MSNBC’s Ari Melber Calls John Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Obama An ‘Expensive Nothingburger’

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During Thursday’s broadcast of Morning Joe, MSNBC contributor Ari Melber explained that the House Republicans’ lawsuit against President Obama has very little merit and is really just a law administration case, which is as boring as it gets. Melber called the Republicans’ big groundbreaking lawsuit an “expensive nothingburger” that won’t result in any substantial ruling. It is only about the administration of laws and procedures.

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and the lawyers he brought on tried to find a juicy case against the President to appease the far-right base. They were hoping to find something regarding the recent border situation and other instances of President Obama utilizing executive power. In the end, the only thing they could find that even seemed to be a potential overreach of executive authority was Obama delaying the employer mandate under the Affordable Care Act. As Melber pointed out, the reason this has little chance of succeeding is that Republicans need to prove that the delay in the mandate was meant as a way to circumvent the law, rather than just making an administrative decision to help the law work in a smoother fashion. Obviously, President Obama was not trying to go against the signature legislative achievement of his presidency by giving employers an additional year to be in compliance with the ACA.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



Melber is absolutely correct. Republicans couldn’t find anything to hammer the President on. However, Boehner had to throw a bone to the wingnuts in his caucus who have been clamoring for impeachment since Obama was first elected. Therefore, the best he could come up with was a dry, boring lawsuit centered on administrative law that Republicans have little to now chance of winning. Boehner needed to do something, or the Tea Partiers in his party were going to call for his head. While Democrats, the President and most rational people can see through Boehner’s little ruse, he still needs to stand tall with it and try to push it as having true merit.

Of course, both Joe Scarborough and Nicolle Wallace stood up for the lawsuit and said that they believe it is justified. Wallace said that she applauds Boehner for showing “restraint” by just focusing on something “narrow and unsensational.” Meanwhile, Scarborough said that it is a good test case to see what the limits are on executive power. However, to Joe’s credit, he did state that Republicans are going to lose on this lawsuit because it opens the door for Democrats to hammer them as being a party more worried about going after Obama than doing their jobs in Congress. Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski highlighted a statement by Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY), the DCC Chairman, where Israel said that Democrats will be hammering Republicans on their obsession with lawsuits and impeachment at the cost of doing anything in Washington.

Boehner has painted himself in a corner with this dumb lawsuit. He was possibly hoping this would satisfy the extreme wing of his party and satiate their hunger for an Obama impeachment. Instead, it just opened the door further for them to clamor for further action against the President. Boehner knows that talk of impeachment will kill the Republican Party in the midterms and pretty much kill any chance of taking the White House in 2016. However, he doesn’t want to say “impeachment is off the table” as he knows it will set off the crazies in his caucus. Boehner has no one to blame but himself for this failed gambit.

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17 Replies to “MSNBC’s Ari Melber Calls John Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Obama An ‘Expensive Nothingburger’”

  1. Obama has used executive actions far less than other presidents, perhaps they could vote on a bill that precludes any executive action, that would teach them if ever there was another rethug president.
    They seem to be dithering over Christie again as a front runner did he get cleared of wrongdoing, if so I have not heard.
    One more thought, as rethugs leave for 5 weeks
    after doing nothing, it is really ironic that a couple of weeks ago they had counted the number of times the president played golf in the last 6 years (on weekends yet)
    heaven forbid he should take an afternoon off.Compare his time off with Bush!

  2. Bonehead had nobody but himself to blame for being boxed in. He had allowed the RWNJ’s dictate the house agenda instead of him.
    But no worry, Nancy Pelosi is ready, willing, and able to replace Bonehead as Speaker.

    The GOP can kiss their dreams of winning the White House away for a long time.

  3. Congratulations Speaker Bo-eh-ner. You’ve made it. You’re going down in the history books…The bad news? You’re going down in the history books as a colossal buffoon!

  4. I can’t stop laughing at the whiny toddler teanuts, crying foul over the Dems using their idiots screaming for impeachment for several years now against them, and actually raising MILLIONS off of it, while energizing our base to vote in November. That they think they can get voters to believe that they have never mentioned impeachment, and the Dems are lying that they did to raise money, when we have copious amounts of videos and hours of Fixed News footage of them talking about impeaching the President, AND as Nancy said, Bonehead could simply say impeachment is off the table, and yet he refuses to do so, showing he wants it as their next option.

    If this stupid lawsuit with no standing goes nowhere, which it will not, then you better believe that will be their next ridiculous death nail they will hammer in their coffin after the midterms. Even the media is now reluctantly admitting, that the wind is now at the backs of the Dems for the elections.

  5. The plan to waste time and taxpayer funds with a lawsuit against the POTUS is yet another act of legislative masturbation by the ideologically-frustrated, politically-impotent members of the House Republican caucus.

    I’m sure they all feel much better now.

  6. The denial of impeachment talk by Boehner and others just shows that they believe the rest of America is as stupid as their base. I guess we’ll just have to show them the error of their ways this November.

  7. He’s taking the whole Republican party with him and rethugs will be responsible for placing Pres. Obama in the history books. First black Pres. being hit repeatedly with obstruction from day one, still managed to place ACA(Obamacare) for people who had no insurance. THANKS RETHUGS!!!!!You lose.

  8. Just walked into my living room, TV was on, I’m sure I heard Luke Russert talking about the republicans, apparently they walked off without doing anything and abandoning their own plan on immigration. Seems like said it was like dumb and dumber!

  9. Of course!! Now watch till election day they will say the President did nothing even though they cut the money from 3 billion to 600 million and the clown car couldn’t even pass that. Then listen to the village idiots report the meme the President cant get nothing done even though anyone with half a brain would know who to blame. The problem? Half this country shouldn’t be let out alone without a escort and then the village will say both sides do it. Wash, rinse, repeat

  10. I wish Morning Joe would stop talking over Mika like he does. Damn he needs to cut down on the caffeine.

    #Fire Boehner

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