Rush Limbaugh Blames The Left For The Death Of Robin Williams



Rush Limbaugh demonstrated that there is no low that the right won’t sink to in order to push the Republican ideological agenda. On his radio show today, Limbaugh blamed the left for the death of Robin Williams.




LIMBAUGH: So our last caller from Des Plaines, Illinois, wanted to know, “What is the politics in the coverage of the suicide of Robin Williams?” Well, I believe there is some. But I don’t think that the politics is driving it. I think there was, on the part of media and Hollywood, genuine affection for the guy that is driving it, but there is politics. If you notice the coverage is focused on how much he had, but it wasn’t enough.

“He had everything, everything that you would think would make you happy. But it didn’t.” Now, what is the left’s worldview in general? What is it? If you had to attach not a philosophy but an attitude to a leftist worldview, it’s one of pessimism and darkness, sadness. They’re never happy, are they? They’re always angry about something. No matter what they get, they’re always angry.

They are animated in large part by the false promises of America, because the promises of America are not for everyone, as we see each and every day. I mean, right here there’s a story Fox News website. Do you know, it says right here, that the real reasons that Robin Williams killed himself are he was embarrassed at having to take television roles after a sterling movie career.

He had to take movie roles that were beneath him, sequels and so forth, and he finally had to do television just to get a paycheck because he was in so much financial distress. He’d had some divorces that ripped up his net worth, and he had a big ranch in Napa that he couldn’t afford any longer and had to put up for sale, and a house in Tiburon that he couldn’t afford anymore. This is all what’s in the Fox News story.

He had it all, but he had nothing. He made everybody else laugh but was miserable inside. I mean, it fits a certain picture, or a certain image that the left has. Talk about low expectations and general unhappiness and so forth. Right here it says that one the contributing factors to Robin Williams deciding to kill himself was “survivor’s guilt.” It’s in the headline.

I read that and I thought, “Survivor’s guilt? What? What survivor’s guilt? What?” So I read it, and it turns out that three of his closest friends, the story says — Christopher Reeve, John Belushi, and Andy Kaufman… The source, unnamed in the story, said that Robin Williams felt guilty that he was still alive while his three friends had died young and much earlier than he had.

He could never get over the guilt that they died and he didn’t.

Well, that is a constant measurement that is made by political leftists in judging the country. It’s outcome-based education: 2 + 2 = 5. “That’s fine until the student learns it’s 4. We’re not gonna humiliate the student by pointing out that he’s wrong. If he figures it out, cool. We’re gonna take the fast learners and we’re gonna slow them down so that they don’t humiliate the kids that don’t learn as fast as they do. It’s just not fair.”

I think a person has to be deeply troubled to find politics in the death of Robin Williams. The degree of detachment from reality that it takes to makes such a statement is why Limbaugh’s comments are worth discussing. There is a school of thought on the left that Limbaugh should be ignored. These are folks suffer from ostrich syndrome. They want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend like what they disagree with doesn’t exist. This desire is a manifestation of the fact that a segment of the left is becoming just like the right. There are people who only want their media to stay on the left side of the partisan fence.

The problem with that mentality is that it allows individuals to ignore the threat that is presented by the ideology on overdrive right. Millions of people listen to Limbaugh. They share his beliefs. These are folks who drive the Republican Party. If one wants to understand and defeat the extremism of the right, it is necessary to know what they are talking about, and why.

There is no leftward ideology that pushed Robin Williams to take his own life. Limbaugh was exploiting a man’s personal pain and tragedy to push an ideological agenda. Ignoring Rush Limbaugh, or Fox News, or the Republicans in Congress won’t make that agenda go away. Limbaugh’s attempt to use the death of Robin Williams was a window into right-wing thinking. The politics never stops, and everything is political for many on the right.

Ignoring Rush Limbaugh won’t make him go away. He has hundreds of stations carrying his program around the country, but ignoring his words would allow him to operate in a zero accountability environment. Rush Limbaugh should not be able to make deplorable remarks like those that he made about the death of Robin Williams without being held accountable.

For the individuals and families of those that he demonizes and exploits, we must hold Rush Limbaugh accountable.

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  1. If Limbaugh actually has any advertisers left, this has got to be the straw that drives them away. As difficult as it must have been, Rush Limbaugh has now established a new low as the most disgusting and hateful idiot in all of American media. Is it because Williams actually cared about and respected our veterans? Is it that he did charitable work for the homeless and for the mentally ill? Or is it just that the Right Wing is incapable of saying ANYTHING positive about someone they perceive as a liberal without somehow trying to insult and denigrate him?

    Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.

  2. This guy is a real piece of …!
    You know what this is?
    This is Frickin’ JEALOUSLY!
    This low-life WISHES he had the love
    & respect that Robin Williams had & has.
    Deep down he knows the truth.
    If HE were to die,
    no one would Frickin’ care!!!
    No one would have anything good to
    say about the pitiful piece of CRAP
    he was.
    Some may celebrate the fact that we
    are rid of his daily Hate-Filled
    He is just a sickening excuse for a
    Human being!!

  3. I am so angry right now that if I were speaking to you in person I would be incoherent. I am one of those that wishes he would just go away, but I also am aware of how dangerous he can be.

    Robin Williams was loved by all sides; right, left, middle and those who can’t make up their minds. Grief was felt by millions of more people than listen to this fat, loudmouth, impotent, piece of excrement.

    And like the Sandra Fluke business, he goes too far. Hopefully he will suffer the same repercussions.

  4. Sorry, Rush, but it isn’t the left preaching doom and gloom and hatred day after’s you! You can’t even show an iota of respect for a comic genius haunted by insecurity. Too bad YOU don’t have a conscience that would give you some survivor’s guilt. Why do you have more money than most people when all you do is preach hate and fear and stupidity? Why is that? And why can you afford anything you want when people, other Americans, can’t pay their electric bills? Yeah, Rush. We get that the wealthy white men controlling your party are heartless and have no empathy for anyone at all. Robin Williams had more heart in his pinky than you do in your entire body. When did you give a dime to someone in need, let alone start a movement like Williams did for the homeless, many of them vets? You are a disgusting man, and no one will shed a tear for you.

  5. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, when Rush Limbaugh opens his mouth, he proves again and again that he is nothing but a low life.

  6. Maybe Limbaugh’s real problem is that he is realizing that no one will mourn his death the way the death of Robin Williams is being mourned.

  7. First of all,I was a devoted fan of Robin Williams and I send my condolences to the family,he will be greatly missed.REST IN PEACE.Now on the other hand,this Rush Limbum gasbag arsehole is a disgrace to mankind and I am sure his soul will rest in he// on his day of reckoning.

  8. He can be sure that when it’s his time to leave this earth, he will wish that he had acted as the type of human being that the world would have embraced. It’s sad that someone like him thinks that all the stuff he spews and rants about will gain him followers. Wonder how it feels to be lonely with just your money to keep you company. One can’t put a price on life and the joy that you bring to others. Rush Limbaugh doesn’t understand….or maybe he does but just doesn’t care.

  9. This ass cites as his main source for his filthy flight of fancy Fox News??? “Right here it says…” THE MAN HAD SEVERE DEPRESSION!! Why does anybody listen to this lump of self-inflated crap any more? He is getting worse. Maybe that’s the secret: just keep piling it higher and somebody may think there is substance there.

  10. Yeah, cuz Lord knows conservatives never suffer from clinical depression, and none have ever committed suicide.

    Rush “to judgment” Limbaugh needs to do a better job of regulating the flow into and out of his “pie hole”. Whenever he opens his mouth, either mass quantities of apple pie are crammed in, or mass quantities of cow pie spew out.

    This is what happens when you see the world through sh*t-colored glasses, an affliction facing Rush since he spends so much time with his head up his ass.

  11. You are exactly right, willdye4U, Rush is jealous that Robin was so loved and respected. No one will mourn that hateful, fat a** or pay tributes to him like they are for Robin Williams. The man is sick in his soul and the dangerous thing about him is that he has been spreading hate and ugliness unabated for decades without consequence.

  12. For generations to come people will remember what Robin Williams contributed to this world and be uplifted by laughter. When Rush finally dies, he won’t be remembered at all, because he contributes nothing to world. Disgusting little man!

  13. Yes Limbaugh we are angry!!! Angry about ASHOLES LIKE YOU!!! Who make millions of pessimism darkness and sadness!! Oh and by the way FU(K You you pile of shyte! I knew that Rush and the Reich Wing would piss on Robin’s memory!

  14. O!
    I am absolutely LIVID!!
    While others called for him to
    be taken off the air, I disagreed.
    I thought he was a Dems BFF, giving
    Dems an incentive to get out & Vote.
    But this is the last straw for me!
    In a disgraceful attempt to grab the
    spotlight in this tragic scene, he has
    crossed a line that can NEVER be forgiven!
    I would think even his most devoted
    followers are as disgusted as the rest
    of us… least I hope!

  15. Really don’t understand how people believe the stuff that Limbaugh says. My coworker listens to this guy everyday. I have come close to destroying his radio cause I cant stand Limbaugh.

    Was shocked today when I heard this.

    Limbaugh is basically the radio version of an internet troll.

  16. Robin Williams has three movies that are in post production getting ready to be released. Rush says he had to work on television because he couldn’t get movie roles. Total bullshit.

  17. Leisa was referring to Limbaugh’s humanity, which can only be seen with an electron microscope at full magnification.

  18. Is there no low that is too low? Mr. Limbaugh you are a despicable, cruel, hateful person. I am one who has always believed that even the most broken and damaged amongst us have some redeeming feature, until now. You are beyond redemption. You are pure evil.

  19. “The only real constant in my life is my unshakeable faith in the science of Marxism-Leninism.” Sir Robin Williams

    I guess the truth of Limbaugh hurts all you Liberal/Marxists America haters. Pound sand and swim to Cuba where you’ll fit in.

  20. I don’t know what you’re all upset about. I listened to the recording and Limbaugh merely quoted a coroner’s report that attributed his depression to survivor’s guilt. His friends John Belushi and Chris Reeves had died much younger.

  21. Whoever down vote you think the child molesting drug addicted limpballs is Mr. Universe? For the sake of your baby jeebus lay off the twinkies

  22. Limbaugh epitomizes what the great Samuel Clemens once said…. Better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re a fool than to speak, and prove it. (Yes, I paraphrased). An idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. (Another paraphrase).

  23. No, he’ll be remembered for all the hate he spewed daily, the lies he readily offered, and the division he created in society. He’ll be remembered for being the mouthpiece for a political party that was/is rotten at the core, just like Limbaugh. Doubt that anyone will say that he was a decent human being. Doubt that anyone will say that he was a positive influence upon society. Doubt that anyone will miss him. His base will flock to another douchebag like Beck, Hannity or whichever crazy extreme conservative mouthpiece strikes their fancy. While Williams’ work will be treasured and shown in decades to come, Limbaugh’s work will quickly fade into the dustpan of history, tossed into the trash where it belongs. Perhaps a future historian will retrieve them for a paper or so, but it won’t be shown repeatedly nor enjoyed repeatedly across the global perspective. Rest in peace Robin. Thank you for sharing your talents and art. You are and always will be an American treasure.

  24. I disagree with RL labeling Liberals as angry or resentful. My observations over the past ten years would attach those terms to a lot of the professed Right-wing folk who seem always to be criticising others, demeaning others, and living their public lives joylessly looking for things to be offended by. I’m not saying they’re all like this, but if you had to “profile” a crowd, you could watch the people for 20-minutes, listen to them, and get a hit rate of 80% just by guessing.

  25. Pssst: that was during a comedy routine.

    I guess it must hurt to be an idiot right? Jesus, where do these uneducated morons come from?

  26. Why is it you uneducated bass turds come in here and prove your ignorance and then never come back to defend your rediculous comments. Debating you, the misinformed is like fishing in a glass bowl. It always is. I have had tons of experience too having lived in this bright red state of Indiana. One of the biggest consumers of your precious welfare tax dollars.

  27. The Left sounds a lot like Christianity in Limbaugh’s little rant. “He had it all, but he had nothing” is a common theme in the Bible…right?

  28. To qoute a famous Vietnamese philosopher, ¨Phuk Yu.¨ May your daughter be ash phuked by the biggest ex-con in your neighborhood immediately after your wife carnally engages his cellmate Bubba.

    I wish I could be more articulate in expressing to what level of contempt I hold you, Limpdick and your ilk. WTF does his personal philosophy have to do with his tragic death? Why would anyone engage in such despicable language over an issue that faces millions of Americans? Your hero is a child abusing drug addict. What a great example you must be to your children worshiping a man who prefers gay men in public restrooms. That is of course assuming you know which hole to engage for procreation. After Reading your post, I have my doubts.

  29. Every time I think that Limbaugh has finally lost it completely, has said something so stupid that surely no one will listen to him anymore, he manages to stumble onward. Let’s hope that this is finally the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Because he is talking sheer and unadulterated nonsense.

  30. Coroner´s report? I am a psychologist. I have never seen a coroner write a psychiatric evaluation as part of his cause of death opinion.

    Just because Limbaugh says something does not make it fact. What you have demonstrated is your blind allegiance to a child molesting drug addict. Put the kool-aid down for a minute and employ a bit of logic. Why would a coroner offer a psychiatric opinión? Does that even make sense?

  31. Rush Limbaugh is a sick freak, Robin Williams is a human being not a tool for his political agenda. People who use tragic deaths to push their political agenda and slander a political party they don’t support need professional help because they are clearly a sociopath.

  32. Limbaugh may be guilty of many things, like making a lot of money and emphasizing entertainment while sharing a philosophy, but he does have a point on the coverage of Robin William’ suicide. It is a tragic death. It is a great loss of talent that we all enjoyed. Robin suffered depression and dependencies (Drug/Alcohol) that have been documented. However, I believe the “Expectations” of the Hollywood Left were just as guilty patting him on the back and the setting him up to fail. Cause they can’t figure out the problems that come with money, fame, drugs, and having a good time with no responsibilities. That is the world he lived in and I feel sad for him. I have suffered similar pain, but I don’t understand suicide. I guess I have not gotten that desperate, but even though I think its inevitable, I can not justify it. The problem is the left is trying the justify it along with relieving any guilt they may have in creating the pressures that ended in the death on the comic of our l…

  33. Thats ridiculous. There are as many right wing actors as there are left.

    Dont be as dumb as rush and try to pin this on politics. Its bullshit

  34. This piece of steaming horse manure(Limbaugh)will never, if he lived a million years rise to the level of Robin’s shoe! Let alone loved by anyone! He’s sick!

  35. Sue Rush Limbaugh jr for slander….thats the only language scum like that understands..first let Robin Williams family take him to court, then “the lefties”, then the organisation for the “Depressive” and if there is anything left of him, leave him to us..all the people of the world that really loved and looked up to Robin Willams, a genuin good and gifted man.

  36. We are mad because the liberal eating oxycontin king has been on TV and radio since the 1980’s spewing bullshit on a daily basis.

  37. He certainly is… BUT they spelled his name right. If “the media” would ignore him he would very soon go away.

  38. When I first read the news I felt very sad. He made me laugh many many times. And I was sorry to see that news. But the next thoughts were THIS very thing happening.
    The fact that we have turned into a country that can produce and actually give credence to people that would start tearing his dead body apart for a little publicity.
    To me, these types are human buzzards.. Real buzzards do some good in the world. The human type are totally useless. BUT if decent people totally ignored him and never printed his name again..that would do much more than boycotting his sponsors.
    I can picture him like a whirling maniac getting shriller and more desperate for media recognition as he is stuffing his mouth full of drugs until he explodes.

  39. I heard a man from Mississippi say that Rush’s cigar he carries around with him is really a b*** **ug he inserts in moments of extreme excitement when the flow gets to wanting out.

  40. And rightists are never happy unless they have someone to control and criticize. They would probably commit suicide if the world really was their way and perfect. They live in a dream world and, of course, are never depressed because they don’t face the real things in the world.

  41. This coming from the most miserable person on earth. It obviously bothers him that so many people thought so highly of Robin Williams.

  42. LOL Robin Williams never said anything of the kind. He did make some vaguely similar remarks as part of a comedy riff around the time he was making “Moscow on the Hudson” – a movie highly critical of the Soviet Union and Marxism.

    It amazes me that Rush can be so consistently wrong and so consistently disgusting and yet there are still a few empty heads in this country that will buy any of his garbage because they hate reality as much as he does. When you get back to Pyongyang, where they all think the way you do, send us a post card.

  43. Go back and try again. Rush wasn’t reading from a coroner’s report. He was reading from Fox “News” propaganda.

  44. You know, I had always thought that that quote came from Abraham Lincoln. I did a little digging and it turns out that both of them said some variant of the quote, and it’s probably based on Proverbs 17:28:

    “Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”

    (Just some random trivia because it’s a lot more fun than thinking about Rush Limbaugh)

  45. LET ME PUT IT THIS WAY: Rush Limbaugh is in the gutter. His fans are bottom feeders. The muck he creates and spits out is eaten up by the adoring “millions” who are no better than he. And that’s the truth!

  46. When Limpdick dies, no one will care and he won’t be missed except by right wing lunatics and morons addicted to AM radio.

  47. The day Robin Williams died thousands upon thousands of people around the World mourned the passing of a truly unique human being, and gave a thought and human empathy for the pain he struggled with to have forced him to such a tragic end to a life that had brought laughter to so many.

    The day Pig Limbaugh dies the only person to slightly mourn is his Oxycontin/ Viagra suppliers and fellow shameless chicken hawk friends who beat the drums of war, sit back and watch OTHER people’s children die in them, like he did during Nam, while making millions of dollars spewing lies and garbage.

    Limbaugh is the stain on the blister on the scab on the hemorrhoid of the anus of Humanity.

  48. Rush was taken out of context, he was discussing the politics of the coverage related to the suicide of Robin Williams. The leftist media states Williams was embarrassed to do TV rather than movies. He had lost his American dream, yet couldn’t accept his successes. That was the media’s coverage as stated by Rush. Which was correct.

  49. I can only assume that Robin was listening to Rush when he killed himself- I’ve come close on a number of occasions myself. Do us all a favor, Rush, and find a belt- I’m sure your belts are more than long enough to do the trick.

  50. You know we are all venting at the crassness and total despicable comments by the king of smut: RUSH LIMBAUGH, but you know what? Let’s not forget that his “fans”, his listeners are of like mind, therefore just as guilty of wallowing in his filth. If it were not for those pathetic Rush worshippers he would NOT still be on the Air. So, we should also send them a message telling them that they are as disgusting as their false idol: Limbaugh. They suffer from Limbaughtist (Lack of Morals).

  51. And you buy into this baloney? Can you seriously believe the crap that heartless coward is spewing?!?

    Shame on you, man. A great actor killed himself and you bring up the same bullshit that Limbaugh himself said. I said it on here before: ‘Only a coward would attack a man after his death for petty reasons’.

    You, sir, are no better then Limbaugh for what you said. There is no politics in or around his death… Depression doesn’t give a damn what side of the aside you’re on politically. How do I know? Because I deal with depression every day myself.

  52. Gene, are you just trolling or really full of it? He committed suicide because he was depressed-Williams wasn’t even a big left-winger to begin with. Has the Tea Party run out of targets to attack? Or is it pissed off that most of the beloved actors are on the other side of things politically?

    As well, Williams went on USO tours to Afghanistan and Iraq to entertain the troops just like Bob Hope did, only thing was that ( Williams was a lot more funny than Hope ever was.) What have the GOP’s favorite actors/comedians (Drew Carey and that silly-in-the-head neocon nutbar chick Victoria Jackson) done that’s remotely comparable?

    Zelda Williams said that Limpdick would have pigeons dumping bird droppings on his house; I hope the same thing happens to you and the other Tea Party/Faux Noise-addled neocons.

  53. How does that IDIOT keep a job ? He has got to be the most insensitive person on this Earth ! I doubt seriously if Robin Williams gave a crap about this jerk OR any kind of Politics ! Maybe he heard Limbaugh’s voice on the radio & that pushed him over the edge? Sorry, Robin Williams was a BETTER MAN than this guy could ever be! He loved everybody and Limbaugh is the only one who loves himself!There is NO EXCUSE for his opinion on ANYTHING OR ANYBODY! He needs to clean up his own act & have a little RESPECT for everyone concerned!
    I think Limbaugh is a jealous, cold-hearted old man who just had to put his two cents in on something that he should have kept his big mouth shut about! SHAME ON HIM!!!!

  54. Do the left, right & the world a favor Rush? Pull your bottom lip over your fat fucking head & swallow you piece of shit. You are the most callous & insensitive son of a bitch on the planet! Jag off!!!!

  55. Robin was a brilliant, sharp, incredible individual, who will be missed by everyone. Rush, you are not, and will missed by no one.

  56. Yes, little in the sense of diminished capacity, small minded, lack of human kindness. Robin Williams is not even been laid to rest. Any decent person would have stepped up, offered their condolences to the family and moved on to another topic, but not Rush. His indecency disgusts me.

  57. I was always told that there was good to be found in anyone, no matter how bad that person might be. I guess that has now been proven wrong by the actions of Rush Limbaugh, who has taken it upon himself to politicize the death of Robin Williams for his own benefit. For what reason? A few more ratings points, a few more followers, the adoration of his many “fans”? If so, it is disheartening at the very least and disgusting at its worst.

    Robin Williams’ death was not the opportunity for anyone to take captive for anything other than condolences and remembrances. To imply that Mr. Williams career was reduced to TV roles and that survivor’s guilt was the impetus for his suicide is armchair psychiatry and Limbaugh should be ashamed.

    Robin Williams was and always will be a giant for all people. He felt the pulse of the masses and delivered warmth and gentleness in kind. You are in the stars each night, Robin, looking at us as we look up to you. Thanks for all you did for …

  58. Rush Limbaugh needs to go to a mental hospital for expressing his extreme paranoia. He just loves creating hysteria just to get his point across either by angering those who listened to him or to incite passion of procrastination against each others. He was passionately a hot rod for extremist agendas projected by his distorted views including, rabid distrust of passionate politicians and rabid rightwingers. Rush Limbaugh loves to timeline his own career and for all these years of passionate mudslinging will clearly sabotage his retirement.

  59. Killing Limbaugh

    A novel for those who recognize that speaking politely to fascism isn’t working.

    Sixteen Americans Have Been Killed or Wounded At The Hands Of Lone Wolves Inspired By Right-Wing Talk Show Hosts.

    What Would YOU Do If It Was YOUR Family?

    After speaking out against planned military action in South America, Professor Marcus Gray draws the ire of the right-wing hate machine. Soon he is dismissed from his professorship – but worse is on the way. A lone-wolf terrorist, inspired by talk radio, burns the professor’s house to the ground, killing his wife and infant son. Driven to near madness by the death of his family, and having witnessed the country he loves divided and destroyed by decades of conservative misrule, Gray comes to believe that nothing short of the violent overthrow of the media propaganda machine will turn the tide – and the man driving that machine is Rush…

  60. I think Rush makes an interesting point. As a lefty bleeding heart liberal, I get extremely depressed about all the injustices in the world. I find it difficult to accept that America allows factory farming to continue. I am reminded of the saying, “God grant me the wisdom to accept what I cannot change.”

    It’s a ridiculous saying. Everything can be changed if good people refuse to remain silent. But sometimes the odds against change seem so overwhelming that I want to crawl up into a fetal position and stay in bed for the rest of my life. When a celebrity loses his clout, it is like being sent to the glue factory. God bless and keep Robin Williams.

  61. I can not dignify that “thing” by using “its” name in speach or type. Drug addict, alcholic, abuser of women and the helpless. I think “it” is hiding the fact that “it” is a closet gueen afraid to come out. A true coward and low life. Try telling the truth and admit what you really are. You might discover relief and omfort.

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