Declassified Senate Report Will Confirm Bush and Cheney’s War Crimes


A war crime is a serious violation of the laws and customs of war, or international humanitarian law, that gives rise to individual criminal responsibility. There are many examples of war crimes, such as murdering or mistreating prisoners of war or civilian internees, and under the auspices of the George W. Bush administration including then-vice president Dick Cheney, Americans committed war crimes when they tortured prisoners of war and Iraqi civilian internees.

Although it is common knowledge around the world and in America, President Obama had the unfortunate task of admitting at a press conference that America did torture detainees after 9/11. The President’s remarks were ahead of a soon-to-be-declassified Senate report about the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation program” (torture). In speaking about the CIA, the President said, “We tortured some folks. We did some things that were contrary to our values. A lot of those folks were working hard and under enormous pressure, and are real patriots. But having said all that, we did some things that were wrong.” Then, why in dog’s name are they not being prosecuted? Patriots or not, torture is a war crime, and in the same was Israel’s targeting of innocent Palestinian civilians was a war crime, Americans torturing prisoners of war and civilian detainees is a war crime; it does not matter if people were patriotic, afraid, angry, or following orders, torture is criminal.

Former vice president and convicted war criminal Dick Cheney’s daughter does not think torture is a violation of international law, and is furious at President Obama for announcing what the all the world, including Americans, will “officially” know when the Senate report is released. A report, by the way, that concluded the Bush/Cheney authorization of so-called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ of detainees in the wake of the 9/11 attacks was ineffective and yielded no critical intelligence. Astonishingly, Ms. Cheney asserted that President Obama’s statement about the Bush-Cheney torture program “was an amazing and stunning display of a president, a leader, a Commander in Chief who seems to take no responsibility for anything that’s happened on his watch.” Cheney is as misinformed about what happened on the President’s watch as she is angry her war criminal father’s culpability in ordering torture will be “officially” exposed in the upcoming Senate report. For the record, George W. Bush was president from 2001-2009, and in 2002 Barack Obama served as an Illinois State Senator until 2005 when he was elected to the U.S. Senate.

According to Liz Cheney, “This president is an utter disgrace. He’s expending more time, more energy, more passion, more aggressive activity in targeting and going after patriots, heroes. CIA officers and others who kept is safe after 9/11. He’s lying about what they did, he’s slandering them, he went to Cairo and did it in 2009. Today he did it from the podium of the Oval Office. It’s a disgrace. It’s despicable.” The President also indirectly admitted America tortured detainees in 2011 when he told reporters that despite Republican presidential candidates praising war criminals who tortured prisoners, he believed, like international humanitarian agencies and the world court, that water boarding is torture.

As far as Cheney’s accusation that the President is lying about the Bush-Cheney torture program, he was announcing what the Senate report will expose, and what her despicable disgrace of a father admitted and would do again; authorize the torture of prisoners of war. In 2010 Dick Cheney admitted to authorizing torture, and just last March he told a sold-out crowd at American University he had no regrets and bragged that “If I would have to do it all over again, I would. The results speak for themselves.” Cheney is lying, of course, and the Senate report will indeed say that the CIA torture was “ineffective and yielded no credible intelligence.” Cheney also said that despite being convicted of war crimes with Bush, Rumsfeld, and company, “the accusations he’s a war criminal for using torture are not true.” This is despite his worthless piece of human waste daughter’s contention that President Obama is lying that the Bush administration authorized the CIA to torture prisoners of war and civilian detainees.

Now, Ms. Cheney also accused the President of expending more time, more passion, and more “aggressive activity” targeting and going after heroes and patriots, but regardless her filthy lies, the Obama administration has failed to aggressively prosecute anyone associated with the torture program. The Obama Administration also failed to hand over anyone, including Bush and Cheney, to the world court to be tried for their war crimes. War crimes, by the way, that America certainly prosecuted with extreme prejudice after World War II. At the beginning of his first term, the President said his administration was “looking forward” instead of backward when the issue of prosecuting the Bush war criminals was broached. That was over five years ago and now he is looking forward to a damning Senate report verifying what Bush and Cheney boasted about; committing war crimes by authorizing the use of torture against detainees.

Liz Cheney also claimed those who followed Bush-Cheney directives to torture detainees were “heroes,” but she labors under a grossly distorted definition of a “hero.” A hero does not hold captives at gunpoint, lash them to a table, and with assistance torture them. A hero, according to all dictionary definitions is “a character who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displays abnormal courage in the face of danger and adversity and the will for self-sacrifice.” There is nothing whatsoever “heroic” or dangerous about two or three men holding a handcuffed prisoner down while another ‘hero’ tortures them, but in neo-con parlance, torturing a subdued human being is a hero.

It is likely that President Obama hated having to hold a press conference to announce that America, or as he noted “we,” tortured detainees. However, with the Senate report due out soon, he had little choice. In fact, it was reported here last week that CIA Director John Brennan admitted the intelligence agency spied on the Senate committee that investigated the Bush-Cheney war crimes to confound its findings to protect operatives guilty of following orders and torturing detainees. During war crime tribunals after World War II at The Hague, following orders was not a justification for torture, but this is America and what is a crime for a nation at war with this nation, is heroic and patriotic.

America lost whatever standing it had in the world after Bush launched a pre-emptive regime-changing war against Iraq, but it will never get that standing back as long as the admitted war criminals Bush, Cheney, and company are protected from facing justice for their war crimes. Criminals, and their families, typically express anger and uncontrollable rage when their crimes are exposed, and while Dick Cheney laughs off charges he is a war criminal and boasts he would do it again if he had the chance, his worthless daughter displayed the typical criminal’s offspring response and accused President Obama of lying about and slandering those who committed war crimes even after her criminal father admitted he authorized their war crimes. Although the Bush-Cheney criminal cabal have already been convicted of war crimes in absentia, they need to be arrested, sent to The Hague, and prosecuted for war crimes; if for no other reason than to incentivize the next CIA hero into refusing to commit a war crime in America’s name.






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  1. Honor Obama
    In spite of election-year health care cancellations of private policies he announced a two-year extension for individual policies that do not meet requirements of the Obamacare. The extension was part of a major package of regulations that set ground rules for 2015. The second year of government subsidized
    health insurance under Obama’s law and the first year that larger employers will face a requirement to provide coverage. The cancellation of 4.7 million individual policies last year was one of the most damaging issues in the transition to the new system. It contradicted Obama’s promise that you can keep your insurance plan if you like it. clarence swinney

  2. Does Ms Cheney not know that we hanged Japanese after WW2 for waterboarding, we also pushed for the Geneva convention which outlaws
    waterboarding and all forms of torture, in fact it is an international war crime to torture and Cheney should be shipped off to the Hague to face trial.

  3. President Obama, has done a great job in doing all he could to help fix this country with a GOP that is nothing more then dead weight. I commend him for his efforts.

    Good point, why are these people not being turned over for prosecution? Here is one other question why are so many GOP members allowed to go without being prosecuted for violation of Patriot Act Sec. 802 (Domestic Terrorism)? Now prosecution of all of these people would be CHANGE that I would enjoy seeing. Then the USA could get on with fixing the numerous damages that the GOP has caused. Like fixing our infrastructure, paying the bills….

  4. When the Report comes out Cheney will go deeper underground at his “undisclosed location” read: Hideout. His snarling, vile spewing daughter will choke when she reads it, then go into hiding herself…no amount of ‘splaining on FOX will do.

  5. Cheney has already signed a deal with Israel to exploit oil deposits in Gaza. Once they get rid of those pesky humans.

  6. Well if Darth Cheney truly believes he did not torture I will on my own buy him a first class ticket to go on vacation to the Hague. One way of course because methinks he wont need a return ticket

  7. I don’t think he believes he didn’t torture anyone; I think he simply can’t accept the concept that anyone would have a problem with it. He truly believes Nixon’s view that “if the [vice] President does it, it’s not illegal.”

  8. Republicans live by and govern by
    their OWN rules.
    They just make them up as they go
    In their minds, they can do no wrong.
    If they do, they simply re-write history.
    They hail Saint Ronnie & Bush as Heroes
    while they vilify Bill Clinton & Barack
    Obama. The attacks on Hillary have already
    begun. Even Chelsea Clinton, to them, is
    fair game.
    They attack those who attempt to make
    Peoples lives better and offer the
    average American nothing. Their loyalty
    can be bought. For the right price they
    will do and say anything.
    They are, in a word,


  9. not sure what your point is vis-a-vis this particular article…

    the release of a report on CIA torture and the complicity of the Bush/Cheney/CIA doesn’t have anything to do with the Affordable Care Act…

    you’re entitled to your opinion but this isn’t a discussion about the ACA…

  10. Putting aside the fact that the reason why most people could not keep their substandard plans was Republican amendments to the ACA, all of which were done after President Obama said (in good faith based on the bill as it stood before amendments) that people could keep them, and putting aside as well the fact that the overwhelming majority of people who couldn’t keep their old plans now have new plans that cover more and cost less, no one with any intelligence could possibly conflate the deliberate torture and deprivation of basic human rights of hundreds of people in direct contradiction to both the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions with minor bureaucratic irregularities in an otherwise enormously beneficial program.

    PS – It wasn’t a promise, it was a prediction. You don’t call the weatherman a liar if he says it will rain tomorrow and tomorrow turns out to be a sunny day.

  11. You beat me to it – I think it’s the usual Right Wing mindset that no matter what horrible crimes and corruption Republicans are responsible for, they can (1) never acknowledge it and (2) are required to accuse President Obama of doing something equally horrible.

  12. Your story calls Dick Cheney a “convicted war criminal.” Can you tell me how and by whom he was convicted?

  13. Rmuse, we’re all angry at what Cheney et al did, but the language you’re using is over the top. I would repost this article in a heartbeat, but not when conservative friends of mine would jump all over its tone, and accuse you (and me by association) of name-calling, the same as we accuse Faux News and their ilk. Do what you will, but I think you should rise above this and write the truth… it’s so horrifying that it doesn’t need any more flourish to expose how bad it is.

  14. Damn don’t you baggers know how to use the Google?
    Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission
    In November 2011 the tribunal purportedly exercised universal jurisdiction to try in absentia former US President George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, convicting both for crimes against peace because of what the tribunal concluded was the unlawful invasion of Iraq.[7][8][9]

    In May 2012 after hearing testimony for a week from victims of torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, the tribunal unanimously convicted in absentia former President Bush, former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, former Deputy Assistant Attorneys General John Yoo and Jay Bybee, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and former counselors David Addington and William Haynes II of conspiracy to commit war crimes, specifically torture

  15. What language was over the top? “The truth will set you free…but first it’ll piss you off.” – Gloria Steinem

  16. No one is above the law. No matter who they are. Bush and Cheney need to be made an example of this in a court room in order to prove this is a fact to our country (U.S.A.) and the entire world. This would show the common people (peons, like you and me) that the powerful and extremely wealthy “evil” people can not be immune from justice. It will make our world a better place. These “evil” people should all be made to pay for the crimes against humanity and nature that they have committed. In my opinion. Its about time…

  17. What do you consider “over the top”? And what part isn’t “writing the truth”? The article seems, in my humble opinion at least, to be pretty accurate.

  18. …in which case accusing the president of “something horrible” when delaying a mandate that Republicans were all against to begin with vs. torture of prisoners of war is really reaching.

  19. StarrGazerr, as I gleaned clarences non sequitur screed in the backround the sound of circus music began to build and by the end of my read it had drowned Mr. Swinneys pablum. Now cue the Reich Wingers and FOX blaming the entire Iraq/Afghanistan debacle AND the war crimes on Obama. So it is written…

  20. They are insane. If the government RAN the insurance companies, and then all policies in effect at the time remained the same, they would be screaming ‘communism.’ Since the GOP watered down the ACA so companies could do whatever they chose, it’s now communism that the President couldn’t control them? I’m so confused, but not as schizophrenic as the right. Geez.

  21. Clarence Sweeney despite what you’d like to make other think, loosing a for shit health plan that covers very little, has a lifetime cap of coverage and charges astronomically high premiums and co pays is a BLESSING to so many. It is absurd to say that this one thing is a disgrace but TORTURING is fine, even when all evidence points to it not being of any significant help in getting true information from those who you torture. What a stupid comparison.

  22. Methinks Dustin is referring to the name calling specifically, i.e. “his worthless daughter,” “her despicable disgrace of a father,” “his worthless piece of human waste daughter’s.” While we all agree to the base truthfullness of the discriptive adjectives utilized, the article would just be as powerful without the slam downs stemming from anger. While Liz Cheney may be “worthless” to us as far as a reasonable voice in a debate, she is entitled to her opinion, as uninformed and apologetic convoluted as it may be. While Dick Cheney is to many a complete “despicable disgrace” as a citizen of our country, he is too entitled to his opinion, as arrogant and rationalized as it may be. Like father, like daughter. I wouldn’t befriend either one of them. I do believe he belongs in jail, alongside Dubya, Rumsfield, et al.

  23. Anybody who throws their own sister under the bus to win a few and I do mean few votes, in my book is a worthless piece of human waste.

  24. I dunno but just LOOKING at Cheney and Liz gives me the creeps. That sneering look, those eyes that seem to throw fire and lightning out. No wonder he takes glee in knowing that torture is being applied on some human being. Crucifying Jesus WAS torture….do I need to say more? Ask Cheney what he thinks about that?

  25. The laws in this country are upside down. If I become a whistleblower and expose corruption, I get punished, not the people involved in corruption.

    If I record police abuse on my cellphone, I am arrested, not law enforcement. If I steal a six pack, the manager will want to punish me to the fullest extent of the law. But nearly destroy our economy, nothing gets done.

    Start two wars for profit, attack a sovereign nation, built a prison in another country, violate their rights, violate the civil rights of your own citizens, and those in power, let them walk.

    This has to stop! Now watch Cheney make a stop at Fox Newd and attack the report, along with his pathetic daughter, and defend what can’t be defended.

  26. I am so glad this is all finally coming out. I cried and was horrified to the depths of my soul about all of this. I was equally astonished that once President Obama was elected, the republicans’ memories of what just happened was non-existent, like they were pretending it all just never happened and began accusing the President of not taking responsibility. He voted against the war! PLEASE do not let republicans get away with things like Ms. Cheney is saying. She needs to stay off the airwaves entirely as far as I’m concerned. Her and her father have been rubbing our noses in their disgust all these years since. Also.

  27. And what does Obama Health Care has to do with Chaney/Bush War Crimes? Go find you an article about that if that is what you want to debate. But don’t do it on a article that has nothing to do with that! Now do you have ANYTHING to say about The Torture an War crimes committed by that torture? I’m waiting!

  28. Oh, please. The false equivalency fallacy died long ago. and frankly, Scarlett, no one gives a damn what your conservative friends ‘think.’

  29. We can only hope. Their self-imposed exile will be better than having to see their vile faces and hear or read their vile lies—and see the typical two or more “no way” know-nothings who disagree with every blatantly factual article and comment on this website.

  30. No matter how you slice it or how many different ways you try to describe it – they authorized the waterboarding (among many other things) of prisoners. Japanese “war criminals” were executed for doing the EXACT. SAME. THING.

    They hired themselves a bunch of slimy lawyers to try to find a legal loophole to cover their asses BEFORE they even did it. That one thing, to me, says it all – that was premeditation. Period.

    They’ve been twisting, spinning, and screaming ever since to try to deflect the truth, roadblock or stonewall the investigations, and weasel out of getting blamed for it. ALL criminals try to do this. Most don’t have the kind of resources to try to organize a solid criminal defense before they even do it.

    Oh, and last time I checked, nobody gives a good diddly squid what the criminal’s daughter’s opinion is about anything. I see zero reason to change that.

  31. You know it does not have to be about Republicans or Democrats cause for the last 4 or 5 Presidents out of all of them ,None of them where worth a damn!!!!! Our country has steadily been in a Decline And our future is looking Bleake, Until “We The People” take our country back our children will not have a chance !!!!!!

  32. Another both sides bullshit argument. Name a Democratic President who has even been accuse much less convicted of war crimes? GTFO with your mealy mouth assessment

  33. The cancellation of health insurances of roughly 4.7 million Americans at the onset of the ACA is NOT the fault of President Obama, nor was it a negation to his previous statement that “if you want your insurance, you can keep it”. In fact, it is 100% the fault of the greedy insurance companies, because the highly expensive pre-ACA health insurance premiums actually offered sub-prime benefits to insured individuals. As one who personally underwent this “cancellation letter” from my provider, I chose to “keep my insurance” under the ACA and therefore, I am not just paying average premiums, I also get to “keep it”. So, unless you know of any other American who DID NOT benefit from the ACA, then your talking point stands no ground.

  34. They elected Allen West. Are in love with Sarah Palin. And believe Barack Obama is a fraud and the devil and also somehow too a God who controls the weather and what other countries do like Israel and Palestine and Russia, and he signed laws that past presidents signed before they signed them first, and he faked his own fake birth newspaper announcement when deciding as an infant he was going to be the first mixed race president of the United States then take over the world after taking everyone’s guns while enjoying constant threats on his life and assassinations on his character and, after all that hard and clever work, calling for his own impeachment. I’m sure they’ve Googled and found that.

  35. “In the next century, the community of nations may see more and more the very kind of threat Iraq poses now — a rogue state with weapons of mass destruction ready to use them or provide them to terrorists, drug traffickers or organized criminals who travel the world among us unnoticed.

    If we fail to respond today, Saddam and all those who would follow in his footsteps will be emboldened tomorrow by the knowledge that they can act with impunity, even in the face of a clear message from the United Nations Security Council and clear evidence of a weapons of mass destruction program.”

    President Clinton
    Address to Joint Chiefs of Staff and Pentagon staff
    February 17, 1998
    Link Directly To This Entry

  36. If all goes well, the announcement of a start date to the Bush Administration trial could be just six weeks away, September 2014. Evidence shows the Bush/Cheney team started planning the invasion of Iraq as far back as 1997. The amended complaint also explains that the war was motivated by personal enrichment and the war was a “crime of aggression.” The second point that was made referred to the Augusto Pinochet trial. In 1999, British Lawyers determined that Pinochet did not have immunity for certain acts he committed while in office such as torture and other violations of international law. Time for the Bush/Cheney trials – 2014 version of the Nuremburg Trials.

  37. If Bush and Cheney are convicted of war crimes this would send a message to other politicians that they will be held accountable for their acts instead of being given a huge financial retirement on the tax payers back.

  38. Agree with you 100% also wonder if as a last resort and as he leaves office could he give permission to the Hague to haul these treasonous people who love to torture to finally answer for their crimes? Usually, the pres. gives amnesty, this could be the opposite. Would love to see the Cheney’s and shrub along with all who decided this course of action before the world court. I must not forget Condolezzzzza!!

  39. Has this DUMB BROAD ever shut her mouth long enough to ruminate on the FACT that 9/11 would NEVER have happened if it weren’t for George Bush and her father, Dick Cheney? Whether they were complicit and aided and abetted, or if they simply allowed it to happen or helped it along, by ignoring the Intelligence, etc., IT HAPPENED ON THEIR WATCH and probably happened because THEY WANTED IT TO HAPPEN so they could start the two wars and PROFIT from them.

  40. Just so happens today is the day they got the Presidential daily briefing saying Bin Laden would attack. Their response? “You covered your ass now watch this golf shot” You cant make this shit up

  41. Ronda I just read the article.. Made my heart feel good to just read that these war criminals might finally be charged and pay the price..Just the fact, they will need to answer the court is a feel good feeling. It’s not just Cheney and shrubie, it’s most of the thugs who planned this abandonment of Christian human thought.

  42. Bush and Cheney and their cronies are not worried about any prosecution, because they wrote themselves a “Get out of Jail” card in the patriot act they created. They also have “friends” in the system that will block the hunt.
    They have rounded up the wagons and in GB words “you are with us or you are against us” anyone questionning the ways or reasons is simply “un-american”. With the patriot act, many liberties have been put on death sentence, but not the creators of the bill.

  43. I’m disappointed that you included Israel as committing war crimes. They have been under bombardment of Hamas rockets daily,and have every right to respond. Hamas uses school yards,hospital roof tops and crowded population centers to fire their rockets. They are war criminals. When Arabs kill Arabs as they have in Syria with thousands and thousands of civilian and children among the 140,000 killed… that’s war crimes. Grant you I prefer that no civilian or children be used as human shields or martyrs. However, don’t blame Israel with war crimes,their actions are justified and Hamas should be on trial for their cowardly actions.

  44. Dump the human shields stuff. The only people using human shields are the nutless gun freaks on the Bundy ranch

    Israel is hardly innocent

  45. Clarence, why aren’t you blaming the insurance companies who want the ACA to fail? I’m not sure of what that has to do with this article but typically someone such as yourself brings up the ACA. Its working for a great number of people and would work for people more if it wasnt for teabaggers and cons in the state govts. And that being said Bush and Cheney are war criminals and should be treated as such!

  46. How many Israelis civilians have been killed by these thousands of rockets? What I can tell there have been 64 which 56 were soldiers.
    How many Palestinians have been killed? 1800

    I don’t know if you know history but this looks to me like this: Lidice . Do I need to go further?

  47. Dan…that would be like the security memo Bush got about the possibility of planes being used for terrorist attack and saying Bush should have been able to stop the attack.

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