The Truth Is That It’s Republicans Who Have Been Waging War On Poor Whites


A sure sign of fear mongering is putting words in other people’s mouths to incite suspicion and hatred against a certain group through the use of propaganda. It is nearly guaranteed that when fear mongering with racial propaganda comes to light, it is certain that Republicans are investing in racial divisiveness for political expediency.

The racial divisiveness was particularly evident in the Republican primary in 2012, and during the general election campaign of Willard Romney, when Republicans accused President Obama of stealing from white people to give to, as Rick Santorum said, “blaaah…people.” Indeed, anyone with a pulse, or cognitive abilities of an amoeba, did not need a commentator to inform them Republicans were waging a war on minorities, because everywhere one turned a Republican was defaming people of color as “moochers,” a drain on the country, and guilty of stealing from white people.

Earlier in the week, Republican Representative Mo Brooks (Ala) decided to take a different approach to Republican divisive politics and accuse Democrats, particularly President Obama, of waging a war on white people because there is a midterm election in the offing and immigration is once again rearing its xenophobic head. Brooks said the immigration “issue” is “part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else.”

Now, if Brooks had any proof Democrats were claiming that “whites hate everybody else,” he failed to present any evidence, but that is the primary feature of blatant mendacity according to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels; “tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Likely, many “whites” already believe the lie that President Obama is waging war on whites in the same manner they believe the lie he is waging a war on Christianity, democracy, the Constitution, and whichever target du jour Republicans can dream up.

Brooks was not finished, he continued that “It’s part of the strategy that Barack Obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, all those kinds of things.” Brooks took the typical Republican approach of projecting Republican tactics on Democrats and the President, and if one examines the actions of Republicans, particularly in deep red states, there is a war on white people being waged, but it is not President Obama or Democrats; it is Republicans.

First, nothing this President has proposed since he has been in office singles out any particular demographic for greater benefits or a racial assault. Whether it was the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid expansion, calls to raise the minimum wage, extend unemployment benefits, bringing manufacturing jobs back to America, or creating job opportunities for Veterans; those propositions were for all Americans regardless of color and Brooks knows it. However, although Republicans have targeted people of color for decades, House Republicans have particularly targeted poor white people in Southern red states with Draconian budget cuts to social programs including food stamps, housing assistance, and healthcare. At the state level, Republicans in Southern states perpetuate near-slave wages, refuse to accept free Medicaid expansion, and transfer public school funding to private religious schools poor whites can hardly afford.

It is hardly mentioned in mainstream media, or Republican circles, but statistics reveal that what is typical across the South the most beneficiaries of the SNAP (food stamp) program is a Kentucky county that is 99.22% white and 95% Republican. Slashing food stamps is a favorite ploy of Republicans claiming it is their way to save white people’s tax dollars from going to minorities. It is fairly common knowledge that red Southern states are the most prolific government-takers in U.S. existence and leading the war on “government takers” are Republicans in Congress; not Democrats and not President Obama. In fact, according to the Census Bureau, the highest percentage of Americans in poverty belong to the white race (42%) and they are taking the brunt of Republicans’ attack on anti-poverty programs like SNAP, heating and housing assistance, healthcare, Medicaid, and particularly anti-poverty measures affecting children; very poor white children in Republican Southern states.

Republicans are not only waging war on poor whites in southern states, they are religiously attacking middle class whites. Beginning in 2011, Republican-led states assailed public sector unions, particularly teacher unions, where 83% of the workforce is white according to a Harvard Educational Review study. Besides cutting teacher salaries and banning collective bargaining agreements, Republicans have went on a tear to rob all public sector employees’ pensions to make room for greater tax cuts for corporations. Republican states have also slashed their public sector workforces since the Republican recession, and although it adversely affect Blacks, they only make up14.5% of the workforce; whites took the brunt of the Republicans’ jobs killed, pay cuts, and pension thefts.

There is no more a Democratic or Obama war on whites than there is a war on Christmas, religious freedom, heterosexual marriage, or a propaganda campaign telling minorities that whites “hate everyone else.” There is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a high percentage of white Republicans that hate minorities as evidenced by men like Paul Ryan who use racist dog whistles Republicans know garners support from their older, whiter, and racist base. It is still a mystery why poor white voters support Republicans when their heroes are waging a very substantial war on them, unless one factors in their deep racial animus toward President Barack Obama.

President Obama has consistently spoke out for all Americans in spite of the fierce racism against him that erupted before he was sworn in as President. There is a war on whites, especially the predominately poor whites in Southern states with Republicans in charge whether they pass right-to-work (for less) laws, reject Medicaid expansion, or in Congress where Republicans make drastic cuts to social programs that affects the disproportionally high rate of poor white people in Southern red states.

It is true that Republicans are waging a war on all Americans that are not part of the wealthy elite class, but like their poor Southern white base, they have targeted middle class whites for their wrath and Representative Mo Brooks knows because he dependably votes to cut domestic programs, kill job programs, cut food stamps, healthcare, opposes raising the minimum wage, or extending unemployment benefits that affects white people at a higher rate than minorities.



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  1. Another War on Whites is SOCIAL SECURITY.

    GOP still want to privatize it, after the American people told Bush 2 NO.


  2. And the poor & helpless desensitized still vote for the teathugs because they think they are untouchable when it comes to obstructionism & while they cannot acknowledge the pain,they don’t care even if self preservation is the first law of nature.

  3. There is a song “I will die for you” and the brainless teathugliKKKan Klan would also starve for them.I PITY THE FOOLS.

  4. Sadly its the Republicans who raised the immigration issues in their haste to kill main or mutilate brown kids

    The gop is at war with anyone not of wealth, who are minority’s whether white, black brown or Asian. Anyone they feel will not help put them and their religion into power.

    All they do is set blame on others so they themselves cannot be blamed

  5. Don’t know about anyone else but I am getting sick of this gal Grimes in Kentucky, apparently she is running as an anti Obama
    dem because they don’t like the pres in Kentucky, I am offended on both sides of this – first, if they dislike the pres so much in Kentucky just give up their new health care, and second she should not call herself a democrat if she is running against the pres.

  6. I see your point but first you have to win. If she wins she wont be joining any filibuster that would help the people in Kentucky.

  7. She isn’t running as a Democrat against the POTUS. In actuality, she is calling out McConnel for pretending that he is running against Obama instead of her. Her take downs of Mitch are spectacular.

  8. I’m with you Joan. I understand having to win – taking McConnell’s seat would be huge – but I am beyond tired of President Obama receiving no credit for the vast improvements this country has experienced the past 5 years.

    And shoot me now if “Clinton Democrat” becomes a thing. It’s a spit in the face to President Obama and I will fight it tooth and nail.

    On CNN this morning, John King and 2 analysts were speaking on the strategy Lundergan-Grimes is using by inviting the Clintons and Elizabeth Warren to Kentucky to campaign for her. They laughed and smiled as they reported that these people were campaigning in places the President Obama “can’t go”. There was no hint of shame or disgust that in 2014 a sitting US President can’t campaign for a candidate of the same party in certain areas of the country because of his race. All 3 came off as very accepting of it.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m disgusted by it and it is past time for the MSM to start speaking the truth abou…

  9. Lyndon Johnson once said something to the effect that if poor white folks were given others to look down on (namely, black folks), they would be oblivious to the fact that their own pockets would be picked by those who promoted a false sense of racial solidarity based on shared whiteness. I firmly believe that many of them, if not all, end up voting against their own interests because they falsely see it as hurting non-white folks in the same boat. The people seeking their votes appeal to their worst fears and basest prejudices, along with fear-mongering about socialism and other red herrings. I sincerely hope that enough of them have finally woken up to help vote Republicans out of office.

  10. So let me get this straight….In the minds of these Republican lawmakers, there are no Poor whites in the country? Therefore, if they screw the minority poor, whites won’t be hurt because they are no Poor whites on Food stamps or benefitting from safety net “programs”, in their minds. Will Poor White People please stand up. Show your hands. You are getting shafted too, right? So, speak up!

  11. I agree. She appears to be, at best, a DINO, and it’s bothered me right from the start how she runs AWAY from almost everything that Democrats actually stand for. She never even tried to embrace Democratic philosophy.
    We all abhor McConnell but I’m not sure about this gal.
    Beshear has been a great and popular governor. He didn’t hide.

  12. The only #WarOnWhites is the brainwashed Redstate masses continually voting against their own interests.

  13. Beshear sided with coal companies, so I wouldn’t exalt him too highly.

    Beshear didn’t run for U.S. Senator against McConnell. I understand why she brought in Clinton. Clinton won Kentucky in the 90’s, Obama is not popular here.

    She has to hit MCConnell where his weaknesses are. Obama is a strenght for him. Grimes has to do what she needs to do to win. After winning, she can embrace Obama, but not right now, she’ll loose the race if she does.

    She knows McConnell wants to connect her to Obama, whose not popular, but Clinton is. She’s putting McConnell on defense. He didn’t see this coming. By bringing in Clinton, voters remember prosperity. It’s nostalgia. McConnell doesn’t want nostalgia, that’s bad for him.

  14. The only thing keeping the dark races and the white that generally were slaves in ancient times from hom-timeing the whites is massive nuclear strikes if they try.

  15. Did all of you miss the comments that The Clintons were lifelong friends of Ms. Grimes??? Apparently her dad worked for the Clintons when they were in Arkansas. Before 1992. Kentucky is anti black man, for sure. She is not.

  16. yawn….I hate to be rude but tell us something we don’t already know. everything they’ve done in the past 30 years has been to either lower the power and standard of living of the working class, or distract them with shiny objects like the flag burning amendment.

    I feel sorry for them, because if those poor folks who vote gop ever wake up there will be hell to pay. there is no anger stronger than that of a true believer who just realized he’s been had all these years, and everything he’s ever supported is a lie.

  17. I feel sorry for them, because if those poor folks who vote gop ever wake up there will be hell to pay. there is no anger stronger than that of a true believer who just realized he’s been had all these years, and everything he’s ever supported is a lie.
    Maybe that’s why small town America police departments are receiving military grade equipment
    War Gear Flows to Police Departments

  18. Grimes or McConnell, there is no choice. McBought and paid for must go, he stands for the 1 percent and the 1 percent only. Alison Grimes must be elected by Kentucky. This will be the beginning of the end of one of many worthless republicans that are patriotic to their political party only and not their country. Mitch McFilibuster must go, please, do not reelect this hater and liar.

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