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Mike Huckabee Says President Obama Can Be Impeached Once Republicans Win The Senate

While on a radio show in Iowa, Mike Huckabee said that President Obama deserves impeachment and that Republicans can impeach him once they have control of the Senate.

Huckabee was asked by host Steve Deace if the president has done anything worthy of being impeached. Huckabee answered —  ”Absolutely. There’s no doubt that the president has done plenty of things worthy of impeachment. Now the fact is we don’t have the Senate, so if you impeached him in the House and it went to trial in the Senate, it would never even get to the Senate floor….From a governmental standpoint, you’re not going to see it accomplished with this Senate. But I think it’s an important argument to make that there are a number of things this president has done in the overuse of the executive power, his complete ignoring of the law, even his own law.


With each day, Republicans are getting bolder. They are starting not even to try to hide their real plan if they win control of the Senate. Boehner’s lawsuit fits the plan of whipping up a high crime that they can use to impeach the president. House Republicans gave Boehner the expanded power to sue the president for anything beyond Obamacare. The Republican rhetoric has gone beyond calling for impeachment to now discussing how they will impeach Obama.

Republicans like Mike Huckabee are acting like a Republican takeover of the Senate is a done deal, when the reality is that the 2014 election is looking more like a coin flip. There is a very good possibility that Republicans don’t win control of the Senate. If Democrats keep control, there will be no impeachment.


It is interesting that according to Huckabee, President Obama has done plenty of things worthy of impeachment, but he couldn’t name anything specific outside of tired talking points about Obamacare.

In the big picture, Republicans view impeachment as their path back to the White House.

They are hoping to use impeachment to derail the looming freight train that is Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential candidacy. Republicans think that by impeaching Obama they will tarnish Hillary Clinton and open the door for their return to the White House. What is more likely to happen is that the attempted impeachment of Obama would backfire, and sweep Clinton and a Democratic controlled Congress into power.


Huckabee’s comments make it clear that the election this November isn’t just about Congress. What may be at stake is the future of Barack Obama’s presidency.


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  • First off Mikey our and YOUR POTUS has done not a single thing wrong and THAT is you and your ilk's have nothing to bitch about.

  • I know I may be slow but can someone please point out where the 67 votes will come from? I know baggers are stupid but I do believe they can count to 67.

    • The Prez will be impeached.

      He will survive removal because the votes will not be there.

      Expect conspiracy theories to be pimped and hustled.

    • The reason they can't count to 67 is that it is part of basic Math which is science which any good Christian Tea Billy Rethugliklan does not believe exsist . Plus the only part of the Constitution they have read is the 2nd amendment and the part that says African Americans are only 3/5 a person.

  • If these assholes impeach one of the best POTUS I would just like to say, if its war you repigs want its war you'll get. I for one are sick of ALL their crap. And I don't see how you can even win a restroom key in November, unless they can put this nation in a drug induced COMA. What the hell do you idiots eat and drink that makes you so damn stupid ? Oh and by the way not even one of you are calling for trials in the Hague for your war criminal Gods Bush and Cheney

  • I am so sick of GOP threats. If they are not threatening the American people by taking things away, they are threatening the President with lawsuits and impeachment, and whatever else pops into their brainless heads. These people are not only SICK, they are bullies. Rich, arrogant, dishonest, bigoted, racist vindictive bullies. I hope they lose BIG in November. I am to the point where I have not watched the news on TV for months, and may be not even reading current events. That is how rancid all of this "news" has become.

  • Mike Huckabee is not an elected official any more than Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are. What they want is irrelevant.

    Clyburn is taking a book from the Republicans and is telling the Democratic base do not give them control of the House, the Rethugs will vote to impeach President Obama!

    This is outrageous! Now you can add being sued and impeached while black! Here is the link! Please pass it on. Our base needs to know how urgent it is to vote in three months time.

  • GOP "news" reads like a raunchy tabloid. There is nothing inspiring about them whatsoever. They are toxic.

  • Huckabee, says Pres. Obama has done plenty of things that he can be impeached for, but he doesn't mention one item that he can be impeached on.

    Republicans like to say its Obama and Democrats who talk about impeachment, but Huckabee. Rep. S. King and the rest of the Tea Party members of Congress keep proving they can't wait to try and impeach Pres. Obama.

    I am hopeful this impeachment talk and the antics of the do nothing Republicans in Congress, blows up in their faces come November.

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