Mike Huckabee Renews Absurd Religious Attacks on President Obama

Mike HuckabeeYou almost have to admire the chutzpah of Republicans like Mike Huckabee, who, as Jason Easley related yesterday, told Steve Deace what every other Republican says, that “There is no doubt that he [Obama] has done plenty of things worthy of impeachment.”

But “Things” is rather vague and no Republican has been able to actually give us a list of which “things” he is talking about (Huckabee says Obama weakened the border and created “lawlessness”), at least a list of things that are actually true.

But I was more struck by Huckabee’s other claim. His religiously charged claim that President Obama is “acting like God” and therefore “worthy of impeachment.” Here, “things” seems to be a subset of “acting like God” as in nonspecific things people do when they act like God.

In other words, Huckabee is trying to create religious grounds for impeachment, to put Obama’s alleged violations of the law in anti-God terms the base can get behind. Bad enough he’s a black man, Huckabee seems to be saying, but he’s a black man poking his finger in the eye of God. And for that reason he’s got to go. Remember, even the GOP has gotten behind the Religious Right’s idea that God established our borders.

While certainly appealing to the Republican base, which by now is well conditioned to think in these purely emotionally-charged terms, as in categories of things that either piss God off or make God happy, this charge carries no weight as an argument outside of a church.

Take a listen courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

“The government is going to have to secure the border. There’s a big difference between what we owe God and what we owe Caesar, and right now we’ve got Caesar acting like God.”

No doubt Huckabee thinks this a neat turn of phrase. But again, where is the connection? Certainly Jesus told his followers to give unto Caesar what is Caesars, but legally speaking, that has no relevance to impeachment since impeachment is per the Constitution, not the Bible.

Nor can any connection be made between Jesus’ words and border security in the 21st century.

What does giving unto Caesar have to do with Caesar acting like God? This assertion is not less vague than Huckabee’s “things” and it really doesn’t elaborate or explain the assertion that acting like God is a cause for impeachment.

Look at this claim for a minute: First of all, you have to prove Obama is “acting like God” which would certainly be no easy task because the question necessarily arises, how does God act as President? What constitutes acting like God?

Only God can answer that and he’s not made himself available to ask in a couple thousand years, even if you’re willing to swallow the New Testament whole, and even if the Bible were the law of the land.

Problematic doesn’t begin to cover it.

Second, it does not follow that even if Obama is found to be acting like God, that acting like God is against the law, let alone grounds for impeachment. That’s something the Constitution, because it was written to create a secular, not a religious government, does not address.

Here is what the Constitution says about impeachment:

The Constitution, Article II, Section 4:
The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Oh dear. No “acting like God” to be found.

And besides, there are plenty of people who act like God. Many Republicans among them.

In the end, the GOP is literally awash in a sea of the problematic, and they are forced into absurdities like suing Obama for not implementing a law fast enough that they themselves have voted to defund or repeal 50 times. They ought to be cheering him, not suing him.

So when you consider Huckabee’s claim that Obama deliberately weakened the border and created “lawlessness,” you have to ask yourself, in what sense is this true? For one thing, as we all know but they won’t admit, that they’re blaming Obama for the consequences of a 2008 law of the Bush administration.

And if you go back and look at the last few years, it is the Republicans who have weakened the border, not Obama. Even though Republicans stress the need for border security, according to ABC News, the Republican-controlled House, “approved a 2012 budget that seems to undermine that goal.”

The House voted mostly along party lines over the weekend to slash spending by an estimated $600 million for border security and immigration enforcement for the remainder of this fiscal year.

The budget allocates $350 million less for border security fencing, infrastructure and technology than Congress approved last year, and $124 million below what the Department of Homeland Security requested.

Huckabee told Steve Deace we need a fence. He should look to the House, which also cut funding for construction projects:

The bill also cuts an estimated $159 million over last year for Customs and Border Protection modernization and construction programs, and is $40 million less than the agency sought to get the job done.

In fact, Republican budget guru Paul Ryan, chair of the House Budget Committee, himself said of these cuts,

“We cannot continue down this path of having double- and triple-digit spending increases on government agencies. No matter how popular sounding these programs are, they mortgage our children’s future and they compromise our economic growth today.”

Oh dear. Securing the border, in Ryan’s words, “mortgages our children’s future.” Shouldn’t Ryan be the target of impeachment here, and not Obama?

And of course, just this year Democrats in the Senate voted for $2.7 billion in funding but Senate Republicans blocked it, and of course, the Republicans then accuse the Democrat-controlled Senate of inaction. Then, to mock the process and to insult the Latinos they so despise, they passed their own racist border bill, a bill Republicans know will never pass the Senate and will never be signed into law.

But through all this, President Obama is the guy in the wrong. Obama is the guy who needs to be impeached.

If anybody in government has not done their job, it is the Republican House of Representatives. That is who should be impeached for failing to secure the border and creating lawlessness.

This is where austerity gets you. Obama has told them if you want a job done you have to fund it, and Republicans know this, which is why they want to defund everything they don’t approve of.

Republicans also know somebody has to be blamed for their failures, and because they themselves are the guys who created the problem by underfunding the border, they need somebody else to blame. It’s their Benghazi ploy writ large (underfund embassy security and blame Obama for the results).

Who better – once again – than our first black president, who, through no coincidence, has been accused of being the Antichrist?

Unfortunately once again for Republicans, there is no law against being the Antichrist either.

60 Replies to “Mike Huckabee Renews Absurd Religious Attacks on President Obama”

  1. “What we need to do is amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards.” (Mike Huckabee, January 14, 2008)

    What we need is a white coat and a rubber room for this grifter

    Bet you dollar this grifter sent out a fundraising letter to the gullible people who will gladly turn over their social security checks because its gods will.

  2. “What we need to do is amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards. (Mike Huckabee, January 14, 2008)

    Would this be the god of the Jews? …of the Xians? …of Islam? Maybe Vishnu?

    I am so confused!

  3. They not only veto things they don’t approve of, they veto things they approve of, because the sky will fall if Obama is seen as doing anything effectively. What really pisses them off is that Obama DOES get things accomplished, despite their whining, voting, lying, and refusing to help. Please, people, GOTV and let’s make sure his last two years are the best. We need jobs, and the border folks need help, and more judges, and Americans need unemployment insurance and health care, and our kids deserve the world class public education we had, and our vets deserve our support (money, GOP, not lip service) and on and on. The GOP has become the party of rich white guys who screw everyone else. Time for them to either get on board or be thrown off the ship.

  4. He may not be “acting like god”, but he sure has overstepped the constraints of the Constitution. Constraints that are in place to insure a balance of power between the branches of government.

    Unfortunately there is really no recourse when those constraints are overstepped in the fashion that this administration has taken.

    Impeachment of the violators would be the only way to remedy this situation, but the Republicans have completely taken that off the table even though dishonest media outlets still claim that Republicans are trying to impeach Obama.

    The Senate would never second it anyway, so what does it matter.

    The people who govern at the top levels of our constitutional republic are on an honor system not to diminish the rules, and follow the laws, and if there is no honor to be had, then we just have to have to hope that we don’t end up in the crapper.

  5. The more desperate Republicans get, the crazier they get. All they are doing now is feeding their base, the 30 – 35% who always go with the right-wing in most polls.

    I hope this November is the beginning of the end for the extreme right-wing agenda. Right now all they have are gerrymandering and their base of ignorant sheep. I don’t think that is going to carry them much farther into the future.

    Although Republicans are throwing out all they have, I believe that what they are accomplishing is the opposite of what they want, they are just making it clear to the more mentally balanced folks in America just how detached they are from reality.

  6. Maybe we can do better by using Jesus Christ as the model. Acting like Jesus means healing the poor, welcoming the sinners and outsiders, condemning the Righteous, and warning about how hard it is for the wealthy to go to heaven.

    The president seems to be on the side of the wealthy, fighting illegal immigration more than past presidents, and has his name on a health care act that was written by Big Business. So I don’t see him being much closer to acting like Jesus Christ than the right wing “Christians” who have “Christian values” that are very different from “Christ’s values”.

  7. I myself have been trying to make it rain for 40 days and 40 nights. The closest I have gotten is an 80% chance of rain tomorrow.

    Huck is a southern baptist. There might be a couple of them that are sane, but I am not sure how you would find them

  8. Remember the days when Bush was named president it was what God wanted while if anyone spoke ill of him it was considered blasphemous.

    The days when they treated Bush as if he was a king.

    Republicans sure do have a short memory.

  9. So it’okay with you that the repubs are doing all they can to destroy our country? Do you realize that before PBO does anything, he and his team research the Constitutional limits and past presidents dealing with how to get things done?

    You really need to get out of your comfort zone and see who we are as a country.

  10. My, My how we forget what stepping across the bounds of the Constitution really looks like. Seems to me it was W.H Shrubie who stepped way across these bounds. wars with out approval of Congress, torture, and numerous numerous Presidential decrees. The God man reygun too did so. yet did we see or even hear a hint at impeachment?? NOT BY A long SHOT!!!!It’s OKIYRAR….

  11. So true. We here in Michigan also need to make sure that Terri Lynn Land does not win the senate race against Gary Peters. Land is a Koch brothers stooge and a traitor to her gender. Women will be voting for the rights and future of all women and not just those who want to drag us back to the 1950s.

  12. You’re joking right? Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot that you guys only get your information from left leaning propagandist news outlets such as MSNBC and the like.
    You should do what I did, and stop watching TV all together except for cartoons and sporting events.

    As for your question…..just google it. You will get a way more extensive list than I can give you.

  13. Do you live in a hole or something? The Supreme Court just passed judgement against Obamas’ appointments during a congressional recess saying that he exceeded his Constitutional authority.

  14. Please detail the Obama deeds which have over-stepped the Constitution.
    1) Be specific.
    2) Cor each, explain how it is a departure from precedent in kind, in scope, or in frequency.

    Thank you.

  15. Yeah, I bet they research the Constitution plenty……to see how they can bypass it….lol

    Don’t worry. You will eventually regret the precedence that this president has created.

  16. No you are the joke. I did google it and SURPRIZE SURPRIZE they were Reich wing sites. Briefart, the grifter from Wasilla, Beck?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  17. precedence? I think you mean precedent.
    precedence: noun the condition of being considered more important than someone or something else; priority in importance, order, or rank.

    precedent:an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances.

    That homeschooling didn’t work out too well for you

  18. How can 1 person be so uninformed? You send them to school, give them books and they act like US history started in 2009

  19. Ahh yes.
    The old If you don’t believe me you can look it up. ploy.

    The sure sign of an intellectual light-weight.

  20. The only Obama appointment that was before the Supreme Court was the recess appointment for the NLRB, all the rest were Bush issues, but I don’t expect a right-winger to know the truth.

  21. So let me get this straight….IF, according the ultimate religious whacko, Huckabee, who preaches his own interpretation of the Bible, “Obama is acting like God, therefore he MUST be impeached!” WTF! He declares that GOD is impeachable? Or that any President who ACTS like God should be impeached? WHY? Where in the constitution does it say that “Acting like God” is impeachable. Do you see the absurdity of Huckabee’s ridiculous statement. Huckabee preaches to his own choir. The base that goes batchit when they hear this kind of talk. Tsk, tsk. The more outlandish the assertions, the more the base nod their collective heads and say Amen, Amen……(((Laugh)) ((Snicker)))

  22. And they didn’t comprehend it. The ruling was the definition on how long was a recess. The President can still make recess appointments. In a nut shell this is it in plain English: As unlikely as it sounds, the Court’s decision in National Labor Relations Board v. Noel Canning was its first pronouncement on the scope of the president’s power to make recess appointments. And the Court’s opinion was a mixed bag for both sides. Noel Canning, the soft-drink bottling company challenging the president’s recess appointments to the NLRB, and the conservative and business groups that supported it certainly regarded it as a victory in the sense that the specific recess appointments at issue were deemed invalid. But the president and his supporters could also declare victory, at least to a point: the Court upheld his power to make other recess appointments – as long as they are made during recesses that last at least ten days.

  23. You have to admire the hypocrisy of the fake Christians. Now Obama us being charged with acting like God. Before he was acting like the son of Satan. Which is it?

    If Huckabee thinks the President is behaving like God, it should be a good thing. What a trye Christian tries to do is become more like God,vto become perfect.

    But, apparently, if the person is a black man occupying the White House, then being like God is a bad thing. Leave it to the God of the RP to find fought with Obama becoming more like Him, even though that’s what He wants.

  24. Now Obama us being charged with acting like God. Before he was acting like the son of Satan. Which is it?
    gosat or sagod

  25. Nah, if he was smoking mother nature he wouldn’t be saying the things that he is – it’s more likely Prozac or some of the weiner medicine that Rush was on.

  26. maybe we need to wash our cars more often and go on some picnics…

    they both have as much effect on the weather as prayer…

  27. Acting like God by not closing the borders? Ok, well I’ll give you chapter and verse on how God actually acted re: borders–when his son Jesus was in danger from King Herod, God sent an angel to Joseph and told him to take the child and his mother and flee to Egypt. No mention of waiting in line for a proper visa, or asking Egypt for asylum. Their lives were in danger, so they fled their native land and “invaded” another country, and stayed there for several years. Only when they got word again from an angel did they repatriate themselves to Israel. Matt. 2: 13-22.

    So it seems to be the Central American refugees who are following Biblical principles and fleeing a land where their lives are in danger. If Obama blocked them from asylum, he’d be acting worse than Pharaoh, the all-time villain.

  28. Go ahead impeach the President. The thinking people of America will make the Moral Monday protest in North Carolina look like a Winnie Roast. Put the last nail in the Republican coffin.

  29. If you think that Obama is acting like God…

    You need to hand in your Religion Card at the desk.


    You obviously have no concept of divine powers and those offered by man.

    If you think Obama is acting like God, then you belittle God and his abilities to those of mere mortals. . . which in a way is blasphemous.

  30. Obama acts like God.


    1) Obama assumed divine powers.

    2) Huckabee just blasphemed God by diminishing his powers to those of mortal men.


    I believe #2 is correct, since Huckabee seems more like a religious huckster than a minister. A true man of faith would not equate the power or mental acuity of mortal men with that of divinity.

  31. My! What a delightful word salad you toss! Is “blue hen” a reference to Delaware? Maybe you are just another of those scared old white folks who retired to the beach in a state with no retail taxes who believes everything FOX tells them…in which case, you’re ever so slightly irrelevant.

  32. Keep thinking that notion of bearing false witness is somewhat central to the dogma that is Christianity. Does Huck not know this?

  33. Here’s the thing god doesn’t like bearing false witness; God really doesn’t like the old huckster, Huckabee.

  34. Sally, The House has passed over 350 pieces of legislature. Mike Reid sees that they go into his desk drawer and not to the floor.

    Oh ye, of little knowledge.

  35. Name one of them that helped the average American. And its Harry not Mike. Damn even when you baggers try to call out someone you show your ignorance

  36. Mike Huckabee is a false Christian for the reason I said it, he keeps lying on God. These phony and fake conservative so called Christians do not represent the image of Jesus. Jesus command, not demand. The ignorance of the republican party.

  37. Yeah, I grew up here in Delaware and I do lawn service for people who retire here.

    They come here from places like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, and points north and west.

    They come here because it’s nice, and their states are fucked up I guess.

  38. It’s the liberal pseudo intellectual pill poppers who push the psycho drugs on people.

    Wake up man.

    Remember how you people belittled Tom Cruise for speaking out against the use of psychotropic medication.

    The liberals push the psycho drugs (especially on children), and that’s a fact.

  39. There is only one thing I am sad about, I cannot vote for President Obama again.

    Huckster is, has always been, and will always be an asshole. He is one of the people who would love to see us all under a theocracy. Thank God that will never happen in the U.S.

    Oh, and he is a first class MORON! There are RULES about impeaching anyone and even if the president were acting like God, that is not an impeachable offense.


  40. The good thing about Huxter’s idiotic statements is that many who used to be Teapubs are LEAVING en mass. This means that the democrats will win a lot more elections than anyone thought.

  41. Huckabee is the sorriest excuse for a Christian. Hes nothing more than a greed ridden, fox 24/7 hate monger & liar. I guess the 10 commandments don’t mean sqat tp a person like Mike Huckabee.

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