While Eating a Pork Chop In Iowa, Sen. Ted Cruz Tells Obama To Stop Golfing And Do His Job


Irony challenged Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) told President Obama to stop golfing and do his job while he was enjoying his roughly 108th day of vacation this year at the Iowa State Fair.

Jeff Zeleny of ABC News tweeted that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was talking tough by telling President Obama to get off of the golf course and do his job:

Meanwhile, here is a picture of Ted Cruz doing his job as one of the U.S. senators from Texas. Cruz is eating a pork chop in Iowa:

Here is Cruz doing casting his kernel for GOP senate candidate Jodi “impeach Obama” Earnst:

Sen. Cruz was telling Obama to do his job, when he was last seen holding secret meetings with House Republicans in order to kill the first version of the border spending bill. The Obama is always on vacation myth is a popular one with Republicans. One suspects that this is a convenient way to subtly portray the nation’s first African-American president as lazy. The fact that Republicans feel compelled to tell Obama constantly to do his job while they do nothing speaks volumes.

The numbers don’t back up Ted Cruz’s claim that Obama needs to stop golfing and do his job. As of August 2013, President Obama had taken 15 vacations, totalling 96 days since he became president. At the point in his presidency, George W. Bush had taken 51 trips to his ranch in Crawford, TX that totaled all or part of 335 days.

A better apples to apples comparison reveals that Ted Cruz has spent more than 100 days in 2014 not in session. This means that Sen. Cruz has had more vacation days this year than President Obama had in the first five years of his presidency. Cruz’s trip to Iowa can’t be considered part of his duties as a senator. Once again, a senator from Texas has no official duties in Iowa. Cruz was at the State Fair in theory to campaign for Earnst, but in reality he is drumming up support for his 2016 presidential bid.

If anyone needs to get work it is Sen. Cruz, not President Obama.

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  1. I’m waiting on Cruz to make a comment or interfer cause chaos again. The man kept help himself, his narcissism demands he take center stage.

    The law makers return from their official holiday in September. Watch him bring more chaos and help Democrats win the midterms. They listen to him everytime, and everytime Cruz is wrong.

  2. I think Obama should call back both the House and the Senate and tell them to pass unemployment insurance, immigration reform, and a jobs bill. And while they are back in the special session he called be on the House especially about doing their jobs. As for Cruz the Senate Ethics Committee should start holding Cruz’s feet to the fire about his unethical behavior.

  3. Pres. Obama is working hard for all Americans; while you Sen. Cruz, all you are interested in, is making the American government unworkable.

  4. I think so. I know that Canada said see you don’t let the door hit your ass. But there is one little question that our village haven’t ask. Is your mother a citizen. I know they ask Obama that question even to this day. I wonder why?

  5. Ted “Crude” and his GOP freeloaders haven’t done ANY work …. how would he know what work is ?

  6. Why is Cruz in Iowa anyway, he’s from Texas? Obviously he’s not working for Texas either. Cruz works for Cruz on taxpayer’s dime.

  7. There is, for us old Floridians, a certain irony in that pork chop. Politically, “pork chop”designated the kind of corruption, cronyism, demagoguery, and downright bigotry that characterized certain upstate politicians and their districts.

  8. Stop golfing and do your job? Really, Cruz?? That’s the best you can come up with?

    Numbers don’t lie, man. Obama hasn’t even 100 days in five years while you, on the other hand, have spent 100 days off.

    Maybe instead of badmouthing the president about his job, maybe you should do yours instead of walking the Iowa State Fair and giving the place a more foul odor then the farm animals that are there.

  9. August 2 – September 7 Senate Recess
    August 2 – September 7 House Recess

    Wtf is wrong inside of Cruz’s head?

  10. I got the Constitution Book out the other night and to be President you have to have been born IN THIS COUNTRY!. or a citizen at the time it was set up. That is if I interpret it right, and if so HE does not qualify to be an American President of the RICH. Ha.

  11. I certainly hope you are being snarky. It’s an old saying, having nothing to do with African Americans if you aren’t. SMH.

  12. Not only is Cruz a total narcissist, he us one of the most repulsive men I have had the misfortune to look at. *shudder*

  13. Ted, bad, bad Christian!

    Leviticus 11:7 And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you.

  14. The President is the only one who IS working, and Cruz is such a loathesome pos. The House sets the schedule and they set it so that they work very little of the time and are collecting full pay. They should be paid hourly, like most people, and no work, no pay. We need to get rid of these creepy tbaggers need to be voted out so our government can work again.



  15. If Ted Cruz was doing the job which he is getting paid for, he wouldn’t have time to see what anyone else is doing!

  16. This just shows how crazy, racist and hypocritical republicans truly are. They seem to think that We the People are as dumb as their sheepel/bubble people.

  17. Ted Cruz’s mother was a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth – therefore he is a U.S. citizen and eligible to run for President.

    (The Constitution doesn’t define “natural born citizen,” but it has been taken to mean any person born in the US or born to US citizens outside the country…unless you want to latch onto the “birther” argument.)

  18. Does he not realize that even if the President goes on “vacation,” he doesn’t actually stop being President? The White House, in effect, goes with him wherever he goes. He is never out of communication; he is never cut off from the world; he can respond to a crisis if one comes up as quickly as he can if he were sitting in the Oval Office.

    This kind of argument just plays to their rabid base who are either too ignorant to understand one never stops being President – or they just don’t care and think it’s “funny” to hit the President for taking a vacation.

    It’s ridiculous. Want to criticize the President? Then do so using real facts and truth. I get that not everyone likes the President, but if you’re going to condemn, the least you can do is put forth coherent, logical arguments. Too many just grab stuff from websites and put it forth as “fact” when it’s either half-truths or outright falsehoods.

    Grow up, America. For heaven’s sake.

  19. This man is just another spineless Dick “cheney”. The sad thing is that he does not believe in his own demagogic bull shat and only regurgitates it for the simple minds that do.

  20. I want to see his mother’s and father’s marriage license. And a picture of his mother, her complete and total background. The republicans changed the game with all the false claims about President Obama. They published at least their version of not only his mother and fathers history, but the whole extended family. With pictures.
    Now every single part of a politicians history should be out there for the world to see. I am guessing from all the secrecy, his father’s actions. His father’s background in Cuba and both father and son’s lies and hypocrisy. A bell bigger than the Liberty Bell starts clanging in my head. If nothing else that “family values” thing trips a trigger for me every time I see any republican use it. I have a feeling ALL the definitions of the word Bastard fits Cruz.

  21. If George W Bush had killed Osama Bin Laden he would have taken the place of The Republiclan God Ronald Reagan but George W Bush was too busy holding hands and kissing The Saudi Prince. President Barack Obama killed America’s worst enemy since Adolf Hitler and was ignored because he’s black. Barack Obama is one of America’s best Presidents and that’s why The Republiclan’s fear him so much. Please listen to this song I did back in 2004 and remember who really made America safer and gave true justice to the people of NYC and those who died on 9/11~ WJU
    Posted a new song: “The Basturd” http://www.reverbnation.com/q/4yevix

  22. Since he was elected Ted Cruz has not done a damm thing for the people in his state. Bashing the President, who is working for all Americans does not count.

  23. I so can’t wait for Ted “Calgary” Cruz’s term to be up. I am so looking forward to making Ted “Calgary” Cruz a one term senator. By 2018, Texas will be fed up with Cruz. With that being said, I’m Ready For Maxey. MAXEY SCHERR 2018!

  24. Calm down. That is an old saying used by all races. I am black and I use it all the time. You can do a search to find the meaning but it has nothing to do with race.

  25. Democrats and Republicans are all the same, liars. Bush was a poor leader, Obama isn’t better. America has become the battle ground of morons bar the intelligent human beings who still care for their country.

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