Rush Limbaugh Insanely Claims Liberals Want To Use Ticks To Force People To Be Vegetarians



Just when you thought you’d heard it all from Rush Limbaugh, that he’d finally scraped the bottom of the barrel and couldn’t get any nuttier, he surprises you and says something that leaves you in slack-jawed wonder. During the broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show on Friday, the conservative radio host claimed that the First Lady is pushing “militant vegetarianism” on the American public because she believes in “big government” and that it needs to have “as much control over people and the country and life as possible.” Limbaugh then stated that there is a tick in Texas that makes people allergic to beef and radical liberals will probably start mass producing the ticks to force the public off of beef and make them vegetarians.

Limbaugh started the segment by ripping Michelle Obama (natch) over statements she had made at lunch earlier this week. He then used that as a segue to rail against the First Lady’s initiative  to promote better nutrition and end childhood obesity, claiming that it is her way to impose government in our lives. Limbaugh also said that everything is political with Democrats. Therefore, the First Lady isn’t interested in promoting a better lifestyle. Instead, she is merely pushing a political agenda. Just for good measure, El Rushbo included global warming with this as he feels the two are related.

Below is Limbaugh ranting about how vegetarianism is part of a political agenda, courtesy of the transcript from his website:

But the people that don’t see that are the people that hate politics, they tune it out, they don’t want any part of it. It’s too much acrimony. There’s not enough getting along. And so to them, global warming, it’s not politics. It’s science. Well, imagine me trying to come along and convince people that vegetarianism is political. “What? Are you crazy? Does everything have to be political to you?” I can imagine people listening, you know, scanning by, young people, and me on a rant, they catch it in the middle about militant vegetarians, and say, “This is absolutely absurd.”

And if they stop and listen, fine, we’ll get ’em, but if they keep going, we’ll lose ’em. But imagine the difficulty in trying to explain that vegetarianism is part of a political agenda. And it is with some people. Not all vegetarians. Most of ’em are dupes. Most of them just think they’re eating healthier. (interruption) Ruin what? (interruption) Yeah, most of ’em are dupes in the sense they don’t understand they’re part of a political agenda. I’m not insulting ’em. I’m actually exempting them from being part of the political movement. (interruption) You’re a dupe. If you’re a vegetarian and you don’t realize there’s a political agenda attached to what you’re doing, you’re being duped, you’re a dupe. Yes.

Because vegetarianism is political. And you know how I know? And this is the challenge. The challenge is to persuade, convince people of this. “How can that possibly be, Mr. Limbaugh? You know, I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, but my mom always said you were an extreme, really way-out-there kind of guy, and this kind of proves it, vegetarians political?”

Limbaugh then made his way to crazy town. First, he pressed his listeners not to accept vegetarianism in this country. Basically, his argument is that if you merely accept vegetarianism in this country, it opens the door for the radical leftists to force their political agenda down your throat and make you do things you don’t want to do. Finally, Limbaugh inserted his crazy conspiracy theory about the Democrats using ticks to force people to stop eating meat.

“This bizarre problem was only discovered a few years ago but is growing as the ticks spread from the Southwest and the East to more parts of the United States. In some cases, eating a burger or a steak has landed people in the hospital with severe allergic reactions. The culprit is the Lone Star tick,” named for Texas, a state famous for meaty barbecues. Of all things, a tick that can make people swear off beef found smack-dab in the middle of cattle country.

Now, let’s just see. We may never get any news on this, but this is the kind of thing that militant vegetarians will find and make a big deal out of. What do you think the whole effort to ban beef and burgers in McDonald because of global warming is? You think that’s not political? There’s any number of ways to illustrate how everything the left does is political. (interruption) What, radical vegetarians? Now, that’s a bit of — (interruption) Yes, I know. I don’t think you’re kidding. (interruption) All right, all right, I’ll remember you said it. Snerdley thinks the radicals are gonna try to get hold of these ticks and mass produce them, mass grow ’em and spread ’em all over the country in order to get people to stop eating beef.

Well, let’s just put it this way, if that happens I wouldn’t be surprised. That’s how committed they are to making everybody do what they do, ’cause remember now it’s all about global warming and saving the planet, folks. Eating beef, not eating beef, vegetarianism, all of this, it’s all political.


There you go, people. Be scared. Be very scared. The First Lady and her posse of militant vegetarians are going to unleash a bunch of ticks where you live so you’ll stop eating hamburgers. Now, pass me that Oxycontin.


54 Replies to “Rush Limbaugh Insanely Claims Liberals Want To Use Ticks To Force People To Be Vegetarians”

  1. You know those dirty libruls with their facts and education. It’s indoctrination I tell ya’, nuttin’ but brainwashing.

    BTW: I think Rush may be infected with Mad-Cow disease, or at least full-o-bs-itis.

  2. It looks this Yo-Ho better check back into rehab for he must of had a relapse. Whats next “There going to send out fleas that make you allergic to soda pop”??? Man you can`t make this crap up!!

  3. The way the price is going your not going to need the ticks..Nobody but the 1% will be able to afford it.

  4. Looks like Rushbo found all the weight he lost. Must have forgotten which burger joint he left it on his rounds.

  5. And yet there are people who swear by this moron and believe every word he says. Here soon there is a customer who’s going to pick up some shirts we printed, I’m going to find out if he believes this line of crap. He will, he’s just as brainwashed as the rest of those freaks.

  6. I think Rush was bitten by a brain-eating tick, and he made sure that the entire GOP population was also bitten so that they are missing just enough brain cells to continue to listen to this moron every day. And Preibus and the Kochs have a secret lab in Idaho where they are breeding these ticks. They plan to release them at the GOP convention and then at the Democratic one. And I thought denigrating public education was going to be enough for them.

  7. CO2 change, and therefore human activity, does not cause global warming. The reason is that terrestrial radiation absorbed by CO2 is immediately thermalized, i.e. the energy absorbed by CO2 is handed over to other atmospheric molecules which outnumber CO2 molecules 2500 to 1.

    But this leaves the question of what actually does drive average global temperature change.

    After some research to find out what causes climate change. . .

    Two primary drivers of average global temperature have been identified. A simple equation, using only them, very accurately explains the reported up and down measurements since before 1900. The coefficient of determination, R2>0.9 (correlation coefficient = 0.95). The equation provides credible estimates back to the low temperatures of the Little Ice Age (1610). The current trend is down.

    R2 = 0.9049 considering only sunspots and ocean cycles.
    R2 = 0.9061 considering sunspots, ocean cycles and CO2 change.
    The tiny difference in R2, whether con…

  8. Does he really believe this crap he spouts or does he do it to wind people up???

    Really, you couldn’t make this stuff up. Unless you were writing a comedy script.

  9. You should have left off the headline at RUSH LIMBAUGH INSANE.

    He had to take Oxycontin to alleviate the pain of taking too much Viagra, don’t cha’ know?

  10. I want to ask why Rush Limbaugh hates children and vegetarians. Is there some background to rush not liking anything?

    But then again I think of the email that used to go around about the little red spider that lived on the north side of the toilet on airplanes.

  11. Rush do not hate children. He loves them. As a matter of fact he goes to the Dominican Republic just to show his love of the children

  12. Good! Good! Our deception plan is working excellently! Little does Rushbo and his audience realize our real secret agenda is to encourage them to super-size everything and have BBQ three meals a day, 24/7, resulting in diabetes and morbid obesity, which will force them to go to the Obamacare health insurance exchanges.

  13. Oh my.. the stupidity of this entire article makes my brain hurt. How could someone think that a tick could force people to be vegans?

    No, seriously. How?

  14. Being a vegetarian myself, I have yet to meet a single vegan/vegetarian who enforces or prosletizes (sp) their eating habits unto others. It’s a choice, an individual choice, one makes for and by the self. It’s no different than choosing to smoke or to quit smoking, choosing to exercise or to not exercise, choosing to get a tattoo or to not get inked, choosing to be an asshole or to be a decent human being, and so on. Life is that way.

  15. Ironically, El Drugbo basically used a pus-filled boil on his own ass to skip out on military service rather than serving his country like any real patriot would.

  16. I’ve learned not to ask customers political questions.

    You can stand there patiently explaining the hoax they’re repeating has been debunked, or you can get back to work and make money.

  17. This guy is really gone! If you would cut off the top of his head you would find nothing but cobwebs and a note saying “out to lunch”.

  18. The extent to which Pig Vomit Limbaugh lies to stir his troops is quite frankly insulting to his troops!

  19. The funny thing is, there is an Advantic ad on my page. LOL!

    Help me! I’m being attacked by a No-Beef Tick! AAAARRGH!
    Time to squeeze a tube of Advantic behind my ear ..

  20. Thanks, Justin and commenters, I really enjoyed the laughs.

    If only Limbaugh realized how unhinged the things he says are, he’d retire today.

  21. Oh my goodness. This has to be in the top ten of insane things he’s said. A tick, to make you stop eating meat?


  22. I became a vegetarian because I discovered eating a plant-based diet helped my bowel issues. Obviously, Rush isn’t in to veggies because he’s so full of crap!

  23. Whatever you wanna post does not matter. Co2 is just the beginning. People that make gobs of money off the destruction of the planet is coming to an end. When an individual can’t fish or swim due to all the rivers and lakes filled with heavy metals. Do you know what a Ozone Action Day is? Have you ever seen a thousand mile mountain range hidden by smog. Or are you ten years old with diarrhea of the fingers.

  24. Folks, if you ever wondered what years of drug abuse does to your brain especially if your brain was small to begin with I give you Exhibit A below

  25. Ahh!! folks, why don’t we just let him eat and eat. Send him more fat building food he can eat, gain more weight, get so fat he will turn into a ball AND JUST ROLL AWAY. Bye,Bye Rusho.

  26. When teabaggers Jerard and Amanda Miller gunned down the 2 police officers in Las Vegas then tossed the teabagger (don’t tread on me)
    flag over their bodies, some right-winger whined it was some liberal that “tossed that flag”.
    Now Rush “just another junkie” Limbaugh says we liberal vegans are going to spread the Lone Star tick around the country to turn everyone vegan.
    Damn, how quickly they are on to us!

  27. Cute story Rush. Problem is, ticks are hardly ubiquitous like cold viri, or flies, or mosquitoes. Furthermore this species of tick is limited to the south eastern part of North America.
    But I get it. The storyline/propaganda line/is not meant to be reality. It is meant as a brainwashing tool. It is the horrific idea that Liberals (every last villainous one of them one must assume)wants to use ticks on those victimized conservatives.

  28. Why do I just get bit by the regular ticks? My husband wants to become a vegetarian he would like the easy way out. Only Flushbo could come up with these insane things. Wish there was a tick that could tick his brain into normal.

  29. I didn’t read the article; and I won’t, the article is not news worthy. Why is the nonsense of a notorious propagandist idiot always news worthy no matter how dumb his rants? If he is awake right now, I feel certain he is engaged in some activity deeply rooted in willful ignorance. Will it be news worthy?I think not.

  30. I have a Republican friend who must listen to Limbaugh. Yesterday on FB she posted some nonsense about Michelle Obama trying to dictate what children should eat.

    I never thought wanting children to eat healthy and nutritious foods to growp up healthy and strong could be political. Apparently it is when the FLOTUS is black. All of a sudden, parents don’t want their kids to eat good. nutritious food! It’s insane.

    I told her Michelle isn’t trying to tell them what to eat, only to prepare healthy, nutritious luncheons for kids. She shut up. but now you have Limbaugh talking about ticks!

    Now ticks are political! The sad part is, Limbaugh’s listener’s never question him, they believe everything he says. Now ticks are a threat. I guess butterflies are next. All this paranoia because a black man is in the White House. It’s sad.

  31. That’s not even the half of it. There is a teacher and I use that term loosely in South Carolina, yeah the jokes write themselves is using the drug using book and again I use that term loosely to teach history to 3rd graders. The dumbing down continues

  32. I wonder how much wider the separation between the rising CO2 level and not-rising average global temperature will need to get for some people to begin to realize that maybe they missed something.

  33. The only thing you miss was that paycheck to spout utter bullshit. Again tell me how a degree in Mechanical engineering translates into being a expert on Climate?

  34. How is this guy going to compete in the increasingly insane Right Wing talking machine? With remarks like these. He’s lost it.

  35. I’m a vegetarian and as much as I hate saying this I actually agree with Limbaugh that we have a political agenda. I would most certainly outlaw the eating and mass genocide of animals. Wouldn’t you? Do animals deserve no rights or respect?
    Hes not wrong in saying we have an agenda.. and it not wrong to have one.

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