Morning Joe’s Republican Apologists Blame ‘Both Sides’ For House GOP’s Border Bill Failure


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Throughout Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough, along with a number of other MSNBC personalities, blamed the overall dysfunction of Washington for the House GOP’s failure to pass a border crisis spending bill. The bill, which was tabled by Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) on Thursday when it became apparent he didn’t have the votes for it to pass, offers a fraction of the funding that the President requested weeks ago and basically only assists with quicker deportations of those detained at the border. Boehner also planned on another vote for the House floor that would have stripped funding for DACA. That did not materialize because it was tied to the emergency funding bill.


In typical false equivalency mode, Scarborough provided cover for Republicans by blaming both sides for the GOP’s complete and total inability to do even the simplest of things. Scarborough constantly pointed to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (R-NV) and claimed he is the one that prevented Republicans from passing this bill due to his actions in the past few days regarding the Senate bill that would address the border crisis. Joe claimed that because Reid was looking to get elements of the comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed the Senate more than a year ago added to any emergency funding legislation, some House Republicans decided it wasn’t worth voting on any bill that was brought up in the House.

Below is video of Scarborough constantly playing the false equivalency card, courtesy of MSNBC:



At least during this segment, The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein was around to throw a little water on Scarborough’s claims. Stein thankfully pointed out Boehner’s contradicting statements about President Obama and his use of executive actions and also reiterated that the House wasn’t able to pass even the smallest and simplest of border spending bills, regardless of what Reid planned to do in the Senate. However, Scarborough was able to get further validation for his ‘both sides do it’ argument when MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt came on and essentially agreed with Joe.

‘Both sides are to blame’ was the running theme throughout the show. While talking to former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, Scarborough was able to get Rendell to play along and say multiple times that both Democrats and Republicans share the blame for this particular situation. However, it really went into overload when both Chuck Todd and David Gregory showed up. The unholy triumvirate of Todd, Gregory and Scarborough created a black hole of false equivalence that offered no escape.

Below is video of this segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



Todd used his time to claim that Democrats had absolutely nothing to run on before Republicans shot themselves in the foot by voting to sue the President and then failing to pass even a bare-bones border bill. The basic gist of Todd’s argument is that Democrats had no accomplishments whatsoever to campaign on ahead of the midterm elections. It is only because Republicans did damage to themselves do Democrats have a chance to hold onto the Senate and maybe grab seats in the House. Meanwhile, Gregory kept his wishy-washy image intact by saying that it is all about the elections and that Democrats really aren’t interested in substance or meeting the challenges that the country faces. Instead, this is just how politics is done in Washington, essentially playing the ‘both sides’ game.

Overall, even though we’ve seen time and time again that Republicans are almost exclusively to blame for the current inaction in Washington, due to the party’s hard-swing to the right and their unending hatred of the President, compliant member of the mainstream media are there to provide cover for them with the American public. Guys like Scarborough, Gregory and Todd, along with other like Andrea Mitchell, Wolf Blitzer and John King, are constantly reminding their viewers that Democrats and President Obama are just as much to blame for the atmosphere on Capitol Hill.

The GOP gets a free pass when it comes to not moving on comprehensive immigration reform, infrastructure and/or jobs bills, minimum wage, equal pay or dozens of other legislative actions that can be taken right now. Instead, the MSM just figures that it is perfectly OK for them to never compromise or work with the President and that it is his audacity to actually exist that causes Republicans to act this way.

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  1. When those invitations to cocktail parties goes out do you really think the village will tell the truth in order not to get invited?

    I don’t listen, my boobtube is not turn on to them. Hell I can get better info from the man on the corner yelling the world is coming to an end

  2. well, what did you expect from mj? frankly, I am enjoying the chaos the rwnjs are bringing to the house.

    this is an election cycle. if you want to win the senate and keep control of the house, the american voter should see a party that is united, strong, capable of leading, and can govern the country.

    instead the gop, thanks to the rwnjs in the house, and cruz meddling with the rwnjs in the house provide us with a party that is divided, weak, leaderless, and indecisive. honestly, what sane voter would waste their vote on the party hell bent on destroying themselves?

    so I sit back and enjoy it all. karma is a bitch! instead of bringing president obama down the gop ruin their own party. god don’t like ugly. looks like god is about to punish the fake christians and their republican jesus.

    this is one movie I will truly enjoy.

  3. If I happen to be up at 3am, I turn on MornJo, because I know I will be asleep within 10 minutes, which happened this morning. MornJo is a great sleeping pill.

  4. Both sides are not responsible. One side is working, the other is blocking.

    How conveniently some say “both sides”..that is false.

  5. MJ couldn’t even wait to tell his lies this morning and tell it straight and Chuck Todd sure tried to back him up. They both are trying so hard for the job of MTP that Joe is keeping from losing his cool was so hard it was funny. The republicans are a laughing stock and they think no one is noticing what is going on with them. They should have passed the bill that the senate had passed and sent to them last year but because they hated the president and they thought the immigrants would all vote democrats they wouldn’t do. If they weren’t so busy trying to take people rights from them they wouldn’t have to worry about who would vote for them. If all those who are still following them can’t see how lost and screwed up their leaders are then they need to follow them right on down that hole with them.

  6. Okay, okay, you know it pains me to put a link to Breitbart, but there is apparently no way around it and still be able to tell you the coolest story of the day.

    Louie Gohmert is so damn weird that even the Republicans, who have cornered the market on weird, think he’s weird.

    So Boehner called a Republicans Only / No Girls Allowed Club meeting over the fake “border crisis.” Gohmert set about hacking off everybody. The subject came up of Becky Tallent, the speaker’s immigration aide. Gohmert thinks she has too much heart, plus she’s a girl.
    Read More

  7. “honestly, what sane voter would waste their vote on the party hell bent on destroying themselves?”

    The problem is that they and the insane voters who vote against their own best interests are trying to drag the whole country down with them.

  8. And guess what – Those same obstructionists on BOTH sides will get re-elected (a few might be replaced by equally weak or insane fools or get marginalized by the rest)and will continue to obstruct, whine and blame each other while the nation’s voters whine about evil Congress.

    There are only a tiny handful of real representatives in Congress and they will get little, if anything, accomplished because the vast majority are corrupt narcissistic brats…

    As for Joe – He’s a only a sociopathic bullhorn for the corporate manipulated stupidity that sells the paradigm

  9. Amen, Maxie. Amen.

    Karma is best served cold.

    We need more Matthew 25 in our politicians and less Matthew 23.

  10. Please do not Ed Rendell a Democrat Liberal or a progressive. He his a corporate hack. He is as anti labor as any Republucan. Check out the law firm he “works” for.

  11. If I want to watch this kind of presidential bashing I would just watch faux news. I will never tune in this garbage…

  12. That is it!! Some with MJ. I have been over looking “him”. Not any more. Done ! If wanted this short sighted view….turn on Fox

  13. Moron Joke is the guy that many think got away with murder.. and from my research it is my opinion this is it is no surprise the anything that emanates out of Jokes mouth is a verbal bowel movement and by necessity blatantly false.. This is why moron fits so well with in the RR.

    What’s with Mika?? No self pride??

  14. Joe is a republican/tea party BULLHORN!
    He is rude, abrasive, hostile, hot tempered, hard headed, and misogynistic. He needs to be in another line of business, like hauling garbage because he’s got a trunk full of it. Joe is just an overspill from Fox’s hate spewing, send him there where he’ll feel at home.

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