The Media Fails Us Again By Giving Credibility To A New Round of GOP Iraq War Liars

McCain Graham image via Alex Wong / Getty Images
McCain Graham image via Alex Wong / Getty Images

The Sunday Shows were loaded up with the same Republicans who lied the country into war with Iraq. The problem is that not one member of the mainstream media called these Republicans out on being wrong about Iraq.

Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday never asked about the lies while talking to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC):

WALLACE: Question, is that a bogus argument by people who were wrong about Iraq in the first place? I suspect he would suggest you (ph).

GRAHAM: The president — yes, and I’m telling the president, you’re rewriting history at your own convenience.

You got the answer you wanted. You promised to get us out of Iraq and you were hell-bent to get out of Iraq. When everybody told you, you need to leave a force behind, you made it impossible for the Iraqis to say yes.

Mr. President, you authored us getting out of Iraq, and during a debate with Governor Romney, Romney suggested I could support 10,000 troops like the president intends to leave behind, and the president said in the debate, I’m not leaving any troops behind. I’m not going to get entangled in Iraq yet again.

Mr. President, you’re rewriting history.

Over on CNN’s State Of The Union, Candy Crowley was acting like the lies that led to the invasion of Iraq never happened:

CROWLEY: So, what do you suggest, Senator?

MCCAIN: We have said this is a — quote — “Iraqi problem.”

Pardon me?

CROWLEY: Well, yes, what do you suggest? What is it militarily that you would do? As I understand it, you’re not suggesting boots on the ground. What would you do?

MCCAIN: I would be rushing equipment to Irbil….

On Meet The Press, David Gregory admitted that we once occupied Iraq, but there was no mention of the lies:

DAVID GREGORY: Congressman, hear you and they say, “Wait a minute. We invaded this country. We took over the country. We occupied the country. We had massive troop levels there, armaments. Military hardware that’s being used by ISIS now. This is Iraq’s responsibility. Why can’t or why won’t Iraq deal with this threat that is a grave threat to its future?”

REP. PETER KING: First of all, let’s put this in perspective. What we’ve done in Iraq, as President Obama and Vice President Biden said, turned out to be a significant achievement, a great achievement. Iraq was stable. Iraq was a unified government. It was when President Obama withdrew all the American troops, when our troops that were imbedded with the Iraqi troops were taken away….

We’ve seen this show before. The media sold the public on WMD back in 2002, after the Bush administration finally found a way to go after Saddam. They did the Bush administration’s bidding:

1/30/01 Saddam’s removal is top item of Bush’s inaugural national security meeting. Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill later recalls, “It was all about finding a way to do it. The president saying, ‘Go find me a way to do this.'” [Date the public knew: 1/10/04]

3/22/02 Downing Street memo: “US scrambling to establish a link between Iraq and Al Qaida is so far frankly unconvincing…We are still left with a problem of bringing public opinion to accept the imminence of a threat from Iraq…Regime change does not stack up. It sounds like a grudge between Bush and Saddam.” [Date the public knew: 9/18/04]

June 2002 To a deputy raising doubts about Iraq war, Rice says: “Save your breath. The president has already made up his mind.” [Date the public knew: 1/7/04]

July 2002 Gen. Franks secretly requests $700 million for war preparations. Bush approves, unbeknownst to Congress. Money taken from appropriation for the war in Afghanistan. [Date the public knew: 4/18/04]

We have already detailed just a few of the WMD lies that led us into Iraq today. We can see from the timeline that Iraq wasn’t bad intel or a mistake. It was a deliberate choice made by the Bush administration, who knowingly bypassed getting intelligence feedback on reports that gave them an excuse to do what they had already made up their minds to do.

The same people who sold us that war are now giving a TV megaphone to a new round of players from the same, unatoned Republican party that has never apologized for their Iraq WMD lies as if they have an ounce of credibility on Iraq. They do not.

Trust and credibility are earned through actions. Mistakes can and should be forgiven, but deliberate decisions to lie a country into war and continued denials about the ramifications of those lies should not be forgotten.

The media is failing the public again. There are arguments to be made for going into Iraq again, but they need to be made by people with credible track records. They also need to be countered by people who oppose that idea.

Any discussion about war needs to include the funding of the VA. These are not liberal ideas, these are sane ideas. It is insane to give a megaphone to the unatoned party of WMD lies to discuss Iraq again, and never ask them to explain why they should be listened to now.

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  1. There is little we can do about the congress till we vote. They are a complete waste.

    But we as liberals and democrats can put CNN and MSNBC out of business. Let them turn into Fox juniors and lessen the Fox grip on hysteria

  2. If the Iraqi government is unable to defend itself and maintain some semblance of stability — even after so many years of depending upon the “training wheels” of a substantive U.S. military presence, then what did McCain and his pro-incursion cohort expect us to do?

    Leave hundreds of thousands of our troops — including reservists — in Iraq indefinitely?

  3. Yes Sens. McCain and Graham Say Exactly What You Think They’d Say on Iraq

    Even before President Obama spoke today and gave us, at best, an El Salvador scenario, at worst, Vietnam, America’s most constipated leprechaun, Sen. John McCain, and the laciest belle at the cotillion, Sen. Lindsey Graham, spoke out about taking action to help Iraq. On the Senate floor, the manboob buddies attacked the Obama administration for allowing Iraq, which the United States definitely transformed into a paradise of sweet hookahs, ripe dates, and wet pussy, to become the raging hellhole of sectarian violence it is now.

    McCain said the problem was that Obama didn’t want to leave 16,000 troops behind. No, really: “[T]he size of a potential U.S. force presence kept ‘cascading’ down from upwards of 16,000 to an eventual low of less than 3,000.” For McCain, the ideal number of American soldiers to leave in Iraq was 10-15,000, and pretty much just make sure there’s that many troops there forever. In one of the most blindly optimistic statements or outright delusions, McCain said, “[A] residual U.S. troop presence could have assisted Iraqi forces in their continued fight against al Qaeda. It could have provided a platform for greater diplomatic engagement and intelligence cooperation with our Iraqi partners.”
    – See more at:

  4. CNN and MSNBC have reached the point where they are unwatchable. Both now have 20 and 30 something’s with no foreign policy expertise commenting on these extraordinarily complex issues. But they have nice hair.

  5. These two are the same two that pushed, and actually had a bill introduced in the Senate, to have the Syrian rebels armed by the United States.

    We now know for a fact that ISIS was heavily involved in that conflict. Yet these “rebels” are the very ones McCain and Graham wanted to arm. But now they have the nerve to blame Obama for not inserting us into another conflict. Another Vietnam indeed.

    How they can hold their heads up and attempt to re-write history is beyond my ability to comprehend. They must think the American people are totally stupid with short memories.

  6. I don’t know what we’re going to do when the media is complicit with maintaining and spreading the lies of the war hawks. I can’t believe so many “journalist” that I used to go to for the truth have become so timid as to let the lies go unchallenged.

    If the big paychecks mean more to these reporters than the truth, we are certainly living in bad times. I don’t know what is going to happen, but we had better start getting serious about fighting the neo-cons and the others on the right.

    A lot of those on the right are religious fundamentalist who believe we are in the end times and they want these wars as they think it will bring about the second coming of Jesus. I was just watching a documentary on Armageddon and the people who believe in the rapture and other such nonsense, these people are truly scary, and very much mentally unbalanced.

  7. the problem is that there are a lot of stupid people out there with very short, and very selective memories and they are called Republicans.

  8. I just can’t stand the lying and the propaganda being spread by the right . We have been down this road before and we still will not learn. Now we have an enemy armed by us and they are using our weapons against us. This same thing happened in Nam. But when we left we didn’t look back . People need to take to the streets and demand of our government enough is enough.Our tax money is being thrown out in streets and pissed away. You people must like it because no one is protesting.Where are all the young people .You are the ones that will inherit this and so will your children

  9. The trial of the century — coming up, 9/11/2014. Our President (Obama) stuck to a timeline that was written by the previous, and condemned for doing so. Our President finds a way to go back to clean up the mess, and condemned for doing so. (Broken record, he can’t “do anything right”. Sickening. Nonetheless, the upcoming war crimes trial against Dubya, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell will hopefully change some of the tide. I’ve been waiting for this for a couple of years, at least.

  10. It seems that many of our youth are straddled with oppressing debt because of college/education expenses, a passivity induced by electronic gadgets and parents who have smoothed out life’s many bumps in the road for them through all of their educational experiences (thereby thinking that everything in life is going to be all right)….plus, I wonder what our over-processed food has possibly done to their ability to think.

  11. I am going on a little rant about what annoys me all the time –
    I see the headline that Lindsay Graham urges Obama to go it alone in Iraq.
    No – Lindsay Graham does not -he goes on FOX to grandstand again – if he wants to urge the president to do anything at all, he as a senator can arrange for an appointment for a meeting with the pres he can then urge all he wants but we know he is too much of a craven copward to eve3n look Obama in the eyes.

  12. The GOP warmongers continue to pretend the people of the Middle East are little tokens on some giant board-game for the US to manipulate as we see fit.

  13. The idiot George W Bush was told by the whole world not to invade Iraq and the arrogant smug bastard did anyway causing it, and the whole region, to be destabilized. Now Obama needs to deal with Bush’s mess. Goofy goober’s need to stop voting for people they’d like to have a beer with and start voting for who can do the job~

  14. The word ‘complexity’ was used in one post…that is the key…no one is willing to dig into the complexity of these problems and THEN act. If GW had just spent 1 hour learning about Sunnis and Shites he would have hesitated (I hope)…It is the unintended consequences of our ignorance that will kill us…BTW we DID arm ISIS- they just picked up all of the US weapons and equipment left by fleeing Iraq forces and now the Kurds are outgunned and out, we are almost forced to lend a hand (and this will all be Obama’s war now..)…The same is true regarding the Israeli/Palestinian situation…instead of a clear, cool, objective consideration of all sides of the issue, the same band of knuckleheads continue to spew a simplistic view of this very complex problem. This is the only reason Sara Palin is still around…It’s disgusting and disheartening.

  15. Well Bill you showed just how much you know about reality. MSNBC IS the ONLY mainstream media that even attempts to bring the whole story, PBS is a borefest. CNN and the rest are only concerned with the next new disaster and FOX IS A HUGE DISASTER!

  16. Dem underground has McCain’s opinion when the troops finally left Iraq – as always in a hurry to keep Obama from getting any credit, his quote was ‘ I think George Bush deserves a lot of the credit for signing the agreement’

    Oh Johnny, you sure cannot keep your opinions straight – if Obama is for it you are against and vice versa, please go home to one of your 10 houses and retire!

  17. And here we have been told that the media is controlled by the liberal left but they exhibit conservative bias. What “left wing media” when screamed by a Reich Winger really means is that the TRUTH has been told and we all know the truth is what Conservatives hate the most.

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