and stolen your future. Remember the Stimulus?

    What Debate? Economists Agree the Stimulus Lifted the Economy

    Here’s a simple case study making the point that our political debates about economics have become largely unhinged from those among actual economists. Take the Obama stimulus plan, known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. If you took your cues from the political rhetoric in Washington — or even from the occasional virulent debate in the economics blogosphere — you would think the whole question of fiscal stimulus is highly contested.
    Read More

  3. And the Republicans expect to get reelected? By making sure the efforts to bring U.S. jobs back to the U.S. is blocked and obstructed? So goes the Congressional Oaths of Office to uphold the Constitution and preserve the best interests of WE, THE PEOPLE! Which is constantly and continuously being violated by these Right-Wing Repubs. EVERY work person and job-seeker and poverty-stricken citizen who can vote should learn and act on this latest version of “Let’s Keep ‘Em Down On The Farm” , starving and homeless as the Repubs can keep them!

  4. It ceases to amaze me how these idiots think they’ll be back in Washington come November after their assault on the American people that has gone on way to long, as though we’ll just sit here and say thank you can I have another. B.S. its over for you suckpumps, and if for you to even believe what you’re selling, you will need serious help mentally. Talk about screwing yourself out of a job, did the Koch bros hit you in the forehead with a bag of money, because you people really hate America and love yourself some Commie.

  5. Same shi*, different day. Each day I
    grow farther apart from the Republicans. 20 years ago I supported some Republican candidates, not so much anymore…..

  6. This is a component of the fiscal conservatives’ vision of Americana. Finding ways to avoiding paying federal taxes is not unpatriotic, it’s merely having shrewd business savvy.

    These free-market corporate capitalists — along with their paid Republican lackeys in Congress — are more concerned about “green” than they are about “red, white, and blue”.

  7. The American Taliban and homegrown terrorists do not stand for the 98% and they are not American enough to construct for this country when obstructionism is their dirty games and they only construct when it comes to more obstruction.
    Just Vote! because we don’t need another great American mistake as 2010.

  8. it is against my religion for my tax money to give breaks to corporations who refused to have jobs here at home. In the same way it is against my religion to give Israel money to kill people with.

    I don’t know if Mr. McConnell understands this or not, But he is giving Allison Grimes a great deal of ammunition. some very powerful ammunition.

  9. Republicans feel there will be a small democratic turnout during the midterm elections so therefore they can do what they please. Let’s shock the shi* out them and go to the poll in droves to vote their asses out of office and send them on their way.

  10. Uhh…you do know what cloture is, right? The bill is still up for debate–this vote was only on whether or not to invoke cloture, which would have ended debate and stopped a filibuster.

    It’s not the end of the bill.

  11. We do know the rules but from day one you teabillies have filibuster every bill to help the average American. What more proof do you NEED to see who the real enemies of America are?

  12. Uhh…what?

    Because I point out that the bill isn’t dead and hasn’t been “blocked”, I’m a teabilly?


  13. Then other than the VA funding bill which bill that was designed for the people has passed with Republicans help? You better wake up and stop making excuses for these quislings because your head will be next on the chopping block

  14. The Greedy Ole Party strikes again. They have no interest in helping the American people. They only care about their rich Wall Street buddies. The GOP only works for the 1% and ignores the average American. On 4 Nov 14, we Ditch Mitch and Retire Cornyn.

  15. “If John ‘trickle down’ Cornyn loves his Wall Street factories in China so much, I say that maybe he and his Wall Street buddies should move to China and leave us alone so we rebuild our economy for the people of the United States of America. This is our country. This is our economy. The American people deserve better than this. The American people deserve a life worth living.”
    -David Alameel TDP Convention Speech

  16. I think the right wing freaks are so racist that their fury over the election of an African American will never cease. All the “conservative” complaint about President Obama’s agenda and his successes are based on the color of his skin.

  17. “Senate Republicans blocked a bill today that would potentially bring millions of jobs back to the United States by refusing to end tax breaks for companies who outsource jobs.”

    What about Paul Ryan’s plan to make poor people get jobs and work for their money?

  18. As long as corporations and lobbyist can buy our elected officials all laws will favor what they want. Term limits and only human born voting age Americans can donate to political parties. When the money is removed from politics the better we will all be.

  19. Paul Ryan’s views on the poor have no basis in reality. Most poor people work VERY hard but still can’t afford a decent standard of living because their greedy employers want too increase their profits by cutting benefits and paying their employees as little as possible. Walmart, a company that pays its employees slave wages and orders their store managers not to give employees enough hours to qualify for benefits is a perfect example of this. If you, like most poor people, are working as hard as you can (It’s already been proven that only a small minority of people on welfare abuse the system) but still aren’t getting paid enough money to live off of, then you have three choices: 1.Rely on government support. 2.Turn to crime. 3.DROP DEAD. 2 and 3 are obviously out of the question but if you choose 1 then Paul Ryan and his ilk will call you a lazy moocher no matter how hard you work. You just can’t win with these people.

  20. More proof that Republicans only care about the greedy profits of big corporations, and not the lives of people here in America that actually do the work.

  21. Down voter this is for you. You down voted that Senate Republicans blocked the bill to bring back jobs to the US.

    Why? Do you just like to down vote to get your giggles, or do you have a reasonable reason for doing so?

    Paul Ryan is bitching and loathing poor people, why doesn’t the GOP support adding more jobs then?

    You can hide behind the down vote, because without an explanation for your reason, or an intelligent dialogue, you are nothing but a troll.

  22. There are plenty of reasons that jobs go overseas including the same one that GE used and that is if the sales are overseas, why pay he cost of shipping as you get closer to the customer? But thee are other reasons that have been in the news for many years and that obviously includes costs which lower profit and the profit is what makes your retirement/IRA work; lawyers gone crazy with suits; taxes- obviously; etc. and when you get angry over the jobs going overseas, remember the companies that are bringing their jobs to America for the same reasons and that is bringing the manufacturers closer to the buyer and attempting to cut costs? There are more but I am running out of characters, so?

  23. The only thing I can say is the left didn’t complain when the Golden Gate Bridge was being repaired and the administration in san Francisco bought their steel from China instead of through union employees? Did they use unions to do the repairs?

  24. The only way to address this is if Allen West or Dr. Carson would you vote for these people or would you be a racist and refuse to vote for a conservative minority? DO you support Marco Rubio or are you a racist who refuses to support an American minority? Do you support Mia Love or are you a racist that refuses to support an American minority? Etc; etc; etc.? You are name calling because you like too many other people have nothing to say and the real issue is there is no communication in Congress and no one disputes that Obama has refused to even have meetings with the DEM Senate, much less schedule meetings with the PUBS.? Were there really 356 bills submitted by the House to the Senate and Reid has refused to bring them to the floor to be voted on? If this was true, then thee isn’t a do-nothing Congress but a do nothing Senate that has blocked Congress from working?

  25. This vote should force every male or female union member to vote and vote against the rethugs. Kick their butts to the curb,with votes!!!

  26. Does not surprise me one bit the GOP voted against this good piece of economic legislation. The economy has picked up over the spring and summer so god forbid the president actually sees his approval ratings go up. Very sad this good bill would have been exactly what the US economy needs to compete with low wage trade partners. Makes me sick knowing the conservatives will most likely pick up seats in the midterms. Wake up America! Especially you independents who are thinking of voting conservative why would you vote against your economic interest?

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