Democrats Have a Chance To Take Out Both Rick Snyder and Scott Walker In The Same Year


A new poll of Michigan shows Gov. Rick Snyder (R) in a statistical tie with Mark Schauer 44.6%-44.3%. This poll along with a new poll of Wisconsin reveal that Democrats have a golden opportunity to beat Snyder and Walker in the same year.

In Michigan, the race for governor has tightened up significantly since the spring. In March, Schauer trailed Snyder by eight points (47%-39%), but Snyder’s lead has evaporated as the Democratic challenger becomes more well known. What is most troubling for Snyder is that Schauer is picking up support in the polls from Democrats who are getting to know him. The Michigan race isn’t a situation where the Republican incumbent has less support within his own party. There isn’t an upside of Republicans waiting to come home to Snyder. The upside in this race is with Schauer. As more Democrats get to know their candidate, his support is growing.

Not only has the latest polling revealed that the race for governor in Wisconsin is a dead heat, but the experts are starting to notice that Scott Walker might lose. The Rothenberg Political Report has changed their rating on the Wisconsin governor election to toss-up, “For the last year and half, we viewed Wisconsin as a polarized place but had difficulty seeing how Burke could get over the top. Now, even though midterm turnout should benefit Walker, the potentially potent attack on his jobs record is enough to erase Walker’s advantage in the race at this point. We’re changing The Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call rating of the race from Leans Republican to Pure Tossup.”

Expectations are so low for Scott Walker that his own campaign is hoping to squeak out a close win against Democrat Mary Burke. When Scott Walker was trying to destroy public sector unions in Wisconsin, while Rick Snyder was sneaking through right to work legislation in Michigan it would have been difficult to believe that both of these Koch fueled governors would be fighting for their careers just a few years later.

It is a tribute to Democrats, liberals, and progressives in both states that these two governors are on the ropes. The people who have fought Snyder and Walker have done so tirelessly, and their hard work has gotten Democrats in a position to knock off each state’s governor.

There is still much work to be done. Walker and Snyder will fill the airwaves with negative ads all through the fall. They are going to try to suppress the vote. They will do anything to hang on to power. The good news is that if Democrats in each state can increase their turnout by 5%-10% over 2010 levels, they will win.

Voters haven’t forgotten, and it looks like payback might be coming for Rick Snyder and Scott Walker this November.

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  1. Come on democrats. Get out to vote. Get all your dem friends out to vote too. Take back America from the destruction of conservatism. Kick these two conservative facists to the curb. They are both Koch and ALEC puppets. Have destroyed the once great states they took over.

  2. In Michigan, after everything Snyder has done, his opponent, Schauer should be leading by 20 points, so what is up with Michigan.

    After the failed recall, I don’t know about Wisconsin, but I think Michigan’s recall failed too. Burke should also be leading by 20 points. I will donate a tidy donation to Schauer and Burke’s campaigns.

    We have to get both Snyder and Walker out if office, and give the Koch Brothers and Fox News peptic ulcers.

  3. Currently the GOP controls 29 governorships but there are more than enough states in play to shift the balance to blue. Even GOP strongholds like Texas, Kansas and my state of Oklahoma are in play.

    This is important in congressional districting. The GOP overtly gerrymandered map of several states could be drastically changed.

  4. I live in Wisconsin and I submitted a small contribution of $50.00 to Burke’s Campaign. We can do it. Time to get the SOULS TO THE POLLS in both states. Let’s go Democrats!!!!

  5. I know whats happening in Michigan, the people haven’t been hurt enough and they hate Obama just that much. I doubt Michigan would vote blue enough to make a difference. Maybe they really need to feel the weight of the gop strong arm tactics

  6. Michigan has always been a blue state, but made the mistake of going Red this time. Hopefully, they are not sadist.

    I did what I said I would do and donated a nice sum to both Schauer’s and Burke’s campaigns.
    They better win! lol!

  7. At this point & time in America,every teathug should be taken out because America is in a state of emergency and we MUST vote to bring back America.

  8. Yes, Governor Fallon is losing big because didn’t expand Medicaid. She’s out, it seems. Brownback is definitely a goner. Then there is Georgia. It looks like they may elect a Democrat, as Deal is waste deep in a corruption scandal. Same with Martinez in NM Red states turning blue. Who’d a thought?

  9. Education is a big topic in Oklahoma too. Joe Dorman is very strong on education whereas Mary Fallin’s education record is getting Oklahoma’s ranking down to 48th in teacher pay with the nation’s largest cuts in per student spending at 22.8%.

  10. I hate to be a Debbie downer but unless these polls turn toward the Democrats favor soon the GOP will win every one because of low voter turnout expected in November. In every poll I have seen Democratic enthusiasm is significantly lower then conservatives. Why Democrats are unmotivated is beyond me and is excruciatingly frustrating because this may be the most important election in a generation. If conservatives sweep this midterm the progressive agenda is in serious trouble. VOTE DEMOCRAT!

  11. Snyder wants to claim he brought back economy. LOL It was medical cannabis. Blackmarket money was going to Mexican drug cartels, now most of it stays here. With a grow shop or two in every town in Michigan and few million people either growing it or having some one grow it for them has been a huge boost to our economy. The republiCons whittled away at this law every since its was passed by a large majority. Snyder will not get my vote, he is totally lame.

  12. Don’t forget Florida. This also is a fairly close race with Scott at 43.8% and Crist at 43.0%.

    Crist is hitting Scott hard on education too. And Scott is in a bit of trouble for using policemen for security detail at one of his campaign stops.

    This race could go either way.

  13. democrats must turn out and vote. I also believe women, independents, and undecideds will vote democrat this november. we have one chance to end this radical, evangelical, conservative madness. if dems show up we win. that’s a fact. if we don’t show up in November we might not ever get a second chance to fix a collosal mistake that began in 2010. these GOPTP clowns are hell bent on destroying this nation and re-writing the constitution.

  14. I agree. however I think with the recent lawsuit stunt and the impeachment talk, dems are getting fired up. if dems don’t turnout, we may never have a second chance as the GOPTP fools want to rewrite the constitution. start thinking about voting today. it will be here before you know it. about 90 days….

  15. The courts have released another 10K documents from Walkers John Doe investigation. Wonder what new juicy stuff will hit the fan?

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