Sexist Fox News Contributor Claims That Michelle Obama ‘Needs To Drop A Few’ Pounds



During Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox News’ Outnumbered, Dr. Keith Ablow, who is a member of the network’s so-called Medical A-Team, stated that we shouldn’t listen to anything the First Lady says about childhood obesity because “she needs to lose a few.” He later claimed that she is obviously eating french fries and that she didn’t get her figure by eating “kale and carrots.” Prior to Ablow’s incredibly insensitive and sexist statement, other members of the panel were sniping at Michelle Obama over her healthy eating initiative, calling her “annoying” and acting like a “duchess.”  However, the tone changed when Ablow made his unbelievable comment.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:



Outnumbered is supposed to be Fox News’ attempt to appeal to women. The show features a panel of four women and just one man. Apparently, the purpose of this is for the man to feel what its like to be in the minority on a news panel. However, the show has regularly provided the platform for some of the most extreme rhetoric to be spewed on the network. One reason for this is Fox News doesn’t have many women on staff that embrace feminist,  liberal or progressive views. Most are seemingly hired simply as eye candy and stick to the network’s conservative-driven agenda. Another reason is that the men that show up to sit on the panel tend to overcompensate and do their best to be as boorishly sexist and offensive as possible.

In this instance, Ablow’s attack on Mrs. Obama was two-pronged. One, he was just playing to type by saying something extremely sexist in front of a few females. He isn’t the first one that’s proudly done this on Outnumbered, and he won’t be the last. However, on another front, the network has ramped up its attacks on Michelle Obama’s efforts to get children to embrace healthy eating. On Monday, Fox host Neil Cavuto tried to get Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson to criticize the First Lady on being a “food police mommy” and pushing a program that “isn’t working.” Thankfully, Wilson didn’t take the bait.

Still, Fox News is pushing a narrative that the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act and the First Lady’s Let’s Move! campaign are both abject failures. Seemingly always speaking anecdotally, Fox News contributors and hosts (such as the ones on Tuesday’s Outnumbered panel) state that children aren’t eating the healthier school meals and that a large number of school districts are rejecting the school lunch plans. The network’s personalities are also insisting that there have been no positive results since the law was passed in 2010 (final implementation took place this summer) and childhood obesity is on the rise. Another common complaint is that this is imposing on kids’ freedoms and that things like bake sales and birthday cakes will be outlawed on school property.

This past weekend, Rep. Sam Farr (D-CA) wrote an editorial in the Santa Cruz Sentinel to combat the conservative misinformation about the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act. He addressed childhood obesity, bake sales and the success of the law. Below is an excerpt from the op-ed:

Its purpose is not to stop bake sales as the editorial wrongly implied. Furthermore, the new law does not outlaw birthday celebrations. Children are still free to bring in treats to share with their friends. So rest easy parents, your child will not have to explain that birthday cupcake to a federal agent as opponents of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act have falsely claimed over and over again.

In fact, the new standards do exactly what the editorial called for. It is not a specified menu for every school to follow. Instead, they give the states and the school districts the flexibility necessary to meet the new nutrition goals; that includes determining how often bake sales are held. Some states have decided to allow sugary treats at bake sales while others have opted not to but they make that choice, not the federal government.

What the editorial failed to mention was the overwhelming success of the new law was in the first year. More than 90 percent of the schools have successfully implemented the new nutrition standards. The USDA, the department that oversees the program, is now working on a case-by-case basis with the schools that are having trouble meeting them. Just the other week, the peer-reviewed Childhood Obesity journal published a study that said the majority of students actually prefer the healthier meals.

As the editorial stated, the childhood obesity epidemic is a serious issue. This is the first generation of children who will live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents. Our schools should not contribute to that legacy. However, there is not a lack of leadership to address the problem. First Lady Michelle Obama made fighting the epidemic her signature issue. Her Let’s Move! campaign brought the problem to the forefront and the nation responded to her call for action. For the first time in decades, we are finally reversing childhood obesity rates in this country and the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act has played an important role in fighting the epidemic. That is why it has the support of child nutrition advocates, pediatricians, military leaders like Mission Readiness, and the former presidents of the School Nutrition Association.

Sadly, Farr used reason and facts to make his case, so I am sure someone like Ablow has no use for it. Instead, he’d prefer to just take personal potshots at the First Lady because that is how one engages in real discourse. (For the record, it is insane to talk about the First Lady’s weight. She is in fantastic shape. Meanwhile, Dr. Ablow was showing a nice-sized beer gut while lounging on the Outnumbered couch.)

The thing is, right-wing media just wants something else to complain about regarding the Obamas. Right now, they want to focus on school lunches and insist that the First Lady is helping to impose more government outreach on the population. Why? Per Rush Limbaugh, probably to make us all militant vegetarians.

40 Replies to “Sexist Fox News Contributor Claims That Michelle Obama ‘Needs To Drop A Few’ Pounds”

  1. What a bunch of jerks at Dimwitted. Michelle is perfect the way she is. The skanky dimwitted empty dresses are jealous of a woman of real class that doesnt have to sell herself out for a job. Typical fox male statement, just hike up your skirt honey and read this that Roger wrote for you.

  2. If I wasn’t as gay as old Dad’s hat-band, Michelle would be the girl for me.

    Those wide, child-bearing hips are adorbz.

  3. You know The First lady is the embodiment of Beauty. Graceful but tough. Can get in the weeds and work but also can put on a gown and REAL men jaws drop at the sight of her.

    Now I understand baggers want their women skinny and submissive. I have dated women from different races and ethnic backgrounds and none of them has been skinny or submissive. This is an insult to all women that are strong and still can be a lady

  4. I basically assume that the knucklehead that mentioned the claim probably isn’t in the best of shape himself. Call me crazy, but I highly doubt he’s qualified to make any comment about her weight or anyone’s weight.

  5. Our First Lady is beautiful just the way she is. Not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside.

    We love her just the way she is, so FOX can go pound salt. They are nothing but low-life non-contributors to society.

  6. broken record here…

    I continue to say ‘MOVE ALONG’ ‘MOVE ALONG’… nothing to see

    these aren’t the droids we’re looking for…

    and we DON’T do war on women…

    Fox News Stepford Reporterettes continue to bob their heads in agreement

  7. Fortunately for Michelle, our gorgeous, brilliant, caring, and talented First Lady, and by all the evidence a wonderful and loved mother, daughter, sister, friend, and wife, I’m sure the adoring look on her husband’s face and his loving touch whenever he is near her mean a million times more to her than whatever tactless, mean-spirited, stupid drivel falls out of that doughy Fox nobody’s piehole.

    He will always be a nothing in comparison to the Obama family and their accomplishments. Apparently he resents that simple fact. Being a psychiatrist, he should analyze himself and figure out why that is so.

  8. The panel is comprised of entertainers, chosen to look attractive on camera, to read the scripts rolling for them, or to extemporize on the station’s “suggested” position and attitude on the topic of the day (or segment, or . . . ). None of them are truly sufficiently informed and don’t have adequate perspective to engage in this kind of roundtable discussion EXCEPT with their own kind.

  9. The fact that the right skewers everything, and anything, said or done by either POTUS, or FLOTUS just makes it increasingly clear that they can’t find any legitimate complaints to bitch about. They actually make stuff up, no matter how petty, or ridicluous the criticisms are, in order to have a steady supply of red meat to keep their base well fed and relentlessly frenzied. Even I, as a fairly strong Obama supporter, could come up with a reasonable, non-partisan list of things Obama has done, or not done, that I either haven’t liked, or wish had been done differently. The thing is, my list wouldn’t evoke more than lively converstations. Nothing on it would effectivley stock the hot coals under the feet of right wing moms and dads, the religous right, or the old, well-squeezed bags of tea.

  10. Keith, everybody already knows you’re an asshole.
    There’s no need to continually remind us.

    Ablow is one of those petty, self-absorbed jerks who wakes up every morning and asks himself:
    “What can I do or say to piss off the world today?”

  11. The thing is, if we don’t curb childhood obesity now, the kids become obese adults who eventually become so ill they cannot work so we taxpayers get to pay for everything including disability, meds for diabetes and heart problems, replacement joints that have been ruined by the excess weight..on and on. Better to pay for better food at the beginning so we have a healthy workforce.

  12. People like this Ablow slither out from the Dismal Swamp of Ignorance in order to spew their verbal swill of senseless hatred toward the Obamas every chance they get. Apparently, he likes the kind of cookie-cutter look that we see among women on FOX Noise. Our First Lady has a great physique and she looks great in the outfits she wears. Plus, those toned arms are the envy of a lot of us. He, on the other hand, is a pot-bellied loudmouth who needs to go somewhere and sit down. At 50 years of age, Michelle Obama has a youthful look, and there’s not a thing wrong with her hips, which look much better than the stick-like figure some men seem to prefer. I applaud her programs for reducing obesity among kids, and only a dumb ingrate like him who’s supposed to be a doctor would criticize an endeavor like this.

  13. listen up folks! we can put an end to most of this rightwing bullsh*t this November in the 2014 midterms. we have one good chance coming up. new polls show if dem turnout at the 2014 midterms if even just 5% to 10% more than dem turnout during the 2010 midterm cycle dems will EASILY keep the senate, and yes, they can retake the house majority. don’t let the rightwing fool you. your vote is extremely important. get ready now. check out if there are any voter id obstacles and prepare yourself for harrassment from righties on election day. i know we can count on women, independents, and undecideds to vote democrat. we can make history and hand the GOPTP the worst political defeat in the history of this nation. November’s midterms will be here in about 3 months. if dems get out and vote, dems win big! its that simple! we gotta shut this rightwing circus down and send the conservative clowns home for good before they undermine and sabotage this country beyond repair!

  14. Ablow fits right in with the rest of the fakers and spoiled children ,that is FAUX He no longer has a medical license. HE BROKE THE VOW 1ST DO NO HARM.

  15. …y’know, I somehow think I hear the President singing Billy Joels song “I love you just the way you are” to her every time one of those mysogenic bastards tell these lies about her…

  16. Oh, how I wish I was only as “overweight” as much as Michelle Obama is! I would love the see a pushup contest between the First Lady and “Dr.” Ablow. I have seen her doing pushups and am sure she is in much better health than the self-important doctor.

    I am sorry but a psychiatrist is not an expert on issues like weight control and nutrition. He is no more qualified to speak about the First Lady’s weight than I am. My degree is in religion; I am totally unqualified.

  17. I noticed that they never mentioned Mike Huckabilly the rotund hater/liar of the Fox Hates & Lies TV station, why not go off on him for being 200 hundred pounds overweight. The GOP, sick, disgusting, despicable, un-American, everything that is wrong with our country.

  18. Truly. While Ablow was spouting this comment about “she needs to lose a few”, he leaned back and his jacket fell open to reveal his bloated belly, tight against his shirt.

    No six-pack on this dude!

  19. They say this guy is a Psychiatrist; if so he needs to deal with all the mental foibles of his fellow workers at FOX; matter of fact he may want to read a few books on hubris a malady he seems to suffer with. As he seems to want to look at how the first lady appears he may want to look in the mirror ; not much to look at except an old before his time bald old coot.

  20. This is just more evidence,why the republican party is dying.They have nothing better to do than try to downgrade our beautiful first lady. Not everyone is into prunes and bones.

  21. Fox news is not news, Its Right wing talk hate. Fox news makes up lies and is bad for this country. They breed hatred.

  22. Yes, sir! Get the word out. Verify that you haven’t been purged from the voter registration rolls in your state. Go to for more information. Clear up any “confusion” well in advance of the deadline to be registered and go vote the GOP right out!

  23. I think the issue is we have a First Lady telling people “what” they should eat…and, as the Doctor pointed out it’s obvious Ms. Obama is not following her own advice. If she ate what she is trying to force every school child to eat she would be thinner than what she is. I’m fine with her weight but let’s be real….you don’t look like her unless there is a few French fries in your diet. A total healthy diet produces a much thinner body than what she has. I think her two children look fine but, once again, her second child would be more fit looking if she was eating only what Ms. Obama is forcing all school children to eat. She has double standards…one for her family and one for your family.

  24. There goes that white supremacy Barbie doll look that you have been brainwashed into thinking that’s the standard of health and beauty. You can have it. The First lady is a healthy mature BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN and that’s what you cant handle

  25. I bet it would totally okay to you if they were talking about Laura Bush. I know it probably makes you feel better about yourself insulting the women working at Fox News.

  26. You all will be the ones to sabotage this great nation. It just seems like Democrats don’t understand basic issues. Some examples include: minimum wage, welfare, and just socialism in general.

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