Republicans Endorse Heavily Armed Men Attempting To Wage War With The U.S. Government


A fantasy is a situation imagined by an individual or group which does not correspond with reality, but expresses certain desires or aims of its creator(s). Fantasy is not unlike little kiddies playing make believe where they pretend or imagine things are different than they really are and imitate something that is real; such as when small children pretending they are grown-up army men with an enemy to kill. Since Americans elected an African American man as President, a group of childish men fantasized they are either living in 1776 fighting the government to preserve their freedom, or mobilizing to wage war against a foreign army invading America’s borders.

The children pretending they are revolutionary war heroes protecting the U.S. Constitution have been amassing their imaginary army on the Southern border to battle the influx of refugee children fleeing violence in Central America. These make-believe warriors have the express consent and blessing of Texas Republicans who love the idea of armed vigilantes wanting to “point their guns dead at children, right between the eyes, and say get back across the border or you will be shot.” The seriousness of the issue is the make-believe army men are not children, they are heavily armed, and not only do they want to shoot child refugees, they want to wage war against the government.

Two Texas Republicans, gubernatorial candidate Gregg Abbott and state Representative Doug Miller claimed that the armed militias “have a right to be there to help ranchers and owners keep illegals coming onto their property.” A couple of weeks ago after a dozen Texas Democrats sickened by the armed threats against child refugees penned a letter to Abbott imploring him to “denounce the actions of these militia groups and clarify the jurisdiction these militia groups have to patrol alongside local law enforcement and Border Patrol agents,” Abbott did what one expects from a Texas Republican; claimed the Democrats’ letter was a “partisan political stunt” because Abbott has absolutely no problem with heavily armed vigilantes threatening refugee children.

The armed militias Abbott will not denounce and Miller claims have every right to play army are a dangerous combination of so-called Oathkeepers and members of the “Three Percenters Club.” Besides being make-believe border guards, both groups are “paranoid anti-government conspiracy freaks” and proven “potentially violent gun activists” who think supporting and defending the United States Constitution is threatening the government and confronting children at the border. However, like most children living in a fantasy, neither group can elucidate how amassing at the border heavily-armed or threatening the government is “defending and supporting the Constitution.”

The Oathkeepers claim they, like every public school teacher, swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic; “and meant it.” The Oathkeepers warn of government officials planning to “disarm the American people, confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies, and blockade American cities thus turning them into giant concentration camps.” There is no truth to their claims, but that is precisely why they live in a fantasy world; their claims are imaginary. What Oathkeepers cannot say, is where in the Constitution it tells them to lock and load to confront brown children at the border, commit seditious conspiracy against a United States agency (Bureau of Land Management), or aim their guns at federal officials executing a court order to “start the second revolutionary war.”

The Three Percenter Club’s imagination is as vivid as the Oathkeepers, and claims its make-believe army is made up of members who have been given “the capabilities and resources necessary to execute Military Strategies to defend against foreign and domestic enemies;” like child refugees and the United States government. Apparently, the Three Percenter club devised its name from “the 3% of colonist (sic) who refused orders by the British Crown to surrender their firearms in the American Revolution.” Apparently, Three Percenters are too childish to understand that no-one has asked any American to “surrender their firearms.” That is a major problem with people that are convinced they live in revolution-era America; they lust to wage war on the United States government as part of their defense of the Constitution they likely never read. The Three Percenter Club’s founder, Mike Vanderboegh, claims the “movement’s core belief is a willingness to offer violent resistance to the United States government,” something definitely NOT in the U.S. Constitution they support.

According to Vanderboegh, “We intend to maintain our God-given natural rights to liberty and property, and that means most especially the right to keep and bear arms. We are committed to the restoration of the Founders’ Republic, and are willing to fight, die and, if forced by any would-be oppressor, kill in the defense of ourselves and the Constitution that we all took an oath to uphold against enemies foreign and domestic. The collectivists (Charles Koch’s name for non-conservatives) who now control the government should leave us alone if they wish to continue unfettered oxygen consumption. Attempt to further oppress us at your peril and WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.”

The Three Percenters, like the Oathkeepers, are part of the mindset that joined Cliven Bundy to start the second revolutionary war against the United States because they support and defend the Constitution. The Constitution, by the way, that gave two federal courts power to order federal officials to prevent Bundy from trespassing on federal land. Like the situation in Texas where Republicans support armed vigilantism at the border, Republicans supported Bundy and his play soldiers praising them as patriots who had “a right to be there ‘helping’ a rancher keep ‘illegals’ (federal officers) from coming onto” the U.S. government’s land.

These so-called Constitution supporters’ fantasy that it is their job to take on the role of border patrol agents, or threaten violence against the United States government, although childish, is dangerous and every bit as much the fault of Republicans as the traitors arming up against the government and children. Republicans sounded a clarion call to defend the border from “ebola infested” children with terrorist ties invading America because there is a midterm election looming, and spent the past five-and-a-half years warning of an overreaching government seizing their guns and subverting their freedom; even though there have been no gun safety laws passed since 1995, and ebola is unique to the African continent, not Central America. Republicans have perpetuated the fantasy that America is facing an existential threat since 2009, and it informs the real reason so-called defenders of the Constitution are taking up arms against the government is because they hate democracy that allowed the people to elect an African American man to occupy the White House. Those two elections drove their fantasy that they are in revolutionary war against America and child immigrants.

Everything about the armed militias plaguing America is borne of their fantasy belief that they have been assaulted because the people elected a Black man as President. They cannot possibly support and defend the Constitution because the fantasy document they support is not remotely related to the real Constitution any more than arming up against child refugees and the federal government is being a patriot. A child’s imagination, fantasies, and make believe is a wonder to behold, but when grown men that should be holding down a real job instead of fantasizing they are in a revolutionary war against the United States government and use firearms to confront refugee children, their fantasy makes the traitors against America and cowards for laying in wait for child refugees fleeing violence in Central America.



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  1. If anything like starts happening they need to be crushed with tanks and gunships. You can’t let these anti-American domestic terrorists get away with anything

  2. What kind of flag are these guys under; noticed it on this guys costume,thats what it is a costume when you set up for theatrical performance; its not the flag of the good old USA.

  3. Really? I thought “3%” referred to their higher brain functions.

    I hope the feds are taking pictures and documenting who these idiots are, some of them are likely collecting welfare payments while they’re doing their Nazi strut.

  4. These tiny penised trigger happy gunnuts didnt get to shoot anybody at welfare cowboys ranch. They have an itch they want to scratch. How bout these gunnuts go over to Iraq and get their ya yahs out. Oh thats right, they’re cowards – they want to take aim at refugee children. These teapubiots don’t have any understanding og the Constitution, they just can’t stand the fact that an African American man is smarter than them.

  5. But what is the government waiting for? Are they waiting for people to be murdered before they act? This has already gone to far.

  6. I see these lunatics as a threat to America. They could care less about any constitution, they want their little guns and they want power. Nothing would please them more to have an excuse to shoot people. The type of people that join these crap movements are unstable and dangerous. The brown skins at the border is their ticket to shoot, as they know they would be in trouble if they shot a white man. They endorse lunatic religious freaks thinking they will be the strong arm of the god thing. They wont. They are dangerous and the religious nuts know it. THEY are the people who would disarm them while they tear America apart.

  7. The compassion shown in this entry is matched only by the level of sheer ignorance. Most of you have never studied, nor even taken the time to learn a smidgen of information about militias. In order to right this ship of paranoid exceptionalism I will provide a few facts;

    1. Most of the militia members have no intention of shooting children. This was a lie brought about by the words of one foolish blowhard in Texas.

    2. Militias and militia members are not terrorists by definition nor by mission.

    3. Many militia members would crumble in the face of organized, lethal, opposition. So going to war against the government is not a reality.

    4. Look at their ideology; most are anti-corporation, anti-authoritarian, and do not support main-stream Republicans. If anything they resemble a mixed left-libertarian ideology, not right wing.

    Before you spout off, you should study the topic. As for me, I make a living studying these groups.

  8. These folks are completely delusional if they think for one moment that they can successfully go up against a government with the ability to squash them like the roaches they are with all its firepower. Their hatred of this president has completely unhinged them and robbed them of the ability to use logic and common sense. However, their delusional ignorance and their childish fantasizing make them horribly dangerous to other Americans. As far as I’m concerned, they need to be dealt with as harshly as possible. I have never witnessed a group of people more in need of a harsh reality check than these lunatics.

  9. I say pay all of them to go to the border. When they get there, pull out the border patrol and drone the hell out of every last one of the un American bastards.

  10. Manly men they are. They dress up. They pretend to be something they’re not. Just like little girls playing together at a sleep over. Manly man – don’t put your righteous weapon down around me. I’m going to store it for you.

  11. What would happen if these armed militias decided to wage war against the government of the state of Texas or Utah? You all know very well what would happen. The state would send their police to arrest the “criminals.” If the state police could not arrest them the governor would call out the National Guard and beg the federal government for assistance. As long as the militias are attacking the federal government too many politicians talk about them as heroes.

  12. The word ( republican ), brings three other words to mind. Sick, disgusting, despicable. Every day the GOP proves those three words are what they really are. There is nothing republican that is American. The GOP is the enemy within the borders of our country.

  13. Lets look at some facts:

    Militias are made up of former and currently serving Law Enforcement, Military , Doctors/Nurses, Fire fighters and any other people with skills (no free loaders).

    Militias are largely peaceful yet well armed and equipped. They have strict military style protocols and are for the most part very professional. Not childish as described above…

    Militia members often swear an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution.
    And those Militia will fight and die to protect the Freedom & Liberty of all Americans. Including those of you who, without facts, blindly criticize…

    Militias are more concerned with the health and welfare of the people than they are with inflicting pain and death as described above.
    They are MOST often giving humanitarian aid (unarmed) during crises.
    They are not children as described above.

    Go to the Militia websites and see what they are about… You may be surprised.
    Check out;

  14. No thank you. I served and took a oath to the Constitution. I wont join some backward thinking people who do not believe in the Constitution

  15. Abbyjo2001..What gov’t? I thought we the people had to do that because this corrupt govt is out to get rid of the 3% only.

  16. 99.99% of these 3% centers are Republican Right Wing Tea-Party members right? They are itching for a fight with the Government and the Lefties, right? So tell me….what would happen if the Left /Progressive/Liberal /Democrats were to FORM THEIR OWN MILITIAS to “defend” against these wild men and women with guns who threaten government agents and kids and everybody else they see fit to threaten? What then if these two groups were to meet somewhere by accident or by design? Will we have a shootout at the OK Corral type scenario? Or a rolling fire-fight through the cities and through the hills, prairies and mountains? Will this flare up? What happens if the Black Panthers re-emerge with THEIR guns. What next? See the madness Here? Is it what these nuts want? !!!!!!

  17. What I particularly liked about your post were the Links you provided documenting every one of your “Facts”.

    Oh, wait …

  18. It appears to me that what they really want is for the “South” (Dixie Land) to rise again. After fighting a 2nd Civil War that they and their leaders and supporters want to “initiate” in our country (U.S.A.) today. In my opinion. I believe that blue and grey will still be your standard uniform color choices. Feathers in your hats will be an optional attire. It will be just like history repeating itself…

  19. A question that needs to be asked of all these groups: Who was the first president to call up the militia and/or national guard and for what purpose?
    The answer will not be to there liking. George Washington called up a militia from the various states and rode at the head of the forces to put down “The Whiskey Rebellion” by the farmers of the (then) western areas.
    So, the government when given the opportunity protected itself from the people, not the people from the government.

  20. I ran across an article today on my phone in which an Iraq vet said the Ferguson police are better armed then he was in Iraq.

  21. What if there were a Black Panther militia?

    That would surely get their knickers in a twist, wouldn’t it?

    Or better still, a reconstituted regiment of the US Colored Troops! That would give these rebels pause…

  22. Well, Ronnie raygun and the NRA made sure that could never happen when they changed the gun laws. And here I thought saint Ronnie was the white knight protecting 2nd amendment rights

  23. Ban the damned Tea Party. They started all this crap and have been allowed to continue day after day with no one making an attempt to stop them. The Koch Brothers (creators of the Tea Party) are still spending tons of money on politicians they want in Congress and in states’ governors and legislators. They’re also spending like crazy on false ads against the democratic party. Yet they whine that they can’t afford to put fences up around their mountains of coal in Chicago that are blowing toxic dust all over the communities. Those two are the first who should be charged with treason and sedition and then every politician, judge and Supreme Court justice they’ve bribed to pass bills or decide in their favor and in favor of corporations.

  24. To extremely over simplify these issues by claiming they are all the result of hating a black President is outrageous! I can name three black men I would vote for and each of them would reverse the govt over reach that is part of our daily lives. Although not a member of any group named herein, glad I live in a country where their freedom to exist is guaranteed.

  25. Lincoln said this:

    “The people-the people are the rightful masters of the courts and the legislature. not to overthrow the Constitution but those men who pervert it.”

    The fact that the grand majority of you varmints can’t tell the difference between those who occupy offices in government positions from the actual government specifically designated by the Constitution is telling.

    Madison said that the “powers delegated were few and defined”, Federalist 45.

    So extra constitutional actions are not authorized and those who commit them have abrogated their office and have become insurgents that are subversive to the ligitimate government.

    Thise of you who condemn and advocate violence against thos who are doing their duty according to their right have become supporters of the perversion that Lincoln commented on.

    Of course I expect the lot of you to rail against the truth which is so conviently absent from you discussion. Real intelligent socialists out there, NO…

  26. I was going to comment and try to bring some balance to this conversation, as a few other have already done, but based on the responses to those comments I see that would be a futile waste of time. Instead I’ll my words to point out and observation. The real Three Percenters (Mr. Vanderboegh and company) are ardent students of history. They understand the trend toward centralized power that is occurring here and around the world and they disagree with it. The last thing these people want is another civil war, but they feel they are backed into a corner and at some point they must either cow down or stand and fight. These people love their country, but hate their government. You people here don’t understand that and aren’t even trying to – you’re not even listening. They have listened to the likes of you for a very long time and the message is now loud and clear – State Power > Individual Liberty (always under the guise of the greater good, of course). The division’s cle…

  27. Yes its vastly easier to corrupt state power then it is central government. Just look at Walker, Snyder, Scott among others

  28. Such an .. INTERESTING … point of view. I wonder if the author would please provide the count of “refugee children” who have actually been shot at the border by the ignoble 3%-ers?

    And perhaps compare that with the number of “refugee children” who have drowned while trying to cross the Rio Grande in their flight North toward A New Frontier”?

  29. What are you guys going to do when the government comes for you as you all advocate should be done to others?

  30. Actually Mike Vanderboegh and much of the 3%ers are opposed to the current militia cluster#%*! on the border. Take a deep breath, do some reading. Contrary to your imaginings, the 3% are not a hivemind.

    As for shooting kids, the one asshat I’ve seen in a comments section talking about shooting kids got a heaping helping of scorn for his troubles. Hardly representative.

    This whole conflationary spectacle reminds me of the Jerad Miller fiasco. Before he got his 15 minutes of fame I read about him being turned away from the Bundy Ranch because he was set off nutjob/provocateur alarms, so much so that he warranted mention on Mike’s blog. Turns out he was both a murderer *and* an LVPD informant:

    According to police, the Millers had cooperated with Nevada law enforcement twice this year to provide witness testimony…


    Your friendly neighb…

  31. Actually, that Oathkeeper tag should tell you something. The Oathkeepers’ membership is primarily military/LEO. Odds are that the guy you see in that picture is your government.

    So the bloodthirsty fools here who are shrieking for the military to start shooting may find it in their own best interests to take a step back from their keyboards and show the kind of restraint that was displayed at the Bundy Ranch. It’s in no one’s best interest to start shooting.

    Or as the wise man said, “be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.”

  32. the ppl who wrote this is in a fantisy land.there is nothing wrong with being prepaired & oathkeepers and 111% are non vilent till vilonce is used aganst them do ur home work

  33. Nothing wrong except they determine what rules they want to follow and what ones they dont. They dont care whats against the constitution as long as they can have their guns

  34. Since you use the name Shiva you must know the story of the Mahābhārata. Arjuna was the hero of the Kashatria caste and Krishna his charioteer. After the end of the battle where in Arjuna has defeated and killed his blood kin, Krishna attempts to console his grief at the doscovery that Arjuna had been lost and found and raised by the opposite faction.

    Krishna’s consolation was that Arjuna’s blood kin were tyrants and that as a warrior Arjuna had done his duty to the highest level and moral level by fighting to defeat tyranny.

    Shiva is known as the Destroyer of Worlds. This because devotion to enlightenment dispells the Maya or illusion that is created by the elements of perversion in the world. As we attain a higher understanding the power of the illusion is dispelled or destroyed.

    The status quo world created by the rich and wealthy is as false as the utopian’s. Neither are based upon Natural Law therefore they are both doomed to fail.
    Of course if you follow S…

  35. Thank you for the history. I have read what you wrote. However using the name Shiva is not for religious purposes on my part. I do have great respect for the Hindu(and Buddhist) religions. Both create far more joy then christianity

  36. Sometimes when one don’t know WTF they are talking about they should have a big cup of STFU
    Shaivism (Sanskrit: शैव पंथ, śaiva paṁtha) (Kannada: ಶೈವ ಪಂಥ) (Tamil: சைவ சமயம்) is the oldest of the four major sects of Hinduism, the others being Vaishnavism, Shaktism and Smartism. Followers of Shaivism, called “Shaivas”, and also “Saivas” or “Saivites”, revere Shiva as the Supreme Being. Shaivas believe that Shiva is All and in all, the creator, preserver, destroyer, revealer and concealer of all that is

    Sounds a lot like that bearded fellow you worship

  37. The Black Robes Ruling meh. More Kabuki, “Look sheeple, the House of Lords hath ruled that some of the Kings choices violated the sacred toilet paper upon which we shit daily. Therefore you the sheeple should take heart, the checks and balances of this nation are in place and can not be shaken. The King has been chastened and is not actually imploding the country.” (This message was brought to you by RedState/BlueState Inc, no actual sheep were harmed in the printing of trillions of dollars to be fed to Wall Street bankers who snorted coke while banging hookers and throwing you fluoride riddled fucks out of your homes.)

  38. Wow, a lot of haters and Pavlov’s dogs here. Do try not to be so easily manipulated, folks. Calm down, read, think. Advocating murder just because a person does not believe what you believe, that’s not good…

  39. Shiva, we ALL decide what rules to follow. Be it crossing the street in the middle of the block or forming a militia.
    I can’t tell from your posts how old you are but I’m pretty sure I have more than a few years on you. During those years I’ve seen and done things you probably never have and never will. At the end of WWII the allied powers formed a court and tried a bunch of the leaders from the losing side for crimes against humanity. Many of the guards from the infamous “death camps” were hauled into court and tried for their parts in the deaths of those thirteen million souls who died there. Almost without exception, their defense included some form of “I was just following orders.”
    Without exception that defense was denied and the soldier was convicted, sentenced and hanged. Never mind that had he refused to kill those women and children he would have been in the next group to die.
    We, like properly brainwashed puppies, wait for the Supreme Court to declare a law va…

  40. … In fact though, the Constitution was written in plain language so that anyone and everyone could read and understand it. It does not need to be “interpreted” since it isn’t written in Latin or French or even Sanskrit.
    As I said, it’s difficult to tell much about you from your posts but you do not appear to be an ignorant person – misinformed perhaps, but intelligent. Pick up a copy of the Constitution and read it. Read it all – several times and decide for yourself if the government we have in place now exists within that framework.
    Now then – to alleviate the concerns of any who might think I’m some sort of rebel, I’m too damned old to be an active III% member but my heart (weak as it is) is with them. As for an Oathkeeper: I took an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” I have never been relieved of the responsibilities incurred by that oath.
    Would that I were younger.

  41. djchefron-

    Guns aren’t necessarily a bad thing else why are gun sales skyrocketing in stores around Ferguson, Missouri?

  42. And you chose what your leaders tell you is unconstitutional. Listening to them, I would laugh if there wernt so many blind minds involved. The oathkeepers are next to the NRA members for blind obeisance.

    Lets face it, the constitution is interpreted by the oathkeepers to read what they want you to know

  43. Because of the fear of the police who were treating people like dirt. And you dont know, maybe those buying the guns are the ones looting. You know, responsible gun owners. Not because guns are good. If I sell a lot of strychnine does that make it good stuff for everyone?

  44. @Shiva: “I see these lunatics as a threat to America. They could care less about any constitution, they want their little guns and they want power. Nothing would please them more to have an excuse to shoot people…”

    Honestly Shiva, WHERE do you get this? Have you ever spoken to “those people”? And why are you “othering” your fellow Americans?

    TALK to one of us. We’re a broad mix of classical liberal, libertarian, conservative. We have children we love very much, work we enjoy and take pride in. You may not like our hobbies; while you play golf, I target-shoot at a rifle range.

    NOT because I entertain twisted fantasies, but because it’s fun.

    In the end we all want similar things; peace, prosperity, and freedom. Aren’t those things you want too?

    Our chief problem with “progressivism” is that it’s not voluntary; you either agree with the agenda, or you’re FORCED to.

    And we don’t like being FORCED to do what violates our consciences.

  45. Our chief problem with “progressivism” is that it’s not voluntary; you either agree with the agenda, or you’re FORCED to.
    So slavery was OK with you? Please just STFU

  46. Your chief problem with “progressivism” is that your organization started almost to the minute that Obama took office. Do you think yuor leaders care about the constitution? They want people that will do what they are told.

    As far as “progressivism” , if thats your definition then you need to add conservatives in as well. But we both know your definition is bull.

    I find it hilarious the instant Obama is elected the number one rule for you is you wont take peoples guns away. The oathkeepers are just an extension of the NRA and the tea partyy

  47. Richard…it’s all about ol*i*gar*chy & Plu*toc*ra*cy…ppl need to wake up & these weapons were not given to the police for nothing.NEW WORLD ORDER..check out the Koch Monsters.

  48. The Black Panthers were a militia. They provided armed defense of their communities at great risk to their own lives, and they ran volunteer programs to help out those who needed it. I can think of few better examples.

    Despite their occasional forays into Communist rhetoric (all the cool kids were doing it back in the 60s anyway), I have immense respect for the Black Panthers. They, Malcolm X, and the Deacons for Defense demonstrated a clearer understanding of the meaning and importance of the 2nd Amendment better than most. They also demonstrated a better understanding than most of the racist history of gun control in this country dating back to slavery, and the double-standard by which it is enforced to this day.


    Your friendly neighborhood 3-percenter hobo

  49. You know, there are many of us who have a problem with slavery, and what it was. You really are a simpleton aren’t you?

    I find it amazing that you would even begin to chide someone for supporting (unproven, of course) the idea of slavery, while advocating the application that very notion to an entire class of people you know nothing about.

    You’re all about re-directing hatred when hard questions are asked aren’t you? YOU are the reason our political system is in a shambles… YOU.

  50. “Our chief problem with “progressivism” is that it’s not voluntary; you either agree with the agenda, or you’re FORCED to.”

    Yeah. I can see where having to deal with reality might become a drag and an imposition on your ideology. But the fact of the matter is that Liberalism always wins out…eventually. Because nothing, including time ever stands still. Things always move forward, whether you like it or not. That’s reality and you can deal with it or fight it and expect it to conform to your ideology regardless of how many times it’s shown to be in error. You insist on resisting progress which is necessary for this country to compete with the rest of the world. The result is that we begin to decay. We weren’t meant to stay in one place.

    “And we don’t like being FORCED to do what violates our consciences.”

    Your conscience is your values. You can’t demonstrate your values as true. Which is more important to you; your values or Truth?

  51. “I will provide a few facts;” “I make a living studying these groups.”

    Is that so? Ok, what is the source of the facts that you supplied? Nobody knows you so why would you be considered an authority on the subject? Because you say so? You cited 4 “facts”. What is the source of those facts? You make a living studying these groups? Do you work for Homeland Security?

  52. “Go to the Militia websites and see what they are about… You may be surprised.”

    Well, I’m sure I’ll get the version they’d like me to believe, as to what they’re all about. But that’s not going to come as any surprise. Websites are used to promote an idea/sell something/recruit people to a cause/etc. I would expect them to present themselves as “Boy Scouts” that love “liberty”…While at the same time are willing to kill anybody that they think doesn’t share their values.

  53. “So tell me….what would happen if the Left /Progressive/Liberal /Democrats were to FORM THEIR OWN MILITIAS to “defend” against these wild men and women with guns who threaten government agents and kids and everybody else they see fit to threaten?”

    We already have one. It’s called the United States Armed Forces. And they’re very good at what they do. We pay a lot of taxes to make sure that they’re very well equipped and trained.

  54. Right. Well we didn’t have a standing army at the time.

    After the war, the Continental Army was quickly given land certificates and disbanded in a reflection of the republican distrust of standing armies.

    State militias became the new nation’s sole ground army, with the exception of a regiment to guard the Western Frontier and one battery of artillery guarding West Point’s arsenal. However, because of continuing conflict with Native Americans, it was soon realized that it was necessary to field a trained standing army.

    The Regular Army was at first very small, and after General St. Clair’s defeat at the Battle of the Wabash, the Regular Army was reorganized as the Legion of the United States, which was established in 1791 and renamed the “United States Army” in 1796.

    So…yeah Washington used militias. That’s what we had at the time.

  55. It’s impossible to trust “state power”. The very concept of States Rights, screams segregation and oppression of minorities. We have a history of that, as I’m sure you must know. Left to their own devices the States that are ideologically conservative will impose their racism into legislation. They will deny minorities the basic right to vote, an education, and economic opportunity. They will opt for a return to the days of Jim Crow. It’s in their DNA, and they can’t be trusted to protect the interests of those that don’t share their particular complexion or culture. They are all about preserving their institutions against any challenge to their authority. Civil Rights is a direct challenge to that authority. Conservatism is always about protecting existing institutions and both slavery and segregation were institutions that provided a clear class distinction. In other words, if conservatism didn’t embrace racism as part of it’s ideology, we wouldn’t have this problem.

  56. >”What are you guys going to do when the government comes for you as you all advocate should be done to others?”<

    That hasn't happened in 223 years. How much longer should I wait for that to happen? Have you considered the possibility that you could be wrong about that? Maybe the idea of the Government "coming after you" is something built out of the fantasy world that is promoting fear? I expect my government to protect the "Homeland" against all enemies foreign AND Domestic. That just might include militia groups and others with the intentions of overthrowing the existing government of this country. And what would you replace it with? A bunch of gun crazed yahoos that think that a doctrine of every man for himself is the desired way of life? Social Darwinism? No thank you. That has absolutely Zero appeal to those of us that still hold rationality as the preferred operating system in our lives.

  57. as to who called for murder…

    HerbK – “If anything like starts happening they need to be crushed with tanks and gunships. You can’t let these anti-American domestic terrorists get away with anything”

    Gary Vaughn – “I say pay all of them to go to the border. When they get there, pull out the border patrol and drone the hell out of every last one of the un American bastards.”

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