Steve Stockman Says Fellow Republicans Call Lois Lerner is a “Word That Rhymes with Witch”

Malzberg_StockmanWhile President Obama was in Kansas yesterday, telling Republicans to “Stop being mad all the time. Stop, Stop. Stop just hatin’ all the time,” Republicans were busy…well, hatin’.

Obama told a crowd of 1,500 in Kansas City, ‘They’re not happy that I’m president, but that’s OK. Come on!” And he gestured as though to encourage Republicans to the table.

But, Tea Bagger Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX), who is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, was too busy running to Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg in New York City to call former IRS official Lois Lerner, a 2006 Bush appointee, a “b*tch.” That’s right. He said his fellow Republicans call her a “word that rhymes with witch.”

Well, they said some things about jail and a word that rhymes with witch sometimes to me.

And by God he wants to arrest her for it, and because she’s a word that rhymes with witch he’s pretty sure his House buddies go along with him.

You will remember that Stockman has already introduced a resolution calling for the arrest of Lois Lerner on the grounds that the House will not be mocked! But now he plans to have it done before the House recesses in 12 days.

Watch the interview courtesy of Newsmax:

You see, Stockman, playing along with Boehner’s new meme that impeachment is a Democratic scam, told Malzberg that he almost let himself get trapped by Obama into impeaching him. Instead of doing what Obama “wants” and in the process making his party look bad (I think it is too late for that) he is going to arrest Lois Lerner, because she has been, he says, “insolent,” and “in no way compliant.” Moreover, she then had the nerve to declare her Fifth Amendment rights under the Constitution. How dare anyone appeal to the Constitution! Not on his watch!

Republicans are so furious with Lois Lerner that Darrell Issa has even lied about Lois Lerner – oh wait, he lies about everything – and Fox News was surprised by facts – oh wait, that’s nothing new either – and Darrell Issa was still so mad he turned off a Democrat’s mic in a huff and fled the room, something a third grader might do. But again, he’s acted like a third grader before.

And somehow, we are meant to believe, arresting her on top of all that won’t make the GOP look bad?

So it’s not that Obama hasn’t “done impeachable offenses” he says, though he can’t say exactly what those offenses are, but Obama has some Jedi mind trick that caused Republicans to want to impeach him so they’d look like idiots (they don’t need any help there) and so he could raise money.

“Obama’s begging to be impeached,” Stockman almost whined, and is “trying to use people like myself.” But there isn’t enough time to do it before the election, Stockman told Malzberg. There is enough time, however, to “issue an arrest warrant for Lois Lerner.”

When asked by Malzberg on what the arrest warrant would be based, Stockman answered,

She’s already in contempt of Congress. If we don’t act on any order of contempt then it becomes meaningless. If you’re a judge and you come before a judge and he says ‘You are held in contempt,’ and then he says ‘Oh by the way, just go home,’ then getting honest answers before a jury or before Congress becomes relatively hard to do when you know there are no ramifications for your actions.

He says that neither Boehner nor Obama can interfere with it, nor can Reid in the Senate. He just needs a simple majority on the House floor. “If we did arrest her she would be in jail until the end of the year and then the new Congress would have to issue a new arrest warrant.” Unless she chose to cooperate, that is.

Everybody jokes about having [her] serve here in the House — someone told me there’s still a prison here; I don’t know, it’s probably full of books and other things.”

You can see how well-thought out this plan is by the fact that Stockman has no idea where Lerner would be held if she were arrested. A storeroom or closet perhaps? But the details don’t matter (do they ever to Republicans?). He says, basically, that she’s easy prey, unlike Obama, and that’s why he knows his scheme will work.

If this sounds like something you’d hear in the third grade, it is. And that’s who we have running loose in the U.S. House of Representatives. A bunch of men with the minds of pre-adolescent children. Unfortunately, unlike third-graders, these Republicans have the power to destroy the country they seem to detest.

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11 Replies to “Steve Stockman Says Fellow Republicans Call Lois Lerner is a “Word That Rhymes with Witch””

  1. Steve Stockman? I know there re a lot of candidates for the stupidest person in Congress but he has to be in the top 5.

    This is the same idiot who said that if President Barack Obama attempted to enact new gun violence prevention measures through executive order, he would have no choice but to file articles of impeachment.

    The only member of Congress to have been caught with 30 mg of valium hidden in a cellophane wrapper in his underwear, a year living in a Forth Worth park with another homeless man he compared to Lennie from Of Mice and Man.

    Oh I almost forgot, the House Ethics Committee is investigating whether Rep. Steve Stockman’s campaign committee violated federal reporting requirements.

    The only congressman who rivals this idiot is his friend from Texas Louie Ghohmert. I said top 5 make that top 3.

    Thank the flying spaghetti monster he will not be on the ballot come NOV. but this being Texas I have no hope who succeeds him wont be just as nuttier

  2. I have to admit, I have a strange sense of humor that kicks into overdrive sometimes. And it’s idiots like this that usually triggers my sniggers.

  3. I laughed when I heard how the Rethugs became so outraged when they heard that Lerner called them “crazy” and “as*holes” in her emails. THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE!!

  4. how funny is it that they have to break the laws of this country in order to arrest someone who is using the laws of this country?

    I am surprised that representatives stockman didn’t get down on his knees and pray towards the home state of Darrell Issa.

    This is what happens when you elect a teabag to represent you. No idea what government is, no idea how government works. Nothing more than a method to embarrass the people of the state and to drag this country down

  5. It amazes me that the GOP gets so angry at people for doing their jobs. Lerner is a Republican, and her JOB was to sort through 501C applications to make sure they weren’t shell political groups (as most of the RW ones are.) But since someone made up the meme that she was ‘targeting’ conservative groups (she never did) and that she slowed their applications..well, yeah, to make sure they followed the rules of the IRS…these morons want her head on a platter. Just like the President. The GOP decided not to pass anything except “bad ACA bad” bills, and then whine that there are no jobs. Boehner is the worst. What a jerk. And they somehow think that no one is paying attention.

  6. Stockman, Gohmert, Cruz and the rest of the Tea Party members got elected to Congress, for the sole purpose to destroy our government. They don’t believe in a federal government or the Constitution, they only believe in states rights.

    Their actions have already brought our country to a standstill.

  7. Lerner was absolutely correct. I saw the tea partiers youtube videos vowing to not pay taxes while the teapathetics treasurer had a $400,000 tax lien.. They were vowing on tape to screw over America because its not 1885 like these idiots want. Im glad she did her job based on what they, themselves, were saying. Thats what you get pukers.

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