Scott Walker Is Reeling As Wisconsin Governor’s Race Is a Dead Heat

Scott Walker
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A new poll of Wisconsin brings more bad news for Gov. Scott Walker as the Wisconsin Republican is locked in tie with Democrat Mary Burke 47%-47%.

Scott Walker has blown a five point lead. In March, Walker led the Gravis Marketing poll 49%-44%, but since then he has lost two points of support while his opponent Democrat Mary Burke has gained three. Wisconsin is a state where President Obama remains popular. Obama’s approval rating in this poll was a positive 49%-43%.

Walker’s biggest problem is jobs. In 2010, he promised that his tax cuts would create 250,000 new jobs but that pledge is destined to fail. Not only will Walker’s jobs pledge come up short, the state had negative job growth in May and June under his leadership. Instead of creating jobs, Wisconsin lost 1,700 jobs in May and June of this year.

Politifact looked at the dire projections for Walker’s job creation pledge, “So the total, according to our monthly calculation, is 100,313, or about 40 percent of the total Walker promised. That leaves 149,687 jobs to go before his term ends. In order for Walker, who is up for re-election in November, to reach his goal, the state would have to add a total of 24,947 in each remaining month of the year. That’s nearly what the state added in each year in the past three years.”

Democrat Mary Burke remains unknown to many voters, but this could be a good thing for her candidacy. Burke has an opportunity to run against Walker and represent real change for the state. Scott Walker’s tenure has been a disaster for Wisconsin. The state has fallen behind its neighbors in terms of economic growth and job creation. Gov. Walker ran as a moderate, but unleashed an extremist agenda that targeted women, education, workers’ rights, and voting rights.

Walker has taken a prosperous state and thrown it in the dumpster in the name of right-wing ideology. Scott Walker wants to run for president in 2016, but if Democrats have their way he is soon going to be an unemployed former governor and the poster child for the failure of the Koch agenda.

33 Replies to “Scott Walker Is Reeling As Wisconsin Governor’s Race Is a Dead Heat”

  1. Couldn’t happen to a nicer piece of scum. That leaves Scott in FLorida, Corbett in Pennsylvania, Kaisch in Ohio, Deal in Georgia.Fallon in Oklahoma looks like she is on the ousts, along with Martinez in New Mexico.

    Brownback in Kansas is on the oust, along with LePage in Maine. I don’t know what’s going on with McCory in N. C., but he’s another piece of scum that should be ousted.

    Who’d I leave out?

  2. You left out Snyder in MI, and once our primary is over tomorrow, I expect Mark Schauer’s support to increase. Right now, we get the pro-Snyder lies from the Kochs, and not much from Mark. There’s time. A lot of people are not that involved yet. We need to get Terry Lynn Land out as well….She was a horrible Sec. of State, and would be awful in Congress. Dems are busy here!!

  3. Sally, your right. I can’t believe I left out Herr Synder out. Yes, he’s outta there, as well. Koch policies have people suffering.

    I also am not sure about Texas and Abbott vs Davis.

  4. The point is to get all of these RW radicals out of office every person that does not like RW policies needs to VOTE!
    2010 these people got into office because Democratic Party members, Progressives and Liberals stayed at home. A no show up to vote is a vote for RW policies, get it.
    When you choose not to vote the GOP wins every time. Quit signing petitions ad get out and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

  5. I met Mary Burke and listened to her speak at our local Democratic Party dinner.I was very impressed.It was refreshing to hear someone that had a positive message and has a positive agenda. Scott Walker has just ruined this state. Wisconsin used to be so much more progressive.He refused the Medicare funding and the premiums for health insurance on the exchange are double the amount of our neighboring state, Minnesota.Many people cannot afford to enroll so we are still lagging behind in health insurance enrollment. You lose your job here you can count on being unemployed for the long run. Wages are low,property taxes are some of the highest in the country.I certainly hope Mary Burke keeps gaining momentum and Scott Walker is voted out.


  7. I don’t even know why it would be tied. Walker is ridiculous, he is a bottom feeder, but yet its a tie.

  8. Scott Walker’s tenure has been a disaster for Wisconsin. The state has fallen behind its neighbors in terms of economic growth and job creation. Gov. Walker ran as a moderate, but unleashed an extremist agenda that targeted women, education, workers’ rights, and voting rights.

    Walker has taken a prosperous state and thrown it in the dumpster in the name of right-wing ideology.
    Nothing more needs to be said. That’s it in a nutshell. WHY would anyone vote for this criminal? Stop the partisan crap. You do not have to toe the party line just “because”. Vote in your own interests. Gutting education, women’s rights, worker’s rights and voting rights are NOT in your best interest.

  9. Scum Bag Rick Perry he is running for president wow Ted Cruz Louie the Idiot. Greg Abbott, John something . Ann dried up “Brewer too many to list.

  10. People are recognizing that they were conned by all these governors elected in 2010. They vowed to bring jobs, jobs, jobs, and brought anti-abortion laws, voter suppression, union busting, and tax cutting instead. Most of these states are also now broke thanks to them (Kansas).
    Vote them out!

  11. Even IF Walker created the jobs he promised, what he failed to disclose was the fact the jobs would be part-time, minimum wage jobs without benies. When will this nation realize the taxpayers are NOT subsidizing folks who, for the most part, ARE working. They are subsidizing the corporations who refuse to provide employees with a living wage, full-time employment, and benefits. Moreover, the scheduling practices of fastfood/retail establishments often prohibit their PT employees from working two jobs. This forces employees to use our nation’s safety-net programs. The problem is not about ‘lazy’ people, it’s about the culture of greed in our behemoth corporations.

  12. And Wisconsin sinks even deeper into debt, has the worst schools(next to texas of course), even less jobs and your debt burden per person goes through the roof

    You will be so happy

  13. If Walker wins it will be by stealing votes in my opinion. Just like the gerrymandering of districts that got the Republican’s in that took over our state house, as well as keeping Paul Ryan in office. The Koch’s will bring in more and more money to keep their puppet in office. Votes will either disappear or suddenly appear like they did in the recall election. That happened in Walker’s back yard Kenosha I do believe. We badly need to get the vote out in order to beat these criminals at their own game.

  14. Be rigorously honest with yourself for just a second. The guy has done a great job! Try to get over yourselves and give him the credit he’s due. Democrat or Republican we are all on the same team and want what’s best for Wisconsin and our fellow citizens. He has done good things for Wisconsin.
    Be reasonable and re-elect Scott Walker!

  15. LOL! done a great job? 49th in job creation, Killed the education system that was once #2 in the country, given all the money to the corporations through tax breaks and left the state deep in debt? You have GOT to be kidding!

  16. Of course he is not the President. The President 52 weeks of job growth. Walker:Latest job numbers not good for Scott Walker — or those looking for work

    Read more:

    More than 25 million have gained health insurance under President Obama. Walker:State must find 38,000 who lost insurance: Our View. Health care gap under Walker policy threatens to drive up state’s uninsured rate.

    For once a bagger is correct. Walker is no President Obama

  17. That is funny this republican who is putting Wisconsin in debt is actually doing the opposite.

    go to this site notice how the spending is going down and revenue is going up. What does that mean? Then go to all the other democrat states and check out how they are doing. Also I can not believe your complaining about cutting taxes. How about being so one sided go look at both sides

  18. I like to show facts.
    current offical unemployed:9.6 mil
    current actual unemployed 19 mil
    current living in poverty 47 mil
    current giving out food stamps 45.9 mil
    Now 2008 with bush
    official unemployed:9.7 mil
    actual unemployed: 13 mil
    living in poverty: 38.7 mil
    food stamps:31.3 mil
    Anyone is better then OBAMA! Scott Walker could do better.

  19. The Obama Economic Miracle
    If you listen to right wing media you’d think the economy has been on the edge of collapse for the last six years. Anyone who listened to those whiny naysayers missed out on what will go down in history as one of the greatest economic bull market recoveries in modern times. After a slow winter GDP roared back by 4 percent. In June the trade deficit dropped to $41.5 billion, largely on the strength of increased exports. Yeah, that’s America sending things overseas. We gained 200,000 new jobs and, since government hiring has been slow to recover, the bulk of those new jobs are private sector. Real wages, which did lag the recovery for a long time, are finally starting to move higher and every qualified job applicant is competing against three other qualified applicants, down from seven in 2010.

  20. Couldn’t agree more. I arrived in this State in 2012. Since I have been here it seems Scotty boy has been picking on the disenfranchised and underrepresented segments of our population. He started by picking on the Educators, then he picked on the unions, then picked on the uninsured and then he supported the reckless abortion legislation. No wonder he cant get it right…He spends time on the wrong issues. I will vote him out in 2016.

  21. Let’s see…wasn’t Christie the one who was supposed to give a rousing nomination speech for a guy named Romney? Come on Chris you are a democrats best friend! Maybe he can bring along Clint Eastwood to talk to the empty chair again?

  22. Victor…wake up and get your head out of a dark place. I am guessing you don’t know you are living in an alternate universe. Walker is a polarizing figure.

  23. Walker turned a 3 Billion dollar deficit into a 1 Billion dollar surplus . The unemployment rate continues to be low at 5.7%. Walker has been a huge success and voters will recognize this on election day over some unknown.

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