American Voters Soundly Reject Republican Strategy To Eliminate Obamacare Subsidies

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A national tracking poll on healthcare, released by Morning Consult on Tuesday, reveals that only 15% of registered voters agree with opponents of the Affordable Care Act that federal subsidies should only be available to those who signed up on a state-based health exchange. This poll was done in the aftermath of last month’s ruling by the D.C. Court of Appeals. In Halbig v. Burwell, the three-judge panel, in a 2-1 decision, stated that only those who purchased insurance through state-based health exchanges are eligible for subsidies through the ACA. On the same day, another federal court offered a completely opposite decision in a similar case, stating that the intent of the law was clear and that all purchasers are eligible for subsidies and tax credits, not just those who went through a state exchange.

The poll shows that the American public has no appetite for another Republican-led war against Obamacare. While the survey shows that 27% of voters have no real opinion on the issue of ACA subsidies, likely due to a lack of familiarity with the Halbig case and conservative efforts to take them away from millions of Americans, 58% say that Obamacare subsidies should be available to everyone. That clearly shows that people are not in favor of taking away subsidies from the millions of residents in the 36 states that have not set up their own exchanges.

Even Republican voters aren’t buying this load of crap that subsidies were only meant for those who purchase their insurance through a state marketplace. 49% of Republicans are in favor of subsidies being available to everyone while only 23% say that it should only go to those who purchased insurance through their state’s exchange. Independents were in favor by a 50% to 16% margin while 71% of Democrats think subsidies should be widely available to only 7% who think it should be based on the state health exchanges.

This represents an enormous problem for conservatives who have been pushing this attempt to dismantle an essential component of the Affordable Care Act. Republicans, in their zeal to finally bring down Obamacare, decided to focus on ambiguous language within the law that seemingly stated that only those who purchased health insurance through a state-based exchange could qualify for various subsidies and tax credits. Even though it is obvious that the intent of the law is to provide every healthcare consumer with the allowable assistance needed to purchase insurance, conservatives determined their best course of action was to take a simple drafting error and use it as their inroad to destroy Obamacare.

At this point, if Republicans are successful in getting the subsidies taken away from millions of people, how in the heck do they sell that as a positive to voters? “Hey, we made insurance unnecessarily more expensive for you. But, we had to because Obama. Vote for us!” Seriously, instead of just quickly passing a one-page bill in Congress to correct the drafting error in the law, Republicans are hoping to go to the Supreme Court with a case in the hopes that they can make health coverage harder to obtain for millions of Americans. Why? So they can prove that the law is “unworkable.”

As with immigration reform, Republicans are purposely shooting themselves in the foot due to some harebrained notion that in the end, it will hurt Obama and therefore help the GOP in the long run. It is an idiotic direction to take. Yet, here we are.

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  1. Can they never ever tell the truth? Now McConnell has an ad stating that he is all for women! He sponsored the VAWA, don’tcha know? Yeah, back in the day, and it never came up for a vote. This time, he did not sponsor, and he voted against it, so as to fend off a Tea Party primary challenge. I tell you, Kentucky had better get rid of this career idiot before he can do any more damage.

  2. They may reject what Republicans say about the AHA, but how will or will they vote in November? It doesn’t help if your mouth and fingers are not in agreement.

    Thanks to the President and the then Democratic controlled House, the AHA passed. Will they say “thank you, Mr President,” and vote the Republican out of office, or will they continue to vote against their own best interests?

  3. The Affordable Care Act law (a/k/a OBAMACARE): That train has left the station, but some Republicans, it seems, can’t seem to get it. They are still at the counter trying to convince the ticket vendor that the price of the ticket is too expensive and they want it repealed, overturned, ejected and defunded. The clerk looks at them and say: Sir, Madam that train is gone. The price of the ticket was affordable to awhole lot of folks. They are riding comfortably to their destination, except YOU! Here’s my suggestion: WALK!

  4. IRS – ACA – Benghazi
    War on Christmas – War on Women – War of Whites

    Second Verse same as the first!!

    ReTHUGS, Baggers — It’s an ad nauseam B*tchfest of the KlownKarKlan

  5. The republicans will have to answer the questions about the obamacare, border crisis, and the impeachment of the president while they are on their vacation. Every time they are confronted by someone will mean they will have less and less of them because they hate to be confronted. On top of that the president the president will be going from town to town cheerleading with his messages about creating jobs, raising the minimium wages,etc because you know he will be fired up. When he get fired up he is on the roll and when he is on the roll he know how to fired up his followers all the way to polls like he did in 2012. So let the republicans keep putting their foot in their mouths by the time they can take it out we will have elected Hillary into her second term by then the republicans will have woke up to see that the nation have turned a lot browner than white.

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