Sounding Like a Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Says U.S. Can’t Act Alone On Iraq


In a statement on Iraq, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said that the world needs to step up in dealing with ISIS, and in the process he sounded a lot like a 2016 presidential candidate.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders said, “The United States is not the only country on Earth with an air force. While I support President Obama’s decision to use airstrikes to protect the lives of thousands of innocent people of the Yazidi minority, the U.S. should not have to act alone militarily in this crisis. ISIS is a danger to the entire region and to the world. The international community must work with the U.S.”

Sen. Sanders is correct. The airstrikes are the right thing to do, but the rest of the world can’t sit back and watch the U.S. act alone. ISIS is a threat to the world, so it is important that the international community comes together to address this threat. There is no good reason why the United States has to act alone. The U.S. is not the policeman for the world. If the international community worked together, ISIS could be dealt with quickly.

No group of terrorists is a match for the entire world, so Sen. Sanders was right on the money by telling the rest of the world to step up.

From a political perspective, Sen. Sanders sounds like a presidential candidate. Sanders has demonstrated his value in the Senate over and over again. He is a person who has brought deals together and spearheaded the passage of bipartisan legislation. His presence is needed in the Senate so it would be a shame if he had spend time on the 2016 campaign trail as an Independent candidate in order to keep the Democratic nominee honest.

Bernie Sanders won’t be able to run for the Democratic nomination because he isn’t a Democrat. Sanders would have zero chance of being elected president. His candidacy would be a selfless act that would be undertaken to make sure that liberals have a voice in the 2016 election. Sen. Sanders recently said that Hillary Clinton will not be anointed president, and his statement today sounded a lot like a potential presidential candidate.

12 Replies to “Sounding Like a Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Says U.S. Can’t Act Alone On Iraq”

  1. I’m confident that Saudi Arabia, Dubai and The Arab League of Nations will help with the humanitarian effort any day now.

  2. I would work for Bernie’s campaign, too. He’s an actual liberal, which Hillary is not.

    I don’t like the thought of annoiting Hillary. That’s not the way our political process is supposed to work. She needs to be challenged from the left.

  3. Sure Bernie is an (I) but that’s in Vermont. He’s not enough to beat the Hillary express. Much more effective in the Senate anyhow.

  4. Stop saying things like “zero chance to win”. You don’t know that, you are saying that because it hasn’t happened yet. But there is a first for everything and articles like this are one of the things that is keeping it from happening.

  5. If Bernie Sanders wants to run as a Democrat, fine. If he wants to run as a “third party” then all he will do is split the vote and hand the election to the GOP and that is definitely not fine. I think he needs to make a choice so we don’t end up with another clown car president like George W. Bush. The country cannot afford it.

  6. I want Bernie Sanders to run and I want Elizabeth Warren to run. I want Hillary Clinton to have to confront both of them in the primaries. Clinton is too neocon for comfort. Clinton is too Wall St affiliated for comfort. We need to move Democrats into positions more reflective of our party’s principles and away from the Republican agenda. Clinton is too John McCain to suit me. Sanders and Warren in primaries with her will give Democratic voters options.

  7. I agree 100%. If Senator Sanders wants to run for the presidency, he should change his Party affiliation to Democratic Party now, in order to avoid splitting the vote.

    Otherwise, he’ll just be another Nader circa 2000, and then we could very well have another Bush in the White House.

    I’m not tickled pink over a Hillary Clinton presidency, either. But I’d rather have her than Bush 3.0.

  8. I’m not sure if Bernie shouldn’t just continue to expose the problems in Government and with conviction or run for president and get caught in the web.If he decides to run, I will support him but rather as Independent and he’s loved by many and many know him. I do believe he respects public opinion and WE THE PEOPLE who vote.

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