Obama Slams House Republicans For Trying To Pass Extreme Border Bill That’s Going Nowhere


President Obama slammed House Republicans today for trying to pass a border bill that they know will never pass the Senate or be signed by him into law.

The president began by talking about the growing economy, and thanked Congress for passing VA legislation and for passing temporary transportation funding. He then called out Congress for not doing things that would help middle class families.

The president called out House Republicans for not even trying to solve the immigration problem. Obama said, “House Republicans as we speak are trying to pass the most extreme and unworkable versions of a bill that they already know is going nowhere. It can’t pass the Senate, and if it were to pass the Senate, I would veto it. They know it. They’re not even trying to actually solve the problem. This is a message bill that they couldn’t quite pull off yesterday, so they made it a little more extreme so maybe they can pass it today. Just so they can check a box before they leave town tomorrow….Yesterday, even though they have been sitting on a bipartisan immigration bill for over a year, House Republicans suggested I should act on my own because they couldn’t pass a bill.”

President Obama called House Republicans out on their fraud. He was right. House Republicans have no interest in solving problems. In fact, they aren’t interested in even pretending like they are solving problems. Boehner and company are interesting in passing a bill just so that they can go home and tell people that they did something.

It doesn’t matter that what they will pass will never become law. House Republicans are all about playing to talk radio and Fox News. For these House Republicans, image matters more than substance. Obama called them out on their fraud. The border bill is the latest example of House Republicans doing what they do best, talking tough while doing nothing.

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  1. More of the tax payers money wasted on salaries that should NOT be paid because the Teapublicans refuse to do the job they were elected to do. I do wish there was a way to stop payment on their salaries until such time as they do an honest days work to be entitled to said wages AND benefits.

  2. Hopefully, the democrats will get out the vote in November and clean house of these “”do nothings””

  3. President Obama needs a Communication Team that is orders of magnitude better than his current team.

    I am a radical progressive, yet, I struggle to recount the many positive outcomes of the Obama Administration.

    He needs weekly Fireside Chats to explain, tout, and inform the public about his many successes…..as well as talking lead on the political narrative in this country.

    The pre-modern Teathuglicans have a monopoly on setting the agenda.

  4. What do you expect from people who HATE the government – Republicans – who work in the government they hate?

    You get people who hate their job and do their job horribly.

  5. If only once — just this once — President Obama would seriously negotiate with the Republican-led House instead of immediately resorting to another strident partisan campaign-style speech, perhaps we would see a different result. Sadly, we will probably never know.

  6. The President is also going to need a corporate media machine that supports him.Much of that corporate media support is going to this despicable GOP right now.

  7. That has to be one of the dumnbest comments of any politician(leaving out ghoulmert, king and Bachman) of course

  8. Why reasonable sane people continue to support this nonsenses is beyond my comprehension and pay grade

  9. If only once — just this once — Repubicans would seriously negotiate with President Obama instead of immediately resorting to their tired, strident, hate-mongering talking points, perhaps we would see a different result.

    Sadly, we will probably never know.

  10. The President has been trying to negotiate in good faith with members of the Get Obama Party for six years.They have done everything except physically spit on him.If anyone should be sued,it should be House Republicans for dereliction of duty,ignoring the will of the people,and violating their oath of office. They still believe that they were “hired” to do our thinking for us,because we are not capable of thinking for ourselves.Republicans have always assumed that voters are naive,forgetful,apathetic,and just plain stupid. In fact they count on it.If we defied our employers as often as the GOP in the House defies us,we would be fired. WE THE PEOPLE must tell republican elected officials,to be good employees,and shut up and do as they’re TOLD,just like any other working stiff.

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