Bill Clinton Hammers Mitch McConnell While Campaigning for Alison Grimes In Kentucky



Former president Bill Clinton tore apart Sen. Mitch McConnell for his belief that it is not his job to create jobs while campaigning for Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky.

Clip of Bill Clinton campaigning with Alison Lundergan Grimes:


Former President Clinton said that the Kentucky Senate race is about jobs, “One candidate believes it’s about jobs and incomes … and the other believes a senator has no business trying to create jobs. Nobody can tell me it’s not a senator’s job, especially one with 30 years of experience.”

Clinton also explained why he supports Grimes, “Alison, one of the reasons I really want her to win is she thinks there are a lot of smart people in rural America. She thinks there are a lot of good people in these small towns, and she’s not going to you saying, I’m not going to treat you like you have good sense and trying to make you mad all the time. I’m going to tell what I want to do, and why you ought to be part of it.”

Grimes pushed back against Mitch McConnell’s efforts to align her with President Obama by calling herself a Clinton Democrat. Besides being true, this was also a wise political decision. The Clintons are much more popular in Kentucky than President Obama, and Sen. McConnell’s entire campaign is centered around running against President Obama.

Alison Lundergan Grimes has countered the McConnell strategy by placing herself firmly in the Clinton camp. Former President Clinton said that Grimes would be serving a six-year term while Obama only has two more years left in office. Left unsaid was who she would be working with for those other four years. (Hint: She is the wife of the former president who was campaigning in Kentucky for Grimes.)

Sen. McConnell doesn’t want the Senate election in Kentucky to be about jobs, his incumbency, his record, or the Clintons. Mitch McConnell only wants to discuss President Obama. The problem is that this election isn’t about Obama. It’s about what’s best for the people of Kentucky. Democrats are bringing their big guns to the Bluegrass State, and Mitch McConnell can only counter with more negative ads about President Obama.

The latest polling shows McConnell with a big lead in Eastern Kentucky coal country. The point of Clinton’s visit was to cut into that deficit. The margin in the Senate race could be razor thin. The difference between defeat and victory for Alison Lundergan Grimes could be her ability to limit McConnell margin of victory in the rural parts of the state.

Democrats are focused on Kentucky, and Bill Clinton is doing everything he can to help send Mitch McConnell into retirement.

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  1. “McConnell doesn’t want the Senate election in Kentucky be about jobs, his incumbency, his record, or the Clintons.”

    Great move on Alison’s part!

    McConnell is f****d!!

  2. I wonder why Obama isn’t popular in Kentucky? Could it be his clothes? Could it be his political beliefs? I would say what I really think but I can’t use the “N” word or it wouldn’t get printed. I would like to visit the south to see how people lived a couple of centuries ago.

  3. From the McConnell camp… soon as Bill Clinton left the stage, McConnell robo called every registered voter in Kentucky to join him on a live teleconference about the democrats war on coal and jobs in eastern Kentucky. His strategy now is to paint he is the real Kentuckian against
    ( them), Alison, Obama, and Harry Reid…they are “others” that don’t understand or have the best interests of the Kentucky people like he does. Some will buy this strategy, but the smart folks know he will say anything to get reelected, and that he is the ” outsider” of Kentucky.

  4. Poorest of the poor in the US reside in parts of rural Kentucky. These people are dirt poor. They probably didn’t visit doctors and relied on free clinics before Obamacare and Gov Beshear led the way for Medicaid expansion there. But, most of those people still see themselves as ‘above’ supporting a black president, even if it means eating less, being sick and uneducated. Hell, even with all of Obama’s degrees, he’s just another uppity n****r to them and they look their noses down on him. I don’t get it. Not even a little bit…

  5. Justadumbfireman….I disagree….the cure is education and diversity! The republicans want to keep the south uneducated and brainwashed. If you are brought up poor, unexposed to other religions or races… will be less tolerate of your differences.

  6. You mean the coloreds as the racists used to refer to them when they thought they were being polite. “coloreds only” drinking fountains etc.

  7. They should pay me to write McTurtle’s speeches. I could do them in my sleep.

    Obama ZzzzZzz mumble mumble failed mumble Zzz ZZZZZzzzz Obama mumble fails mumble Zzz Zzzz.

    The guy is SO obsessed with President Obama, he can’t stop talking about him. He has zip, zero to say other than negativity about Obama. I get weary and bored even trying to listen to one minute of his speeches, which is about the maximum time I last before I wander off with glazed eyes.

  8. They are still fighting the Civil War. It just goes on and on. It’s the way they are raised, as were their parents and grandparents all the way back to Reconstruction.

    I was born and raised in Texas – back when Republican was a dirty word. However, my grandparents were from Tennessee. My maternal grandmother was a child during Reconstruction, and she grew up terrified of EVERYTHING, including black people. It is a different world in the Deep South to this day. Poverty and a lack of unbiased education just keeps it going down the generations.

  9. Jo C…….agree, seriously though, watch him, I pretty sure he has early Alzheimer’s. He always has his notes he refers to. He’s been doing this for 30 years, you would think he would have his stump speech down! Plus he has that blank look on his face that Alzheimer’s patients have. On the flip side, if I were Alison, she is a true Kentucky gal..born, breed, strong family roots in Kentucky. She rides horses, yes and shoots guns! Mitch is a transplant that has made millions off the working people of Kentucky……taking advantage….just follow the money of their contributions and you will see who’s back they’re watching….top1%vsmiddleclass

  10. Progressives seem to hate Southerners even more than they hate people of Israel. You people are cruel.

  11. LOL! Who hates Israel? Better yet who likes Israel? Betters yet even who likes paying for 35% of Israels military to kill people?

    I live in Tennessee. I dont hate southerners. But I sure dislike Southern baptists.

    Say, what about “you” people who hate gays, hate jesus, hate the poor, hate children, but want to give everything to the

  12. Any why do you hate overtime pay? Healthcare? Vacations? Work safety? the Environment that allows you to live? The list of things you hate is endless

  13. BTW, tell us why you support McConnell who has voted against you time after time? Voted against your wives, sister, daughters? He has voted against your interests time after time. Why? Why do you support the man who has voted against your children and your veterans?

  14. As a Kentuckian, I can confirm that the biggest problem is the presence of politics in the pulpit. Kentuckians (particularly Baptists) learn who and what to hate at church. Another major problem I see is that anti-intellectualism has found a new home in the education system. Some of the most “educated” people I know are also the most small minded and bigoted. It’s quite pathetic. There’s definitely something wrong with Kentucky if we don’t ditch Mitch this time.

  15. Your comment has me ROTFLMBO! I was born and raised in the South, have lived here for 60 + years, and I’m a democrat. What I hate about the South are the people who don’t think for themselves and make themselves easy prey for grifters like McConnell. He and other GOPTPers have been in office long enough to have done quite a bit to raise the standard of living for southerners who need their help, but they’ve done very little because they think their job is to use the government to enrich themselves. These tools convince weak-minded southerners to hate the federal and state governments that provide their salaries and benefits. It’s a good gig, if you can get it. Only a real fool would permit someone else to convince them that being less well off than they are is a virtue.

  16. You cant make this stuff up. You know the turtle has been attacking Grimes say she will start a war on coal. Well I think when he puts in jammies on at night he should turn to his lovely wife and as her how was your day?

    The turtles wife, former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, sits on the board of directors of Bloomberg Philanthropies, which has plunged $50 million into the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” initiative, an advocacy effort with the expressed goal of killing the coal industry.
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  17. I’m a southerner, too, and one of my observations is that the poorer southerners are more likely to be Republican than the wealthier ones. In my region, you will see Alison Lundergan Grimes signs on the lawns of nice, neat homes in the best suburbs. In direct contrast, the Mitch sign is more likely to be encountered in a slummy white area or in a trailer park. Makes no sense as these are the people who need progressive policies to better their lives. Just a few days ago I was behind a young white couple in the checkout lane at Wal-Mart. I observed them use their food stamp card to pay for their groceries. Moments later I saw them loading their groceries into the bed of a big, jacked-up Ford in the parking lot. It was all tricked out and had chrome bull’s testicles dangling from the rear and a Team Mitch bumper sticker on the back. Someone please help me understand what’s wrong folks like this. They apparently hate themselves! They say ignorance is bliss!

  18. I’m a democrat from Tennessee. I think we would have a better chance at elections here if we just came out as liberal and quit espousing right-wing lite positions like Alison’s defense of coal. The president is not destroying the coal industry, nor is the EPA. The free-market is killing coal because natural gas is now much more plentiful and cheap. She should campaign on investing in clean fuels and giving coal employees first crack at those jobs.

  19. You play to win the game. I know a lot of people are piss at Grimes from running away from the President and I can respect that. But people YOU PLAY TO WIN TO WIN THE GAME

    So just try to understand. Eastern Kentucky is not a blue state and no matter how much info you give them that its not Obama that’s hurting them they will not believe it. But they will follow the big dog.

    This is to important to let petty bullshit to get in the way of I would think is our goal of 86 turtle soup and get one more Dem in the Senate.

    In the coming days and trust on this you will be hearing from the village on how Obama is past and the Clintons beat him yada yada yada. Don’t fall for the okey doke. That is all

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