Nancy Pelosi Rips The Mask Off Boehner’s Fraud: The Lawsuit Is Really About Impeachment


Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party aren’t going to let John Boehner fool the American people. At a press conference, Pelosi ripped the mask off of Boehner’s lawsuit fraud.


At a press conference after the lawsuit vote, Rep. Pelosi said:

The other question and other point that I will make is about standing. This House of Representative does not have standing to sue the President. And because of the actions that they are taking – misusing the public’s time and resources – because of budgets that they have presented to the Congress of the United States, the Republicans in Congress do not have standing to talk to the American people about solving their problems. They do not have standing to say: ‘We want to create jobs here at home,’ when in their decision they are giving tax breaks to companies to send jobs overseas. They do not have standing to say: ‘Let’s build the infrastructure of America. Let’s have Build America Bonds,’ because they prefer to use those resources to give tax breaks to special interests – tax loopholes for special interests.

So when we don’t have the money to have this suit – they don’t have the money to do better things for the American people. We shouldn’t be spending money on this. They don’t have the standing to do what’s right for the American people, and they certainly don’t have standing to sue the President of the United States. As I said on the floor today: This isn’t about this lawsuit. You don’t sue somebody unless you want to prove that they are wrong. This is about the road to impeachment. And if it is not, the Speaker can say one simple sentence: Impeachment is off the table. That’s what I had to say in 2007. That’s what Speaker Boehner should be saying now.

Democratic Leader Pelosi was correct. This lawsuit is setting the stage for Republicans to impeach the president if they win majority control of the Senate. The idea that the House Republicans will stop at the lawsuit is laughable. This is a House Republican caucus that shutdown the government over Obamacare. This group of Republicans caused our debt to be downgraded and has taken the nation to the brink of economic crisis on numerous occasions.

These House Republicans don’t do moderation. Speaker Boehner has repeatedly demonstrated that he can’t control his own Republicans. His statements on any issue are worthless. Boehner had to go back on a “grand bargain” with President Obama because his members rebelled. John Boehner isn’t running the House. A group of Southern far right Republicans are driving the lower legislative body. This same group of Republicans took turns coming to the House floor yesterday to call President Obama a tyrant.

The lawsuit is a mask for what the House Republicans who are running the show really want. They want impeachment, and they aren’t going to be satisfied with a silly lawsuit that they are destined to lose.

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30 Replies to “Nancy Pelosi Rips The Mask Off Boehner’s Fraud: The Lawsuit Is Really About Impeachment”

  1. They will never realize this is not the 60s ..We have overcome and they cant stand it..Im so glad that this country voted for the President not once but twice..GET OVER IT REPUBLICANS!!! You are looking pathetic and pulling at straws to make the President look bad when it is showing how ignorant you really are..We are educated now to know the difference between right and wrong..Thank God we dont have to be deprived of education no longer..God bless us and the USA!!

  2. Boehner & Company royally f****d up yesterday. They put the nail in their own coffin yesterday afternoon.

    They have awoken a sleeping lion. Democratic voters will vote en masse come November. Every voting block that the Republicans have angered are prepared to hand the gavel to Pelosi.

    What the Housr did is a world wide, let alone a national embarrassment. Watch what happens. President Obama will get the nation’s sympathy and his approval ratings will skyrocket. As a result, residents who planned on sitting the mid term elections out will vote. All those “blah people” Santorium talked about are angry about this. They will vote.

    And so will Hispanics, veterans, women, homosexuals, and whoever else that is sane will vote the Republicans out of power in the House. The GOP have blown what should have been a blowout for them. But no, they couldn’t leave well enough alone. Boehner, a wuss, cannot control the crazies in his caucus. The Houze, Senate, and WH will now be held….

  3. They still want to smear him.

    If the Senate stays in the hands of the Democratic Party, we will see the same thing in the Clinton trial; taped admissions under oath.

  4. Of course why shouldn’t Jefferson Boner Davis sue the president for something he did that they support? Makes sense!

  5. Dems we are going to have to do better than the miserable 30% voter turn out for midterms. We cannot wait for a general election to voice our displeasure – it will be too late if we lose the Senate during the midterms.

  6. Lets look at this. The trial of the president wont start will he is out of office. There will be no outcome of the trial.

    But it will be very useful as propaganda in 20104 and 2016. And that’s really all it is. The gop knows the Senate will not allow impeachment. Its all the usual brand of gop fraud. Dishonesty and diversion is the only way for them to try to get ahead

  7. All the American people have to remember is the trials and tribulations they have endured. Remember how hard you have worked for so many years, and due to no fault of your own, have lost your job. Remember losing your home, cars, and all your valuable possessions. Remember losing your dignity, and faith in the government to at least give you a helping hand to recover. Remember the day you had no money to feed your children, or at least give them a well balanced meal. Remember that your savings, 401-K, life insurance are all gone and you have noting left in your name. Nothing left to remind you that you have worked so many years and there is nothing left to show and tell. Remember your children faces when they have finally come to realize that Mom & Dad are broke as hell and there is nothing they can do to help. Remember putting your pet(s) in a shelter because you can no longer feed your pet.So when you sit and recall all the above,you will assure that you vote those shameless ppl….

  8. You need to go out there and vote and do not let the Republicans control the Senate. If that ever happens, we are doomed, and we will spiral quickly into poverty and remain there. The republicans are shameless, lawless, greedy people, and they do NOT CARE about the American people. You guys have seen that with your own eyes.They will only help the wealthy to get richer. Congress have intentionally walked all over us and threw us to the curb to die. THEY DO NOT CARE. So stand up and put an end to this! Go out and vote! That is all we have left. Let them know that we cannot be fooled!!

  9. Anyone with a functioning brain, and who does not live in a cave, knows full well the FACT that the teanut party set out on day one of the day this President was first sworn into office, to pledge to do everything they could to destroy his presidency. They spent the first 4 years trying to make sure he was not reelected, and when their own disgusting and ANTI American games backfired on them, they have since set out to punish those Americans who would dare stand up to them, by voting this President into a second term.

    It is a FACT that since the day we reelected this President, their lunatics have been running to Fox and right wing hatriot radio to spew their BS about impeachment, and now the Dems are using their lunacy against them, and telling the American people the TRUTH about what this lawsuit is all about, and the TRUTH, that they are planning to impeach this President if they get the Senate back, even though it too will go nowhere, because if takes a 2/3rds vote to impeach.

  10. I ask this same question in a different blog and the person stated, they were just trying to keep him becoming a dictator. I told them that if that was ever his intention he would have done that on day one and there would have been nothing that they could do about it. I also pointed out that he never pass a law to take anyone guns, put chains on anyone, take anyone family from them, nor disrespected them by calling out of their names, drawing racist pictures of them or their families. Nor take away women rights from women, change voter id laws, or any laws against people. I also told her it is not the idea of working with the president for the republicans, in their minds, it is the president telling them what to do like he is their master and they have brainwashed their followers to believe the same thing. They are so brainwashed they will vote against their own best interest and don’t realize and wonder why they are losing out when others are winning. Sad so sad.

  11. —–“The behavior of House Republicans today has been cynical, disgusting, and deplorable. They have now given voters every reason to vote them out of office this November”———

    Is this anyway to be running a great country? By suing the President? Well, now we know that the Republicans are well on their way to proving that all they can do is pout and shout and do nothing constructive while their main goal on the agenda from day one was to discredit our President and try, by any means necessary to remove him! From day One! What does that tell you. Their reason is obvious to all of us, even to their rabid pitch-fork carrying base. Proceed.

  12. Of course that is nonsense.

    Obama hasn’t worked with the GOP since day one. His go it alone attitude, without allowing Republicans’ the opportunity to offer amendments to Obamacare or even participate in the discussions, is what led to the partisanship today.

    Bill Clinton, in 1994, was faced with the same situation. Instead of doubling down on divisive policies, he chose to deal with Republicans and pass some meaningful legislation.

    Ronald Reagan, a conservative and my hero, worked with Tip O’Neil to pass legislation.

    Bush’s 1 and 2 did the same thing.

    This President refuses and the country is losing.

  13. He has tried on numerous occasions to work with the GOP’s but they refuse to work with him. Remember these are the same people who vowed to destroy Obama. Would you keep begging people to be your friend and they simply refuse? Wouldn’t you go about your business and either find other friends or as you put it have a “go it alone attitude?” If I am not mistaken they did have the opportunity to offer amendments to Obama care. The republicans are just angry that Obama care is working. They want it to fail so badly, but have nothing to offer in its place. That is to show you that they do not care about us. They prefer to point fingers at every and anything the President does instead of getting off their butt and do something meaningful for their constituents. And yes Bill Clinton was faced with the same problems, but he was not HATED as this president, that’s the difference. Plus the Republicans were different, they cared about us. These Repubs have a different agenda.

  14. I think you’re confused. The Republicans have refused to work with President Obama since his first day in office.

    “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

    Republican Strategy: Obstruct, Blame Democrats For Obstruction’s Damage.

    The strategy set the stage for obstructing everything that could help the economy get better, as well as anything that might make our lives better. Republicans believe that they will not be held accountable for their obstruction and blame Democrats because things are not getting better.

  15. While most of what you said is true, it is surprising that you don’t understand the impeachment process. Gaining a majority in the Senate has nothing to do with whether or not the Republicans can or will impeach Obama. Impeachment occurs in the House. They already have the simple majority they need to impeach. If they do impeach, the Senate holds a trial and to convict, they need 67 votes. Never going to happen. They may impeach, but they will never convict, and they already have the power to impeach right now. The only thing stopping them seems to be that their feeble little thinking organs seem to understand how impeachment would be perceived in light of everything else they have done (or not done) over the last 5 years.

  16. just a little note on us civics. the House of Representatives needs a simple majority to impeach the president this means they are formally accusing him of, as the Constitution says “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The articles of impeachment then go to the Senate where a trial is held. it is true that two-thirds of the Senate, that’s 67 Senators, must agree to convict. they act as a jury by doing so. if convicted the president is then removed from office and the Vice President becomes president Thanks

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