Clueless Conservatives Blame Obama for the Militarization of the Police


Obama hate is in high season, y’all.

Conservatives now believe that the President not only runs local police departments, but is responsible for the overall militarization of police departments. This makes sense because this militarization is aimed at the very people who tend to vote Democratic (Occupy, unions, labor protests and minorities). Wait. No, this doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make any sense at all, which is why it is the perfect conservative “belief”.

Fear Obama because he’s Hilter!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve been warned!!!111!!!!

On planet reality, the militarizing “1033 Program” has been around since 1997.

In 2011, Robert Johnson wrote for Business Insider:

1033 was passed by Congress in 1997 to help law-enforcement fight terrorism and drugs, but despite a 40-year low in violent crime, police are snapping up hardware like never before. While this year’s staggering take topped the charts, next year’s orders are up 400 percent over the same period.
This upswing coincides with an increasingly military-like style of law enforcement most recently seen in the Occupy Wall Street crackdowns.

Guess who passed it? Wait for it… Yes, Congress was led by Republicans in 1997. Republicans took over Congress in 1994 with their “revolution” led by serial projector Newt Gingrich.

So it was very nice of Senator Rand Paul to “borrow” the idea from Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson to stop the militarization of the police, but that idea won’t pass “GO” without going after the contractors who sell the equipment, and Rand Paul can’t do that for obvious reasons. If the Senator were actually going after the moneyed interests that are feeding this problem across both sides of the aisle, liberals would be on board. But posing is so fun!

So dies another sad Obama Derangement Syndrome “belief” (aka, an opinion after it’s been debunked). But if you click your toes together five times super fast while chanting angrily, “Thanks, Obama!”, the Republican God will find something to blame POTUS for before the end of your evening.

Sleep well, patriots.

53 Replies to “Clueless Conservatives Blame Obama for the Militarization of the Police”

  1. Since President Obama has militarized the police departments all across the USA, he is NOT soft on crime. And by extension, neither is the Democratic Party.

    Senator Paul wants to remove this expensive military hardware from police departments so he is soft on crime and is cuddling terrorists and criminals. And by extension, so is the Republican Tea Party.

    OK. I can go with that leading up to November.

  2. Was Obama president in 1997?

    Hello, this crap started during the ’90s. It’s was one thing to blame Obama for the recession, but blaming him for crap done in 1997 is sheer insanity.

    Besides, we’ve got conservatives justifying this militarization and now we’ve got conservatives blaming Obama for it. So, once again, conservatives are talking out of both sides of their mouths.

  3. President Obama is also to blame for:

    Climate change
    the Ferguson situation
    Me not getting anything I wanted last Christmas
    the fuel on my car going out
    the Ebola crises
    Tea Party idiots
    2nd Amendment nuts
    Sarah Palin( on second thought, we can’t take THAT away from John McCain)

  4. Well, he WAS smart enough to fake his birth certificate knowing that many years later he would be President of the United States.

  5. Allow me to remind one and all, yet again: Cons are not “clueless”….they know exactly what they’re doing… that’s the main reason I can correctly call them Fascist psychopaths. Psychopaths are intelligent but use that intelligence to hide their mental defects and manipulate the stupid….the Teaidjits and Firebaggers (Libertarians) are clueless. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Fascist and psychopathic Cons are clueless, though. That’s a huge mistake to make.

  6. I’m surprised that the cons aren’t clamoring to sell all this military crap to those brave militia patriots down there guarding our southern border. Perry must be asleep. Arming all those patriots would bring in landfall tons of cash in manufacturer kick backs…

  7. Police departments across the country were bringing a knife to a gunfight when facing off against criminals who were better armed than they were. The upgrade in equipment was the response to those situations initially.

    As for Ferguson; let’s not fool ourselves into forgetting that it was only one night earlier that rioters were burning and looting which was most certainly responsible for an abundance of caution by the Police the following day/evening. Perhaps both sides will now ratchet it down and go home and wait for the investigations to be completed.

  8. It was a few nights earlier that a man was shot in cold blood, and immediately the cops turned out in full riot gear before anything had even started. Lets also remember these same cops were throwing tear gas at people and news reporters who were doing nothing except being there

  9. Yes, there were people who were rioting and looting, but most protesters were peaceful. The police over-reacted. End of story!

    Sorry, but this wasn’t Los Angeles 1992. Not anywhere close to it and even then, the LAPD didn’t use heavy military weaponry to get things under control.

    Hate to disappoint, but that big riot the right-wing has been hoping for didn’t come this time either. Ha-ha!

  10. Oh, I know what these guys are doing, but their strategy is severely outdated. And some of them, namely the Koch Brothers, still don’t have a clue that politics and business are not one in the same.

    The modern-day GOP is definitely sociopathic, but it should be remembered that the outdated strategy they are adhering to was formulated by a guy who was probably a bonafide sociopath himself, Lee Atwater. Atwater died over 20 years ago, but his harmful influence on the GOP lived on through the likes of Karl Rove, Tom Delay, George W. Bush, and even Dick Cheney. Today, his legacy is reaching its inevitably ugly end result.

  11. Andrew Rei, I think that many of the leaders of these various tea/Republican/libertarian movements are indeed bright psychopaths as you describe, but they get their strength from millions of not-so-bright people who buy into all of the anti-liberal/anti-Democrat/anti-Obama crap out there.

  12. If this was solely a reaction to the rioting, why were the police keeping journalists from covering it? Why were they literally attacking reporters with tear gas and then taking their cameras down so they couldn’t capture their actions on film? Why were reporters arrested and jailed over night and then released the next day without being charged? What was their to hide if they were just defending the town from rioting?

  13. “…Back in 1990, the military transferred only about $1 million worth equipment through this program, according to the ACLU. That number ballooned to nearly $450 million by 2013, suggesting America’s police officers are militarized than ever. The problem with this shift is that military-grade equipment can pack more punch than local cops really need…”

  14. Isn’t it time to admit and discuss the fact that the reasons for a militarized police force have morphed over the last decade into an acknowledgement of the danger of the citizen militia, the nutjobs on the far right who have armed themselves to the teeth, the Bundy fools?

    Generally, but especially this week with all the happenings in Ferguson, we’ve seen so many articles about demilitarizing the police, and it’s as if no one wants to touch this topic. Sure, I understand that we have police brutality problems. We also have problems of police forces who use very poor judgement about when to use greater force. We definitely have problems of excessive force being used on select groups, those that align with the “left”, while the “right” goes unscathed. All of these problems need fixing badly.

    But let’s not pretend we can send our police out with pistols to a fight where the other guy has an AK47.

  15. Shiva,

    Which flood, where? roflmfao

    During the Great Flood of Nashville in 2010, Potus spoke out while the MSM IGNORED it due to the ‘Times Square Bomber’ and the “BP Oil Spill’.

    Still waiting to hear from the GOP!

  16. The continuing concentration of the Republicans on non-issues sch as the “birther” silliness, and this militarism of the police only makes them look astoundingly stupid. Even worse it detract from the genuine issues such as why has Obama endorsed and extended the very policies the Rethugnicans support.
    For example, this very issue, militarization of the police, the counter-productive wars in the middle east, and the surveillance society of the NSA.

    BHO’s failures in only those areas show that he is really just another politician under the control of the moneyed interests that are really running the USA.

    For all the change he has made, he could be the hand-picked successor to George W. Bush.

    No, the ACA isn’t change, it’s a Republican plan (Romneycare) with a new name. The same power structures, the AMA, insurance companies, and BigPharm, are still profiting. The only thing that has changed is more people are now contributing to their coffers.

  17. “talking out of both sides of their mouths” Is nothing new to rethugs. They can’t help it, being born that way.

  18. People should read the patriot act, they then would understand how the police force’s of state, city and local, even game wardens can use military force. This act gave these forces almost unlimited power. Home land Security gave them the military equipment. all this happened under shrub…Cheney. Some of these small city police forces have been sitting on all this military equipment, just waiting for the chance to use that power. Ferguson is the perfect storm and excuse. The rethugs have used scare tactics to corral the American people into fear and religious beliefs then following the leader they would like in any position of leadership. take care America, your freedoms are being taken away slowly and surely.

  19. Please show the pictures or name the number of AK47’s seen and used in Ferguson by the people on the streets.. Only ones seen and used were by the police of Ferguson!

  20. Yep, you’re right.

    Still, there are right-wing nuts out there who actually think this snark is true. Ha!

  21. Sorry, but police militarization is only one of two issues Ferguson has raised.

    Police brutality is a valid concern and should not be ignored.

  22. Oh, sure those two wasteful wars waged by Republicans had nothing to do with the enormous increase by 2013?

    I hate to tell you this, but Obama is still cleaning up messes caused by the GOP. Conservatives have tried to blame Obama for the recession that started on their watch and now that they see that police militarization is scary to the American public, they are trying to blame Obama for that too. And this is despite the fact that everybody knows that they really don’t have a problem with it.

  23. Also, your last sentence would only make sense if the police were going after a highly sophisticated crime syndicate with access to military weapons (which don’t come cheap). But for a police force working a community where the most are unarmed, an AK47 is inappropriate. It’s a disproportionate use of force.

  24. Your last paragraph about ACA is a joke. Those “same” power structures you complain about can no longer do business the way they before ACA was implemented.

    The mere fact that insurance companies have to use 80%-85% of customer premiums for actual benefits is an enormous game-changer. The insurance companies can no longer afford the absorbent lobbying fees they use to pay to rig the system in their favor.

    I rather support politicians who work towards possible reform instead of political spectators who whine and complain when they don’t get 100% of what they want.

  25. You think a lot of the thumbs up votes are from wing nuts who think that comment is true? Wouldn’t surprise me a bit. LOL!!!!!!

  26. I’ve said since before the President was elected that people were racially profiling him. I think the so-called “grass roots” tea party was created by Republicans (Dick Army) to be their worse selves — to say the things that they knew they couldn’t or shouldn’t say. Be careful what you create — ask Dr. Frankenstein.

  27. Conservatives blame Obama for thing Conervatives did.

    That headline pretty much covers everything conservatives ever say anymore.

  28. I was searching google for “obama militarization of police”

    This article came up just above another article by the Liberal Huffington Post with the headline: “7 Ways The Obama Administration Has Accelerated Police Militarization “.

    It was right along with dozens of other articles clearly showing how the Obama administration has, since his first term, grossly expanded military armaments into domestic police forces.

  29. The hypocrisy of you people still astounds me. You say as loving gun owners don’t punish us for our toys and then turn around and say the police is overly armed. Hey don’t get me wrong I agree with you but for the baby jeebus sake have some consistently on the issue

  30. Yep, that’s “liberal” Huffington Post back to their usual tricks.

    R*tfucking Ariana strikes again.

  31. …Harry S Truman said {Talking about Dick Nixon} “He’s the only son-of-a-bitch I know who can talk out of both sides of his mouth,lying out of both sides”
    Now most Republicans follow this practice…along with projection…

  32. …welcome to America {with Fascist police!!!} the debacle in Ferguson shows what happens when an inept police chief has lots o’ war toys and an itch to use ’em…

  33. I’m not sure who the brainiac is that penned this article. But people aren’t upset over Obama militarizing local law agencies. It’s the FEDERAL agencies. Which is actually happening. Apparently, Sarah isn’t savvy about this (????). I’m talking BLM and IRS here. This is happening under Obamas watch and it is unprecedented.

  34. LOL, this started in 1997 by a law passed at that time. This is not Obama’s doing. Grow up and do some research. jesus, where do they come from? Federal and city/state agencys were/are getting surplus weapons. Come one man, I know you are in a hurry to blame Obama, but please do it when its real, not made up by breitbarts brain

  35. Jo C wasn’t referring to Ferguson. The reference was the vigilantes who threatened the BLM when they dared to try to enforce the law on our Public Land. These “Freedom Fighters” are whacko gun-nuts who probably DO have AK47s, but they’re not in Missouri.

  36. I’M talking BLM and IRS too. As much as I DETEST the BLM, they were right in the Bundy affair. He’s a welfare rancher who won’t even pay the stipend the FOO charges to allow cattle to overrun OUR Public Lands while cattlemen in the rest of the country have to pay market price.

    As for the IRS balderdash, there was NOTHING to it period. More fairy tales.

  37. Might also refresh your screens and check the latest report on this very site – Cons Suggest.Armed Rebellion If They Can’t Impeach Obama

    How’s that for clueless? Not to mention batshit crazy.

  38. No, Obama wasn’t President in 1997 as we all know. But Bill Clinton was. He would have been the one to sign anything congress passed into law. This article conveniently leaves that part out.
    It was Obama who as part of his campaigned promised a more military like police force and civilian police force just as strong and well funded as the military. It is also under Obama’s watch that the government is buying up every bit of ammunition and weapons they can get their hands on.
    Bottom line is both Democrats and Republicans are power hungry and want to strip Americans of their rights. People need to wake the heck up.

  39. It is clear that the person who wrote this article has not done all of their homework. In 2009, Mr. Obama, and a Democratically controlled Congress, voted to increase funding for the militarization of the C.O.P.S program. This was approved with a grant funding of approximately $4 billion in side the Feb 2009 stimulus Bill. This was done after the C.O.P.S program was defended dramatically by President Bush. Another point to consider: Vice President Joe Biden has always been in favor of the militarization of Local Police. This should be no surprise, as he was also the originators of the Patriot Act.

    This article is an example of sloppy and poorly done journalism.

  40. The patriot act originated in the house. Once it passed there it went to the Senate and Biden was one of 22 cosponsors. Can we see your backup please?

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