Democratic Congressman Says That GOP Senator Ted Cruz Is Essentially Speaker Of The House


On Thursday afternoon, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) appeared on MSNBC’s NOW with Alex Wagner to discuss the recent decision by Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) to pull the Republicans’ own border crisis bill from the floor. Boehner had to pull the bill during the vote on Thursday as it was clear that it was not going to reach 218 votes and pass. The night before, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) had held a meeting with the most right-wing members of the House Republican Caucus and convinced them to go against the bill as, in his opinion, it wasn’t conservative enough.

Cruz, by doing this, made Boehner look like a complete idiot on Thursday. Currently, Boehner is trying to appease Tea Party Republicans in the House by pushing a bogus lawsuit against President Obama. With the lawsuit getting approval from the House on Wednesday, Boehner publicly chastised the President Thursday morning before voting took place on the House floor. The Speaker told reporters that since POTUS wasn’t going to do anything, it was up to Congress to act. Of course, due to Cruz’s interference, Boehner wasn’t even able to get a totally watered-down spending bill that would have barely addressed any real needs at the border. Even with some moderate Democrats expressing support for the bill, Boehner was forced to tuck tail and run.

All of this was not lost on Democrats. Van Hollen told Wagner that “we’ve seen this movie before.” He pointed to last October and the federal government shutdown. Van Hollen stated that at that time, Boehner said he did not want to shut down the government, but Cruz stepped in and “essentially became Speaker of the House” and took over leadership of the House GOP. We are now seeing a repeat of that moment, where Boehner has been rendered impotent by Cruz’s sway with the extreme wing of the House Republican Caucus. Due to Cruz’s interference, and just hours after Boehner insulted President Obama and said Congress would take care of the border crisis, the Speaker had to call on the President to act alone and solve the crisis with whatever executive orders he can pass.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



You almost, ALMOST, have to feel sorry for Boehner. He is at the mercy of a relatively small group of whack-jobs who are led by a demagogue who has his eyes on the White House. The Washington Post’s Chris Cilliza wrote on Thursday that Cruz actually wants Boehner and other non-extreme members of the GOP to hate him as he thinks it will increase his chances come 2016.

The key point to remember in all of this is that Ted Cruz wants to be hated by congressional Republicans, or, at the very least, he doesn’t mind knowing that they hate him.  Cruz has his eye not on climbing the leadership ladder in Congress but on running for president. (If by some surprise he doesn’t run for president in 2016, it’s hard to imagine him sticking around the world’s greatest deliberative body much longer than when his term ends in 2018.)

As Jason Easley pointed out after Boehner announced that the border crisis bill had been pulled, it isn’t Washington that is broke — it is the Republican Party that is broken. Their constant infighting and pathological hatred of the President has caused everything to grind to a halt on Capitol Hill. This latest embarrassment for Boehner and Congress should be the wake up call for the American public that Democrats need to regain the majority in the House and retain their hold of the Senate if anything substantial is going to be done. Otherwise, expect more of the same over the next two years.

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20 Replies to “Democratic Congressman Says That GOP Senator Ted Cruz Is Essentially Speaker Of The House”

  1. What more evidence does the brain dead among us need? Oh wait, the south shall rise again. Coming from a Cuban who lived in “socialist Canada” Whose mother that has yet to prove her citizenship shall lead the baggers

    Not only can you not make this shit up but how stupid they can be

  2. Cruz may be eyeing the presidency, but even if he got the nomination, I seriously doubt he would have any chance at all of winning.
    His presidential aspirations are just a sign of how ridiculously delusional he truly is.

  3. Boehner has got to be the dumbest Speaker EVER. How many times before has he been played,by the President and the Tea Party loons. Catching hell from both sides,no wonder he cries so much.

  4. Sh-sh-sh-sh…don’t tell Boehner. He’ll get even less done than doesn’t get done already. limp little biscuit

  5. This country can do so much better than this. I’m not sure voting is the answer? Total waste of time and money! The revolution will not be televised!

  6. Cruz may be a megalomaniac but he’s not uneducated. He know’s he can’t win the nomination or the presidency, that’s just a diversion. That’s not what he’s after. He wants to be the new king maker in the GOP. Running things through threats and intimidation from the shadows. He’s a federalist and imposing that interpretation of the Constitution on America is his ultimate goal.

  7. Sadamerican, deciding not to vote isn’t rebellion, it’s total surrender to the tea party and the GOP. Our Country’s only hope is the votes of reasonable people, not the right wing nut jobs.

  8. I always knew he Canadian Texas carpetbagger,with the born again bigot daddy was up to no good. Personally,comparing him to Joe McCarthy is an insult to McCarthy. Still,the automoton voters elected him,on the demands of Limbaugh of course Never met a Texas voter that had a thought,or idea,someone else did not say they could have. No Conservative from anywhere for that matter

  9. In trying to determine Carnival Cruz’ ultimate ambitions, it has never made sense to me that he took so long to renounce his Canadian citizenship — given that his political colleagues made such a fuss about Obama’s birthplace. Frankly, i think he is being totally led through the nose by his batshit crazy father, who believes his son can get rid of the Republican RINOS, that the TPers will win both houses and Cruz will become their “saviour” and rule the US as Dictator.

    While too many people claim Carnival Cruz is brilliant, we must remember that his photographic memory allowed him to gain high marks through school, but there is no doubting the fact (FACT) that he is fundie-crazy and suffers from severe delusions. His biggest political supporters are demonstrably stupid (Bachmann, Gohmert, King et al).

    JMHO (a Canuck who is happy he is no longer Canadian, but who truly worries about his influence in the US political arean).

  10. I fully expect him to march those Reps right off a cliff. Like lemmings to their deaths. (though I know it’s a myth, the imagery suits them).

  11. You’re exactly right. What’s crazy also is that I don’t think Cruz is stupid in the sense that he’s not “intellectual”. I do believe his reality is completely warped by his rigid ideology and that is why he’ll never be president, because he actually seems to believe that this base of extreme baggers will win an election for him.

    Of course, all evidence screams otherwise. He’d can’t win the African American vote, the women’s vote, the LGBT vote, the Independents, and heck, the Latino community last week held a funeral for the GOP saying “You are dead to us.”

  12. I don’t know about ‘dumbest,’ but I’ll sure agree with ‘weakest.’ What a pathetic clown he is!

  13. I think we are truly living in a bizarre world. Please before I take some meth, explain this bullshit from the rethugs:

    Since even Republicans are insisting Something Must Be Done, this may well require the President to do something by executive order. The statement from the Republican caucus actually said, “There are numerous steps the president can and should be taking right now, without the need for congressional action, to secure our borders and ensure these children are returned swiftly and safely to their countries.” I shit you not. Republicans in the House are encouraging the President to act on his own — for which lawless actions, of course, Republicans in the House earlier this week voted to sue him. You really can’t make this crap up.

    Where can I get some meth? Maybe I call sister Sarah

  14. Cruz’s definition of “conservative” is the kind of thing to give you headaches like Robert Pirsig’s definition of “Quality” does.

  15. My buddy, Burt, who only drinks Canadian
    beer though he says “Buy American” and my Sister, who changed her name to “Conserve”,
    are two of the lemmings you will see
    following this Wing Nut Cruz over the cliff.

  16. The Cruz rule by proxy is disturbing. When a Texas Monthly writer asked him what was his favorite book, he answered “Atlas Shrugged.” The writer dropped the ball when she asked what effect Ted’s (Baptist) faith has on his decision making, and the senator dodged the issue, saying the was devoutly religious. The writer should then have asked, “Then you do not follow the Rushdoony Dominionism of your father, Rafael?” Ted Cruz acknowedges his father’s enormous influence. Dominionism is theocracy. It is the very opposite of democracy. The 1% are working towards it so they can have all of us believing in jerks like Joel Obscene and Pat Robber’s Son.

  17. Cruz is whats bringing america down. Ww need to vote in November. The only reason Cruz won was because of low voter turnout.

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