Ann Coulter Embraces Ethnic Cleansing on Our Borders

ann coulter
Ann Coulter likes how Israel is dealing with Hamas so much that she wishes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was our president. She says, “I just wish we would talk about our border the way we talk about Israel’s border.” Since Israel is currently engaged in ethnic cleansing as a way of securing its southern border against Palestinians, she is clearly implying that we rub out a few Latinos along our own.

She says Palestinians are “murdering, they’re raping,” which is – no coincidence – pretty much identical to what Republicans are saying about immigrants and refugees along America’s southern border.

Watch the video courtesy of YouSkyNews:

We need a Netanyahu here. Can you imagine all these – yes, sometimes Palestinian kids get killed. That’s because they are, they’re associated with a terrorist organization that is harming Israel, and Netanyahu doesn’t care what the religious leaders say, weeping about Palestinian children. He doesn’t care what the UN says. He doesn’t care what the media says.

Yes, she really said this:

We are a country, we have borders, and Netanyahu enforces them. Why can’t we do that in America?

The facts are, of course, nothing like Coulter pretends.

So far in the Israel-Gaza conflict, 1,400 people have been killed. Most of them civilians. Many of them children. Coulter says these children are aligned with a terrorist organization. My guess is, she would assuage her conscience if we made like Netanyahu by telling herself all those refugee children who would die are somehow connected to Mexican drug cartels.

Just to be clear, this is what Ann Coulter is endorsing (from

Palestinian men mourn over the bodies of six children who were killed in a explosion in a public playground in the beachfront Shati refugee camp in Gaza City on July 28, 2014. (MAHMUD HAMS/AFP/Getty Images)
Palestinian men mourn over the bodies of six children who were killed in a explosion in a public playground in the beachfront Shati refugee camp in Gaza City on July 28, 2014. (MAHMUD HAMS/AFP/Getty Images)

Republicans have said some truly reprehensible things about our immigration and refugee problems, including the demonization of children in complete contradiction to the Bible they pretend to uphold.

Even Fox News has had a difficult time controlling the discourse, with Geraldo Rivera lambasting a heartless Sean Hannity over the imbalance of Gaza casualties, and Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers taking Tucker Carlson to task yesterday:

Have you ever been to the Statue of Liberty?” she demanded. “I’m saying yes, we are a refuge. We are a refuge to the people of the world who look up to us as a ‘shining city on the hill.’ Does that sound familiar to you?”

Carlson retorted, “So I have a moral obligation to share my earnings, and my country with people I’ve never met because they are suffering?”
Um, yes?

“Are you a Christian?” she asked. “Have you read the Bible? Because the Bible is crystal clear.”

Of course then, while it is a theocracy at all other times it suits the GOP and Fox News, Carlson denied that is true in this case: “This is not a theocracy! No, no. The country is not run according to Christian precepts here.”

Oh, that’s right. Only where gays and lesbians and women’s reproductive health are concerned. Christianity is suspended where brown people come into play.

This is a new low for Fox News. Until tomorrow, or an hour from now, or the next time Megyn Kelly opens her mouth.

47 Replies to “Ann Coulter Embraces Ethnic Cleansing on Our Borders”

  1. It is time to call the Reich wing and the likud party what they are:

    NAZIS and they are in favor of a final solution.

  2. I can only say that the EVIL ONE, and the 1% of his minions have taken over the republican party.

    This party is not the Christ-like Christians I was born and raised with,(I am 65 yrs. old now, and a Baptist preacher’s kid).

    I am so ashamed that these CINO are wiping their boots on the lives of children,

  3. Until the Latinos trying to get across the border into our country start launching rockets at us, we can’t do much about them before they succeed in crossing the border.

    The world would be a better place with Ann Coulter no longer in it.

  4. Of course the difference is Israel is constantly under attack by Hamas – every Israeli is constantly under the threat of death. But in the US the border crisis is much, much different. Coulter obviously doesn’t see it that way but she’s wrong – and so is everyone else who tries to equate the two.

  5. Of course, in order for this analogy to work, we’ll need something to occur prior to the launching of rockets:

    1. A Mexican Authority national unity government must be announced months before.
    2. The US would need to make clear its desire to destroy said unity government.
    3. Three Americans must be kidnapped in a territory of Mexico that is entirely under the jurisdiction of the US and then killed.
    4. Said kidnapping must be used to demonize a faction within Mexico, whose total membership makes up a little over 8% of the population.
    5. Over the next eighteen days, 2200 homes in Juarez must be searched.
    6. More than 400 Mexicans must be arrested in this US occupied territory of Mexico.
    7. Of these hundreds, eleven must be Parliamentarians; fifty-nine must be former prisoners who were released in a prisoner exchange three years prior.
    8. Nine Mexicans must be killed in the process of these searches.
    9. The US must hold back information that it has concerning the immediate deaths of the kidnapped Americans, thereby inciting an entire nation’s anger and demand for justice.
    10. Of these hundreds, none will have any identifiable proof of their link to the kidnapping and deaths of the three Americans.

  6. Continue
    11. The US will have to launch an undocumented air raid on Juarez that kills two Mexicans, one of whom will be a child.
    12. As I indicate above, all of this will have to occur prior to a single rocket is launched from Juarez.
    13. The colloquial term for such handling by the US–both citizens and govt. alike–will be referred to as “mowing the grass.”
    14. Mowing the grass describes a policy in which every two to three years the management of US occupied territory in Mexico is managed.
    15. The US must do all of this under the banner of self-defense and the UN’s Article 51, even though Article 51 explicitly deals with attacks on sovereign nations and not jurisdictions.
    16. The Us must claim to pull out of Juarez in 2005 and then almost immediately deem it a “hostile territory.” Juarez Air space, population registry, the transportation of all people and goods, and territorial waters must remain under the control of the US.

    and ohhhhh yeah. . .

    17. After all of that, an US spokesperson will announce that the Juarez attacks on the US may, in fact, have not been executed under direct orders of the Juarez group that makes up 8% of the population; rather, there will be speculation, according to US officials, that a “lone cell” acted on their own doing, and, for many other officials and reporters, that the Juarez faction had nothing to do with the attacks.

  8. As many Gazans have died in this attack as they have In Operation Cast Lead.

    A former Holocaust victim said: if the Zionist Dream requires the constant ethnic cleansing of innocent people, then what good is this dream. I agree.

    Because I am Jewish I get all sorts of “Stand With Israel” stuff from communities. But I have to ask: at what cost?! I do not support Netanayahoo. I think he’s a dangerous criminal mastermind who continuously sabotages peace efforts and pushes Palestinians to the wall.

    Also the settlers are like the Tea Party. They frequently live off the Israeli dole, are the noisiest war mongers because they don’t have to serve in the military.

    And BTW most chilling of all: most if the Stand With Israel crowd in the US are Christian Zionists. They want all pews in Israel so that Jesus will drop his Armageddon bomb.

    Learn to hate through the love of Jesus.

  9. If you’re talking about Netanyahu it’s because he’s afraid that every Jew in Israel will be wiped out. You may think he’s overreacting but a lot of Jews around the world have that same fear.

    If you’re talking about Coulter (though she’s not a man), she’s deathly afraid that any of her money might be used to help someone other than herself.

  10. There was once a strong leader who decisively slaughtered lots of potentially subversive little brown children. His name was Herod.

  11. Yes, really. As a Jew I’m a bit more knowledgeable about how Jewish people think than you are.

  12. Lullay, lullay, thou little tiny child
    Lully, lullay, thou little tiny child,
    bye, bye, lully lullay.

    Herod the king in his raging,
    charged he hath this day,
    his men of night, in his own sight,
    all young children to slay.

    Then woe is me, poor child, for thee!
    And every morn and day,
    for thy parting not say nor sing
    bye, bye, lully lullay.

    Lully, lullay, thou little tiny child,
    bye, bye, lully lullay

  13. About what? The genocide that is being done for the Jewish homeland? Or how about the massacre in Qibya? You know no matter what you think I am not anti Israel but god dammint right is right and if you stop a people from building their homeland which was stolen what would you expect

  14. In essence, he did: several of his own sons, to be exact, as well as his second wife, Mariamne. It appears he thought one of his heirs would be placed on the throne in his stead, for he was not loved. The idea that he slaughtered children to forestall a “King of Jews” being raised from them comes from this filicide.

  15. I note that Mariamne is a form of Miriam/Mary, and one of the things he accused her of was adultery with a man named Joseph. It’s possible to speculate on a number of legends being sourced in that.

    An especially squicky detail is that he is said to have had her pickled in honey, and whenever he missed her too much, he unwrapped her and had sex with her pickled self.

  16. “We are a country, we have borders, and Netanyahu enforces them.”

    Did anyone else catch her statement that Netanyahu enforces American borders?

  17. As a person of Mexican decent, proud of my lineage, I am discussed at even the suggestion of ethnic cleaning.
    I have been wondering when such an idea would raise it’s ugly head from a national figure. Sad to say it has.
    The saddest part is part is my family has been in the “American” west since the 1600s. We didn’t come to “America”, “America” came us.
    My family has served the United States in war and peace and this person wants to cleans us.
    What service has this “person” done that has been of positive value to all the people of this country?

  18. The Reich wing, as been mentioned here, does not want to extinguish Hispanics. They want accountability on the border. T

  19. All of a sudden? This has been going on for years. But now its a convenient excuse

    However, the article is about Coulter who has no problem with killing a few of the kids off

  20. Mr. Urrea,

    I spent several months over in Tepic, Mexico in the past year, sir, the first time I had gone there in my life.

    Originally I was planning to move there, but things went a little south — and not in any fault of theirs or mine. It happens everywhere in the world, and last year happened to be when I drew that straw.

    There had been some chatter in early December, by the folks over in Colonia Centro and Colonia Amado Nervo, about the kids coming this way. Everyone was waiting for the winter mess to calm down enough for it to be safe to go without relying on the coyotes.

    My understanding is that things are bad in Central and South America… and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet here in the States.

    The point is, and I hate even thinking of the stuff I’m suggesting, if Ann Coulter and the others want a go at the Gulf, Sonomas and Zetas… I suggest they review the guys’ military strategy through Google Images.

    ‘Nuff said. Buenas noches, Senor, y gracias por se…

  21. I agree the drug cartels have pretty much had there way for decades, that is why there are people coming this way. That is the key word here. People, human beings, trying to find a better environment to live in. Another key word. Live.
    Those who like to bring up “Natural Law” would know to live sometimes you have to leave where you can not live to somewhere where you can.

  22. You may think that being blond she is naturally stupid but make no mistake, she is really stupid. It is that simple. I’ve just heard her on CNN saying that all 52 billion people on the planet would like to live in a better country. All 52 billion!!! So, dead people and all.

  23. People in the United States need to aknowledge that AMERICA is the name of THE CONTINENT which is conformed by Canada, the US, México, Nicaragua, Guatemala, San Salvador,Honduras, Costa Rica, Panamá, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, Guayana Francesa, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia, Groelandia, Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Haití, República Dominicana, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Trinidad y Tobago, Bermudas, Guadalupe and Martinica .The name of their country is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and this is the name they should use when they are referring to their country.

  24. The America you are referring to is called the “Americas”. Not America. America is a valid term to be used when referring to the US

  25. I watched the video since family members in Mexico are going bonkers about this so I watched it myself.

    NOWHERE did she say she wanted to bomb Mexico! She just wants our border to be as secure as Israel. I guess liberals want an open border? Just let anyone come in without any identification or accountability? When you get hit by an illegal who jumps out of the car and runs away just chalk it up to your “moral obligation to help the world’s poor”.

    Mexico is harsher with Central American illegals than we are, how come nobody is outraged about how Mexico treats illegals?

    We allow over 1 million LEGAL immigrants to come in each year yet only 1/10 of US citizens leave for another country. How can being overpopulated raise our wages and better our lifestyle?

    Do you REALLY think it’s better to let lazy Americans collect welfare while illegal aliens undercut our wages and send 50-70% of their money back home?

    Tax money should be for public services only NOT for FORCED char…

  26. Now on to the Israel/Hamas situation.

    Let me get this straight liberals…..the only way you think it’s ok for Israel to defend itself is without violence? HOW???

    If someone stands outside your house behind 3 children and keeps throwing rocks through your windows I guess you won’t do anything to stop it since children are in the way? Obviously you would call the cops and let them deal with it. Well…what’s Israel supposed to do? Just sit there and take it?

    Do you even know what is REALLY going on over there? Hamas (the BAD guys) are tunneling in to Israel to kill them. They are constantly launching missiles at Israel to kill them. They are grabbing Israeli children and are raping and/or killing them. They are hiding weapons inside U.N. schools. When Israel warns people to leave buildings Hamas is SENDING them in as religious martyrs for the purpose of making Israel look bad. They are setting up missile launching tents outside U.N. hotels and schools. It’s caught on tape!

  27. If someone stands outside your house behind 3 children and keeps throwing rocks through your windows I guess you won’t do anything to stop it since children are in the way? Obviously you would call the cops and let them deal with it. Well…what’s Israel supposed to do? Just sit there and take it?

    Ah if some kids were throwing rocks at my house I wouldn’t turn around a burn down their grandma’s house, then bomb their hospitals and to really teach them a lesson blow up their schools.

    See people this right here is the product of our failure as a country not to prosecute war crimes. You have no morals or values if you think what Israel has done was right in its response.

    Evidently it is you that doesn’t know what is going on. Question for you, for all these thousands of rockets Hamas fired how many Israeli’s have died? Then I want you too count the Palestinian dead.

    After you do that Google Lidice and then if you can think tell me what is the difference

  28. Did you watch the video? There is no mention of ethnic cleansing. None. Nada. Zilch. Coulter said enforce the border. Further, to fry your brains a bit more she said that impeachment is a non starter and to stop talk of it.

  29. Clearly you have NO CLUE about what is going on in Israel and Gaza. In a nutshell, the Terrorist group Hamas has taken over Gaza and the palestinians who live there. The are using the people as human shields, placing rockets in schools and hospitals and homes. They then shoot those rockets at Israel, and YOU expect Israel to just do nothing? As it is they phone the hospitals, schools, send fliers to WARN the palestinians of an impending strike so that they can get out. Israel only wants to protect their people and stop the terrorists from attacking them. Remember, their message has been clear “wipe Israel and all the jews off the face of the earth” – if someone wanted to do that to your people, what would you do? Unfortunately the terrorists do not value human life and don’t care that the palestinians are casualties. In fact, they relish it, using staged photographs as propaganda for people like you to buy in to.

  30. The reason that Israel is relatively safe from the continuous rockets being fired at them is that they have what they call the “Iron dome” Which is their missile defense system that fires counter missiles at the ones Hamas is firing at them and explodes them in the sky before they can land and do damage. Israel spends a HUGE portion of their budget for the defense of it’s people. Hamas bribes and brainwashes young men to fight a cause whose only goal is hate, death and destruction

  31. Clearly you have NO CLUE about what is going on in Israel and Gaza.

    The Palestinians VOTED IN Hamas. They support Hamas. The human shields thing comes from your RWNJ sources.

    The Palestinians are the “terrorists” as you call them, right along with the Israelis. Its obvious you have no idea what THEY have been up to.

  32. ” Israel spends a HUGE portion of their budget”

    Thats American money. The Iron Dome comes from America. Also most of the missiles are too far from cities to hurt anyone

  33. Get real if we stop letting mexicans in everyone would starve to death . You talk about mexicans taking over jobs ? Dont be blind or as blonde as the bimbo your sidding with . The only jobs my people are taking are all the left overs that the lazy people from this county wount do . So keep things in realty. We have every opurtunit y we havefree education all sorts of programs to help pay for tuition we can work with we have legal docuements that allows us to earn money yet as americans we do nothing but hurt our own country by supporting all the young healthy americans that choose to be on welfare. Sure theres a percent that end up having a child and collecting welfare but that child is an american just as much as you and me .i can bet you the mother or father dont sit and wait for the next pay check to come they go out and make ends meet . They do the labor none of our own citizens want to do .if it wasnt for them we would starve

  34. Fuck you Anne Coulter and Fuck you United States of America,



  35. It amazes me that Ms Coulter only attacks the Mexican Inmigration and does not mention these people are coming from Central and So. America as well, where they can’t meet their daily needs. They come to work the fields, which the U.S. citizens don’t like to do. If we did not have them working there, we would be paying outrageous prices for vegetables and fruits and it would create a larger medical problem for those who could not afford it! These are basic healthy foods
    Also, why does she not mention stricter laws on the use of drugs in the USA? THAT WOULD CERTAINLY LOWER THE DRUG CARTEL’S INCOME as well as the USA selling arms that come into their hands.
    It saddens me to realize Ms Coulter is not a happy person and shows so much hate! We need to pray for her.

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