After Criticizing President Obama Hypocrite John Boehner Refuses To Visit The Border


Speaker John Boehner called President Obama AWOL on the border, but when asked to visit the border to see it for himself, Boehner said no.

On July 24, Speaker Boehner said, “It’s time for the White House to get their act together. This is a problem of the president’s own making. And then he tries to — says he wants to solve the problem, so we that we can stop this influx, but then he changes his mind. We’ve got a president that’s AWOL. And the president ought to get engaged in this if he actually wants something to happen.”

Freshman Democratic Rep. Pete Gallego (TX) invited Boehner to see the border crisis for himself:

Because you, as the first among equals in the people’s House, have more influence than most in the legislative process, I invite you to come to the Texas-Mexico border to join me in speaking to community leaders and the dedicated law enforcement working to protect our borders every day. This will give you an in-person view as well as firsthand, non-partisan and unvarnished representations of what is occurring on the border.


If the argument in the House is that the President cannot or should not take executive action, then someone else has to. It would seem logical that that “someone” should be the leader of the chamber closest to the people.

Boehner’s office responded to the offer, “The Speaker has heard from many, including our Border Working Group led by Texas Rep. Kay Granger, about the humanitarian crisis on our southern border. That’s why the House acted last week on legislation to provide needed relief and begin to fix the problems. At this point, President Obama should call Senate Democrats back to Washington to act, too.”

In other words, Boehner said no. The idea that Boehner is somehow more informed than the president is laughable. It is the height of hypocrisy for Boehner to criticize the president for being AWOL on the border crisis when he refuses to interrupt his five-week vacation to take a trip to the border and see things for himself. Rep. Boehner (R-OH) doesn’t want to go to the border because he would have to see for himself that the legislation his House passed last week is completely inadequate.

Speaker Boehner doesn’t care. The House passed a couple of crackpot bills that will never become law before they skipped out of town. All Boehner cares about is that it looks like the House did something. It doesn’t matter that what the House did is destined to go nowhere. The speaker is only concerned with creating the illusion that House Republicans are addressing nation’s problems.

The nation owes Rep. Gallego a big thank you for exposing the depth and degree of John Boehner’s border crisis hypocrisy. Once again, there has been no serious action behind Speaker Boehner’s tough talk.

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  1. I don’t think the drunk knows what’s going on. Maybe its alcohol dementia. First he wants to sue the President for doing his job by doing exactly what the baggers wanted with the mandate after they tried repeal over 50 times and then with the refugee crisis the President is following the law enacted by bush, then since he couldn’t get his bagger clown car to do what he even requested boner turns around and tell the President to act without Congress.


  2. …there has been no serious action behind Speaker Boehner’s tough talk….alcohol typically does that to you. Some think they are supermen and fail terribly, others fall apart and become depressed, some do stupid things while others say things that they later regret.

    John’s actions are typical of his fellow party; talk big with no solutions, make wild and unsubstantiated accusations about the other party’s failures and not providing any constructive alternatives to solve a problem. No is easy to say, a solution is difficult to achieve.

  3. I can’t be bothered, I’m on my official 5 week holiday. My unofficial holiday was when I was suppose to be doing that thing called work, but don’t tell the democratic base that. They might replace me with a lady named Pelosi, and she will actually get the peoples business done. What nerve!

  4. This is nothing new for the teahadist to ignore international law but they just may be doing that

    Detention: No Place for Children or Families

    On the Border, Who Gets to Be a Refugee?

    And what law is that?
    Convention relating to the Status of Refugees

  5. The only reason they want the president at the border is they think it will keep him from delivering his messages. They have learn a thing about the president yet, no matter where he goes he will still deliver his messages loud and clear how bad a job the republicans are doing. So they can keep running and putting their foot in their mouth while the president continue to be the cheerleader and get his followers fired up for the election.

  6. The TeaTards are not smart enough to know that President Obama, or any president, would know what is going on at the border.

    The resources available to presidents is unlimited. He does not need to physically show up there to know what is going on.

    Besides, we all know that the gop only want him to go there so that they can have something else to whine about.

  7. How about that GOP’er who says that these kids coming over the border may be bringing Ebola, I would say if they are they must be superkids, after walking hundreds of miles they can still stand up and ebola as well, we should test these kids and get some of what they have because they have super strength.

  8. I beg to differ. The reason they want the President at the border – and the reason the President should not go to the border – is that they ginned up a bunch of armed madmen there who refuse to recognize him as our President, call him a usurper (and much worse), and call for “Second Amendment remedies”. It would be a bloody battlefield before the Secret Service could clean it out well enough for him to safely be there.

  9. Of course Boehner will not go to the border. Everyone knows the only way to get to the border with Mexico from Washington or Ohio is on Air Force One.

  10. Boehner typically….talks the Talk but does not want to Walk the Walk.

    What else is there to say about this man and his phony, capricious attacks on the President. Time for him to hand the Gavel back to Pelosi and STFU.

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