Scott Walker Is In Deep Trouble As Democrat Mary Burke Levels Wisconsin Gov With New Ad


In a new devastating ad, Democrat Mary Burke uses Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s own job creation pledge against him. The ad sums up in thirty seconds why Walker may be voted out of office this November.

Here’s the ad:

The ad is absolutely devastating, because it uses Gov. Walker’s own pledge against him. The ad begins with Walker’s pledge to create 250,000 new jobs by the end of his first term. It moved to a TV interview where he says that he “absolutely” wants to be held to the pledge by voters. The ad goes on to point out that Wisconsin is dead last in the Midwest in job growth and that the state lags behind most of the country in job creation. The spot closes with, “Broken promises. Dead last in jobs. Scott Walker’s not working for you.”

The Burke campaign knows that the way to beat Walker isn’t through bringing up the attacks on public sector unions that have made him a Republican folk hero. Much of what Walker has done while in office has made him popular with the right. The way to beat Scott Walker is to hammer him on his terrible economic record.

As Politifact pointed out when analyzing Walker’s promise that tax cuts for the wealthy would make a quarter million jobs fall from the sky, “So the total, according to our monthly calculation, is 100,313, or about 40 percent of the total Walker promised. That leaves 149,687 jobs to go before his term ends. In order for Walker, who is up for re-election in November, to reach his goal, the state would have to add a total of 24,947 in each remaining month of the year. That’s nearly what the state added in each year in the past three years.”

There is zero chance that Scott Walker is even going to get close to his job creation pledge. Gov. Walker is in serious danger of losing in November. The polling in Wisconsin has shown a deadlocked election. The most recent poll revealed that Walker has blown a five-point lead since March. It is too early to discuss momentum, if this election moves into September and October still tied, Scott Walker will be at serious risk of not winning a second term.

The governor class of 2010 that was supposed to be the future of the Republican Party is facing the prospect of being mostly voted out of office. Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania is looking like a sure loser. Rick Scott in Florida is trailing Democrat Charlie Crist. Sam Brownback in Kansas is losing to a Democrat, who is promising to bring bipartisanship back to the state. Scott Walker is deadlocked in Wisconsin while John Kasich and Rick Snyder hold single digit leads in Ohio and Michigan.

While Scott Walker was dreaming of running for president in 2016, Mary Burke has a very real opportunity to send the corrupt John Doe of American politics packing. Scott Walker may have sealed his own fate with a job creation pledge that he has no chance of fulfilling.

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  1. I may have to donate to some of these Gubernatorial campaigns. I know Corbett is out, so is Brownback and LePage. Fallinn(sp?) in Oklahoma is out. The shocker is Deal in Red Georgia. Looks like they are going to elect a Democratic Governor.

    I just hope the voters get rid of most of the Republicans in both Houses or it will be an uphill battle. I think Scott is out, as well as Snyder. He’s just as bad as Brownback.

    Martinez in New Mexico is fighting corruption charges same as Corbett, Scott, Walker. Fallin is losing because she refused to expand Medicaid. Serves her right. I don’t know about McCory in N. C.

    Christie may be impeached. Bridgegate may be his undoing. Walker and Scott both are crooks and deserve to loose. I have to donate to Burke’s and Crist’s campaigns for sure!

  2. Funny thing is, however, most of the people who voted for this bum aren’t rich, and didn’t get a pot to piss in.

  3. The republicans of Wisconsin have first hand knowledge of how tax cuts for the rich do not create jobs and hurts their state, but will still vote for this idiot koch poster child because of that Stockholm Syndrome. Wisconsin, where the goal is no unions, no overtime pay, no benefits and no taxes on the rich. Way to go Wisconsin

  4. Schauer could do the same thing to Snyder here in MI. It is interesting that the race is so close, because Snyder is already up with ads touting his ‘turn-around’ of the state, and Shauer has barely spent any money outstate yet. Most people don’t know his name. But we sure know the havoc the Kochs, ALEC and Snyder have wreaked on our teachers, our unions, and our elderly, who are now paying taxes on their pensions. Snyder has nothing to run on except lies…just like the rest of the GOP.

  5. Scott Walker and the rest of the Red State governors are nothing but snake oil salesmen. They promised the moon and gave the people of their state nothing unless they were corporations or the already wealthy. We have Governor McCrory here in North Carolina (God help us) who is a puppet for Art Pope, the Koch brothers and ALEC. He refused to expand Medicaid in our state and as a result we have over half a million who are uninsured. Our Voter Id laws are the worst in the nation. I could go on and on…unfortunately, McCrory is not up for re-election this year, but if he were his arse whould be out the door. So many of these governors are under investigation it’s pitiful. Scott Walker needs to be defeated along with the other Red State governors who have done nothing for the people in their states to alleviate the jobs issues, but they sure have stuck a knife into the citizens who are already wounded by their inhumane, failed leadership.

  6. I like it!! If he shipped jobs overseas, then the add could say, “…And those 250,000 jobs, Walker sent them overseas instead…”

  7. Kinda hard to create jobs when Congress won’t pass a jobs bill and protects corporations that export jobs and protect them when they renounce their corporate citizenship in the nation that made them rich, all for the mighty buck. You want a job? Go ask the Koch brothers to put you to work trolling these threads!

  8. So true. My Cubs just surrendered a lead in a game at Colorado. Poor pitching? Not hitting with runners on base? It’s all the President’s fault, don’t ya know. :)

  9. Sigh. My Cubbies one would think the law of averages would catch up with them and just once before I die I would see dancing on Clark and Addison

  10. I hope Mary kicks his ass to the curb. I’m soooo glad that his shit is being thrown in his useless lying face.

  11. Brownback is whining again in Kansas. His opponent in the GOP primary garnered almost 37% of the vote yesterday. When he was asked why, he said it’s because people are angry at Pres. Obama. Most of the GOPTP tools in office today won in 2010 by NOT running against their democratic opponents but by running against Pres. Obama. McConnell is trying the same tactic in KY against Ms. Grimes. These tools are never responsible for their own failure. Walker promised 250,000 jobs and knows he’s a long way from delivering on his promise. I expect him and his GOPTP buddies to target Burke using the president as the rallying cry for their brain dead sycophants. They are successful in running against the president because they know those who will vote for them refuse to hold them responsible for their own actions. Scott in FL is blaming Obamacare for the increase in Florida citizens’ insurance premiums. He rejected everything related to the ACA, and sane Floridians know he’s lying.

  12. 108 years ain’t really that long is it?

    As long as the fans keep attending and the TV revenues keep pouring in there will be no true sense of urgency among those controlling the team. Hell, their “Wait ’til next year” attitude may be their equivalent of “Lower taxes on the rich creates jobs and stimulates the economy”

  13. Thank goodness Art Pope resigned yesterday. Unfortunately, the article didn’t mention where he’s going, but one thing is for sure: Wherever he goes, nothing good will follow.

  14. The state’s largest newspaper, The Milwaukee Journal, will cover Walker’s ass for this ad. I’m sure it will have Walker’s spokesperson citing some Heritage study that “proves” we are actually number one – not dead last at all. The Journal, bought and paid for by the GOP, can’t be bothered by pesky facts.

    Our number one and two radio stations, WISN and WTMJ, are also all GOP, all the time… and THEY own two of our three local TV stations! THIS is why Wisconsin keeps getting it wrong. We are wholly owned by the Propagandists.

  15. Yes, which is why I often share these tidbits of info with my American Cousins in Wisc. Usually if they reply at all, it’s to say “I never heard that”, no wonder.

  16. At what point do poor and struggling Republicans look in the mirror and ask themselves, “what does a woman having an abortion have to do with me being able to feed my kids?” Or, “what does gay marriage have to do with me being able to go to the doctor?” Or, “what does the man who wants to carry an assault rifle in Target have to do with my kids receiving a quality, public education?”

    My point?

    What will it take for the poorest of this nation – most of whom reside in GOP-controlled states and vote for GOP candidates – to realize the folks whose water they carry don’t care about them or their families? What will it take for them to see past the politics of fear and propaganda and actually vote their own self-interests? How many of their kids have to go hungry or have rotting teeth falling out of their mouths or be subjected to a sub-par education before they wake up and be honest about who the REAL enemy of the state is?!

    If that day ever comes, the GOP will be DOA.

  17. He will still get voted in for a second term.
    My beautiful state which is the home of the modern Progressive movement has been taken over by legions of extremely conservative voters who absolutely love Walker.

    He could kick on their door and steal the one pot they have to piss in and they would blame Obama.

  18. McCrory isn’t up for reelection until 2016. NC holds gubernatorial elections in the same year as presidential elections. At least this time, the Democrats will be able to plan a campaign ahead of time. Perdue could have sought reelection in 2012 but decided not to in January, if I remember correctly.

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