David Gregory Cut His Vacation Short In An Attempt To Save His Meet The Press Job


People at NBC are talking, and the things they are saying about Meet The Press moderator David Gregory are not good. In the face of reports that he is about to be fired, Gregory cut his vacation short last week so that he could host Meet The Press.

Here’s the situation according to Politico:

David Gregory wasn’t supposed to host “Meet the Press” on Sunday. He was on a planned vacation in Nantucket, where, the night before, he had hosted a special presentation of the Boston Pops, sponsored by Coastal Living and Real Simple.

Midway through the week, however, Gregory changed his mind. His fate at “Meet the Press” had been the subject of numerous press reports. Page Six and others had declared him dead in the water come November. Several NBC personalities were already vying to replace him. Gregory was chartered back to Washington for Sunday’s program, having concluded, one NBC source said, that being off was “a dumb move” — that would have only further fueled speculation that the host was on his way out.

For well over a year now, NBC News executives have been trying to come up with a solution to what sources there referred to as “the David Gregory problem.” The host had driven NBC’s once-dominant Sunday show to the bottom of the ratings race. He was widely disliked within the organization and his ambition and vanity rubbed important colleagues at NBC the wrong way. Perhaps most importantly, he didn’t seem all that engaged with politics and policy, the bread and butter of Sunday public affairs programming.

It is nice that NBC finally noticed what many viewers caught on to years ago. David Gregory doesn’t care about politics. He has always been disinterested party on his own program. In the past I have referred to Gregory as the anti-Russert. David Gregory’s idea of research is to repeat Republican talking points on the air.

The interesting thing is that people at NBC seem to dislike Gregory for the exact same reasons that viewers have turned him off. David Gregory has never connected with viewers on a basic level. Many Meet The Press viewers don’t like or trust the current host. Gregory seems inauthentic to many of them, and viewers can tell that he isn’t interested in politics, but NBC is likely making a mistake by blaming all of the show’s problems on him.

Meet The Press is out of touch. The show relies too much on political conventional wisdom which is often made by people who treat Republican beliefs as facts. Replacing David Gregory with the equally bland and conventional Chuck Todd isn’t going to solve the problem. The problem is with the perceived balance of the show itself. If everything else stays the same, Chuck Todd’s Meet The Press won’t be much different from David Gregory’s version.

If Gregory showed as much passion for politics and informing viewers as he did for trying to save his job, Meet The Press wouldn’t be the disaster that it is today.

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  1. I haven’t watched MTP in more than a year, and I don’t miss it. It became a terrible way to spend a Sunday morning!

  2. I cannot stand Gregory, have not watched MTP in a couple of years. I cannot stand Chuck Toad either. so if he is on it I won’t bother to watch.

  3. In my opinion the only person in the NBC lineup that could save this show by bringing it back to the powerhouse no nonsense show it once was is Soledad O’Brian . She got benched first at NBC then CNN for asking the hard questions that politicians don’t want to hear and most important calling them out when they don’t tell the truth !Meet the Press needs that kind of honest informed journalist to save it …not Chuck (gregory light) Todd .

  4. Soledad O’Brian might be a really good choice given that one of the criticisms of the show has been the paucity of females…

    to re-hash old suggestions… Rachael or Keith would be great…

  5. Gregory is terrible but Todd will be just as bad. He is the master of both sides do it too, false equivalence. I had to stop watching his show also.

    Maybe they should go back to interviewing the press and report facts, not republican talking points.

  6. This is too little too late. Gregory had to have seen the writing on the wall for months now that viewership had dropped upon his stewardship.

    It’s a bit like knowing Titanic was going to hit the iceberg, but the captain carried on as if nothing was going to happen. Then Smith tries to save the passengers, at which point, it’s too late, most will perish.

    That’s what Gregory has done. If he were truly interested in saving his job, he’d have changed course, but he didn’t.

    Todd is no different than Gregory. The ratings will continue to plunge. These shows need diversity. All you see are white male host, which isn’t good.

  7. Chuckie interviewing Ms lindsey and Grandpa Mcshame ain’t gonna improve the ratings in fact Todd will make them go lower; if you think Gregory didn’t get it wait till you get a load of Todd’s sorry take on life and politics.

  8. If they replace Gregory with anyone other than Chuck Todd, another thing they should do is never again have John McCain or Lindsey Graham on as guests. Only then would I ever consider watching MTP again.

  9. Poor Greg had to cut his vacation short this year. So did I…uh…oh, that’s right, I didn’t have a vacation this year to cut short. Maybe if everything goes right, next year I’ll get to go on a cut-short vacation.

  10. If the Corporate hacks at NBC had any guts,
    they would hire Keith Olbermann or Rachael Maddow.

    That would be a show WORTH watching.

    Right now, they should change the name to
    “Meet the Depressed” because it really sucks.

  11. “In the past I have referred to Gregory as the anti-Russert…”

    Oh, please. Russert was the Bush administration’s favorite media outlet for non-critical coverage of WMD lies. The only time he did research, was to slam Democrats with gotcha questions. And many times his follow-up questions only reinforced the Bush narrative. He was a corporate whore, good at finding the right excuse for whatever his bosses wanted.

  12. NBC knew this was happening for a long time and sat on their hands..not a gregory fan, but for NBC to backstab their own selection tells you they suck..Todd will bomb too..keep in mind these are corporate owned, right leaning companies, so will not go as far right at Fox..but will dabble their toes in the water..Gregory is a GOP tool and Todd has apparently looked at the offer letter and following the same path..”yessir, how far right to you want me to tac?” There is no liberal media, no free press..That is the crowning Murdoch/Ailes lie..lame stream media..Sarah couldn’t sell it and neither can these fuckers. MTP,a show that you could count on like 60 minutes..both in the GOP tank.

  13. I don’t like either Todd or Gregory and to be honest, I am glad Gregory is leaving. He’ll get another gig.

  14. “For well over a year now, NBC News executives have been trying to come up with a solution to what sources there referred to as “the David Gregory problem.””

    GEE! Could it be a problem with NBC executives?? Any manager so incompetent to let ‘Meet The Press’ turn into ‘Meet the Plutocrats’ should be fired!! The country has had enough of the lying liars on the Right droning on and on unchecked on fox fake news. Let those who still believe all the Teabilly crap turn their attention to that source… Give us someone whose business it is to seek the TRUTH… and that’s NOT Chuck Todd!!!

  15. I share your feelings but I dont think Keith will ever go back to politics. In fact I dont think anyone would hire him.

  16. I think what all of the Sunday morning “news” programs’ executives are missing is that most Americans want facts, not spin. Bringing someone like McCain, Bill Kristol, Peggy Noonan, Graham, etc., on nearly every Sunday to present their views, which have been proven wrong so many times, is an insult to Americans’ intelligence. There’s nothing these warmongering neo-cons can tell us about Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria. Their credibility was shot long ago. I see no reason any American should have to suffer through an hour of their nonsense so frequently. NBC probably has some politically-astute young intern working there who could do a better job than Gregory or Todd. If network executives want to boost their ratings and do Americans a favor, their #1 goal on these programs should be disseminating the truth and facts. Why have the same people who lied us into a war in Iraq on their programs to try telling us we should do the same thing there again? It’s an insult to us.

  17. Alex Witt would be a perfect replacement for Gregory. Intelligent and not afraid to ask the tough questions. Of course that is precisely why the Bozo’s at NBC won’t promote her because they are afraid of the GOP!

  18. Sharp-as-a-tack-Maddow-is! If MSNBC created their own type Meet-The-Press…They’d be a success!
    And I mean graciously interviewing both sides.

  19. They could hire Sarah Palin and turn it into a comedy show. Kidding aside, I wish they’d choose Rachel. She’d do a terrific job of keep it honest.

  20. I totally agree! None of those Sunday morning shows are any good anymore, they haven’t had a REAL JOURNALIST on in years, and these “Hosts” are too AFRAID to ask the “Hard Questions” and want to avoid the TRUTH and offending their MEGA CORPORATE Sponcers. I can’t watch any of them,”ABC is probably one of the worst, they/ve got that SH*T-FOR-BRAINS X-TWIT from FOX on and have actually given her an “Opinion” and George S. has turned into some “mealy-mouthed lackey” who wouldn’t know a HARD QUESTION if even if his 6yr. old daughter asked it. There’s NO Journalist on them anymore, just a bunch of talking heads and REPUBLICAN HACKS blabbing a bunch of BULLSH*T, there’s NO Intelligence on those shows anymore THAT’S WHY THEY’RE LOOSING THE VIEWERS! The rest of us are just TOO SMART to waist our Sunday morning of that CRAP!

  21. Mr. Gregory did half of his job correctly. He usually questioned Democrats or liberals in a proper, skeptical fashion. But he always seemed intimidated when questioning those right of center. This was especially the case when interviewing big-time G.O.P. guests. I started out as a Gregory fan but his habit of tip-toeing around those right-of-center became a turnoff. I rediscovered “Sunday Morning” over on CBS. Chuck Todd is nobody’s fool. Before moving to NBC, Todd’s political newsletter was a must-read on-line. If he gets the gig, Todd merely must do his job and treat his guests politely but skeptically and ask good, tough questions.

  22. I have not watched Sunday morning political shows for years because of people like Gregory. The man is not even intelligent and is so partisan, I still can’t believe he was given a gig like this. No wonder people are turned off. Do these Networks know the definition of true journalism and that these hosts must be NON partisan or at least keep their partisan opinions to themselves on the job?

  23. Rachel has no peers, if NBC honchos were at all savvy they would try her out for a few weeks and watch the ratings escalate.

  24. The only way to solve this problem is to give Rachel a few weeks trial. The morons at NBC
    would be in shock when they saw the ratings go through the roof. Too bad such dumb people keep us from having a good moderator . Everyone likes Rachel, she is so well educated and can handle the nastiest Repug there is out there. I call NBC all the time but guess they don’t care.

  25. if they replace Gregory w Todd then they should go ahead & cancel the show right now because the format will be the same with the same ratio 3 republicans 1 democrat or no democrat. No one is challenged, all lies. I can’t remember the last time I watched sunday talk shows. Rachael would be a good candidate she factual even if she a liberal

  26. Can’t get enough Peggy Noonan, she’s objective, compassionate and learned about life the hard way.

    Oh wait, that’s John McCain.

    Oh wait, that’s George Will.

    Aughh, I mean Newt Gingrich.

    Can anybody here play this game?

    Stupid little people, we keep telling them what they need to hear, and they have the nerve to disagree.

    So, we must tell it to them again until they get it.

  27. I agree with you Margaret. I think Rachel would do a fantastic job as moderator because not only is she intelligent, but she would do her homework so she could offer thoughtful follow-up questions and counter spin with facts.

    I’ve seen many comments from others that believe Rachel should be given a chance. But many people comment that republicans and conservatives wouldn’t subject themselves to genuine interviews with real questions, conducted by a qualified and intelligent moderator, and I guess that’s probably true.

  28. NONE of the Sunday hosts are any better with the exception of Fareed Zakaria. They all repeat idiotic GOP talking points without question.
    I thought one time about 8 years ago David Gregory showed a little backbone, but I think corporate bigwigs insist on those being surgically removed from Sunday hosts.

    Beware Fareed.

  29. Are the bright lights who decided to replace Gregory with Todd the same crowd who replaced Leno with Conan? Reminds me of that classic Pogoism–“We have met the enemy and he is us”.

  30. Why didn’t they just give the host job to McCain?

    He’s on every week already. Probably even has his own parking space.

  31. I liked david. He did a great job. Im not sure who should replace him but for me a strong male figure is needed.

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